Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thrive the Movie - Is NOT about Thriving at all! In my opinion, It sucks energy out of you and does not give any real solutions! It is an Elite controlled and made Movie - This is contrary to "popular" belief!

I watched the much hyped  Thrive movie on 11/16/11.  I had  put a trailer on this blog about it coming out on 11/11/11, which I now have taken down after seeing the movie.

I know what I am posting about it, is totally contrary to "popular" belief and the hype about it.

In my opinion the movie was made to suck people's energy out of them and make them feel hopeless!  It is so overwhelming in what they say.   For one hour and 37 minutes it is nothing but "You have no Hope and you are a slave!"

As I watched the movie I wrote down notes on what they were talking about, which I have the notes below.

I personally believe this film was made by the same elite that he (Gamble) talks about in the movie and how they control every aspect of the world.

The guy that made the movie is a Proctor and Gamble heir.

He does not give any real solutions at all!  He promotes his website and says solutions are there.  He says there are foundations around the world people should join to help.  Yet, we know most foundations are created by those who try and control,  he is telling us to join them?

He gives the solutions after 1 hour and 37 minutes of nothing but "We are totally controlled" information, of what we already know has to happen to be free.  But the truth is... we know that the solutions are something that are impossible with the structure of government we have.   The elected officials would have to "End the Fed - they would have to stop their own corporation campaign monies."  It is not going to happen, they are not going to do that.  The movie even says our elected officials are completely controlled by a handful of people.

What the movie does is simply put out there, all the things most of us know who have been awake and aware.  Remember the elite tell you exactly what is going on, they have to.. part of their karma.  They know people know all the information, so they went ahead and put it in a super very expensive production movie.

It came out on 11/11/11 and they wanted people to watch it that day.  A day of master numbers where people should be connecting to the higher energies, but if they had watched that movie that day their energies were lowered and sucked out, in my opinion.  There was nothing about Thriving in the movie in my opinion, it was about every conspiracy theory there is to make you feel depressed and caged in as a slave!

The title is completely misleading - it should be "We have made a movie to show you how we control everything in the world and there is nothing you can really do about it."

I am not saying there is nothing we can do about it, personally.  I believe where we put our energies is what we get.  People have to understand, the top "elite" of the world understand how the universe works.  That information is kept from us "normal" folks.  They know how to use tools to keep our energy where they want it.  They know through our energies we could over power them.  But NOT by joining foundations and organizations they themselves have formed for controlled dissent.   The movie even says "The elite control the dissent."  They tell you this.... did you listen if you saw the movie?

I believe we can all thrive when we intently and purposely put our energies and thoughts in creating the best for ourselves and the world.  We start on the inside with our own energies and changing the energies from worry and fear to expectation of the best coming to us.

  I wrote this post the other day about our energies and thoughts creating our future.

By the time of 1 hour and 37 minutes, I was so over the movie and tense from all it was saying, I had been waiting and waiting for that "Thrive" moment.

Here is the "Image for the Thrive Movie":  - what is that image telling you?  I know what it is telling me... they recognize the world is waking up and now they have come right out in front of it... to keep the control of the waking up and keeping the energy where they want.  The movie uses the "All seeing eye" -

If you watch the movie..... watch it with a discerning mind...... think about what he is telling you how he is directing your energy and thoughts!

I personally believe it was Created by those who he talks about that "run the world" after seeing it!
I will never recommend this movie to anyone, no matter how hyped up it is as being "The awakening movie!"

 Here are the things talked about in the movie in the form of short bullets and areas talked about. I wrote these as he talked about them - so they are exactly what I wrote as I watched.  Just words to say this is what was discussed.: 


crop circles

The fed govt. has taken every new free energy invented -  labs always raided and all inventions taken - govt. takes all real inventions

Our food is GM - is to force humanity to be dependent on a few corporations that control the food of the world

Energy and food is controlled by a handful of banking families - always same families in charge - through corporations or foundations.

Wanted through schools - an obedient and useful person to do their bidding.




Medical - suppresses cures and and they have destroyed all technology that has cured cancer from others.  They have burned down labs that have cured cancer.  

A handful of people have control over the energy, food supply, education and healthcare - every aspect of our lives.  They do it by controlling the money.

takes you through the levels of control - govt. is controlled by the corporations.

We live to pay off debt to the banks - they get to create money out of nothing, but people have to work hard for it.

Fed reserve - private bank is backed by fed govt of police  - to stop those who blow whistles.

Trillions given to banks - Rothschild's, Rockefeller and Morgan's -

orchestrated to consolidate wealth and power in 2008

Banks get the real wealth - property and money - 

BIS - Rothschild bank is the main bank and controller of the world

Bankers already have vast fortunes what is the end game?

Controlling and dominance of the world - total and global

What do they have to control to control the world  - below is controlled








Only thing not controlled is internet 

Dissent has to be controlled

Those who have control









All seeing eye is a symbol of those who control

Shows symbols

including freemason


Since they have more money for generations than can be spent and can create money

it is all about POWER that is why they do it.

They think freedom is dangerous - they don't think people would use freedom wisely.

New World Order - Bush, Brown, Kissinger Pope - talking about New World Order needed

NWO is a divide and conquer strategy

to make people against each other - Democrat - Republican etc... yet they are all controlled by the same group 

Power to focus our efforts

They dictate the norms of society - so people judge others - 

when you step out of the norm and step out to show your uniqueness - they have others jump on those who step out of the norm.  

By norms being created by the elite/illuminati - they have everyone suppress the ones who step out of the accepted norm.

systematically distracted and suppressed - 

police state - debt - 

they will stop at nothing to gain global dominance. 

they plan on transferring American wealth, jobs - got us so deep in debt - can never repay it.  

Can financially disable everyone in the U.S. from finances.  

Carbon tax - paid to world bank 

they create a crisis - 9/11 - banking problem - then they give the reasons why it happened.  MSM is public relations for the govt and banking elite.

they create fear - in people - saying we want solutions - then create police state and control

Vietnam war under false pretenses - based on lies

Iraq based on lies

9/11 false flag - to dismantle constitution and take over oil in middle east

then shows death and war

police state already in place - U.S. citizens can be imprisoned without due cause - we are being watched surveillance cameras every where.

every phone call and email is collected by Fed govt.  

RFID chips - being inserted in people

All things always to "help" people

full spectrum dominance - can target anyone on Earth

Containment camps - FEMA camps are set up all over US

Depopulation is being done - it is real - documents eugenics 

Vaccines are used to sterilize people - chemical spraying over towns -

Rothschild - Rockefeller foundations

Govt. part of it.

GM corn - created to sterilize males

direct depopulation agenda


AT 1 hour and 38 minutes into nothing but depressing information - that we are totally controlled in every way and watched - they finally start giving solutions

Says it is for the soul of humanity!

Agenda is based some more deserving than others - based on scarcity and fear.

Can only do it if people don't wake up.... Have to wake up to save world.

Withdrawal our support - to the banking - non violent standing up 

Power of truth!

GMO freedom zones - through grass roots 

at 1 hour and 47 minutes starts promoting it's website.......

The actions - are on their site - 

solution saying - dismantle Fed... 

actions as individuals

get informed

connect with others

bank locally

buy and invest responsibly

join movement to end fed

join - fair open internet

get info from independent media

support non GMO farming

support campaign reform

advocate for renewal energy

do critical mass action

non violation society

to implement that society - has to 

3 stages of solution

Stage 1

integrity to systems

cut military spending in half

get rid of Fed Reserve

eliminating poverty

no GMO food

stage 2

protect liberty

stop oil

stage 3

people more money

no tax

free energy

no rulers

individual rights

Aikido - martial arts - is a way through balance

connect with the energy of Earth

Do not respond to what is happening with violence - all needs to be non aggression

we are energy fields 

inner person/life - relationship with self - 

people have to wake so the scheme of global domination is exposed

people have to stand up for liberty


Notice he did not mention how Churches also are part of the control 

He did not mention what the real secrets of the universe are and how the Elite know the secrets and he does not give us any information for us to know those secrets.  Which would actually make the people Thrive!

He gives all fear information and then impossible solutions! 

The real solutions are each one of us, directing our energy to truth and to ourselves and each other in positive good intents and taking actions through them!  Once we stop being against each other - we could form the energy and strength needed to stop the matrix that has been formed.  But, it is keeping us divided that is important to the elite for control.  

Added 11/18/11 - 6:15 AM EST.

Before I was falling asleep last night, the thought of why they created this film came to me.

They know that people know all the information in it.  They consolidated all the information of what they have accomplished and they made an "In your face, triumphant movie". 

This movie is about the Elite having Thrived and they wanted to show the world what they have accomplished!  This is their ultimate movie for all those awake and aware.  They are laughing and saying "We have managed to control all aspects of your life and the world and we are showing you in a fancy and expensively produced movie."    

Everyone sees things different ways.  The comments show that some people have felt the same thing as I did about the movie and others have liked it.    The way I saw it, is from my own inner thoughts/knowing, which is right for myself, so I stand by all I have written.


  1. Thank you for posting that I thought I was going mad by the time I finished watching the movie. Initially I thought it was very good, a very slick production but by the time it had finished I was uneasy and something about the thrive website not the movie made me realise I had seen that set up before. It was something linked with common purpose -common purpose work for the elite in the shadows one thing they promote is concensus creation - but in reality they want everyone to think the same way which is ultimately there way. Everything common purpose gets involved with ultimately stops functioning properly. Thrive is the elites attempt to hijack the awakening process.


  2. I agree with you.... the first red flag to wave in my face was the photo on the promo - one eye!! Then there's the Gamble person on it. Slick production means lots of money behind it - not many have that kind of money anymore. I'll avoid this one like the plague.

    We are not hopeless. Stop watching their TV and listening to their radio. Disengage from as many of their systems as possible. Avoid their poisoned water and foods..... and prepare for when all of this is cut off. Pray and listen.... we are not alone in this. Peace.

  3. Thank goodness I am not alone.
    Didn't take long for flags to start waving.
    Something very wrong.
    And frankly its slick and picturesque but also downright boring in parts.
    Most of us have been there, done that, seen the lot.
    I would not recommend anyone waste their time watching it.
    You know even the title irritates me. For some reason - thrive - hive - drone slave workers - the borg!

  4. Stolen from
    At least credit them with the story

  5. I watched the entire movie and found it fascinating. Sure, I didn't agree with everything covered, but I think the movie is a good tool for getting many people informed who aren't necessarily intellectual and need a slick presentation to hold their interest. I am not about to discredit the movie because the host is a Gamble heir. He makes that quite clear throughout the film. Not everyone with money is evil, and it sometimes it takes somebody with a little clout to get the word out. If we shoot down everyone who tries to expose the facts, then fewer people will be encouraged to do so. Yes, the movie makes us uneasy. It's not a pretty subject, and nobody likes to be told that they're a slave... just like Neo in the Matrix initially felt resentment for toward Morpheus after being told the truth of his existence.

    1. here here. i thought it was great.

    2. Well Said, applause .... whatever it takes to wake the people up!

    3. The Thrive movie is a presentation of what Marilyn Ferguson wrote about in The Aquarian Conspiracy. It's the New Age Movement which is being portrayed as "the answer" to the New World Order. Simple: The NWO is a false flag for the New Age Movement. Go to:

  6. Geez, people sure freak out over very little these days... Yeah, it was a slick production, but much of the movie was true... Inventions being suppressed is one. The U.S. Gov. has suppressed over 5000 patent applications-for 'National Security' reasons. All branches of military, and secret services review EVERY patent app. and make their recommendation as to whether the patent should be granted, or suppressed.
    Do you REALLY think that no one has invented anything better than an Internal Combustion Engine in the last 100 years??? C'mon, think about it. Why are we STILL using technology invented in the latter half of the 19th century??
    Purely for financial, and hegemonic reasons.

  7. Yes Mike,

    this is blanket over the blanket which serves to stifle creative solutions,
    necessary actions
    and kill the fire that keeps us powering through this modern hegemonic nightmare
    seeing those 2 smug elites were the progeny of PROCTOR + GAMBLE made my stomach turn

    and Ms. Gamble's insincerity was embarrassing
    keep up the analysis - they're getting desperate

    so next step: how can we get our own uninterruptable INET system?


  8. Reality Check - I just went to that site to see what exactly they say about Thrive. They talk about all the symbolism in the image I have posted, they don't even talk about the movie itself and what it has in it.

    So..... there is nothing on that site - that I could have "Stolen" as you suggested. Because I didn't get into the full symbolism of the image, except for the most obvious of the "All seeing eye".

    There is interesting stuff about it on that site though. So thanks for linking it.

    Next time read what is there to what is here, there is nothing similar.

    Obviously I watched the movie and got something totally different than what I was expecting and I wrote about it in my own words and opinions of it.

    1. Yeah I read that site before this one, none of the same information LOL. Also, I felt it was very bias and had many misspelled words making me think he didn't take to much time into writing that article in the first place, sort of leading me to find another source. Anyways, I really enjoyed your input on this one! Thanks!

  9. I too was interested in watching Thrive---but stopped after about a half-hour. It just didn't "smell" right to me. Beautifully done, though, in a seductive sort of way. I noticed the one-eye promo poster, too. There are a myriad ways to depict "waking up" but that particular image was chosen. So thanks, Sherrie, for taking a stand on this movie--I just wish people would not let themselves get pulled into a mindtwist as Thrive obviously is. Keep getting the truth out there!

  10. I personally saw tons of value in the material. It is in plain sight that oppression has occured and is becoming stronger in every way. I like the concept that the message is not doom and gloom rather than education and concepts to manage the transition of change. It is so easy to knock something because destruction is easy, what is difficult is creation. That should be applauded. They present ideas to create inspiration to rise as a people. They present a clear problem and also present conceptual solutions.

    This documentary to aid in your individual search for the truth. Believe nothing until you can personally verify it.

