Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nancy Becker Montgomery Cty. Pennsylvania Sues for Quiet title for MERS homeowners "All like situated"!

 This is so Awesome!

The Montgomery County Pennsylvania Recorder of deeds, Nancy Becker has sued for all "like situated" in Montgomery County (approximately 130,000 MERS households of mortgages) for "Quiet Title".

This is HUGE in my opinion.   The court has denied MERS (defendant's) request for dismissal of the suit.  The court did dismiss the portion of "Civil Conspiracy" of the suit.

What Nancy Becker did was to bring a suit to require assignments and the transfer fee (about $45 each one) to be recorded.  The whole suit is due to the county losing money due to MERS fraud of not recording the assignments of loans.

How did she get the idea to bring a carte blanc class action Quiet Title suit for all homeowners of the county?  

She got it from the defendants brief in another suit when she tried to get assignment fees for previous and current loans.  That suit did not go through but from the defendants own defense they had in the brief that only through a "Quiet Title suit" are they required to show assignments.  (page 24 of the scrib document below).

So from that and putting in the defendants own words, she has now brought a "Quiet Title" suit for all the homeowners in the county.

She has all the information in the fact she has a right to bring a Quiet Title suit in the filing.

It is a GREAT read and an easy one to understand.  

Ya Gotta LOVE IT!

She has made the news before about standing up to the MERS fraud and the county losing money. 

  PA-MontgomeryCo ROD v MERS -Memorandum & Order(1)_10 19 2012

I have come to the conclusion I did after reading the whole suit and my understanding of the suit. I encourage everyone to read it and confirm that it is a suit for all homeowners of MERS mortgages and that she had gotten the "idea" to do this from the defendants own filings in another suit.  So she will now force MERS to show who is assigned the mortgages and thus cause them to start paying the transfer fees to the county for the loans.

I personally feel it is a brilliant move on the part of Nancy Becker.  It would be nice if every recorder of deeds in all counties across the United States did the same as her.

Also would it hurt for everyone to send this to their register of deeds person in their county?  


  1. WOW - logic prevails eventually, and it only takes a lot of effort.

    This Nancy Becker ought to be rewarded for the stand she took as a civil servant.

  2. I am sure a campaign to discredit her will ensue. Banks and lawyers are and have been warmongers and filled with a will to power.great job Nancy but this was done for a municipality, a corporation and fiction. I recommend everyone read The Errant Sovereign by Augustus Blackstone and his book on land patents and allodial title. Tell you what, call up any title office and ask them about being able to hold land in allodium and see how fast they hang up on you. One man in Washington State was able to remove his land from the tax rols, see the Idaho Observer for the story. He used Blackstone's'material which is very detailed. Pax aut bellum,MOLON LABE!
    OathKeeper an defender of the People and their Republic...

    1. But it was done because the COUNTY WAS LOSING MONEY due to MERS fraud? So, it's still all about the money, not about the fraud perpetrated against the so-called homeowners by the effing banks who "lend" NOTHING but extract principal & interest for a property.

  3. When localities and lawyers figure out they too are being ripped off, they will turn their ire on the banksters. That is when things will change. The 'minions themselves' have to wake up. It is easier for the 'system' to ignore the little people, but when their own foot soldiers start saying - NO MORE - it will be game, set and match for us all!