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China - Floods - Land Fissures - 30000 now Trapped in a Town - Three Gorges Dam - It is a Horrible Ongoing Situation in China!

UPDATE - 8/02/10 - New Problems at Three Gorges Dam - Trash is piling up behind the dam and can jam the hydroelectric part, Chinese officials have stated.

The garbage is so thick in parts of the river that people can walk on the surface, reports said.
Nearly three tonnes of refuse are collected from the dam every day, but operators are struggling with inadequate manpower and equipment as rubbish accumulates more quickly due to rain-triggered floods, the China Daily reported.

UPDATE - 8/2/10 - Over 7000 Chemical Barrels had gone into the river, over 3000 of them contained explosive chemicals and 3000 were empty.  The Chinese authorities have not said how many they have collected as of yet.  
A total of 3,662 barrels were filled with colorless and highly explosive chemicals - mainly trimethyl chloro silicane and hexamethyl disilazane - and 3,476 others were empty.
However, water quality tests showed the Songhua River, a major drinking source for millions in the region, had not been contaminated, said officials with the Jilin provincial government.
In a similar accident Friday, 1,500 sealed drums containing oil, resin and fertilizer sunk in floodwaters in the Central China city of Wuhan, on the Yangtze River.
But all the drums had been safely recovered and the water quality of the Yangtze River was not affected.

UPDATE - 7/28/10  Here are some pictures of the Flooding of the city Jilin - China - which trapped 30,000 people.

The picture above is showing some of the 1000 barrels of explosive chemicals washed into the river from containers.  The Chinese authorities have said the river has tested clean and the chemicals are not a problem.  But as we all know, authorities don't always tell the truth.

China has been having the Worst Flooding imaginable over the last month.  I have been updating what is going on at the Three Gorges Dam and the Water against it, everyday.
Three Gorges Updates

MY ORIGINAL RESEARCH OF THE THREE GORGES DAM - Extensive research about the Three Gorges Dam and the Problems with it.

Today besides the Update on the Three Gorges Dam, the flooding around China is Horrendous!  There is now a town that 30000 are trapped in China's Jilin province, due to the Flooding.  

Besides the Flooding, there are Earth Fissures popping up in Central China's Hunan province
Pictures are at the above link.

China is having an amazing amount of Flooding problems with over 800 now dead, hundreds missing and the rain keeps pouring.  But the land fissures mean something is happening with the Earth and there is movement of it.  Is all of this ultimately from the Three Gorges Dam?

Once you read the Original research I did, the possibility is there that the Three Gorges Dam is the catalyst for all the rain and land movement happening.  The weight of the water being held back is not natural, due to the dam with that the weather has changed and that weight could be causing the problems elsewhere.  Sounds outrageous? Read the Research!

Press Not Allowed to Take Pictures of Michigan Oil Spill! Our Police under control of Private Businesses when it comes to Oil!

I am So sick of this!  What has Happened to our Freedom of Press, Speech and Information?!  In Michigan the Press is not allowed to take pictures of the Oil Spill there.  The police are under control of the Oil company responsible for it!  How is this happening?   They are even closing down the roads that run along the Kalamazoo River, so people won't be able to see the oil and damage it is causing.

This Happens in Communist Countries, not supposedly Free Countries!

Down in the Gulf our Military, Police and Government as a Whole has been under the control of BP regarding the Oil Volcano there!  Now a replay is happening in Michigan regarding the 840,000 barrels of oil that has spilled in the Kalamazoo River.  

Someone had flown over it, right after it happened, here is the video:

Monday, July 26, 2010

A MUST READ Jim Willie Article - About U.S. Debt, Treasuries, Gold and How MERS is Fraud!

This article from Jim Willie, puts everything together!  The fact the U.S. is monetizing the debt through the Treasury bonds is obvious!  How the U.S. Treasury Bonds are some how selling better and more than ever, than before, yet those buying it are "other investors".  He also states MERS is complete Fraud in the article!  

He literally discuss everything going on with the U.S. and what is really happening, including China and other countries, are stopping buying the U.S. debt and buying Gold.

No matter what the U.S. MSM says and the Government says, the truth is in the numbers and when those are looked at closely, what is really happening is figured out.

There are other signs too - including LBMA - is closing it's data bank info on bullion purchases and information about Gold, as of last week.  They are now going to hide the information, due to those who look at it and see the truth through the numbers.

Also, China a couple of months ago, decoupled from the U.S. dollar, though it was still pegged to the dollar. Now, they are saying they are going to no longer peg it to the dollar either.  They will be pegging it to a basket of currencies.  That means, they know something, we don't about the dollar and what is going on.

Then we have this article about the U.S. dollar and the expectations, due to the charts and indexes of it falling much more within days.

China came out and said the U.S. is insolvent and is going to go bankrupt, last week.

The simple fact of the matter is...... the U.S. is bankrupt, the government has been printing money to buy the treasuries, they have been buying them through the U.K. which has mysteriously come up with billions and billions of dollars to buy the treasuries and has tripled their purchases this year, yet no real source where the money is coming from.

From the Jim Willie Article linked above:

This category supposedly purchased $15 billion worth of USTreasurys in 2008, then jumped with ink jet assist (printing press) in 3Q2009 to a staggering $528.7 billion in purchases, a 35-fold increase. The Household is on track to buy $704 billion worth in all fiscal 2009. The bottom line is a shocker! What is the Household Sector? It is a combination of miscellaneous, ledger adjustments, and blatant monetization. Sprott calls it a PHANTOM that does not exist, but serves the purpose to balance the ledger in the US Federal Reserve Flow of Funds report. In the past, this ledger item was calculated as residuals, securities on loan across groups, even inclusive of rounding error. The monetization is no longer hidden. He concludes that USTreasurys have become one giant Ponzi scheme, just like Bill Gross of PIMCO quipped. This is a smoking gun.
Many, including myself had expected for the fraud to come to light long ago, but in my opinion, due to the Mainstream Media looking the other way and never bringing attention to it, as they do as the government wants, they have been able to continue the Ponzi and Fraud schemes, including the constant manipulation of the metals market.
But, is it now coming to a fast end, due to other countries being totally fed up with the fraud from the U.S.?

Ask yourself these questions.... how is it the stock market is able to go up without any real recovery and the lowest trades, what fraud has been committed there?  Why is it at 9am for the last couple of weeks, the metals are all hit and sink in price on no news?  Is this the last desperate attempts to scare people out of the metals and the worst hits come on option expiration days?  There are thousands of questions that can be asked and by asking them, you will see the data does not make sense to what is going on.

So, all anyone can do, is protect yourself in all ways.... getting out of the markets, buying Metals and buying commodities that can get you through what is going to be coming very soon.  The can has been kicked down the street for a few years now, but it has hit the Large Looming Metal Wall and it can't go further.  The problem is.... most are asleep to that fact, but won't be able to be asleep for much longer.