    1. This is exactly my opinion... and there is alot they movie did not say yet as to how we can shift to Thriving. However, he is giving us all a seed when he speaks of torus. Im sure he didnt want to go too far in the explaining just yet, thus i believe there will be a sequel... If you study drunvalo melchizadek, thoth, all about merkaba, sacred geometry, you see how we can actually THRIVE...There were seeds implanted thoughout the movie, however i do believe this proctor and gamble guy is not in alignment with the rest of his family or those who have control. My husband said on BAI radio they said his family is not behind him on this movie... BAI is a radio station not controlled by the powers that be =) Its where Gary Null always had free reign to speak his mind on nutrition and all sorts of topics. My thought though is, yes its good to see and be aware to what is, but its even more powerful to go within... like ghandi says, be the change you wish to see in this world... theres so much more to that statement than most people are ready to grasp! Its an ancient wisdom understanding, we are vibration.. we will experience what we are emitting Anyhow, torus is also on this page here:

  11. Interesting comments.
    I haven't seen the film yet.
    Now I'll absolutely HAVE to, just to see what's what.

    Thanks for the heads-up.


  12. The facts of the film are documented at the Thrive Movement website. If you're overwhelmed, that's evidence of you being behind the disclosures that independent research has communicated over the Internet, and a personal reaction.

    I appreciate your comments on the movie and hope that it inspires people to "question all" and look for themselves.

    Facts will always speak for themselves, if you let them.

  13. Here is a first public interview with Mr. Gamble since the film release. very interesting. Maybe this will help with your opinions here. starting at 9:20 minutes the questions about what he and P and G has been accused of. He is not proud of P and G and what they are doing.

    I know there are those out there trying to discredit this. maybe it is not perfect but watching this is like most of the presentations we have shown our group here put into one video. Has anyone here considered that because you are heir to a corporate dynasty mean you are an evil person? people can change even if they are working for the powers that be. Hell look how John Perkins changed and he was an economic hit man! and what about John Robbins removing himself from Baskin Robbins?

    I think there are those who's religious beliefs are threatened by this like in Zeitgeist. If there is an ulterior motive to deceive with propaganda that means NWO whistle blowers like David Icke, Bill Stills, G. Edward Griffin, John Perkins got suckered into being a part of this. I wonder what their opinions are esp. David Icke?

    8 years of reasearch and millions of dollars were put into this movie.

    I remember information going around in the 1980's about Proctor and Gamble's satanic symbols on their products as a way to promote Amway products. A scare tactic promoted by distributors that made people want to join and use their products instead. I even heard another story from Amway distributors that the Proctor and Gamble families made a pact with the devil that if they used those symbols on their products he would make the company financially wealthy which motivated a lot of people want to sign up.

    here is a fundy website trying to discredit this too. Fanatic for Jesus should say it all.

    also see

    looks like there is a lot of copy and paste of information between these websites including this one. So who made up the original information that everyone is copying?

    I have been coming to this site here and there and enjoy reading the blogs and articles. I like what is here but I question this one.
    In the movie, I saw lots of things we can do individually. I think those who criticize the video for making them feel powerless and have no real solutions are seeing the cup half empty instead of half full. We live in an abundant world and the solutions are all around us. We just have to be aware and educated of what those solutions are.

  14. Carl, that is the point. For people to question all. Including what the film is really about.

    As I said, if people watch it, watch it with the thought of where is this movie really taking me? What is it doing to my thoughts and emotions?

    Watch it with a critical "eye".

    I am familiar with all it spoke about, I had researched all that it mentioned. But I can tell you for the movie to just keep going like it did and showing some images as they did... was too much for me.

    I consider myself to have a strong psychie, but the movie got to me.

    The solutions mentioned.... well I knew those just won't work because the solutions are not in our hands but the hands of those who are in the government. So how is that a solution? When he says all the elected officials are controlled.

    I will tell you a solution..... Seriously vote everyone out - including your own representative who you may think is a "good person" over all in the government!

    Elect your next door neighbor - if need be - elect someone who is NOT controlled and actually is "For the people"!

  15. Uhh..... Anon - there is not a single "copy paste" in this post as you claim.

    Every single thing was typed out by me.

    I find it seriously funny how some are trying to discredit what I wrote and saying I didn't write it. Then giving compliments.

    Seems to me that is the traditional tactic from disinfo agents:

    Discredit than compliment - so others reading the comment will begin to doubt the person who wrote the information.

    Those that have read my posts before, know my writing and I am confident they see it is my original writing as it is my style of writing.

    I may not be the best writer and I may make grammatical errors etc. but it comes from me and only me.

    So try the disinfo doubting as you may want - but I have faith most will see through it, who have read my blog before.

  16. OMG - Anon - I just went to the sites you posted.

    How you got that I even copied and pasted information from any, is beyond me.

    They don't even mention anything I have here and I don't mention what they have, except the guy is a Proctor and Gamble heir. Which FYI - he says on the video. That is how I found out he is Proctor and Gamble.

    Those sites ONLY have info about the guy being Procter and Gamble.

    Why come in and comment with an absolute lie about copying and pasting when so far none of the sites linked have anything similar to my post?

    I knew there would be a force coming against this post.

    But I have to say - to out right lie gets you no where, all someone has to do is go to the links you provided and see there is nothing I took from any site.

    I am just laughing now. What else will some try and come up with now?

  17. A simple bare-bones fact: The human species (officially in excess of 7 billion individuals) is consuming more free oxygen (O2) out of the atmosphere than the natural anaerobic processes (clorophyll life) of Earth is capable of re-liberating (by multiple factors).

    Every year, the natural world produces around six billion tons of O2. On the other hand, if you drive an automobile, or cut your grass with a lawn mower (gas or electric) or just use a simple light bulb, then you are a part of the human behemoth that -- by way of incinerating carbon fuels -- oxidizes more free oxygen out of the atmosphere (by multiple times) than nature is capable of freeing back up! That at least a quarter of this oxide depletion occurs in the stratosphere (where jet airliners consume mostly (originally liberated as O2) O3 as its fuel catalyst) quite plainly reveals why the Earth's ozone layer is expansively depleting at the poles.

    In the meantime, vastly poisonous industrial discharges (and accidents = Fukushima) mass-suicidally continues to wipe out extensive regions of araerobic life (both on land an in the seas), consequently exacerbating our planet's near-terminal affliction of ozone depletion.

    Humanity's 1/10 of 1% ruling elite see this problem as a runaway infection, with humanity's vast, hoi-polloi population being the principle malady. Right now? They are all little Kissengers ... actively on the path of producing massive human "dieback." It is their full intent to bio-engineeringly kill off at least 7/8ths of the (human-specific) population. That's the infrastructure they are currently creating for thenmselves right now.

    After the dieoff? Well, they will still have their religiously indoctrinated, NWO-managed slave-populations to whorship them with theocratically commanded and police-state-surrendered labor. Historically, it's a modern, technological reinvention of the Pharonic model.

    In the meantime, without its vast human infection (where everybody's demanding for themselves a piece of "The American Dream"), the Earth will start healing itself from its consumptive-nightmare experience of the last 10,000 years or so. This will be greatly facilitated by the surviving 1/8th of humanity being able to harvest its own industrially-oriented survival-needs from the die-off abandoned properties of all those other -- dead -- 7/8ths, for at least another 10 thousand years or so.

    Meanwhile, the time of the dieoff is coming soon. Why do you think they caused Fukushima to happen? It's just about the last population-enhancing yet planet-killing wildcard ... especially when the vast majority of nuclear powerplants are being slated for shut down all over the world, where they could not then go critical when their operators summarily die from the 99% sudden-death rate pandemics yet to be released among most all of unsponsored (and un-innoculated) humanity. All that will be left then is the genocidal cleanup of all "unsponsored" pandemic survivors.

    As it is, those (pandemic-safe) plants that will be left still operating are -- and always have been -- left under complete control of the NWO-crowd.

    The message of this film is quite plain, and the prevalent human population numbers confirm its message ... dieback WILL occur, either by a structured plan, or chaotically, but it MUST happen. The absolute richest and most powerfrul among us are quite clear, they prefer the plan ... as directed by themselves.


  18. I too question everything. My summary of this movie (that I watched at 3:00 am on 11 16 11) is a circle jerk within a circle jerk. It is a problem-reaction-solution game cloaked in an expose on the p-r-s game elite propaganda piece. Did you notice he mentioned the need for more gov't funding for research? I wonder if P & G is standing in line for it?
    Here is my real question for you, Sherrie:
    How did you manage to copy my thoughts and paste them in your blog? And how did you "see" my handwritten notes taken as I watched the flick? You are amazing!

  19. I have boycotted the movie industry for 20yrs because of who runs it and for it's "purpose". I suggest reading the 13th Protocol in the Protocols Learned Elders of Zion(original translation in 1905)

  20. Oh, and another thing, their "solution"? Turn yourself in! We have many convenient ways for you to turn yourself in! Sign up, join today! lol

  21. Great doco - very much needed at this time. effects were awesome and making the Torus field the central theme is way ahead of its time.

  22. While I agree with: "The real solutions are each one of us, directing our energy to truth and to ourselves and each other in positive good intents and taking actions through them!"

    What does that really mean? I've heard it said by several of my research buddies, but it has no concrete meaning. Direct our positive energies. Okay... uh... how? Direct it where? What would that do? Would we just sit around together and direct our positive energies? Methinks the Native Americans probably tried that one out a long time ago and look where that got them. Being positive is great and we definitely have to get our love energy to replace fear energy but that (in and of itself) is most definitely NOT a "solution". There really is no solution. Like you say, yourself, you can't make the needed changes with the world the way it is right now. The only way for changes to truly happen is for the entire system to change... well... directed positive energy will not do that. For any system as large and widespread as this to change, it must be completely demolished before a completely different way of life can be created. Imagine trying to renovate a house. Unless you knock everything down and rebuild it, you just have a new interior aesthetic. The foundation and framing is still completely the same unless you demolish it and rebuild.

  23. (continued from above) Good luck to everyone in the coming fall. It will be difficult and it will be trying, but it is also necessary so that a REAL human family & community can be created. THIS is where that love & positive energy will make the difference. We need THAT energy when the rebuilding starts. Do not think that you can stop the downfall and reshape humanity from the current paradigms. Rejoice that you are here to witness it all!

    1. Interesting that this is all occurring in 2012. just as the NWO plot is thick, the universe has a compensating plot. I think goodness and truth will the end.

  24. Except for the info on the Torus field there was nothing I had not heard of before and I suspect that is the same for many people posting on here. It is perhaps in someways a good introduction for people who have never heard any of it. However the smiles of the people were not genuine, the whole tone felt like a set up. They seemed to be suggesting that people do not fight back - is that because they are worried they might loose. As Sherrie says they know that we know, so more than likely they are trying a game of double bluff and putting the information out their which they have to under their weird black magic rituals and then they entrap people so that nothing gets achieved. Something is just so wrong about Thrive.


  25. Truth is stranger than fiction. The movie is doing a great job connecting all the dots. If you're depressed, you haven't been reading enough and you weren't paying attention to what was being said. The truth shall set you free. No one said it was a pleasant experience!

  26. What's all the hysteria, Sherrie? If you're depressed by that movie, you obviously aren't informing yourself fully. And you didn't watch the whole thing. Everything in that movie has been common knowledge for over 10 years to anyone who's interested in the truth. One paragraph of whatreallyhappened or rense is more depressing than a half an hour of that movie.
    But keep up the criticism—baseless as it is, it will drive people to the movie, which is great, because there are a lot of uninformed P&G types out there who will listen to one of their own saying these things.

  27. "They" are poisoning our atmosphere to make it more "alien" friendly with the chemtrails and the radiation, i.e. Fukajima, Chernobyl, etc. We are just a convenient food source for the ET's to come here and harvest. The "illuminati elite" are just the frontrunners setting the stage for this utter takeover of the earth they have already sold us out big time. NO amount of human intervention or resistance will make any difference. They don't want cancer cures, free energy, good health for us slaves. They want to fatten us with with soy, canola, high frutcrose syrup and GM foods so we are more fat and plump and juicy to eat!! And the ones contaminated with the chemo and radiation will be the tastiest ones for them. I think cancer is another form of "yummy human" for them. Why so much cancer all of a sudden in mankind? Humanity cannot stop these aliens from taking over. The illuminati and drac races WILL allow this to happen. There is no NASA anymore, wonder why? The movies and tv are just giving us "stupid humans" a preview of what is coming to this earth. The alien invasion movies are NOT just entertainment folks!! Wake up. This IS THE FUTURE of mankind. Stop taking your antidepressant pills that dumb you down. Stop drinking flouride water and using flouride toothpaste, mouthwash, etc. WAKE THE HELL UP!!! Day by day, inch by inch they ARE TAKING OVER and we stupidly allow this thinking this cannot happen!!! I have nothing positive/good to say about the Jews and Isreal as THEY are the ones who are trying to rule the earth thru other governments, i.e. USA and England to name 2 countries of the world. They have sold out to the aliens a long time ago.

  28. Simply put, if you came away from that movie feeling hopeless and with the life sucked out of you, it's likely you haven't been following these topics (9/11,Illuminati,Rothschilds,Aliens,etc.) much at all and were taken aback at the extent of evil occupying (pardon me) the planet.

    I felt the effects/animation to be a bit cheezy and potentially a turn-off when attempting to get the attention of a serious audience but they were obviously excited about what they believe they have discovered

    I think maybe you've been living in the "real world", sheltered from these things. You know your "real world", the one where Obama was Hope and Change, the one where the government wouldn't do you any harm and the business world was to be respected because the smartest people worked in it, not thieves. The world where 9/11 was carried-out by 19 mostly Saudi hijackers(several of whom were still alive after the planes crashed-neat trick), controlled by a man and his network from a cave,where buildings came down special just that day and nowhere else before or since.

    The exclamation marks gave it away for me.

    You have some catching up to the actual real world to do.

  29. The point I have been making about the movie - is it is not actually about Thriving. The whole title is completely misleading.

    After 1 hour and 37 minutes of nothing but saying everything is controlled was more than enough.

    I did not get depressed - because I have researched these subjects already in the past. I am very familiar with it all.

    So it is not that I was shocked by what was in it. It is how they put it out there, with their pictures of death etc.

    They did not just tell you information they made sure it was seared into you by the images too.

    Then they did not give real solutions.

    I do believe the real solutions is learning the truth on how the universe works and how our energy works.

    That movie sucked the energy out and I work on keeping my energy from being used or sucked out by others.

    Who knows what subliminal images or information was put in it also. With all the holographic images I have no doubt they could put other information within the images they showed that we would get subconsciously.

    For true and real information about symbols and the Illuminati - this one video is the best in informing what is what.

