Monday, August 8, 2011

60 Minutes Expose on Fraudclosure! Banks creating FAKE documents to Foreclose on People

Update - 8/8/11- I am bumping this back up, because 60 minutes replayed it on 8/7/11!

All in all for a MSM channel this was not a bad expose on the Foreclosure Fraud of banks. The government is now worried about all the people telling the banks to prove they own the loans and what that is going to cause the economy to do.  One thing I did notice, they did not say the word "MERS" once in the whole segment.  But at least they did something, it is a start.

I sincerely hope millions watched this.


  1. Still no auction, as far as I know. It was supposed to be last Monday, then Tuesday... I sent this to a state politician. I don't know why, he has made it clear he does not give a crap.

  2. Good luck Claire - keep on making those video's !

  3. Look at your note letter,didn't like it. Try this one the note?js=true
    I think this better written.

    pat the rat

  4. LPS is a subsidiary of Fidelity National Title Insurance Company. Other companies have similar mechanisms to handle this sort of work. First American Title distanced their escrow operations from their foreclosure operations a few years ago in anticipation of interest conflicts. First American sends these papers to their contractors in field at Recorders Offices to print up and sign without authorization. They do not centralize it in one facility like LPS did, making it rather innocuous and unremarkable to have a few papers signed each day, one-county to the next rather than thousands all at once. However, the effect is the same; document fraud by the thousands that's been occurring for years. I've posted in forums repeatedly about Passion Title Services and SPL, Inc. as two local firms in the SF Bay Area that do this on a consistent basis for their client firms (various title insurance companies). Nobody is interested in investigating this, I guess.

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