If you want to read a very chilling article out today - The Death of Paper Money -  it is about what happened in Germany and what is about to happen here.  What I did not know and just learned through the article, is ... Germany passed a law during the time of hyperinflation there, that linked the price of gold to loans taken out previously, so the loan amounts went up as the price of gold did!  That I did not know.  So, will the U.S. government also pass such a law? So, the loans we have right now, will go up in what we owe as gold goes up, thus people can not get out of debt if they protected themselves?  So does that mean, there may be a very short time frame of those who have purchased metals to pay off their loans, before some outrageous law is passed that of course protects the banks and not the people?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Toxic Air around the Gulf - Flight showing air has something in it!

Toxic air around the Gulf Coast. This guy has done numerous flights
over the oil, shows there is something in the air, besides people saying
the rain burns around the Gulf. Remember the EPA said the air was fine
after 9/11, though they knew it was not and there was asbestos in the
air besides other things. Since then many who worked on the clean up are dead and most others have breathing problems and Cancer...
The Government needs to tell the truth, but I won't hold my breath for that. 

I have put up information on my other blog about Dengue Fever happening around Florida and the history of Dengue Fever, with the CIA using it as a Biological Warfare virus. But questioning, is it Dengue Fever or is it Toxins from the Oil Leak/Volcano.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

EPA Whistleblower Says Oil is Poisoning Millions from Oil - Besides a Report/Rumor Obama told G20 Millions Will Most LikelyDie from Oil.

EPA Whistleblower talked to Democracy Now and said Millions are being poisoned from the Oil and are Bleeding internally.


... \we have dolphins that are hemorrhaging. People who work near it are hemorrhaging internally. And that’s what dispersants are supposed to do... Congressman Markey and Nadler, as well as Senator Mikulski, have been heroes... Mark Kaufman, EPA whistleblower, Democracy Now!

Poisoning millions of people

In its report, EPA Whistleblower Accuses Agency of Covering Up Effects of Dispersant in BP Oil Spill Cleanup, Democracy Now! states that "many lawmakers and advocacy groups say the Obama administration is not being candid about the lethal effects of dispersants," so Amy Goodman interviewed Hugh Kaufman, a senior policy analyst at the EPA’s Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response and a leading critic of the decision to use Corexit" who disclosed how the officials are lying about many things related to the catastrophe poisoning "millions of people." (Listen: Real Audio Strea or MP3 Download)
The rushed transcript includes Kaufman saying, "And I think the media now has to follow the money, just as they did in Watergate, and tell the American people who’s getting money for poisoning the millions of people in the Gulf. (Emphasis added)

Also a Report/rumor that Obama told G20 Leaders that millions will most likely die from the Oil.

A sobering report circulating in the Kremlin today from President Medvedev’s meeting with other World leaders at the G8 summit in Muskoka, Ontario states that President Obama has warned his counterparts that the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster “will most likely kill millions, perhaps tens of millions” of people during the coming year.
Fueling Obama’s dire assessment of this “Gulf Apocalypse”, this report says, are the oil and toxic rains now being reported to be falling throughout the US Gulf Coast region due to the fracturing of the Gulf of Mexico seafloor allowing untold millions of gallons of oil and millions of cubic feet of methane gas to escape unchecked into our World’s seventh largest body of water, not
to mention the millions of gallons of dangerous disbursements being
used that is poisoning everything in its path.

So dangerous has the Gulf Coast environment become to human beings the United States Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a warning that, in part,
says: “People,
including pregnant women, can be exposed to these chemicals by
breathing them (air), by swallowing them (water, food), or by touching
them (skin). If possible, everyone, including pregnant women, should
avoid the oil and spill-affected areas.”
With nearly 20 million American’s living along the affected Gulf Coast region one wonders where they
could all go and leaving many to speculate a massive evacuation is
being planned by the US Government of the entire region.

 If any of the above is true, then Why the Hell is this Govt. and media NOT being honest with the people of the U.S and Gulf region?!  People could then take the steps to Save their Own Lives and get out of the area....if they knew the truth of the air and poisons of the Gulf!  It is so sickening that this Government will let people die in place, instead of telling them there is a Real problem! 

Here is the PROOF - Chemtrail Spraying from a Plane, upclose!

For those who are Skeptic, try and debunk this video, showing absolute Proof - Chemtrails ARE REAL!  This Pilot was following this plane and videoed it spraying Chemtrails out of Nozzles on the plane!

I am Lovin It! Goldman Sachs Out In Europe And 82% DROP In Revenues Last Quarter! YEAH - I hope it is the Start of the TAKE DOWN of Goldman Sachs!

I LOVE the 2 news articles out about Goldman Sachs!!

First Goldman Sach's Revenue was DOWN by 82% this last quarter! 

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. said second-quarter profit dropped 82 percent, missing analysts’ estimates on a slide in trading revenue five days after settling U.S. regulators’ fraud allegations. 

Net income fell to $613 million, or 78 cents a share, from $3.44 billion, or $4.93, a year earlier, New York-based Goldman Sachs said in a statement today.

Love the Article above... Now today it comes out that Europe is Freezing OUT Goldman Sachs!!

Small portion:

European governments are turning their backs on Goldman Sachs, the all-conquering investment bank that has suffered a series of blows to its reputation, capped by the biggest ever fine imposed on a Wall Street firm.
According to data from Dealogic, Greece, Spain, France and Italy have all denied the bank a lead role in their recent sovereign bond sales.
Last Thursday, Goldman agreed to pay a $550m fine to settle US regulators' claims that the bank misled investors in a mortgage-backed security. Goldman admitted that its marketing materials were incomplete, because they failed to state that the same third party that helped choose the assets had taken a bet against them.

But governments have also been shocked at the emergence of past transactions between Goldman and Greece and Italy, where products the bank helped to sell aided both in hiding government debt. Greece, which used Goldman in a bond sale this year, is practically at war with the bank. A sharp contrast with the situation months before, when Goldman bankers dined with the prime minister in a private meeting overlooking the Acropolis. The relationship broke down, though, after news leaked earlier this year that Goldman was about to strike a bond sale deal with China's sovereign fund – which never materialised.

I hope this keeps going - Goldman Sachs Really Needs to be Taken DOWN!  But the problem is they are the ones Running the U.S. Govt's Finances.  All in the administration and the PRIVATE Bank of the Federal Reserve are Previous Goldman Sachs people.  So Goldman Sachs will be Protected in Every way possible.  So it may be up to the individual investors and other Governments to Hopefully Take them down by refusing to have anything to do with them.  Will that day come?  I can only Dream!

Adrian Douglas - Proof of Gold Manipulation - Price of Gold Should Be $54,000 Per Ounce! Also another Article - Massive Fraud in Silver!

Adrian Douglas has laid out the Price Manipulation of Gold, in doing so, he has said the Price should in effect be $54,000 per Ounce right now.

It is a shell game being played.  He uses the analogy with Wine in place of Gold in explaining how it is done.

If people would take their physical Gold instead of accepting the paper gold it would be broken.

What I have found interesting is a report out today that over 6 Tonnes of Gold has decreased from the SPDR GLD fund.  Does that mean people are getting out of paper and into physical?   I hope so.

This Blog - Harvey Organ - does an Awesome job of letting us know what is going in and out of the Metal Comex warehouse.   I highly suggest reading his blog, to keep up with the numbers and other information about Metals.