    It gives you the full information on all symbols and how they are used against us.

    This is a 3 hour movie - but it is the best informative movie I have ever seen!

    You want truth - below is truth -

    Secrets in Plain Sight!

  30. I will bet you ran out and bought a bunch of P & G products after watching! Uh, you nailed it Sherrie! Same old song and dance. I also agree with you on change coming from within.

  31. I don't know how you come away saying they didn't give any solutions.

    No, I do because you said after 1 hour 37 minutes.

    Well, watch the whole thing.

    Or don't, up to you but maybe refrain from commenting until you have?

    Easy on the exclamation marks, please and thanks.

  32. Thank you Sherrie, it is nice to know there are other people who are truly awake...I know it's a hard ride, and this is where discernment gets tough, and through certain comments I've read here, I see you hit a soft spot with the promoters of this control tactic. Keep your strength and your heart connection, because that's were all truths lie.

  33. Where is one of those energy production machines that works at all and I will crawl to it. That silly movie took way over an hour of my life and I want it back. That is why I avoid Facebook like the plague, and nonspecific networking. GOD!! WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME??!!

  34. Apeman2502

    Check this out. It is what I did after watching Thrive due to where my own energy went.

    It is amazing. I do it about once a week and it makes me feel better.

    Everyone is different, but I do believe the Quantum K has seriously helped me in all ways.

  35. I too, felt oddly exhausted by watching this movie. Not just after it was over, but while I was watching it.

    I wonder if they used some kind of flicker rate of images to get viewers to have an exhausted feeling after watching the movie.

    It is possible that this Foster Gamble may have tried to make a "expose," and his movie was altered in the editing process without his knowledge, although I doubt this is this case.

    While I would like to be hopeful that he is the black sheep of his rich and powerful family, the movie just had a disingenuous vibe.

  36. First the true is ignored.
    Then it is aggressively resented and resisted.
    Then it is accepted as self-evident.
    Looks like this blog is in stage two.

  37. LOL Anon - have you not read my other comments?

    I am not in denial at all. I already knew all that he talked about.

    I am not going to keep "defending" my opinions on Thrive.

    Everyone will make their own opinions on it. At least those who are going to watch it and have read this information, will be able to protect their energies more as they will know it can suck it out.

    Thrive is not about Thriving. I have said what I need to about it, now everyone with their own free will will decide what they think of it.

    Obviously there are both opinions here. Some have liked it and others have felt as I did.

  38. Sherrie,

    Been reading and appreciating your work for a while now, and this is the first time I find myself disagreeing with you. I think there is a huge audience for this type of high-quality production and presentation, who would not be moved by other media or websites. And there are still many people who have no clue about how far the coup has progressed.

    There are wealthy people who understand what is going on and who have not lost their moral compass. Why exclude them? Unlike you, I found myself invigorated and uplifted by the movie. Perhaps it was your own speculations of evil intent that sucked the energy out of you.

    Your biggest complaint seems to be that you did not find solutions that you could implement, and that made you feel powerless, but a movie can cover only so much, and there are many more solutions and avenues to participate detailed on their website.

    Keep questioning!

  39. Run fast & far from any project involving Dr. Steven Greer! He was introduced to the UFO community by Gen. Albert Stubblebine when they were recruiting members for CSETI with a multiple-page "application" form.

    BEWARE! This was a military-intelligence OP. Stubby ran US Army INSCOM, the intelligence & security command, along with other notables Col. John B. Alexander (Dr. Death) and Maj. Ed Dames (Dr. Doom) both heavily promoted on Coast to Coast AM.

  40. The people who are so critical of this fantastic tool of revelation seem to be too focused on negativity to see the profoundly positive message. Five Stars.


  42. They have exposed themselves by all that they LEFT OUT of the movie. The plot is MUCH thicker than they have let on.

  43. They have exposed themselves by all that they LEFT OUT of the movie. The plot is MUCH thicker than they have let on.

  44. i disagree with your conclusion - i think it was a great presentation of the current situation and it does say solutions

    i fear the ET and crop circle stuff will turn off folks and could have been put near the end - and i don't find knowledge depressing

    i think they showed courage sharing what they uncovered

    1. right? For all of the people unhappy and/or frustrated... the discovery of unfortunate yet true knowledge should not turn you away but should lead you on and conjure up the most amount of motivation inside of you. Really though, sucking the energy out of you? HA ya maybe if you let it! This whole system we call society is life sucking if you let it for crying out loud! When i watched it i too felt some what frustrated but i am going to use it as fuel to motivate me to make more of a difference every day. Never would i allow this film to suck the energy out of me. Displace the energy yes, perhaps to an area in need (motivation, passion, love...). c'mon grow some tough skin or this world will consume you...

  45. Don't like it? Don't watch it, stupid!

  46. David and Goliath, a matter of perspective. THEY think they are Goliath, and that we are a collective David they are attempting to render slingless and stoneless, before squashing 90 percent of us. Sadly, for them, they lack perspective, and thus don't realize that WE are Goliath, the massive, chaotic, emotional F'ing humanity that has metastasized around this world, in all it's glory and shame. And that THEY are David, slingless and stoneless, and helpless when humanity gets it's collective hands around their throats. Perspective can free us, or imprison us, or destroy us. All how you look at it, I guess. ;-) MT1

  47. My opinion is that this movie fits the definition of a Global Mind F''k. Big budget effects ( to cover the highly advanced holographic subliminals), predominately depressing material presented without real solutions, and the cognitive dissonance of their presentation, ie; Problem - the System is rigged, controlled, and we can't win. Solution - join or donate to organizations that are funded and controlled or, in some cases, actually ARE the entities enslaving us. Presented worldwide on a date incredibly significant to their little minds, and advertised with such blatant symbolism. I actually felt insulted intellectually when I looked at the poster. I applaud Sherrie's fortitude in exposing herself to their weapon of mass distraction, but I won't be watching it. I know how advanced the science of the subconscious is when countless trillions are to be had. That's my perspective. Thanks Sherrie, you are as much a warrior as I ever was, if not more. MT1

  48. I saw it as poorly disguised propaganda , tptb want the FED gone , they have the one world global currency ready to roll out....

    ok..this is what I posted 2days ago on DIForum...
    more cleverly disguised "propaganda.......note...1. the hollowcost is acknowledged as fact. 2. j--s are good people 3. Gaddafi is a tyrant like Bush. 4. End the FED, IMF etc.....YES, because the scum elite want one world currency DUH!!. 5 answers to dealing with global corps.......there is more but I only flipped thru' , watching about 1hr of this 2+hr new Zeitgeist crap.........oh yes, it sounds all nice and fluffy......just meditate and never use force against them.......right!!!........more simplistic mumbo jumbo to steer human consciousness NOWHERE!!!!!
    and if it said ANYTHING about ET's it's total shite.....
    101 for beginners at best...."

    and as I did'nt watch it all but noticed posts about the well known horrors of the meat industry....the nwo wants peeps to eat less meat...(and we should , it's poison) organic (under attack)is protein rich, exactly what they don't want us to have....

    At the core it gives the sub-human (who are of THIS world an 'out' we are not of this world , LOL.....and don't fight ..WHAT!!!! It's just the start......they're killing us everyday , on EVERY front...and they want us to resist as LITTLE as possible. !!!LOL...

  49. Great movie. Masterpiece. Perfect tool to wake up the sleeping masses. Perfectly articulates "the problem' for those who need to be gently shown the light. Having promoted numerous International speakers, e.g. David Icke two times to the states, I can see great value in the manner of how this production unfolded. It's the exposing of the PROBLEM that really hit's home. Everything else is secondary. This video is made for the sleeping masses, not those already awake. THAT"s what this is all about. I know many people who are prime for this movie. They'll be getting the dvd's from me. Hopefully when they "get it" they'll pass it on.

    Truth alone Triumphs!

  50. Good eye (ha ha) in regards to the 'eye' symbolism in the tHrIVE image! What's also obvious is the breaking DAWN over the 'planet' that morphs into the letter V - also a fav symbol of the Illuminatis/rising sun/Golden Dawn/Venus-Goddess-Columbia worshipers: Those that believe that 'man' is equal and even better than God/can become gods themselves (uh, them the elite, not you the useless eaters)- as depicted in our nation's capitol dome with President George Washington ensconced upon his heavenly throne among the other 'gods'. It's all a satanic/black magik cult that's been operating for centuries.
    WHAT ON EARTH WILL IT TAKE? EVERYTHING possible FROM us and EVERYTHING possible for US to defeat THEM! The theme of it's 'totally hopeless so just give up' is just another facet of their game plan. Sure worked when Hitler invaded France - prophecy said they'd be conquered so why even fight/they didn't! And that's one of the goals of this movie. Raising our own personal frequency via awareness/meditation enmasse is most likely the 'silver bullet' against these psychic VAMPIRES! (Hmmm - so THAT'S why Vampires are so popular now! Memes are FUN!) Oh, and gotta love the 'controlled opposition'! Keep the faith Sherrie!

  51. Thank goodness i'm not the only one that saw through this crap for the divisive and dualistic us/them fear filled solutionless claptrap that it is.

    I was laughing hard within the first 10 minutes, where are these free energy machines, what reasons are their for nor open sharing the source plans now on the internet ?

    HAHAHAHHA, thats the trouble with disinfo, It's so easy to spot.

    thanks for your wonderfull critique of it, spot on.

  52. The giveaway on Thrive was satanic death queen Barbara Marx Hubbard scarring its web site. Here's the quote they don't supply next to the portrait.
    "We are in charge of God's selection process for planet Earth. He selects -- we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death."

    Propaganda for truthers exposed -

    Thrive is problem-reaction-solution for the truther demographic, a Zeitgeist rehash. Elites observe truthers expanding. Thrive induces passive reaction while dangling a solution.

    Truthers are skeptical of much, but not space aliens. The "cool kids" know that space aliens are HERE! You crazies need to read on Greer up in the links.

    So elites float the UFO scam with a few others for good taste. UFO space aliens shall solve our problems for us, or Fulford's secret societies, or Zeitgeist supercomputers. Pick your poison, but let your betters manage life, don't you dare try self-rule or peaceful anarchy-tribalism.

    There's the con: meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    Occuilt academics from elite schools will announce new ancient scriptures found under a kitchen table, or space beings will give the new and improved truth. Whatever - they will hand us a new religion and government.

    We will clap for "solutions" gotten without effort or sacrifice by us. They'll roll out black ops levitation craft, new energy, and genetically engineered grey critters which our own $trillions have created. We'll feel like V-Day when they announce the New World Order of the Space Alien Helpers or White Dragon Society or Hal 9000 Zeitgeist OS.

  53. "They have exposed themselves by all that they LEFT OUT of the movie. The plot is MUCH thicker than they have let on." - Really? What did they leave out? Enlighten us.

  54. How can you ditch the movie's proposed solutions when you stopped at 1.37 and you didn't see the proposed solutions that comes later in the movie?

    That is clearly not doing the movie justice, especially when you are writing that it doesn't give any solutions (the ones that you didn't see.. Hilarious!)

  55. Hi,
    I loved all of these posts. A lot of these things we have, but I got some really great ideas.

  56. I just tried the quantum healing website that sherrie suggested and found it really creepy. The music is dissonant and what's with the don't read anything on the bottom. Subliminal messaging?
    Life is as you see it and I fully endorse the Thrive movie. It has lots of great solutions like releasing free energy technology, community financing and local organic farming to name just a couple. What's wrong with that? I don't understand why you are so prejudiced. The guy was totally transparent about who he is and where he came from. I felt really uplifted after watching it and saw nothing but good intentions for the benefit of all so why are you trying to tear it down? This movie will do more to wake up the masses than some dubious quantum healing website.
    I agree with the comment above "profoundly positive message" *****

  57. To the two above Anons -

    First Anon - you obviously did not read the whole post. I watched the whole thing, which if you watched it you could see by my notes that I saw it all.

    I said they began saying solutions at 1 hour 37 minutes. But before that was all "What the Elite have been doing."

    To the second Anon - As I said in the post with Quantum K everyone is different, some like it some do not.

    Also with Quantum K - the subliminal box, which they tell you it is - is so your mind will soak in the healing information which you read. If we just read something, be don't get it completely for our body to work on it. They created something that actually gets people to work on the full healing of the body, mind, emotions, soul.

    As for the music it is a Tibetan type music of chanting, drums and bells. That type music is used in meditations.

    I have sent that to many people and almost every single person has been helped.

    It is up to the individual. I had never done subliminal videos before and I don't watch meditation videos on youtube because I don't know what they are really doing to me.

    But the Quantum K is the exception.

    You may not like it and that is okay, but others may find it helps them tremendously.

    Everyone is different.

    FYI - As I was thinking about Thrive before going to sleep I realized something about the movie I believe.

    They made this as an "In your face" This is what we accomplished movie. It is a triumph movie for them to say "We have gained control of the world."

  58. An old Yorkshire saying goes "If oi wanted to go THERE oi wouldn't start from HERE!". For people who regard themselves as "enlightened" there is nothing new here - nothing at all. But for the "unenlightened" it may serve as a good introduction to What Goes On at the physical plane, set in a context (old money/current power).

  59. I disagree Sherry.

    I am with you on using a discerning approach - always - but having researched these subjects extensively myself, I felt the film offered a very good synopsis of many of the current ills we face and dared to go where many don't, and provided a positive tone on the whole - not a negative one.

    You have used a number of logical fallacies in your critique which do not stand-up to critical analysis. For example, the fact he is a member of the Gamble family is a tenuous criticism to use against this guy - shouldn't we be judging trees by their fruit?

    In my opinion, the film begins with a very positive take on natural order - and the ensuing case is made for how far we have drifted from it.
    it also gives many solutions, all of which are furthered on Thrive's website. They have taken input from some very well respected researchers - particularly Catherine Austin-Fitts and John Taylor Gatto. Catherine Austin-Fitts is a well-known proponent of decentralise community building - very much against the "new world order" of centralisation.

    I could go on, but on balance I think your critique is harsh and poorly made. Just my two cents - I have no affiliation to the film but do plan on showing it to others.

  60. ..and so Sherrie seeking truth, if I make a comment about the Quantum K website you recommended making me feel creepy and dubious you don't post it? That's a very one side "truth" you are representing. I won't be back to your blog. Good luck with protecting your energies and keep up the navel gazing. I'm sure the world will be a better place for it, NOT!