This information about the Silver Market - is a MUST READ!  It is simply Outrageous the amount of manipulation of the Silver Market.  The fact is 90% of all Silver has been used and the physical is not there.  Silver is used in many industries and there is actually very little silver left.  If you don't have Silver, it is advisable to buy some.  Please Read this information.... Inventory Fraud Increases in Silver.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Three Gorges Dam about to have Most Water Ever Against it, coming down the Yangtze River!

UPDATE 7/28/10 - New Flood Surge Hits the Three Gorges - Video at link also.

UPDATE 7/27/10 - Wednesday, Flood Peak is going to be against the Three Gorges Dam.   Now 823 Dead and 437 Missing from the Floods.

UPDATE 7/26/10 - More water is about to go against Dam, after a 3 day lull.  The water is expected to exceed the previous high water amount behind it, as they brace for More Flooding.

UPDATE 7/24/10 - Officials keep changing how much water the Three Gorges Dam can Hold Back. First it was a 10000 year flood, then 1000 year floods, now 100 year floods.  It is Still raining and more water is expected against the dam.  

Portion of article:

Seven years ago, Chinese officials boasted the dam could withstand floods so severe they come only once every 10,000 years. 
But as the current flooding in central China _ especially along the country's largest river, the Yangtze _ shows no sign of waning, officials now warn the dam's capacity is limited.

Since the completion of the Three Gorges Dam in 2006, confidence in its flood capacity has diminished.
In 2007, officials said the dam could withstand the worst flood in 1,000 years.

Then on Tuesday, the Three Gorges Corporation's chairman, Cao Guangjing, told China Daily he can "absolutely guarantee" the dam can withstand the worst flood in 100 years.

UPDATE 7/23/10 -  Floods leave 742 Dead 367 missing - 670000 homes wiped out - affecting 120 million 
This is just horrible! 
FYI -  The most flood waters against the dam are expected today.   
UPDATE 7/22/10 - Dam Holding back 40% of Flood Waters
 The Dam is holding back 40% of the Flood waters from what this article above says.  So, how much water is against it, putting pressure on it?  Also something I am noticing of all the pictures released.... ONLY the side that is releasing water is shown, no picture shows how high the water is on the upper side of the dam.  

UPDATE 7/22/10 - 701 People have been killed in the floods - 7 million hectares of Farm Land has been affected and 645000 homes have been destroyed!  This is just sickening!

UPDATE 7/21/10 Three Gorges Holding UP - Most water expected against it on Friday.

The discharge of the Three Gorges Dam was raised to 40,000 cubic meters every second at 10 am and will remain at that level for the coming days, Chen said.
"The peak flow is high, but it has not exceeded the designed capacity that can bear the flood flow of 98,800 cubic meters every second," he said.
On Tuesday, the water level of the dam reached 150 meters, about five meters higher than the warning level, China Central Television reported.
The maximum water level of the dam is expected to reach 158 meters on Friday and the water volume stored will reach seven billion cubic meters, according to authorities at the Yangtze River flood control headquarters.

UPDATE 7/20/10 China Closing Three Gorges Dam, Shipping Locks due to the Water level - highest Ever!

This is one previous post I have done about The Three Gorges Dam, and the original extensive Research I have done about it.

Updates on Three Gorges Dam

Just one Article out Today of Two about the Three Gorges Dam.   Three Gorges Faces Biggest Challenge EVER.

The China Three Gorges Corporation forecast that floods as huge as those in 1998 will occur.
The peak flow of the coming flood has been forecast at 70,000 cubic meters a second, greater than the 50,000 cubic meters a second during the flood in 1998, when 4,150 people were killed and 18.4 million residents evacuated.

The Three Gorges navigation administration said on Saturday it will close ship locks if floods gush in at a speed of up to 45,000 cubic meters a second.
At least 146 people have already been confirmed dead and 40 missing in 10 provinces and Chongqing municipality by Friday, after continuous rainstorms and floods in the areas since July 1, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said.
Heavy rains have inflated water flow at both the mainstream and tributaries of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, with inflow from the Minjiang, Tuojiang and Jialing rivers rising fast, said Wang Jun, director of the hydrology bureau under the Changjiang Water Resources Commission.

There is an article today, saying the MOST amount of Water ever is about to go against the Three Gorges Dam, as all the flood waters are making their way down the Yangtze River.

Floodwater rushes through the sluice gates of the Three Gorges Dam in Yichang, central China's Hubei province on July 19, 2010. The reservoir's inflow rose up to 58,000 cubic meters a second at 8:00 am this morning, the highest this year. The Bureau of Hydrology of the Yangtze River Water Conservancy Commission predicts that the most horrible flood to date with the largest water gush at a speed of nearly 70,000 cubic meters a second is being brewed at the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. The China Three Gorges Corporation has stepped up its protective measures by escalating its sluicing to 40,000 cubic meters a second to brace for the largest flood since its operation. [Photo/Xinhua]

UPDATE 7/20/10 - Shortage of Funds stall Three Gorges Dam Ecological Plans for Three Gorges Dam

BEIJING - Several ecological programs planned for the Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest one of its type, have remained stalled due to a shortage of funds, authorities said on Wednesday.

Scientists and scholars have expressed doubts about the dam's impact on the environment, such as the increasing risks of landslides, waterborne diseases and earthquakes.

In a bid to put the doubts at rest, the government launched a 10-year pollution control plan in 2001. But the results have not been optimistic, experts said.

Since 2003, seven rivers in the Three Gorges area in Hubei have been plagued by a blue algae outbreak.

Climate change and the construction of water reservoirs have increased the possibilities of the blue algae outbreak in the Yangtze River, Zhang Tong said.

Zhang Lijun said some water samples in the Three Gorges area were found unsafe, adding the blue algae outbreak is increasing not only in rivers but also in lakes.

The industries along the river also threaten the environment in the Three Gorges area, because some heavy-polluting enterprises are emitting pollutants into the river, Zhang Lijun said.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

MERS - Mortgage Electronic Registration Service - FRAUD - Lawsuits - Stopping Foreclosures! All Information to FIGHT a Foreclosure against MERS!

Click on title next to Update - it will take you to the post and information of that update.****

UPDATE 10/27/12 -  Exclusive interview - Banks stealing people's property who have never missed a payment through "appraisals".

UPDATE 10//23/12 - Pennsylvania Montgomery County Sue MERS for Quiet Title for (130,000) homeowners!

UPDATE 9/20/12 (sorry I see I have not been putting my MERS updates here in the last few months)   Update:  Washington State Supreme Court ALL MERS foreclosures are FRAUD! Those foreclosed on the in the past can SUE MERS for FRAUD! 

UPDATE 6/6/12 - NY AG hires Prosecutor for Mortgage Fraud

UPDATE 6/6/12 - Urgent Email from Lawyer who has a Class Action Suit against Deutsche Bank.

UPDATE 5/30/12 - Class Action Suit against Citibank for not responding to RESPA letters.

UPDATE 5/15/12 - Defense against a Fraudclosure - Do NOT use "Wet Ink" for it! 