  61. Anon - it is posted - look above

    Many times comments are "lost" into my spam folder for some reason or they do not come to me, but in my dashboard area.

    I get notified about comments on my email. I don't go to the dashboard often. When I do I find there are some "lost" comments. I then publish those.

    I moderate comments due to spam and violent comments. Those do not get published.

    As I said above - the Quantum K comes right and and says - the below is for your subconsciousness to actually absorb the healing of yourself in all ways.

    Everyone is different, it works and helps me tremendously, but everyone is different. Some will like it some will not. It is up to everyone and their own free will to do it or not.

    I personally love it and feel I have benefited from it tremendously. I don't find any thing negative about it, but that is me. You obviously did not like it and that is fine too. We all like different things and different things affect us individually. Which is obvious from the comments of some not liking Thrive and feel the same way I do about it and others liking it.

  62. I am surprised by many of the negative comments on this movie...religion was mentioned as being part of the pyramid of control & the Pope was quoted as supporting the New World Order...if it was made by the NWO why did they so prominently name many of the MAJOR families supporting the NWO agenda?...depopulation is a major scary topic, that was dealt with well, as Gandhi said 'there is plenty for everyone's need, but NOT everyone's greed'...that 'new energy' discovers were listed as harassed & even murdered, as well as various leaders of countries that resisted the NWO was important, MANY of those shown in clips have LOVING HEARTS- Barbara Marx-Hubbard, Elizabet Sahtouris, Deepak Chopra etc- as demonstrated by their DECADES of selfless work on behalf of so many deluded & lost individuals whom they have helped lift up & resonate at a higher frequency of love, & I'm almost certain they would not choose to associate with a non-loving agenda...talking about false flag ops, including linking Vietnam's Gulf Of Tonkin incident which SO FEW people know about...I could go on & was certainly not a prefect doco, it had flaws of course, but with limited time as after 2 hours almost everyone 'turns off', I feel it did an excellent overview of our situation, & was encouraging in directing us towards solutions- sure he promoted his own website, but if you spend 10 minutes on the Thrive site as I have done, you will find it has a WEALTH of excellent links to multitudinous organizations doing excellent loving compassionate work all over the world...Sherrie -if you feel this was not a genuine attempt to help humanity, I fear that YOUR fears are still controlling you, & it is YOU who need to wake up more...that is YOUR challenge! Let us encourage ALL efforts to 'open our eyes to reality'...this type of doco would never have been made 20 years ago, & before the internet would have have almost nil audience...2012 (the dualistic mirror of 2 encompassing the the bipolar singularity) is the year when humanity enters the choice point! The choice is to arrive @ a loving singularity of CONSCIOUS purpose for ALL species on our planet, & Gaia herself, if we miss this opportunity to raise the consciousness of our fellow humans to the highest degree, we may have missed the opportunity is MY choice to be a positive agent for change, & Sherrie, I hope it is yours too, along with all others who live with a loving heart, & know in their bones that we are all here only due to the love of our ancestors & to honour them is to acknowledge that we are all decendents of One Isaac Newton said, "If I have seen any further, it is only because I have stood on the shoulders of giants who came before me'.
    Peace & love to One & ALL, pSi-pHi :-)

    1. Bravo! Bravo! I've also noticed the fear and negativity littered all over this blog. Sherrie, no offense but you really do seem to be analyzing this through eyes of fear. I've heard a theory that if Jesus were to make a second coming, he most likely already did and he was killed. Meaning, when the truth arrives there will be those who are still blinded by fear and will push the truth away warning others that it is false. Your acting as if "its too good to be true, they cant really be exposing all of this, it MUST be an inside job with an inside objective!" NO, wake up! This is really it! We have to realize that maybe internet blogs aren't going to wake the masses and we may have to rely on those who have more money to help produce larger, more mainstream based artwork to spread the important info to as many people as possible. If this is not a scroll of truth then what would that look like? Do you think a non-profit environmental group would be able to magically fund a video as well produced as this one? Or reach as many people as this one already has? Would that meet your standards for a "qualified" producer of a movie like this? I think not. Don't you think that bashing on someone or someones art who may have had a bad past but has put so much time and effort just to help along others to find truth in a world where truth seems to be like a diamond in the rough might be kinda harsh? Maybe Gamble's changed, like other fortune 500 inheritors including John Robbins(Baskin-Robbins). Maybe his fathers morals are a bit different than his...hell if i wanted to convince someone I'd changed for the better, I'd probably produce and fund a movie exactly like this one...
      Love. <3

    2. I would too!!! ~ Im an intuitive and I absolutly feel a good feeling from him and his wife

    3. Just beacause he is somewhat part of a bad thing doesn't mean he cant be a part of a good thing.
      when a honest man finds he is mistaken

      he either ceases being mistaken

      or ceases being honest.

      I think if the movie was not for profit would of sent a big message

  63. My problem with the video is the 'free market' solution ala Von Mises. Free markets are preferable, but given the degree of control by globalists, going libertarian, with private currencies, would put the banksters just where they want to be. They have such a leg up, the real free market would be swamped by transnational corporations and and their control of the state.
    Ironic that Von Mises was sponsored by Rockefeller Inst, so vilified in 'Thrive'.
    Von Mises makes sense in a perfect world, but implementing his philosophy under present conditions could take us from frying pan to fire.

  64. Talk about a narcissistic post. Because the guy is a Gamble then the movie has bad intent. And the you solution promote is to become a self obsessed dolt . The information was accurate in thrive. And it promoted free energy systems. That would make a big change. But you say its an elite conspiracy this movie, and sucks your energy. Really. Looks like your so weak by what you have noticed, which is the same thing the movie was saying, but that the solution is to get all self focused and don't look and get all sucked down by the badness of the world, the same badness that you say the intention of the movie is, and the same badness the movie showed, but that the solution is to not process that badness, look the other way and get your self energy in align, another thing the movie was expressing. So your criticizing the movie with the same awareness the movie is doing and focusing on our self as a solution, which the movie includes but does not make its only focus, but somehow you manage to not see how in alignment you are with the movie, and give a solution that is so impractical for the problems, but self serving, that it is a shame. But here are people thinking you have something valuable in what your saying. Instead of seeing the merit of the content of the movie, you focus on the speaker and not the message. The same message you are promoting. Circles , circles collapsing in on yourself. Go live on your own island and try to survive.

    1. "but that the solution is to get all self focused and don't look and get all sucked down by the badness of the world"

      perfect... Totally agree with this post ~

    2. the other thing is, let's not bash Sherrie.. she is coming from the place she rightly feels is hers to come from. And truthfully, from all i've learned about reality is that we have full reign in what we allow ourselves to 'see' in this world..and 'experience'...and yet in a different day we may evolve to such a point that we no longer 'see' what we used to..because we've risen in awareness. I believe Sherrie's post will make foks really think. First in fear perhaps, then onto another perception, and perhaps onto yet another one where the realization occurs that all is happening as it should be... and that we each have our own glasses on, our own journey, our own perception (which seems to be always changing)~ so its all good, this back and forth banter =)

  65. will be controversial...amazingly true and the film covered many facts that have been labelled conspiracies in the past. As for the solutions for reversing the advert effect of the stated theories, they may seem sound to some but impossible for others. HAVE YOU SEEN THE PRICE OF MEAT TODAY!!!!!

  66. nice one Sherrie. Don't we all want a better planet? isn't it so that none of us have reached enlightenment? If so then we all have a part to play, all have something to contribute. The answer doesn't lie in one person, one organisation, one video. there's key missing stuff everywhere and each of us carries a piece of it. All things need critical friends at the very least, to keep them honest and keep them on course. Thrive isn't it, but it does have some stuff in it that is useful to some. it also misses a lot, foundations. The makers of thrive have their blindspots too, their conditioning to overcome, and i see it in technicolour with surround sound. conspicuous through absence. Some say we see what we look for. i look for what is missing, because by adding the missing pieces the result gets closer to being useful.

    i'm really not sure about the vid being some sort of vampyric sucking device. but i like that someone has given me pause for thought on this. My vibes about the vid leave me feeling wary, but mostly it was the "plain as the nose on your face" quality of what was missing. Thanks for not towing the line Sherrie, we need to all stay alert and questioning. We shouldn't treat this like another blockbuster movie and get all happy clappy...

    when we put global specs on we in the west are that tiny percentage that the 99% are challenging. we can't forget that. We in the west hold the majority of the planet in relative poverty, we put them there. There is no way we should be forgetting them, which thrive does. while it goes into some detail about how we can have our eco cars and our eco homes and our new economy and our good work and our bbq on the nbeach at the weekend. yuck, how much detail does lifting the poorest of the pooor out of abject poverty get? 3/5ths of bugger all. They give us everything so that we can have decadence. Top priority before we even start to think about making our priviledged lives even better, is to make their lives tolerable. A premature death after a lifetime of suffering - let's get priorities sorted. fixing that is the top priority. Thrive doesn't go there, shamefully.

  67. Some others have doubts!
    For whata its worth.
    Seems we are not alone.

  68. First of all, I think Jeff Rense did a dis-service, to his sight, posting your link. This "review" is amateur and even childish, reflecting small self functioning, i.e. "it sucks energy out of you." No, it sucked the energy out of the author of the review. Let's be clear about that. If anyone else chooses to get on the band wagon, it's your choice, and your karma.

    Most people are in their own comfort zone and haven't got a clue of who is behind the problem and how it is being implemented. Those that have a clue have at least "got it" to a degree. This movie is a tool for waking the masses and they've chosen a very non-evasive approach. Subtle, yet extremely effective and powerful.

    Why throw out the baby with the bath water? It's like complaining that all the protestors at the occupy cities are "Socialists" and so the protests are a tool for furthering the agenda of the fascist globalists (and a waste of time for the rest of us to participate in).

    I suspect now that the overwhelming intelligent posts here siding with how the movie clearly supports exposing those who are running the show, has (hopefully) got the author of the review to re-evaluate her position and motive. Small selves and Egos are running rampant and creating diversions right now, on all fronts. False pride needs to be overcome for spiritual grow to truly take place. We all make mistakes on our quest to discover who and what we are. What's important, though, is that learn our lessons quickly and move on so we can Thrive.

    1. interesting post... nicely said. Can you imagine if Thrive actually went into more detail about who is in power and equally how to use an inner power to alter it all? hate to see that after post =) so much that people actually aren't aware of and perhaps that is a better thing!!!~

  69. Having been a regular blogger, for several years, on the corruption of the bankster-run cabal that runs this world, I think Thrive is a very useful introduction to "the state were in" for the vast majority of people out there.
    The fact that Gamble is from an elite family is irrelevant, although it may account for how he was able to raise the cash for such a glossy production.

    I see all these comments above about how depressing it is to be told how much power the elite have and how hopeless the situation is. I don't see it that way. Knowledge is power and by becoming aware of what we are up against, we the people can apply ourselves to the task of uniting with others in order to stand up against the plans for the New World Order. However, you can't oppose something that you're not even aware of. For this reason, I consider Thrive to be a helpful contribution to waking people up to what's really going on.It's not a perfect production, but the bottom line is that I think it will wake up a lot more people than some of its critics above would imagine.
    Jim lad

  70. Shills galore in this thread. No wonder considering that the movie really does a great job at exposing the PTB.

    The PTB would never make a movie about themselves like this one. They belief in total secrecy, they would NEVER expose themselves like this.

    Do not occopy Wal street etc, because that is exactly what the PTB wants you to do. In order to create a new world order, they would need to destroy the old one first.

    The only way to beat them, is to go after them as individuals. Arrest them for their crimes against humanity.

    First you have to proof that crimes exist and the best way to start with this, is to audit the Fed. A full audit, not the watered down crap they have been passing down.

    These people deserve the death penalty for their various crimes against humanity.

  71. Now appearing on the website:


    The big budget "activist" movie called "Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?" was launched on November 11, 2011 (11/11/11). This is not just a movie. It's a movement!
    The Thrive movie has big advertising. Big names. Big message. Big budget...and it has big "disinformation" mixed with truth.
    Watch the trailer...and get sucked right in to yet another hijacking of the activist movement by the ruling crime families.
    This is a hijacking!
    This is the movie poster Ad for Foster Gamble's timely 11/11/11 movie. See any red flags? How about the obvious numerology and illuminati symbolism?

    The movie poster shows the Satanic all-seeing-eye symbol which is typically conveyed by covering up one eye. There is a serpent (cobra) image reflected over the iris of the eye. The partially hidden hand gestures symbolize the number "666".

    This movie IS NOT waking up the world. It is tricking the world into believing that it is being awakened when, in reality, it is being hypnotized into an even deeper sleep.

    See full article:

    1. Could be true that the creator of this movie had ill intentions...however, it could equally be true that this one family member is trying to break away from the rest of his crew, at least thats what was said on wbai radio, which is not controlled by the big guys... it is not funded by them. But again, who really knows, use our inner guidance... and truthfully, Sherrie did say it up top, with love we can change it all ~ very intresting saturday morning thought, as i watched the movie last night with my husband. At the dinner table every night i hear the negatives about how the world is .. and every night i balance the subect with how we have the ability within to create without, a different experience even when amidst someone experiencing something quite different from us. Anyhow, good banter Sherrie ...

  72. Hi All, I've been watching it over the past week & have found a great many positives. The most significant is there are options and avenues presented to deal with the problems. After years of Alex Jones, David Icke and Coast to Coast AM droning on and on, Thrive offers up a network to contact like minds and ways to weaken the FEDs hold. As an undergrad before firewalls I found the Congressional Act that destabilized and toppled Yugoslavia, with the help of the IMF and WORLD BANK. Bush Sr. Brought it in and Clinton renewed it EVERY YEAR. But in 1994 Nobody could comprehend that "We" would destabilize the world to keep NATO alive after the USSR fell. I've sat with King makers and held my tongue in fear that "THEY" might realize that I was a "Smart Guy" But Now, with the Web, the Official lies can be circumvented, and an idea of the truth be presented and sustained.

    Please don't dismiss the film and the assembled resources.


    History is full of examples of inventions being used and developed further that the original intention. The Telephone was a Hearing Aid and First used to replace Radio with Live pay per listen Concerts. The Indegos of the world will adapt and use technologies in ways not yet imagined. Innis attached communication to commerce = the rise of Railways facilitated the Telegraph. McLuhan's Quote "The Medium is the Message" observes that the WEB is driven by individuals, people driven, We the People are the Medium and the message is that WE can ACT as a WHOLE with greater effect because the INFORMATION GATEKEEPERS Haven't found a way to close us Down.

    Media History is full of warnings dressed up entertainment. Thrive is not entertainment - It flat out tells you that the Culling has begun! And YOU & I NEED TO ACT NOW. Pass the film around, start the Meme, because Joe & Jane six pack, Tad & Buffy and all the people at all the Baseball, Football, Soccer, Basketball and Hockey Games are in the Dark. The Majority will SILL Change the channel or play video and digest porn- Thrive is a tool to be used, Not as Triumph of the Will, but as Plato's Cave.

    In Peace, Love & Light I am a NeoLennonist saying I'm not asking to Give Peace a Chance - I have to TAKE IT.

  73. For those of you not clued in re the Illuminati/Luciferian symbolism, peruse - the HIVE mind, Monarch mind control, satanic ritual abuse, the one eye/hidden hand/666 blatantly depicted in fashion/movie/music videos etc. And about Lady Gaga's 'monsters' - that's code for nonhumans/the useless eaters/the targets of reduced world population. And Gaga - says it all! Mindless female sex kitten robot mannequin! Transhumanism and an oppressive militant Police State are recurring themes. View the silent movie METROPOLIS for more insight into this phenomenon - and YES it's been around THAT LONG!
    And remember, in order for PROPAGANDA to work, a portion of TRUTH MUST be included to make it believable! Snap out of your fluoridated, mercury-tainted aspartame stupor and THINK! Controlling/leading the opposition is just another one of their tactics! It only works if YOU BELIEVE IT!

    1. love that line "snap out of your flouridated, mercury tainted aspartame stupor and think.." ~ perfect

  74. Stopped posting posts, Sherrie? Overloaded with the "what to do" syndrome? Feeling embarrassed? It's not looking so good, is it? Too many posters penetrating your mask?

    One can always tell when the "ruler" of a blog, out of fear of being exposed, stops the flow of honest opinions.

    The question is: What are you afraid of? Someone seeing you as you really are? Agent Provocateur? (It sure looks like it) New Ager? (Without question) Lost soul? (Probably not) Or just plain lacking the intuitive skills to differentiate and express the difference between the real and the unreal? (Hmm, I'll let you put your foot in your mouth again on that one)

    Rense gives you your "15 minutes of Fame", is this how you want to be remembered?

  75. I agree with your assessment of this film. People want a real solution. How do we find the solution? Define the problem. How did all this happen? It was planned and quite effectively put into action. We need to understand it's roots? I have researched this quite extensively myself and this documentary touches the essence of the truth. The truth that will set you free. This is just a taste of the real truth, and can put you in the right direction for a real solution. UNGRIP the full documentary.

    Awakening to what has happened and doing something about it is another. Together it can be done. All these other things are distractions to keep you from understanding the real truth as they brainwash the masses. May our creator help guide us together to overcome this obstacle. God Bless....

  76. Wow

    so people can't just say they disagree with my assessment of the movie.... they have to try and attack me all they can. Very interesting.

    Why attack someone who has a different opinion than what you do? If you liked the movie great!

    I put on my blog my opinion, if other sites picked it up that was their choice.

    To go so low in some of these comments, just shows what some do to protect what they are doing.

    I have not criticized another for liking the movie nor have I called them names. Only those who feel threatened do that.

    So why are you threatened over my opinion?

    I know what I think people are who start name calling and trying to go very low in criticizing another as what has happened here in the comments.

    I am sure everyone reading this post and these comments can figure out themselves and make their own judgements on the comments and who is what.

    1. I enjoyed this blog this morning Sherrie...i guess i gotta get back to work =) but thank you..and keep expressing your opinions no matter what. I disagree with you on the movie, but so what, its like anything else, i maybe like the color blue, and you like red... in the end, we are all experiencing a good back and forth connection. It makes us think... and rethink other areas in our lives ~ So I appreciate you for posting

  77. Conquer & divide appears to be the theme! Ignore the inteligent nit pickings and concentrate on the information that is present on this Thrive movie.It would appear that if a movie is well presented and proffesionaly made by a Gamble then it seems to represent NWO ?, as opposed to the endless poor quality youtube movies that in most cases offer truth, but will never convince most sheep programmed to see only glamour! United behaviour for us 99% is the way forward, and this movie offers to awaken sheep that havent yet opened their eyes. Most blogs and global info sites offer much technical information, but very few offer solutions or unity. I applaud this expensive attempt to unite and offer simple ways to change the current world agenda. I believe that one website could direct millions of people in the right direction, true information is paramount alongside unity, and what better time than now before web nutrality takes a hold.? I am aware that we do not know who is riding this white horse, but thats the conspiricy in me !! lol we can all nit pick, because this involves no brain, but remember, that never in human history have they ever errected Statues to critics !! only to doers ! and people who make things happen. The Internet offers truthseeking people a place to unite with practical solutions, yet we only have a short time! So while there is a conquer & divide mentality about the validity of info there can be no actions. I hope thrive movement have the resources to direct positive actions towards helping us 99% change elite agenda and usher in a new era,( a bit of a tall order if we are not united !! Kind regards Dave Bates

  78. If you look at the THRIVE web site you will see that one of their recommendations is to have Charter schools which on the surface seem a good idea but you will tend to have these in more affluent areas and every one else is left relying on poorer state education. The other is unschooling which while it may have its advocates also means that if it gets pushed for the majority of children they will for the main be uneducated. Only the elite will be making sure that their children receive the appropriate education necessary to lead.
    It is definitely common purpose as they want to reduce the role of the state and rely on charities and private citizens. People actually need a state to regulate and make sure everyone is on a level playing field. The reason that the state is failing is due to the fact that the rich were always allowed to opt out and so did not care what happened to everyone else. As they withdrew their money their has been less to ensure that standards were maintained.
    And in health it goes on to talk about how they will bring in competitive private organizations accountable to the private, unsubsidized companies that insure them. They are already advancing UNUM and ATOS in the UKM and dismantling the health service and benefit service.

  79. If you look at the THRIVE web site you will see that one of their recommendations is to have Charter schools which on the surface seem a good idea but you will tend to have these in more affluent areas and every one else is left relying on poorer state education. The other is unschooling which while it may have its advocates also means that if it gets pushed for the majority of children they will for the main be uneducated. Only the elite will be making sure that their children receive the appropriate education necessary to lead.
    It is definitely common purpose as they want to reduce the role of the state and rely on charities and private citizens. People actually need a state to regulate and make sure everyone is on a level playing field. The reason that the state is failing is due to the fact that the rich were always allowed to opt out and so did not care what happened to everyone else. As they withdrew their money their has been less to ensure that standards were maintained.

    And in health it goes on to talk about how they will bring in competitive private organizations accountable to the private, unsubsidized companies that insure them. They are already advancing UNUM and ATOS in the UKM and dismantling the health service and benefit service.


  80. it seems to be a polished rip off of the zeitgiest movie..

    EPIC FAIL - your to late, were all ready awake .. things are not hopeless guys, stage one of change is already happening ..

    we seriously need to consider a world without money ..

  81. Reading this blog was sooo good...I thought I was going insane...everyone saying how great it was...when I seemed to see through it and it's, to me, obvious agenda...

  82. I too believe THRIVE is "propaganda" and is preparing us for regime-change...Kenneth Moore posits that as "capitalism" is no longer working anyway and not generating the wealth it once was, a new system is needed to create ever greater profit and wealth. Thus capitalism will be demonised (and the 'sheeple" will be excited and happy believing "the people" have "won") and a "new way", a better way, where we all work together for the common good, will be proposed to us. I believe they will end the Fed,(it's 99-year lease expires on the 21/12/2012..and as you say, they love numerology and symbolism) and that this is part of the “dis-mantling” of capitalism under the guise of a “regime-change” to a “better and more humanity-based” way…but is in reality a “tip-toe” toward totalitarianism…and we "poor sheeple" will go happily, excitedly into this "new age" of caring and sharing and working for the common good and in "service to humanity" ..a real metropolis for a modern age

  83. "Thrive Movement" exposed - V0.2
    (feel free to update/add and repost. :)

    this "Thrive Movement" has to be dealt with,

    The entire production is filled with subliminals, persuasive language and every brain washing tactic known in the book. and also theft of otherfolks work to the max taken and intermixed.

    aka dis/misinfo wrapped into the correct parts of teh movie such it all feels senseable as story for for teh brain to digest subconsiously ^^ & to effect the person stupid enough to watch all of it willingly tosubdue them even more beside more psyops side-effects implanted. beside them advocators. expose legion will.


    Thrive the Movie leidt aandacht af en is gemaakt door heersende elite -

    Thrive the movie that is Deception and made by ruling elite.

    English source:

    Thrive Documentary/Movement Exposed

    We are Anonymous.
    We are Legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect us

  84. part2-

    The point of the Thrive movies is this:

    We are ALL owned and controlled by Rockefeller, Rothschilds, and Morgans.

    They own:
    Energy (oil, nuclear)
    ALL the Money (Federal reserve, and The Central Banks)
    Media (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX AND all of their affiliates)
    Health care (Own Pharmaceutical Companies)
    Education (Creates an apathetic and compliant work force bent on CONSUMPTION)
    Government officials (OWNED)
    Food (GMO's, Monsanto,etc..)

    Very soon we will descend into Global tyranny unless we unplug from media, remove our money from Big Banks, Stop eating GMO's, stop treating illness instead of cureing illness, find a sustainable energy source.


    The Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Morgans OWN it ALL.


    "We must keep the people busy with political antagonisms. We'll therefore speed up the question of reform of taxes within the Democratic Party, and we'll put the spotlight on the question of protection for the Republican Party.
    By dividing ...the electorate this way, we'll be able to have them spend their energies at struggling amongst themselves on questions that for us, have no importance whatsoever."
    ~U.S. Bankers Magazine 1892

    "We must go forward cautiously and consolidate each acquired position, because already the inferior social stratum of society (the people) is giving unceasing signs of agitation.
    Let us make use of the courts...When through the laws intervention, the common people shall have lost their homes, they will be more easy to control and more easy to govern, and they shall not be able to resist the strong hand of the Government acting in accordance with the control of the leaders of finance."
    -U.S. Bankers Magazine 1892

    Sound familiar?


    After some one pointed out that Foster Gamble is a distant descendant of James Gamble. "Thrive Movement" released down below statement on their youtube channel:

    "Yes its true that Foster is a distant descendant of James Gamble. The founder of Procter & Gamble, but is in no way associated with the running of the multi-national company that exists today.

    Foster has spent 50 years researching & the last 8 years making THRIVE to help empower a self-creating movement that aims to create a world where all can thrive.Procter & Gamble has not funded THRIVE or any part of it. We welcome people checking the validity of this statement with Procter Gamble directly."


    1. It is possible for someone with a family history of that sort to go against the grain. There are many cases where people open up to the truth and expose others about the lies and illusions they are casting on the rest of the world because it is the right thing to do, regardless if you are family or not.

    2. They're using reverse psychology to make us think that they are against the elite
    fake blacksheep deception tactics^^.

    just another environmental NGO with UN/elite connections

    DONT Be a part of this distraction-deception Thrive Movement! elite:/EXPOSED/thrivemovement.s­­cum

    more to come ofc lots more

    We are Anonymous.
    We are Legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect us

  85. My nephew goes to a Charter school in Queens, NY in a very diversified neighborhood ... it's not really an elitist school.

    OK, I read most of the comments and I still don't get what the BIG disinformation is ... and the fact that he's Proctor's heir doesn't make him necessarily evil. But assuming he is and this movie is a way of hijacking the activist movement by the ruling crime families, I think they still gave service to the one's that didn't believe at all that this was going on. To the awaken it didn't really do much because we knew all that, but I sent it out to some friends that never believed that this was what's going on and it woke them up. So just for that I gotta thank them. Also the solutions that the movie offer might not be the whole story, but are not impossible as Sherrie pointed out:

    Stage 1: integrity to systems, cut military spending in half, get rid of Fed Reserve, eliminating poverty, no GMO food

    Stage 2: protect liberty, stop oil

    Stage 3: people more money, no tax, free energy, no rulers, individual rights

    Aikido - martial arts - is a way through balance

    connect with the energy of Earth

    Do not respond to what is happening with violence - all needs to be non aggression

    we are energy fields

    inner person/life - relationship with self -

    people have to wake so the scheme of global domination is exposed

    people have to stand up for liberty


    And this comment ... Notice he did not mention how Churches also are part of the control (I believe the Vatican is mentioned in the movie)

    He did not mention what the real secrets of the universe are and how the Elite know the secrets and he does not give us any information for us to know those secrets. Which would actually make the people Thrive!

    He gives all fear information and then impossible solutions!

    The real solutions are each one of us, directing our energy to truth and to ourselves and each other in positive good intents and taking actions through them! Once we stop being against each other - we could form the energy and strength needed to stop the matrix that has been formed. But, it is keeping us divided that is important to the elite for control. Totally agree with this but the "solutions" presented on the movie are steps, practical actions that helps achieving this.

    The "all seeing eye" is kinda weird but hey, if this is really their last desperate attempt to hijack a movement, we know better and in the words of Sherrie we should stop being against each other (including the powers that be) and love the whole process, and this love is what gonna create the new earth ... I didn't feel at all disempowered by the movie, actually I felt very good that one more "it's possible to change" message was presented. Some times I feel that we're so hung up on the 'club mentality' that we don't recognize that we're defending our own club's ideology and consequently falling into the separation trap ... and honestly "I don't care who painted the zebra, I just want some of that paint" (it's gorgeous!)... (-:

  86. It seems to me that we all recognise the need for change.
    This movie does not convince me with its 'solutions'.
    I saw the solution crossing Brooklyn bridge the other evening.
    The movie suggests we get our power drills and go quietly into the night.
    The only thing that will change things and issue in a new and fairer society is the same one that worked in 1789 and 1776.
    Sorry guys.
    Go occupy - it will be one hang of a lot more productive than sitting watching a movie of dubious origin. It will be harder and colder and more dangerous. But it has a chance of success.
    Strange this movie suddenly appears with 'answers' just as the people reach the stage of rebellion.