UPDATE 4/30/12 - Class Action against Banks for ALL Homeowners for fraud and Money laundering of Wall Street. 

UPDATE 4/25/12 - Leaked email shows the extent of Fraud banks will commit to Illegally Foreclose on property. 

UPDATE 4/16/12 - Class Action Suit against Aurora and HSBC in California. 

UPDATE 4/10/12 - MERS how it began.  Informing yourself about the Fraud - Detailed article about it and Fighting a Foreclosure! 

UPDATE 2/12/12 - Be Happy about the AG settlement with the Banks. The banks have now admitted to committing foreclosure fraud.  It helps us in court

UPDATE 11/22/11 - Latest Foreclosure News - Baum Law Firm Shutting Down 

UPDATE 11/14/11 -  Latest Foreclosure Fraud News for 11/14/11

UPDATE 11/11/10 - Latest Foreclosure Fraud News - Fremont out of business yet still foreclosing?  Judge says "NO"!

UPDATE 11/9/11 - Latest Foreclosure Fraud News

UPDATE - 11/2/11 - Obama trying to ram bank sweetheart deal through with AGs, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur is calling for "Occupy Foreclosures"

UPDATE 10/21/11 - Mass Register of Deeds calling for a HALT TO ALL FORECLOSURES - Mass. AG Coakley Suing Banks for Foreclosure FRAUD! 

UPDATE 10/18/11 - Calling all Class Action Lawyers - Get Going - MASS. SUPREME COURT RULING: ALL PAST FORECLOSURES ILLEGAL! 

UPDATE 9/16/11 - Classic! More Banks suing each other over Mortgage FRAUD! 

UPDATE 8/29/11 - Sue the Bank - Lawyers Uniting for homeowners around the Country

UPDATE 8/18/11 - MBIA Bond Insurer suit against Bank of America Fraud Mortgages- Postponed 

UPDATE 8/17/11 - State Attorney Generals allowing and Sanctifying Fraud of Wall Street - Covering it up! 

UPDATE 8/8/11 - AIG sue Bank of America and Merril Lynch over all the Mortgage FRAUD they have committed.

UPDATE 8/3/11 - Government to Sanctify Bank of America Foreclosure Fraud?

UPDATE 7/23/11 - Best Explanation of Why the Banks are Getting away with FRAUD - From Michael Rivero of WhatReallyHappened.

UPDATE 6/28/11 - Bank of America to Pay 8.5 BILLION to Investors due to Mortgage FRAUD! 

UPDATE 6/13/11 - Huge Ruling Against MERS - NY Appellate Court

UPDATE 4/21/11 - Erin Barnett, Rick Santelli of CNBC and Joe Lavorgne of Deutsche Bank can go FU*& themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE 4/3/11 - 60 Minutes Expose on Foreclosure Fraud of the Banks

UPDATE 3/7/11 - Attorney Generals of the States HAVE SOLD THEIR SOULS TO THE BANKS FOR MONEY!  Settlement with Banks!

UPDATE 3/3/11 - Jeff Thigpin N.C. Register of Deeds Taking ON MERS! 

UPDATE 3/3/11 - My kind of Lawyer George Babcock- Passionate calls banks "Evil Forces"

UPDATE 3/2/11 - HSBC- a MERS bank Suspends ALL Foreclosures!

UPDATE 2/28/11 - Bank Of America - Paid out 46 Billion in 2010 to Pimco and Fed for FRAUD MBS!

UPDATE 2/24/11 - Naked Capitalism phone conversation with MERS counsel - MUST READ!

UPDATE 2/21/11 - NY Supreme Court Rules - EMC (MERS) No rights to foreclose - Homeowner WON (did it pro se) case without a lawyer! 

UPDATE 2/18/11 - Man Able to Foreclose on Wells Fargo Office due to NO response to RESPA letter!

UPDATE 2/17/11 - MERS issues memo - STOP foreclosing in MERS name! 

UPDATE 2/14/11 - HUGE Ruling AGAINST MERS - No Rights to Transfer Mortgages in New York - Judge Bans foreclosure actions of MERS where note and Mortgage separated!  

UPDATE 2/11/11 - ALL Foreclosures STOPPED in Hawaii - State Legislators Passed a Bill STOPPING them ALL for 5 months! 

UPDATE 2/9/11 - U.S. Govt. looking for a way out of Fannie and Freddie and Mortgages

UPDATE 2/2/11 - Court rules, Bank of America allowed to resume foreclosures in Nevada

UPDATE 2/1/11 - Ohio Judge Rules ALL bank foreclosure attorneys have to sign and validate paperwork - bank attorneys file suit to Supreme court, to not have to do that! 

UPDATE 1/31/11 - California Court rules FOR 68 homeowners in one suit, foreclosures stopped - Yet to be certified Class action. 

UPDATE 1/28/11 -  U.S. Justice Dept. investigating Deutsche Bank and FALSE paperwork they file to foreclose!

UPDATE 1/27/11 - Results From the Certified Letter sent to Loan Servicer - Mine and a Readers 

UPDATE 1/27/11 - Law Firm Information for Possible Class Action in Tennessee - I hired them

UPDATE 1/27/11 - Satellite Images of Foreclosure Cities!

UPDATE 1/26/11 - Judge halts ALL Bank of America foreclosures in Nevada - Attorney seeks Class Action Status

UPDATE 1/26/11 - NEED People with Litton Loan as their Servicer in Tennessee - ASAP!  This will NOT cost you a Dime!  Please contact me!

UPDATE 1/25/11 - Bank of America Stops Issuing Default Notices in Non-Judicial states - BUT I know WHY they have and it isn't something good for the people!

UPDATE 1/24/11 - CLASS ACTION against MERS Deutsche Bank, Aurora Loan - California - Attorney Phone # and email - Class Actions are FREE to ALL who join!

UPDATE 1/21/11 - WE ARE WINNING!  Banks Stopping and Dismissing foreclosures themselves - They DON'T WANT THE FIGHT!

UPDATE 1/21/11 - Massachusetts Supreme Court to Rule on a Buyer's right of illegal foreclosure - Lower court already ruled against buyer!  BUYER BEWARE OF FORECLOSURES!


UPDATE 1/17/11 - Maryland Judge TOSSED OUT 10000 FORECLOSURES - From Class Action Suit Brought by University of Maryland Professor and his students!  AWESOME!

UPDATE 1/13/11 - Federal Reserve Changing TILA laws - NO Foreclosure Lawsuits against Banks!  M.F.s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Govt. Allowing them to do so!  

UPDATE 1/13/11 - Record Foreclosures in 2010 - Plea to everyone to get information out to others about Bank Fraud - We have to work together! 

UPDATE 1/12/11 - I believe Class Actions Will start this year for Previous Foreclosures throughout the states!  Buyers beware - Don't touch a Foreclosure!  

UPDATE 1/12/11 - Class Action Suit Started in Washington State - for Existing Homeowners against MERS - EMC Mortgage!  Lawyer Contact Info!