  87. I would suggest that reading Carl Herman and his six part history - link at end of the article - will be a lot more productive than watching a glossy movie made by the scion of a company that practices shocking animal cruelties according to other sites.
    He would have done well to start at 'home'.

  88. Perhaps all those sitting in the comfort zone of a pretty movie and its 'solutions' will come down to earth and consider this.
    This is what is being proposed by YOUR GOVERNMENT NOW!
    To turn the likes of Richard Gage and the Engineers and Architects for 9/11 into terrorists.
    So what is the answer to that in 'Thrive'?.
    Its a con job - to divert your attentions from the 'now', from what is being done to impose a police controlled fascist state on the poeple of America faster than you can imagine.
    Occupy instead of naval gazing and watching glitz.
    You haven't the time.

  89. "How to Respond to the Awful Truth" article, not by David Icke, but posted on his site.

  90. This is the glossy version of the control systems disclosure method, to instil mass fear about the level of control we have been under, and it is designed so they can bring the old system down by consensus and re-shape in their way as they have always planned but others will think they are getting a free world, which will be the exact reverse,

    They have been disclosing the agenda for years now through pied pipers such as icke, jones, maxwell etc, they are only allowed to reveal so much of the agenda because the control system wants to not only control the dissent as stated but to ensure that the masses feel they are being given this information from'alternative sources' so they can create the very movement they call truth.

    Truth requires no name or movement, it is what it is, and this again shows another control pen everyone is being herded into, There have been many researchers who have revealed only a tiny fragment of the agenda and because the control system did not want it revealed they have been killed,

    Just look at the trails of bodies connected to the clintons wicked deeds who not anywhere near the top of the hierarchy i.e whitewater and mena drug trafficking and see that if it's not meant to be revealed you will be killed for doing so or at the very least totally shut down and given no chance of revealing it through many horrible methods of 'theirs',

    Then look at those like icke and others mentioned who are revealing 'truth'and see the level of agenda they are revealing , they would have been at the very least shut down by the control system , as they own and run every aspect of the system and would have no difficulty stopping them without even taking their lives,

    Yet they continue to travel world-wide to reveal this information and earn bucketful's of the very same money they say is not real, and deposit in 'their' banks, get visas from 'their' governments, do talks at 'their' venues [ icke is talking at Wembley arena next year, who owns that !!].

    Do you not think they would prevent it if they were not allowing such disclosure from their own agents like etc,

    They all still operate with the ego driven 'mind' of their masters and lack any true spiritual growth at all, which is not surprising as they just use those words and do not live it,

    anyone can say they are loving or spiritual but it through your everyday actions that is shown, words are used to trap and this disclosure removes you from your intuitive state into mind which is what the control system wants as they can control non-feeling and knowing beings as they know how to control the mind,

    Development of your true self and using your intuition not your mind will help you move beyond this false movement and will truly unite us all , as anyone using their true knowing will see behind anybody's façade immediately.

    Great blog sheerie and so uplifting to see someone willing to 'buck'the trends that have been set and which others still fail to see are another part of the social engineering of the 'mind', keep it up you will always have the support of those operating beyond cerebral level.

    warm regards

  91. Hi Good people, I,m reading with great interest to this posting and even more so to the posted comments and differing views ! I guess i am one of the 99% of our gods genetic human sheep !but for around 6 yrs now i like to study many of the web sites alternative news, from the NWO,UFO,food,energy,banking,and a host of subjects that every inteligent sheep reading this post will understand.
    Simply put our creator decided that sheep like characterisics were better suited for his needs. We like to graze freely in our fields chewing away all day without offending our fellow sheep, have a very passive personality,cohersed very easily, and basically eat what is available without having to store. We are happiest when allowed to rome freely on this beautiful planet. The wolf however is a very different genetic beast and likes to dominate and mark it,s terrain, it likes to own the grass, the water and would even like to patent the fresh air and own the caves that provide shelter. Generally only one wolf is needed for 99 sheep. The job of the wolf is a very difficult one when the sheep are skattered across the field. The shepperds job is to keep the sheep safe, but the wolf has made a deal with the shepperd, who promises will never be part of his diet. At present most of us sheep have already been cohersed into our pens, many fences have been errected, and the pad locks are about to be snapped shut.A few times a year we are allowed to step out of the fenced area,and vacate in Spain or somewhere ! but we must come back yeh ? While the last of the sheep are being rounded up from the surrounding hills A few of the more informed sheep are trying to warn of the dangers to being herded into pens, we are very easily picked off by the wolf in this situation cried the sheep ! lol we no longer have our creators hopes of a free grazing sheep life.
    Soz for my flippency, but the well informed sheep among us need to unite together and push against the fence, However at present, most sheep are only just becoming aware that the fence is there, some of our newest lambs where born with this fence in place, so have never seen the hillsides.
    I think what has facinated me with this posting is that us sheep are dicussing what size fence post are being put up, and maybe what colour they should be? and what type of padlock they should use, and rightly so, we all have different ideas !! The wolf meanwhile, still has the easy task while busily rounding up the remaining herd. The idea is for the fence to fall over,`right ? and if Mr Gamble of Thrive has enough weight and can get some momentum in the right direction the sheep will follow, but the suspicious sheep think by doing this they will finish up in a different pen with even higher walls !! Is this the general idea behind this story? Can anyone offer good links on sheep versus wolf behaviour. Is there a natural way this will finish? Iv,e heard that some farmers put a Lama in the field !! Our creators way was the shepperd, but we can no longer trust them eh ? So what is a sheeps fate ? I am a very proud sheep,and will never give in nor become a wolf. nite & god bless Kind regards Dave Bates

  92. Oops didnt mean to call you sheerie in my post above, sounds like a shaved sheep !!!

    All the best

  93. I liked it! Everybody's all up in arms about P&G...He says it from the beginning who he is and the path he chose. What good does it do our enemies(the banking family empire) to detail and pin point exactly what they are doing?? Sharing crop circles and sacred geometry with us is helping their cause?? no way... I have been awake for many years and this film was on point with most of its charges and we are lucky to have a son of a powerful elite family do something good with his money and pull back the curtain for those who are blinded and part of the heard. These folks need a soft and caring voice to ease them into the truth zone. I commend this guy and his wife and all people that contributed. This is a major point, if you blanket discredit the film then you say all involved are full of it. And this is simply not true. Foster couldn't have put a more enlightened group together to help people understand what is happening everyday and what has been happening everyday since 1913!
    Look at this film for its message not who is hosting or producing it....the info is spot on...and sheeple need to see this, along with productions from all interviewed in this piece and many others doing work like this...Rosalind Peterson, Michael J. Murphy, Jesse Ventura and many others.

  94. A wonderful commentary on our world from a Native American viewpoint.

  95. thought it was a great and much needed movie , your intention to pick away at what ever you can find rather than being thank-ful that this flick is going to be istramental in helping many common people .. people that have no intention or desire of understanding there world around them and yet with this film at least have a crude understanding of who is running things ..I could care less if mr Gamble is the boogie man ,and makes money or not , what mater,s is getting knowledge out there to the masses , everything else is just a diversion .peace

  96. This film is a continuation of the so-called founder of the 'new age'alice bailey, please research alice bailey who founded the lucifer trust now re-named the lucis trust [which is tied-in with to the U.N who promote her works on their website],

    and you will see the very same agenda being given a glossy coat with this film, this is all to do with what they WANT you to know, it is not some spiritual wisdom being given it is a mind-trap for those who 'think' they are awakened, but are just awake on a cerebral level as they have become more informed but have no spiritual development

    and use their mind over their knowing , as they would 'know ' they are being led if they truly used their intuition.

    Anyone who is truly awake would never seek to label those who are not yet ready to see the agenda as sheeple, it is this derogatory term that has become synonymous with the so-called truth movement, with such arrogant ego-driven terms being used to elevate themselves above others, does that sound like a spiritual loving path to you ???

    Truth just is, and requires no movement or persona , it does not seek to put itself above stand alone and anyone who uses their intuition will find it, without seeking to be given a badge of honour from some 'truth' movement which was set-up and is controlled by the control system to channel those who cannot see beyond the 'pied pipers' like icke, jones ventura etc.

    Nothing external can guide you if you are using your knowing and following what feels right, too 'think' your way through is what the control system wants as you will be led by them , for they manipulate minds with ease....

    follow no-one but your intuition and you will always find your way to truth...not lies masked with truth which is prevalent in the so -called truth movement.

    Just because they use truths in these ways does not mean they are truthful , they are adept at manipulating and deception, beware the wolves in sheep's clothing , they are doing this to lead you where they want you to be.

    warm regards

  97. I think the vehemence of the comments against Sherrie on this topic show very clearly that something isn't right here.

    It's possible, though highly unlikely, that Mr. Gamble has renounced his family and their history (though, I didn't see "boycott companies like P&G" on their list of things to do). However, even if that's the case there is a cultural and class issue that everyone is missing here.

    Mr. Gamble and his friends no doubt think of themselves as being forward-thinking, good people who want to make positive changes in the world. But by virtue of their class, it is practically impossible for them to truly do so. In their (rather limited) world, the word "thrive" means something completely different than what it means to most people. No matter what they say about eugenics, the truth is that they want a "beautiful" world with far less people in it.

    Who do they choose to tell us this story? Dr. Greer? How about Amy Goodman - the left gatekeeper who still pushes the official 9/11 fairytail and lies daily about Libya? How about Deepak Chopra, who throws away 1/3 or Aryuvedic medicine in order to make it more palatable for his rich clients? How about Paul Hawken, the "green capitalist?"

    You see, each of those people thinks they are great, awesome, positive people, even though they're just self-serving liars who get paid to screw people.

    As for the symbolism there are only two possible explanations: either the producers of the movie are COMPLETLY out of touch with the 'zeitgesit' (if you will forgive the term) of the Internet, or they are LAUGHING in your faces.

  98. Sherrie,

    what are the solutions in your opinion of not some of these? Or do you think we should get rid of the whole banking/money system? How on earth would we get to a mentality that brings that to the surface? By magical practice? Or divine practice?

    It's really bizar to give a reaction like this. There are things to be trusted dear! In any way I can't see why you would disguard this movie?! It tells basic facts, don't blame the movie for presenting an alarming reality. There are far more disturbing movies to be seen. This one definately pays tribute to the essence. There's a much bigger story to be told but this one provides for a thorough introduction.

    Ans if you stick to your opinion look at it from the bright side: They are copying our way of thinking already! They don't realize that it can be used for anything else but the good.How about them ignorance huh?

    yours sincerely,

  99. This film is a continuation of the works of so-called founder of the 'new age'alice bailey, please research alice bailey who founded the lucifer trust now re-named the lucis trust, [which is tied-in with the U.N who promote her works on their website] and icke's work is heavily based on this too even though he would never want to admit it, as it the control systems agenda for their 'new global order',

    and you will see the very same agenda being given a glossy production with this film, this is all to do with what they WANT you to know, it is not some spiritual wisdom being given it is a mind-trap for those who 'think' they are awakened, but are just awake on a cerebral level as they have become more informed but have no spirutal develpment and use their mind over their knowing , as they would 'know ' they are being led.

    Anyone who is truly awake would never seek to label those who are not yet ready to see the agenda as sheeple, it is this derogatory term that has become synonmous with the so-called truth movement, with such arrogant terms being used to elevate themselves above others, does that sound ike a spiritual loving path to you ???

    Truth just is, and requires no movement or persona , it does not seek to put itself above stand alone and anyone who uses their intuition will find it, without seeking to be given a badge of honour from some 'truth' movement which was set-up and is controlled by the control system to channel those who cannot see beyond the 'pied pipers' like icke, jones ventura etc.

    Nothing external can guide you if you are using your knowing and following what feels right, too 'think' your way through is what the control system wants as you wil be led by them , for they manipulate minds with ease....follow no-one but your intuition and you will always find your way to truth...not lies masked with truth which is prevalent in that so -called truth movement.

    warm regards


    p.s corrected typos :-}

  100. Thanks, this is really awesome, I agree you're revealing a deeper level of truth here! After reading your comments I made a blog post of my own here, so thank you!

  101. The information is correct in the movie with regard to who is really in control and suppressing cures for disease and inventions. However, my red flag about the movie is that it doesn't mention God or prayer as a solution.....Therefore I wonder also what the true motive of the movie is.....Perhaps to feel hopeless, that we're totally enslaved, and there's no God controlling it all....And to have people left feeling like that after watching the movie would be the greatest lie of all.

  102. the more I read through the solutions on the website, the more I feel like throwing up! those are not solutions, those guide lines are the frames for exactly the same reality we see today! key words: money, competition, efficiency, taxes (only national, not international, as if it makes any difference), wars ("if expenses on defense dropped to half..." --- why should they drop to half? they should completely disappear as we would experience world wide peace), violence is accepted as part of the new paradigm... people, please don't buy into this crap! these are key words that should NOT describe a new world!

  103. I thought it was a good comprehensive movie, with ideas of how to begin making change for the world.

    There are a lot of facts that are hard to accept as the real situation just like (9/11 and the kennedy assassination was) but I liked the way it made me feel that we really could change things and that all is not hopeless.

  104. P.S. I am surprised that he was courageous to make the movie and surprised that he is not threatened.

  105. to thrive, check out the book at gives useful info on how to thrive spiritually and every other way...and tells what happpens when the dark ones take contro...ya Big Earth Changes!!

  106. Even if half of what the movie exposes is true, the families that rule the world don't want this info out in any way what so ever. I am suspicious of the the person who posted this blog, Either that or Sherrie can't critically think for herself. Mr. Gamble has proved in the past that he is disgusted by the powers of Corporatism and his family wishes he would be silent, this I know for a fact. Believe me this man is pulling back the curtain and it is time the masses learn this info. There will be people who want to discredit Mr. Gamble because of his pedigree, his family no longer owns Proctor & Gamble. Beware THE NAY SAYERS.

  107. definately some disinfo agents posting round here! watch out, this movie is hijacking awakening as it's been said, they are trying to create confusion, use the scientific method, reasona and critical thinking, and even your gut! this sherrie girl seems completely honest and her movie review is spot on imo

  108. Thanks for for this open page which I appreciate and for telling your view and pointing out what you deem important, and yes it is vital to be critical and seek the truth, but let me also point out to you that not every German is a nazi, as much as a son of a billionaire is not necessarily like the parents, everybody deserves at least a small chance... time will tell.