UPDATE 1/11/11 - Very Important - Appeals Court over turns lower court ruling for GMAC in Illinois - DIRECT reason due to a RESPA letter sent!  Send out the RESPA letter immediately - from a previous post!

UPDATE 1/10/11 - Class Action Suit Massachusetts  - Previous Foreclosures against GMAC and Ally Financial - MERS Banks

UPDATE 1/10/11 - Florida Attorney General's Power Point Presentation about the Banks Foreclosure FRAUD!  AWESOME!

UPDATE 1/8/11- I have begun a lawsuit against Goldman Sachs/Litton Loan - MERS - to roll into a Class Action Suit.

UPDATE 1/7/11 - Mass. Supreme Court Rules AGAINST BANKS For Homeowners - No Right to Foreclose!


UPDATE 1/6/11 - Mass. Supreme Court may UNDO Past Foreclosures!

UPDATE 1/4/11 - I need Bank of America and Litton Loan People in Tennessee - to contact me ASAP!


Information on How Wall Street Has Gotten Away with Selling MBS - One Mortgage Multiple Times!

UPDATE 12/21/10 - New Jersey Judge ordered special hearing with foreclosure plainiffs for Jan. 18th 2011 - may STOP ALL FORECLOSURES! 

UPDATE 12/20/10 - Must Watch Video - A foreclosed Woman Tells Congress Off - American Dream no more and the government does not work for the people anymore!

UPDATE 12/17/10 - New York Judge Denies 127 Foreclosures - Attorneys would not verify and take responsibility for the paperwork!


UPDATE 12/15/10 - Using Research and Identifying Fraud in Assignments - Get out of Foreclosure!

UPDATE 12/14/10 - Bank Nervously Responds to "Where is Note", without providing note - Video!

UPDATE - 12/4/10 - Thousands of Pennsylvania Foreclosures May be VOID!

UPDATE 12/2/10 - All the Trillions of Bailouts to Ultimately Cover Up the MERS fraud?

UPDATE 11/24/10 - Marcy Kaptur on Dylan Ratigan - Excellent Video - Says Banks Run the Country! 

UPDATE 11/16/10 - AG'S Nearing Agreement with Banks on Foreclosure Fraud - It can Continue and Banks are Happy!

UPDATE 11/16/10 - Congress and Senate to Vote on Notarization Act Tomorrow to Coverup Bank Foreclosure Fraud!

UPDATE 11/13/10 - CNBC - Congress Bill to Make MERS Legal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


UPDATE 11/11/10 - Judges Accomplices to the Fraud of Banks - Ignores the Fraud Overall - Keeps allowing Banks to come back with "correct paperwork"!  No Extra allowances for homeowners, if they get something Wrong!

UPDATE 11/10/10 - Jesse Ventura Show About the Wall Street Fraud 

UPDATE 10/26/10 - Miami Judge UPSET Banks are Halting Foreclosures to Correct Paperwork!

UPDATE 10/26/10 - Article Explaining MERS and How it is a Shell Company and Fraud, From Huffington Post

UPDATE 10/26/10 - How Wall Street Got Away with Selling One Mortgage Multiple Times - from Zerohedge

UPDATE 10/26/10 - Texas Attorney General Served Subpoenas to Loan Servicers regarding Foreclosure Practices.

UPDATE 10/26/10 - Video Dylan Ratinger - The TRUTH of the FRAUD - Govt. Covering it Up Also!

UPDATE 10/26/10 - What Wall Street Funds have FRAUD MBS in them

UPDATE 10/25/10 - European Lynch Mob Coming for Bank of America - Due to Selling them Bad MBS

UPDATE 10/25/10 - Class Action Suit Just Filed in New Jersey Against Bank of America, Directly - A MERS corp Bank

UPDATE 10/25/10 - Class Action Suits Against MERS for States -  California and Tennessee (Tn. Sealed - Paperwork linked )

UPDATE 10/24/10 - Flordia Bar Asso. Letter to Judge on WHY they have NOT complained about Fraudulent Paperwork of Foreclosures!  I Love It!

UPDATE 10/23/10 - MSM Article - A Mess that Can NOT be Papered Over - Some Truth about Mortgage Securities Fraud!

UPDATE 10/23/10 - Georgia Class Action Suit Filed For ALL Homeowners Previously Foreclosed on By MERS!

UPDATE 10/23/10 - Chris Whalen on Bloomberg, Video Explaining Fraud of Banks at the Mortgage Securities Level.

UPDATE 10/22/10 - Florida Attorney General has said "I want the Mess Resolved and Foreclosures To Continue Quickly"!

UPDATE 10/22/10 - Ruling AGAINST MERS - No Secured Trust!

UPDATE 10/22/10 - Memorandum of Law - The Fraud of MERS - Life Cycle of a Loan

UPDATE 10/21/10 - Wall Street In Trouble - Investors Want Their Money BACK From Mortgage Securities and all the Fraud of Foreclosing.... Walls Are Tumbling DOWN!

UPDATE 10/21/10 - HUD Sect. Sounds Like White House Will Protect the Banks No Matter What, also my explanation of Why Servicers Foreclosing is FRAUD! 

UPDATE 10/20/10 - New Restrictions Effective Immediately In New York State - All Lawyers for foreclosures have to take Personal Liability that All Paperwork is Legal! That should stop foreclosures there now :)

UPDATE 10/20/10 - Jim Rickards on King World News - Discussing and Explaining the FRAUD of Banks and Foreclosures!

UPDATE 10/20/10 - A $300,000 Mortgage is Worth 9 Million defaulted and Foreclosed on By Wall Street MERS Banks!

UPDATE 10/20/10 - Two Professors - No Rights For MERS banks to Foreclose - Simple in Reasoning Why!

UPDATE 10/20/10 - Bank of America Being Sued by Investors - BUT I figured Out WHY they have to Foreclose on As many As possible - Starts at the Underwriting!



UPDATE 10/19/10 - Task Force Now Opening Criminal Investigation into Bank Foreclosure Fraud! Due to Mail and Wire Fraud of False Foreclosure Paperwork!

UPDATE 10/18/10 - OUTRAGEOUS - Stern Law office - Gave gifts - the more Foreclosures someone signed the More Gifts!  Gift Giving for making People HOMELESS!!!!


UPDATE 10/15/10 - Washington STANDS BY THE BANKS! Resist any Foreclosure Halt.  Says 'Paperwork will work itself out"!

UPDATE 10/15/10 - Met Life Bank HALTS FORECLOSURES! Siting "Paperwork Irregularities"!  Yeah, Lets just call it Fraud, shall we!?

 UPDATE 10/15/10 - Wells Fargo WILL NOT HALT FORECLOSURES - Even Though Fraud has been Shown to have happened with their foreclosures!

UPDATE 10/15/10 - Dylan Ratinger - Excellent Video - He is getting out The REAL Truth of the Foreclosure Fraud - People Moving Back into their Homes!

UPDATE 10/14/10 - JP Morgan Wants to ESCAPE MERS - Not using it anymore! Do they think they can change the Fraud now?

UPDATE 10/14/10 - OH My - Here comes the Pension Funds and Investors - NONE Too Happy with Wall Street!  