    If what you say is true then why on earth trust and support Ron Paul?
    He might just be one of THEM to...

    On the other hand (allow me to say) you have done worse than what you accuse the movie to do. As a conclusion I must say your post offers zero hope and tells me that we are more hopeless than ever because even what is good or appears to be such, in the end is there only to deceive us further. Sorry but you sound worse than Armageddon, black in black, and it seems that what does not come from a source you like and approve (If there is any besides yours) then it cannot be good.

    I think in this case you could well be shooting at the messenger and I duly hope I am right, for your sake to.

    What is my hope after having read your post? What is your solution besides not trusting it? Where is the beauty of your post and the light that a supposed seeker of truth should spread?
    I do not know your work but this post of yours, besides being totally destructive, offers me no joy no alternative I feel like after a walk through the desert having had no water to drink.
    What is the vision yes the overall vision I get from this post? Dreadful emptiness.

    There is so much beauty out there but one can only see it if he is well informed, life is such a wonderful event it deserves all our attention..and as someone said "If you want to get out of the ditch you are in, please stop digging"

  109. Speaking for myself, one who was familiar with the supresion of the Elite for many years I felt awesome GRATITUDE for the global wide expose because untill we understand the sickening shadow side on a large scale we won't have the masses to create the change! The movie also confirms my intuition that the shadow consciousness is simply mirroring the ego of ever-evolving Universal consciousness that we share. Yes, a fraction of you and me. We must be the change is quite literal and the fact that some decendants of the Elite are waking up is a sign to celebrate. The UFO crop circles are about free energy, encouragements for a new healthy society, about our awakening extra DNA strand which could be a birthing of a new peaceful generation. It's discouraging however to see many who choose to see fear as the message in "Thrive" rather than an expose to activate change. Much love:)

  110. I saw the movie too, on the 12th. The torus stuff is interesting, but I grew tired of all the green-screened interview people sitting around some coffee table pretending to hold it in their hands. That was just cheezy. It was also purple, which screams "newage" to me. And then they drop the whole torus thing while they tell us how controlled we are for an hour. This might be good to wake up the sleepers, but the call for action at the end is for some kind of networking of NGO's and for people to go to a website. Snore. NGO's are one of the most infiltrated/front group/cash cow for boards of directors things on the planet.

    I had not seen the poster for it. Yup, the usual Illuminati one-eyed wonder. Lady Gaga would be proud. I haven't yet gone to their website. (Wonder how many cookies it has?)

    The way I see it, if we try to topple their hegemony, we'll have to pound the world back to the stone ages and they'll probably have something up their sleeve anyway. If we try to become telepathic by natural means before they bring on the "singularity" Borg thing, we'll be staring at our navels instead of prepping.

    If as some people believe, the Zetas (gray aliens that are supposed to be good) show up in their saucers, ostensibly to mess with the Illuminati, I wouldn't trust them either.

  111. I tried to watch all of the movie before the free link was taken down. But, from the comments and videos i have seen, I haven't missed much.

    My first question in watching the movie was: what is this person trying to sell me? Where are the solutions to these problems they are explaining, which I hope most of us know exist? why would aliens, who would be intellectually superior, want to be cryptic about creating a better world? Why would an heir be asking me to buy the movie? The net isn't controlled? says who? Big brother? Oh the fun to have with dissecting hole ridden flicks that want to sell enlightenment ;)

    and my questions led me to your blog. So, well done Sherrie! Couldn't have said it better myself. ;)

  112. Guys and Gals, the movie-makers are the same people. SR, Sherrie and others, you're right on. I found the torus info very interesting though I knew about Tesla's adventure a long time ago. At first I thought this would be a movie about how to develop this energy and promote it. But it turns out the movie talks about already-known issues as a cover. As a joke they even showed themselves at the end as the wolf in sheep's clothing. What conclusively gives away the movie-makers' agenda is their 1-2-3 plan: it's Stalin's agenda dusted off and given a new name. The world was told that socialism is not perfect and had necessary evils in order to turn society and government around, and was a TEMPORARY necessary step towards heavenly communism. But the nature of the beast is that once the system is in place you never get off of that step because, 1. basic rights had to be taken away in order to activate the first step: control of speech and opinions (after all, the good of the Many transcends the rights of the individuals—repeated throughout the movie)-- and which is supposed to be temporary; 2. no weapons (we won't need weapons in this Utopia; again, only a Temporary rule.) Once they are in power, unless those rights are given back the Step One remains in place, but there’s no guarantee that once in power someone will give it up. As They kindly pointed out, They know better than Us and want to keep Us under control for our own good. So Step One is actually the socialism that was tried in Germany and other countries....Russia, China...and failed. Get out your histories: this Utopian Communism was the name for Necessary Evil Socialism; it was the Temporary step towards global Wonderful Communism but using the same name. The Masses lapped it up. They were bound up by economic and social suffering under abusive leaders (sound familiar?) and the aspiring controllers told them what they wanted to hear and believe. (“Sounds good; I’ll vote for that.”)

  113. End of my analysis: Step Two is the point at which Step One is supposed to disappear. But analyze it: All those issues are theoretically not going to exist anymore but that would only be possible if global human nature did not include any bad traits. Everyone is Perfect and Good (Ooops…who decides what is Perfect and Good? AH! The movie-makers!! They have even told Us what our opinions have to be if we want to be a part of this most perfect idea!) Listen to what they say at this level: one rule only: no violence or intrusion upon anyone else except for self-defense. Sounds Great! What planet is that on so I can buy a ticket? If this were possible it would be possible today, and we wouldn’t need a judicial system. Okay, continuing Step 2, take a breather and look at the repeats of "the good of the many transcends the rights of the individual; no government is the best government” Again, guys and gals, the movie-makers are the same people, and SR, Sherrie and others are right on. Next point: they're supposed to give some kind of solutions: where the heck are they? We already knew that we have to do the things they admit we have to do...stop the IMF, get rid of the Fed, get rid of the Elitists and big baking institutions, yada yada yada. OK. Just tell us how to do it. They ain't gonna reveal that because they have seen the Enemy and it is Them. They ain't gonna tell us how to do it. Never. I don't hold it against anyone who is born into either money OR poverty. Born poor doesn’t make you good. Born rich doesn’t make you bad. And this is another way the movie-makers reveal themselves. They think that all of Us have the same opinion and therefore can be controlled by opinion. Therefore, they address this to show how they (Born Bad Rich) are actually on Our (Not Born Rich and Therefore Good) side. If you want to divide a group (Divide and Conquer) invent a couple of labels for people to identify with. Now you have two smaller groups to pit against each other. However, I do thank them for revealing how they organize and implement their agenda. We have to stay conscious and analyze everything we hear.

  114. Great analysis crystalwind....some really valid points.


  115. Thank you, Mark. I'm sure we all could write a lot more than we are entering on this blog. I had to cut 1000 words in order to post these two sections. Thank you, Sherrie for this opportunity. I hope we don't lose the internet. Anyone who hasn't already read them would probably enjoy reading Aldous Huxley's Brave New World and Orwell's 1984.

  116. Sherrie.

    I'll can empathize with your experience in that when I watched the movie it felt like a punch in the stomach. But, as they say, sometimes "the truth hurts." I analogized it to an abusive relationship. The 1st step to getting out of one is recognizing that you're in one in the 1st place. That's why I think this is a very important movie. It helps people to see the kind of levels of control and manipulation that we're dealing with. As they also say, the truth will set you free. Once you see the bars of the cage the elite are trying to create, you can mobilize effectively. If you don't see the bars, you'll be stumbling in the dark. So watch the movie, feel the pain of the situation, and then start conversations with people of what to do next. Awareness is only the 1st step.

  117. truth about crop circles:

    truth about thrive movie:

    Watch out! This movie is manipulating your brain! It is dangerous.

  118. I wanted to thank you for this excellent read!! I definitely loved every little bit of it.Cheers for the info!!!! & This is the perfect blog for anyone who wants to know about this topic. You know so much its almost hard to argue with you .........

  119. Thank you for your courage and wisdom to know and speak the truth. You are right about everything you have said. Mother Earth will be the one who has the last say in what happens to every single one of us, not these weak, dark souls who think that power is through control. Blessings to all.

  120. All of this is well documented in 600 page book 5th Edition 28th printing published September 2010. Brought up to date each issue since 1994. Also available in German, Japanese and Vietnamese.

    Amazing how many readers there are for The truch which is documented in 180 bibliographies section and 8 pages of index. Google will tell you there has been a marked decline in the size of the middle class and that offically the USA is now the most discriminating of all the developed nations,in laws that have transferred incomes to the 1% of the population that now earn 50% of the total earnings of the nation. If anyone thinks this has anything to do with religion or family member history or voodoo investigate carefully and think carefully. you are witnessing what possibly may become the fouth collapse of a USA central banking system which is not a government agency called the Federal-Reserve system, a private Cabal. The only one allowed to print money without it being considered counterfeiting.

    For Goodness sake read the book, available at every public library, and notice what has happened to you during the period of time since you became an adult.

  121. Sherrie . read "the Creature From Jekyll Island" 5th edition Published September 2010 28th printing since the first in 1994. Available in four languages thusfar.. It has 180 bibilogrpahies with locations of documents containing evidence to support the contents.
    Our middle class has dminshed significantly. Aks google about discriminatory income levels. USA is now the worst of developed nations. I have read your opinions but you offer no support for your position other then you feelings. Please wake up. This contry needs patriots

  122. Maybe this movie is indeed about thriving, after all. P&G style, that is.

    Up until 2000/2001, P&G owned and distributed Pringles, which they sold to Direct Foods. In 2001, Pringles was recalled in a GMO recall in Japan. In 2006, P&G enlists 600,000 women to talk up their products. In 2009 P&G's new values based strategy is the subject of a Business Week article. The P&G website promotes their program called: "Live, Learn and THRIVE. In 2010 EU Times reported that Obama launched an attack against Proctor & Gamble originated from the banking giant Citigroup he had previously taken over using $300 Billion of American taxpayer money, and initiated a P&G stock trade that cut P&G's worth in half. Later in 2010, P&G is reported to be investing in renewable energy. Also note that they offer the PUR water filtration systems and PUR water purification packets. It seems that the THRIVE movie, produced by Foster Gamble (heir to P&G fortune) is very much along the already established P&G strategies to invest in values and "green" products. And there is no doubt that P&G may be setting about to take a chunk out of the Feds, big multinational banks like Citigroup, and Obama. They clearly do not like Obama. How this works is that every time someone promotes this movie or buys it and becomes part of the movement, they are serving P&G's agenda. I could be wrong and this series of events is pure coincidence, but if I am right, you have to ADMIRE this strategy - it is genius!!!

    Here are the links to the documentation:

    July 18, 2001
    Proctor and Gamble Pringles potato chips in GMO recall in Japan:

    July 18, 2001
    Diamond Foods reports results of Pringles acquisition from P&G:

    May 29, 2006
    Not even small talk is sacred anymore. P&G has enlisted a stealth army of 600,000 moms who chat up its products. Note: enormous PR and advertising budget

    September 15, 2009
    Inside Procter & Gamble's New Values-Based Strategy (see next link - it's called Live, Learn and THRIVE)

    Live, Learn and Thrive - Touching lives, improving life. P&G

    May 7, 2010
    Obama Attack on Corporate Giant P&G Shatters US Stock Market:

    September 30, 2010
    Proctor and Gamble Romania intends to invest in renewable energy:

    Pur Packets - Cleaning dirty water in disaster relief scenarios, a Live, Learn, and Thrive initiative from P&G

    P&G's PUR Water filtration systems, including pitchers and faucet mounts.

  123. Sherrie, have you seen this yet?

    It's a B ill to allow everyone to be co nsidered a sus pec ted t e r ro r-ist and be picked up. Sen ate is vo ting this Monday. I haven't gone to the capi tal site to read the whole thing yet. But Check it out and decide if you want to send it on to your mailing list. I haven't cared for a lot of what the A C L U has gotten behind but this I can agree with. Hard question about the timing...this comes right on the heels of Thrive movie. It also addresses one person's question...if the FEMA camps are for rounding up the population in general, why haven't they been used yet? So...this bill could fill up the FEMA camps. If you don't think so please let me know.

  124. Crystal, I wrote about it earlier today.

  125. Anybody try enlarging the twinkle in the eye of girl on the cover? Pretty spooky.

    I'm not very impressed with this movie. Best case would be it's a vanity piece by a rich guy. Lots of people have such ego needs. Worst case is as suggested - it's an effort to run with the herd so they can gradually lead it off a cliff.


  126. First they came for the iraqi's and no-one took notice,

    Then they came for the afghani's and no-one took notice,

    Then they came for the libyans and no-one took notice,

    Then they came for the iranians and still no-one did anything,

    Then they came for the syrians and still no-one stood up for them,

    Then we came to world war and a complete loss of all our freedoms through total control,and no-one could speak for us, as we were all suffering for our silence
    stand up and unite for EVERY being on earth or we all suffer their fate too for we are all one and what happens to one affects us all
    love is all, fear fills the void when love has been allowed to be diminished. let us unite in love or be divided by fear
    only then will we all have the courage to come together and say no more.


  127. I watched Thrive twice, I found it facinating, enlightening and so right on point. I believe it is the perfect movie for someone tat does not know much about the state of our World and what are the real triggers of our life.

    I completely disagree with the author of the post.

    Watch Thrive, It will enlighten you!

  128. Wow! Now you guys are creating a conspiracy theory behind the conspiracy theory! Of course it doesn't 'smell right'! That's because the whole principal of what they are talking about is awful and grotesque beyond words. Regardless of why you 'believe' it was created, can you not celebrate that the information is being presented to the masses in a very well produced, credible, big budget manner for the masses? Most people currently ARE POWERLESS because they have no concept of the extent of control these corporations have over us. Even I was shocked to learn the extent of it. Imagine if we all take this information and shared it with families, friends, groups and have proactive discussions afterwards about the implications and how we can change it. We are only powerless if we believe we are. So if you felt powerless after the movie, then the movie only triggered a belief that you already hold. Sure, it was overwhelming, but personally, as a very proactive member of the consciousness movement, I felt inspired that this information has been released and we can help the people wake up. Honestly, if you 'believe' that it is an attempt to suppress people further, then it is, for you! The splitting of the atom was one of the greatest break throughs in science, yet it has been used to create immense suffering in the world as well as advance our scientific knowledge exponentially. Use it as a tool for enlightenment or keep whinging about the dark forces you believe are behind it. It's your choice people! What do you choose?????