UPDATE 10/14/10 - White House, US. Govt. Officials and Banks say "Stopping Foreclosures would be Damaging to Homeowners"!  uuhhh.... yeah, sure.....

UPDATE 10/14/10 - Families TAKE BACK Their Homes, Foreclosed on by Fraud - Videos

UPDATE 10/14/10 - Record Foreclosures for Month of September - DO NOT MOVE - STAND UP!  FIGHT ANY FORECLOSURE - ALL BANK FRAUD!


UPDATE 10/13/10 - New York State Halts ALL foreclosures!

UPDATE 10/13/10 - Don't Leave Your Homes - Stay in Them! Wall Street Fraud! - Rep. Marcy Kaptur Video!


UPDATE 10/13/10 - KABOOM! GOES THE BANKS CASES AND DEFENSE! 150 Bank Employee Depositions who Stamped the Foreclosures - Some Did Not EVEN KNOW THE MEANING OF THE WORD MORTGAGE!

UPDATE 10/12/10 - Citibank Conference Call - The Real Info given - What is happening now, just "Tip of the Iceberg"!

UPDATE 10/12/10 - Demand the Note is Back - What to Write to Your Mortgage Servicing Company threatening to Foreclose!

UPDATE 10/12/10 - Press TV - International Media Segment with Max Keiser, Cynthia McKinney, regarding Foreclosure Fraud.  Max Keiser says very interesting things.

UPDATE 10/12/10 - My Personal Commentary/Conspiracy Theory - due to all happening with the fraud - of a false flag in the future, with reasoning why.

UPDATE 10/12/10 - Huge Development!  FEDERAL Bankruptcy Trustee JOINS Litigation Against Lenders Processing Services for All Federal Trustees in U.S.!  This is ultimately against MERS - Foreclosure FRAUD!  

UPDATE 10/12/10 - Karl Denninger - Market-Ticker Article - Explains the MERS FRAUD Simply and Perfectly, as it is MUCH MORE than "Paperwork irregularities"!

UPDATE 10/12/10 - WSJ Article - 40 Attorney Generals, Joint Investigation - Article yet again Implies only Paperwork problems! 

UPDATE 10/11/10 - Dylan Ratinger Show on MSNBC with Rep. Brad Miller about the Foreclosure Fraud.

UPDATE 10/11/10 - Jon Stewart, Daily Show - Another segment on Mortgage Foreclosures and the Mortgage Bankers Association, video!  Awesome!

UPDATE 10/11/10 - A thought about Bank fraud upon Obama - How many other elected Officials have had Fraud committed upon them by the banks?  Let's find Out!

UPDATE 10/11/10 - David Morgan Silver-Investor - Radio Interview, Mentions Foreclosure Fraud Influencing the Prices of Metals!

UPDATE 10/11/10 - Obama VICTIM of Robo Notary Signing FRAUD!  CLASSIC!  No Wonder he didn't sign the Bill passed through the Senate!

UPDATE 10/11/10 - One Quarter of All Homes Sold in 2nd Quarter were Foreclosures - This can get Ugly!

UPDATE 10/11/10 - White House does NOT want a Halt to Foreclosures want paperwork "irregularities" fixed and Foreclosures to Continue!

UPDATE 10/10/10 - Video - Great for a LAUGH At the Banks Expense!  Parody of the Foreclosure Fraud by the Banks. LOVE THE VIDEO!

UPDATE 10/10/10 - Video of Ohio Attorney General on Democracy Now saying the Foreclosures ARE FRAUD!

UPDATE 10/10/10 - White House has Known about Servicer Foreclosure Fraud, has Not done anything.

UPDATE 10/9/10 - The Week in review to 10/9/10 - My Youtube MERS Update Video

UPDATE 10/9/10 - Obama changes and clarifies veto from Pocket Veto to Protective Return Veto due to Senate still in Session.

UPDATE 10/9/10 - Litton Loan (Goldman Sachs Mort. Servicing Co - MERS) joins the crowd - FINALLY - halts some Foreclosures.

UPDATE 10/9/10 - MUST READ Article - Understanding the Banking and creation of MERS and how money is created out of Thin Air!

UPDATE 10/9/10 - Biggest FRAUD in History of Capital Markets - Of course it is about MERS mortgages 

UPDATE 10/8/10 - Obama's Veto of Notary Bill a Trick? Will not actually Stand?  Some are saying it is a sham and the Government has pulled one over on the people.

UPDATE 10/8/10 -Attorney Generals in 40 states considering Joint investigation into the Foreclosure Fraud!

UPDATE 10/8/10 - Harry Reid Calls for ALL BAnks to Halt Foreclosures

UPDATE 10/8/10 - Explaining MERS Wall Street Fraud and DO NOT buy a Foreclosure - you can Lose Big Time!

UPDATE 10/8/10 - PNC halts foreclosures in judicial states (23 states)

UPDATE 10/8/10 - Bank of America Halts ALL Foreclosures in ALL States - not just judicial foreclosure states!

UPDATE 10/8/10 -  Jon Stewart Takes on the Bank Foreclosure Fraud!

UPDATE 10/7/10 - MUST WATCH VIDEO - Karl Denninger MSNBC on the Foreclosure Fraud - says Government is part of covering of the fraud.

UPDATE 10/7/10 - Alan Grayson Letter requesting a Stop to ALL foreclosures

UPDATE 10/7/10 - Texas Attorney General Calls for Freeze of Foreclosures and Congress Calls for Federal Investigation. 

UPDATE 10/6/10 - MERS Has Gone RICO - Class Actions - Jim Willie article about MERS!

UPDATE 10/4/10 - Good Morning America Segment on the Foreclosure Fraud

UPDATE 10/4/10 - Shock coming for Wall Street.  All about the foreclosures in judicial and non-judicial states

UPDATE 10/4/10  How to find the Fraud in your Loan Documents - What to Look for!

UPDATE 10/4/10 - MERS tried Quiet Title - Didn't Work - Another Way to Fight Foreclosure!


UPDATE 10/03/10 - Videos of Whistleblower and journalist about Mortgage Servicer Fraud!

UPDATE 10/01/10 - Massachusetts Attorney General Calls for a Halt of Foreclosures in that state and an Investigation into the Bank Fraud.
UPDATE 10/01/10 - Connecticut Stops ALL foreclosures in the State

 UPDATE 10/02/10 - Citibank and Wells Fargo Committed Foreclosure Fraud Also

UPDATE 10/1/10 - My Youtube Video with what is Happening with MERS - Updates from the week.

UPDATE 9/30/10 - Letter Senator Al Franken Wrote to Treasury and other Govt. Officials Questioning MERS and foreclosures! 

UPDATE 9/30/10 - Rep. Alan Grayson Saying ALL MERS Mortgages are FRAUD ON VIDEO!

UPDATE 9/30/10 - Ohio Attorney General Refers MERS and JP Morgan to Federal Prosecutors
UPDATE 9/29/10 - JP Morgan/Chase Stops Foreclosures!

UPDATE 9/28/10 - Bloomberg News Article about Foreclosure Fraud!

UPDATE 9/27/10 -  Letter From Congress to Fannie Mae about Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud

UPDATE 9/22/10 - Washington Post (MSM) article about Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud

UPDATE 9/19/10GMAC Halts All Foreclosures in 23 States - Due to Judge Ruling Finding Mortgage FRAUD


UPDATE 9/16/10 - Survey of MERS Court Judgments - For and Against MERS

UPDATE 8/27/10  Huge Problem For MERS and Past Foreclosures

UPDATE 8/23/10 - Utah Judge Stops All Bank of America Foreclosures

UPDATE 8/23/10 - Foreclosure Defense Manual



UPDATE - 8/21/10 - My Youtube VIDEOS ABOUT MERS AND SUITS Update

There have been lots of things going on, in the last few months. Not everything I had wanted and many others had wanted. BUT...... there are things happening behind the scenes, so to say.

Here are some Great Sites to keep updated with what is happening with MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration Service).

First there is a lawsuit here in Tennessee, that now has a "shut down" of information. I got the paperwork and the lawsuit against MERS before it was wiped off the internet. I have contacted the lawyers, but they are bound by a secrecy and "no discussion" ruling of the lawsuit, by the Judge. It is against MERS for the state of Tenn. for billions of money the state has lost, due to MERS not having to file and register changes with the state.

It is the same lawsuit happening in Nevada and California with the Hearnes and Hager lawfirm. I have spoken to them multiple times. They are the same ones, I was searching for representatives in Missouri and other states of people being foreclosed on. I won't even go into, what all I did to find representatives. One set I did find, ended up getting their house free and clear from the mortgage company, due to becoming representatives, so then I had to find others.

Calif - Nevada - MERS Fraud case filed

EDIT - The link above does not work anymore.

Anyway, that is history. I have been very disappointed with the non-action of suits. I also spent hours and days, contacting many law firms to try and get them interested in a Class Action suit for all Non-judicial foreclosure states.

It seems some action has started once again with suits against MERS.

Links - for those who are interested in Mortgage Fraud information and the latest in what is going on.

Right now - I am inserting this link - which is good for today - where LIVE Arguments are about to happen in Florida - in a landmark case against MERS. I am inserting the Overall link and summary info - you will then need to click to go to the Live Stream on the page.

The live stream is here... but it is not working for me right now. The arguments should have already started 9am est.

Here is the Foreclosure Fraud Site - for getting info about what is going on.

Here is info on a Utah Judge STOPPING All foreclosures in a ruling last month

This is a Great site - it is ALL MERS fraud info - has a law library link and you can get any and all info you need about what is happening in foreclosures.

A person who got her house from judge ruling in April

Another site - for foreclosure defense:

Go to this link and save the pdf pages on your computer- the MERS depo. lawyer tears apart MERS case! *** note the pages 1 to 58 - are upside down.

Some good OVERALL Info about MERS - from link

There were many rulings against MERS last year - from the Kansas Supreme Court - to New York and other states.

To understand MERS and rulings against them - please see the following links.

http://theforeclosuredetonator.wordp...of-homeowners/ - Kansas Supreme Court Ruling against MERS New York judge ruling against MERS - forgave whole debt!

From this one link - is this Information on MERS
Prepare to be overwhelmed with the purposeful confusion MERS aims to achieve.

MERS Basic Corporate Information

* MERS is incorporated within the State of Delaware.
* MERS was first incorporated in Delaware in 1999.
* The total number of shares of common stock authorized by MERS’ articles of incorporation is 1,000.
* The total number of shares of MERS common stock actually issued is 1,000.
* MERS is a wholly owned subsidiary of MERSCorp, Inc.
* MERS’ principal place of business at 1595 Spring Hill Road, Suite 310, Vienna, Virginia 22182
* MERS’ national data center is located in Plano, Texas.
* MERS’ serves as a “nominee” of mortgages and deeds of trust recorded in all fifty states.
* Over 50 million loans have been registered on the MERS system.
* MERS’ federal tax identification number is “541927784”.

The Nature of MERS’ Business

* MERS does not take applications for, underwrite or negotiate mortgage loans.
* MERS does not make or originate mortgage loans to consumers.
* MERS does not extend any credit to consumers.
* MERS has no role in the origination or original funding of the mortgages or deeds of trust for which it serves as “nominee”.
* MERS does not service mortgage loans.
* MERS does not sell mortgage loans.
* MERS is not an investor who acquires mortgage loans on the secondary market.
* MERS does not ever receive or process mortgage applications.
* MERS simply holds mortgage liens in a nominee capacity and through its electronic registry, tracks changes in the ownership of mortgage loans and servicing rights related thereto.
* MERS© System is not a vehicle for creating or transferring beneficial interests in mortgage loans.
* MERS is not named as a beneficiary of the alleged promissory note.

Ownership of Promissory Notes or Mortgage Indebtedness

* MERS is never the owner of the promissory note for which it seeks foreclosure.
* MERS has no legal or beneficial interest in the promissory note underlying the security instrument for which it serves as “nominee”.
* MERS has no legal or beneficial interest in the loan instrument underlying the security instrument for which it serves as “nominee”
* MERS has no legal or beneficial interest in the mortgage indebtedness underlying the security instrument for which it serves as “nominee”.
* MERS has no interest at all in the promissory note evidencing the mortgage indebtedness.
* MERS is not a party to the alleged mortgage indebtedness underlying the security instrument for which it serves as “nominee”.
* MERS has no financial or other interest in whether or not a mortgage loan is repaid.
* MERS is not the owner of the promissory note secured by the mortgage and has no rights to the payments made by the debtor on such promissory note.
* MERS does not make or acquire promissory notes or debt instruments of any nature and therefore cannot be said to be acquiring mortgage loans.
* MERS has no interest in the notes secured by mortgages or the mortgage servicing rights related thereto.
* MERS does not acquire any interest (legal or beneficial) in the loan instrument (i.e., the promissory note or other debt instrument).
* MERS has no rights whatsoever to any payments made on account of such mortgage loans, to any servicing rights related to such mortgage loans, or to any mortgaged properties securing such mortgage loans.
* The note owner appoints MERS to be its agent to only hold the mortgage lien interest, not to hold any interest in the note.
* MERS does not hold any interest (legal or beneficial) in the promissory notes that are secured by such mortgages or in any servicing rights associated with the mortgage loan.
* The debtor on the note owes no obligation to MERS and does not pay MERS on the note.

MERS’ Accounting of Mortgage Indebtedness / MERS Not At Risk

* MERS is not entitled to receive any of the payments associated with the alleged mortgage indebtedness.
* MERS is not entitled to receive any of the interest revenue associated with mortgage indebtedness for which it serves as “nominee”.
* Interest revenue related to the mortgage indebtedness for which MERS serves as “nominee” is never reflected within MERS’ bookkeeping or accounting records nor does such interest influence MERS’ earnings.
* Mortgage indebtedness for which MERS serves as the serves as “nominee” is not reflected as an asset on MERS’ financial statements.
* Failure to collect the outstanding balance of a mortgage loan will not result in an accounting loss by MERS.
* When a foreclosure is completed, MERS never actually retains or enjoys the use of any of the proceeds from a sale of the foreclosed property, but rather would remit such proceeds to the true party at interest.
* MERS is not actually at risk as to the payment or nonpayment of the mortgages or deeds of trust for which it serves as “nominee”.
* MERS has no pecuniary interest in the promissory notes or the mortgage indebtedness for which it serves as “nominee”.
* MERS is not personally aggrieved by any alleged default of a promissory note for which it serves as “nominee”.
* There exists no real controversy between MERS and any mortgagor alleged to be in default.
* MERS has never suffered any injury by arising out of any alleged default of a promissory note for which it serves as “nominee”.

MERS’ Interest in the Mortgage Security Instrument

* MERS holds the mortgage lien as nominee for the owner of the promissory note.
* MERS, in a nominee capacity for lenders, merely acquires legal title to the security instrument (i.e., the deed of trust or mortgage that secures the loan).
* MERS simply holds legal title to mortgages and deeds of trust as a nominee for the owner of the promissory note.
* MERS immobilizes the mortgage lien while transfers of the promissory notes and servicing rights continue to occur.
* The investor continues to own and hold the promissory note, but under the MERS® System, the servicing entity only holds contractual servicing rights and MERS holds legal title to the mortgage as nominee for the benefit of the investor (or owner and holder of the note) and not for itself.
* In effect, the mortgage lien becomes immobilized by MERS continuing to hold the mortgage lien when the note is sold from one investor to another via an endorsement and delivery of the note or the transfer of servicing rights from one MERS member to another MERS member via a purchase and sale agreement which is a non-recordable contract right.
* Legal title to the mortgage or deed of trust remains in MERS after such transfers and is tracked by MERS in its electronic registry.

Beneficial Interest in the Mortgage Indebtedness

* MERS holds legal title to the mortgage for the benefit of the owner of the note.
* The beneficial interest in the mortgage (or person or entity whose interest is secured by the mortgage) runs to the owner and holder of the promissory note and/or servicing rights thereunder.
* MERS has no interest at all in the promissory note evidencing the mortgage loan.
* MERS does not acquire an interest in promissory notes or debt instruments of any nature.
* The beneficial interest in the mortgage (or the person or entity whose interest is secured by the mortgage) runs to the owner and holder of the promissory note (NOT MERS).

MERS As Holder

* MERS is never the holder of a promissory note in the ordinary course of business.
* MERS is not a custodian of promissory notes underlying the security instrument for which it serves as “nominee”.
* MERS does not even maintain copies of promissory notes underlying the security instrument for which it serves as “nominee”.
* Sometimes when an investor or servicer desires to foreclose, the servicer obtains the promissory note from the custodian holding the note on behalf of the mortgage investor and places that note in the hands of a servicer employee who has been appointed as an officer (vice president and assistant secretary) of MERS by corporate resolution.
* When a promissory note is placed in the hands of a servicer employee who is also an MERS officer, MERS asserts that this transfer of custody into the hands of this nominal officer (without any transfer of ownership or beneficial interest) renders MERS the holder.
* No consideration or compensation is exchanged between the owner of the promissory note and MERS in consideration of this transfer in custody.
* Even when the promissory note is physically placed in the hands of the servicer’s employee who is a nominal MERS officer, MERS has no actual authority to control the foreclosure or the legal actions undertaken in its name.
* MERS will never willingly reveal the identity of the owner of the promissory note unless ordered to do so by the court.
* MERS will never willingly reveal the identity of the prior holders of the promissory note unless ordered to do so by the court.
* Since the transfer in custody of the promissory note is not for consideration, this transfer of custody is not reflected in any contemporaneous accounting records.
* MERS is never a holder in due course when the transfer of custody occurs after default.
* MERS is never the holder when the promissory note is shown to be lost or stolen. 

MERS’ Role in Mortgage Servicing

* MERS does not service mortgage loans.
* MERS is not the owner of the servicing rights relating to the mortgage loan and MERS does not service loans.
* MERS does not collect mortgage payments.
* MERS does not hold escrows for taxes and insurance.
* MERS does not provide any servicing functions on mortgage loans, whatsoever.
* Those rights are typically held by the servicer of the loan, who may or may not also be the holder of the note.

MERS’ Rights To Control the Foreclosure

* MERS must all times comply with the instructions of the holder of the mortgage loan promissory notes.
* MERS only acts when directed to by its members and for the sole benefit of the owners and holders of the promissory notes secured by the mortgage instruments naming MERS as nominee owner.
* MERS’ members employ and pay the attorneys bringing foreclosure actions in MERS’ name.
MERS’ Access To or Control Over Records or Documents

* MERS has never maintained archival copies of any mortgage application for which it serves as “nominee”.
* In its regular course of business, MERS as a corporation does not maintain physical possession or custody of promissory notes, deeds of trust or other mortgage security instruments on behalf of its principals.
* MERS as a corporation has no archive or repository of the promissory notes secured by deeds of trust or other mortgage security instruments for which it serves as nominee.
* MERS as a corporation is not a custodian of the promissory notes secured by deeds of trust or other mortgage security instruments for which it serves as nominee.
* MERS as a corporation has no archive or repository of the deeds of trust or other mortgage security instruments for which it serves as nominee.
* In its regular course of business, MERS as a corporation does not routinely receive or archive copies of the promissory notes secured by the mortgage security instruments for which it serves as nominee.
* In its regular course of business, MERS as a corporation does not routinely receive or archive copies of the mortgage security instruments for which it serves as nominee.
* Copies of the instruments attached to MERS’ petitions or complaints do not come from MERS’ corporate files or archives.
* In its regular course of business, MERS as a corporation does not input the promissory note or mortgage security instrument ownership registration data for new mortgages for which it serves as nominee, but rather the registration information for such mortgages are entered by the “member” mortgage lenders, investors and/or servicers originating, purchasing, and/or selling such mortgages or mortgage servicing rights.
* MERS does not maintain a central corporate archive of demands, notices, claims, appointments, releases, assignments, or other files, documents and/or communications relating to collections efforts undertaken by MERS officers appointed by corporate resolution and acting under its authority.

Management and Supervision

* In preparing affidavits and certifications, officers of MERS, including Vice Presidents and Assistant Secretaries, making representations under MERS’ authority and on MERS’ behalf, are not primarily relying upon books of account, documents, records or files within MERS’ corporate supervision, custody or control.
* Officers of MERS preparing affidavits and certifications, including Vice Presidents and Assistant Secretaries, and otherwise making representations under MERS’ authority and on MERS’ behalf, do not routinely furnish copies of these affidavits or certifications to MERS for corporate retention or archival.
* Officers of MERS preparing affidavits and certifications, including Vice Presidents and Assistant Secretaries, and otherwise making representations under MERS’ authority and on MERS’ behalf are not working under the supervision or direction of senior MERS officers or employees, but rather are supervised by personnel employed by mortgage investors or mortgage servicers. 

I hope to add more things as time goes by. But I hope the above gets you started on looking at MERS and the Fraud. Though there may not be much talk about it, there ARE things happening behind the scenes!