  129. The question that sums it all up im my mind is pretty simple... if they honestly want people to "thrive" and have some genuine answers on how to make that happen, why charge for the movie? Why not post it free on the website? I'm on unemployment; I'm not gonna run out and buy a movie that's only going to tell me what I already know then blow smoke up my ass about what I "should" do.

  130. Can you see the irony in claiming a stance against anything that "may" represent something to fear further?. Seriously people, get out from behind your computers and go DO SOMETHING rather than talk and speculate and find conspiracy in anything.... The cloth over the eyes represents WAKING UP!!!! Get involved in your local community, start a creative action to create change, be a part of a solution. If you don't see it, than create it! This documentary exposes the plots that so many on this stream are fighting for and yet you fight against even this. We are all doomed if you are the ones who hold "truth" and demonstrate against everything that is formulated in your head as conspiracy. Ditto to Marguerita!As long as we take a stance of us against them we are doomed. We have to create, get involved, do something to change all of this... Stop talking and go do something productive.... First step, look inside, try to see where you either contribute to the change or facilitate more hate and separation. This posting in my opinion only furthers separation thinking and does not help all of us finding a solution. When each of us step into our own authority and responsibility THEN change can happen. As long as we continue to find someone to blame, nothing, NOTHING will ever change.

  131. My thoughts were along the same lines...

    Nothing new in this film (we've heard it before; Infowars, Zeitgeist).. That took 9 years to make? (talk about lazy)... Using, I suspect, a lot of stock footage and just adding their own dialogue..

    Aliens and crop circles and some unexplaned, hinted at secret.....Gimme a break!


  132. After watching it was like a haze has been lifted from me. It was completely depressing and I wish he had given more to the last section about what we can actually do about it, so that I could have felt more encouraged about our future here on earth. As it is, I am grateful for having had the opportunity to WAKE UP.

  133. If anyone doubts elite family participation in propaganda productions, go read through photo essay exposes on family members playing visible roles in staged news events on TV.

    Also the broken link I think.

    Yes do something - barter.

  134. I can understand your reaction if you did not know about any of that stuff before watching the movie, but unfortunately he is telling the truth. Yes, it is depressing, but would you rather be blind and not depressed? Until you know the truth, you can't do anything about it, depressing or not. I'm an engineer and I've been researching many of the same things he presented for years. The solution will not be easy. They have all the money they want and they have hired the smartest psychologists on the planet to teach them how people will react to what they do, so they do it carefully. They know just how much the people will take. It will take all of us weaning our lives from the system, and they don't think that will or can happen, and I'm afraid they are right, but I'm doing my part by becoming self sufficient. Get a piece of land and learn how to grow your own food. If you don't become self sufficient to to the greatest extent possible, they will win. People becoming self sufficient and not needing them is their greatest fear. That is why they suppress free energy inventions. If everyone had their own energy source for their cars and greenhouses, they would not need to work in factories or be tied to the electric companies and gas stations. It would be the end of the elite.

  135. I think he did a great job of asking why we are not thriving and your answer addressed your fears... and yes it can be overwhelming if you have not known about the many deceptions that have happened over the years. Many of the population took advantage of Money, wanting well paid jobs that raped the earth. We are all to blame as he showed in the first part of the film, energy goes in and then is spun outward for all to see as a reflection. Corporations took advantage of our weaklness and now we must become strong as the 100,000 good companies are doing, as mentioned in the movie. Good to have have a critical ear and eye - I know what feels right to me and your negative comments made me reply, which I seldom do as I lead by example. But you got I take some of my time to give people some softening info from your deadly blows of angst.

  136. Nice article. Well put.

    I suppose y'all noticed the bathomed-shaped star used in his display-pannels on the video.

    - The sign of lucifer the so-called "light-bringer"

    This film is the Elite's answer to the film released in 5th. November 2011 called The AshkeNazi Banksters' Crimes Ripple Effect by Muad'Dib, which does give real and empowering solutions.

  137. Dear Sherrie,

    Your mind is at least disturbed by finding what the Movie did not say and say it did. Do you write for Fox News, or Rush Limbaugh. Unfortunately they and you have an audience.

    Get over your fears and unite with humanity to free the world.

  138. Everyone keeps saying "I fear". I guess you didn't read the post. I did not say I feared any of it. It drained me, but I believe it is suppose to drain everyone. It is part of why it was created.

    there are many who feel the movie has many subliminal messages in it, that are part of sucking the energy out of you.

    I stand by what I have said. I believe the movie is totally made by the "Elite" for multiple purposes.

    It is everything people know already, so they proudly put together what they have done to the people of the Earth.

    But their pride will be their undoing too, eventually.

    Remember they even tell you in the movie "The all seeing eye is the symbol of the Elite". So what do they use for the Thrive movie symbol? The all seeing Eye!

    They are telling you who they are..because they have to. So they did. You either see it or you don't.


    I've visited a few sites including yours with people debunking the movie's effort, and what I believe is what it comes down to is opinion. You believe its bullshit, that's cool. I'm not here to argue.

    What I do know, is that in the real world, most people don't know this information....all the bullet points you made...the average American has NO CLUE about these things. There are a small amount of us "awakened" folks, who have collected this information in several different manners over via the internet or whatever source, but your average Joe doesn't think twice about a Crop Circle or Torus Energy or the hierarchy of our living ecosystem. There's a lot of information in this movie that the "Awakened" might take for granted because its "known" information. If you felt OVERWHELMED...then great! You should, because the truth does that sometimes. I felt empowered, because of all the points made, one was greatest. We don't have to fight this. We don't have to fight the elite...all we need to is to be enlightened and to not participate in this game they've created.

    I read a lot of comments so I dont want to beat a dead horse, but sure the Elite probably made this film. They've probably made most of the films that many of us have gained our "knowledge" from....but as SHERRIE QUESTIONING ALL said...."their pride will be their undoing"

  140. I've participated in their wars, I've acquired their chemical poisons, I've been ruined financially by their "above the law" agencies. I'm still here. I've known about all this since the days of Iron Mountain I&II. If made by the "elite" they've done a good job. People need to know. Just hinting at this material 20-30 years ago labled you a whacko. That its now in a movie of this caliber states volumes of the effort "we've" made to get the public educated. Its time for the paradigm shifts to happen. If you chose to sit on the sidelines and let "them" have their way, you, are part of the problem. I've seen the horror, I've expeienced and almost sucumbed to the genocide, But I'm still here and I'm not going down without a fight.
    Doc Sutter - The Paradigm Shift in Healthcare.

  141. Thanks for your article and all your supporters here. Like you, I saw propaganda and control bs all over 'Thrive'.

    If this was about humans thriving it would start with facing the reality that there is no 'species' or 'humanity' or 'human nature' problem, but there definitely is a problem with modern industrial "civilised" humans, and the insane dominant culture we're in. 'Thrive' keeps us dancing in the "civilised" consensus trance bubble.

    Remnant indigenous have pointed that out for a very long time. For Gamble to talk about us as an 'adolescent species' goes in the face of 2 million years of indigenous wisdom. For me, a major red flag was this comment and the lack of indigenous voices in the doco.

    If it was about facing ecological reality, it would have mentioned The 6th Mass Extinction and the biosphere being killed at a rate never seen before in the geological records.

    Free energy devices? Yeah, right! Give the "civilised" free energy chainsaws to finish off the last forests, free energy fishing boats to take the final bit of seafood out of the dying oceans...and free energy cars to keep on driving...scrape the earth bare while the biosphere collapses.

    You want solutions? Go occupy everywhere, then decolonise/de-occupy. Go local, go tribal, go small eco-footprint, and defend your local landbase and all life on it, as if your lives depended on it, which they surely will.

    Embrace the collapse of industrial "civilisation" as a way forward out of this dark age of greed, over-consumption, pollution, and climb out into local light-ecological footprint communities!

    200+ species went extinct today. They are our kin. We either take a stand and fight to stop this insane way of living, or prepare to join the die-off.

    'Thrive' is bright-green-wash at best, toxic propaganda at worst. Better use of your time may be spent in watching "What A Way To Go", "The Economics of Happiness" and the new "Growthbusters" doco.

  142. Thank you so much!
    I was unable to watch this when my g-f told me about it, but now I know there was a good reason for this. I know that my good energy kept me from this waste of time. I know what is happening control and all and I know that the solution is within every one of us.
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

  143. Wow, I had a very different reaction than most I guess. I am a masters student in Public Health and I watched this film after two days of global health presentations. All of the negative stuff in the film I already knew. In Public Health our work is overwhelming, political, and sometimes hopeless. So seeing a film that actually offered some real all encompassing solutions was refreshing. The money we spend in war could feed the world, heal the sick, and make everyone prosper. We need a peace approach. I think judging a man by his family and money is shallow. I do not like Proctor and Gamble, never have. That being said, perhaps what led this man to ask these questions and find answers was because of the corruption of his family business.

  144. Sherrie, I think you are missing the point of the movie. I have a background in global health. I have heard these problems over and over with no real solutions proposed. I watched this movie after two days of PH presentations about the worlds' disparities. Watching this film actually uplifted me and gave me some hope. If you've ever seen a child starving to death it would sicken you. Every mother deserves a chubby baby to hold. Feeding the hungry and curing the sick... we know how to do it and like the movie said it is cheap compared to what we spend on war. It should be an easy fix! But greed and power won't allow it. This is the first time I have seen solutions that have real potential to work. The movie was a bit cheesy in the rainbow backgrounds and toro image but the research is well documented and organized. I think it's an important film for everyone to see. Do your research and you will find that the US still funds eugenics to this day. It was not all Hitler. We are just as responsible. Research Monsanto. Rockefeller partners with them and yet if they really stood by there belief that GMOs are safe then why do they have a huge seed vault containing natural seeds?

  145. Maybe you're a little too paranoid? Foster is just a whistle blower from the inside, like Wendell Potter is for healthcare. As he says at 26 min into the interview on the site, P&G got out of family control and became a multi-national corporation. Once a company becomes multi-national, beholden to Wall Street and hedge funds, the soul tends to leave and domination becomes the objective to gain profits for shareholders.

    It cracks me up how defensive people get when they see others come on the scene and say more clearly what they have been trying to say. AND, he's going to earn some money, where this blogger is probably struggling. Just sounds like jealousy and "I told you first" rather than applauding someone that is spreading the word.

  146. Your blog is very informative.This is obviously one great post.i keep on reading articles from here.thanks for sharing.. epm consultants

  147. HI Sherrie, I don't know if you are for real,and really afraid of the truth, and depressed by it, or just an agent provocateur trying to distract people from the Truth.
    All of my friends were very uplifted and inspired by this show.
    You say he offers no real solutions, which is totally false.
    You want someone to show you exactly how to change things, when each of us has to be part of the change, and until more people wake up to the fact of how corrupt our governments are, things won't change, so movies like this are important to tell more people what is really happening.
    I feel sorry for you and others like you that totally missed the boat and were not inspired by this film to get involved in the change you want to see, to educate people, and to know that we have more power than the elite. Many humans do want to Thrive, and to have all of us Thrive, and are not afraid of "others", as governments tell us to be afraid.
    The only thing suspicious is how quickly you(and one other guy I saw) got this blog up attacking this very uplifting show. I think it is the elite that are afraid of this movie, and you are helping them to try and discredit it, whether you are part of them or not, but that will not stop the evolution of consciousness.

  148. I personally do beleive that this government is mostly controlled by big money hungry companies that have zero morals or any concern for the average American that is not in the large financial bubble that they live in.I didnt agree with all the things in the movie of course but to sit and pretend that the goverment has the intrest of the people in mind is silly. Just living in this country should be proof enpough. I dont know where you are in the grand schem of things but as someone just trying to survive and seeing how this system works, is unreal. At the end of the day the Federal sector of the governmet controls everyone and everything even random plants that no one even uses. And it is very public knoledge who controls them.The truth is that our government is more concrned with staying cozy in the power and money they have than to help those dying or suffering. As long as they stay rich and we stay in desprate need of what they have control over, they will stay rich and those not in, near or being funded by them will continue to suffer. I beleive a few things that the man in the movie said about the solution. I feel that if as a united people, we try to find these renewable energies and support local community companies and banks, we can stop depending on these large corrupt companies,. whos end gaoal is to keep all of us even you, down and afraid and under so much controll. I love my country but the leaders of my goverment dont actually have my back. And unless your sittin pretty with a well paying 100% secure job and you live on and Indian resservaion where your home and land cant be taken away from you by the bank AND your home is tottally solar powred and you have a small farm in the backyard along with natural well,a steam powered car AND you NEVER need safe natural medication than your pretty much in the same boat as everyone else. If I wasntGod fearing I would be bitter and full of hate from how our government treats the old the sick and the poor as though we she all just die out to make room for thoses who matter to there big idea.I think the average American feels they cant change it but we forget too often that we control our system. We are the judges and the jury of our peers, we dont have to allow theses things to go on. Im 26 and I no longer vote for any person, at all, ever. One interveiw tells me everything about who that candidate is. And every man and woman wanting to be president or congressman, senator, whatever since the first and last time I voted has only been out for themselves. They put on a very great show but at the end of the day, the average amrerican struggling to survive and juggle life itself is left to vote and hope for the best.Thats it.People need to realize that we make the rules, not just 100 people that no one I know has ever even met or spoken to or vise versa. I want a compleat overhall of our congress senate everything, people should write in those thwey know will better the area not just vote for the poeple that show up around voting time on tv sayin hey vote for me, I look like you or go to a similar church.

  149. I showed the movie to 12 of my friends, two weeks ago, and while I understand how depressing or shocking some of the information may be for some, It only served to provide me with the impetus to look at solutions. Solutions which are outlined in great detail on the website. (The movie was long enough, without describing all the solutions.)
    We had a lively discussion afterward and several of us are continuing the conversation.
    Living in fear is not the way to go, seeking the truth is far better. BEING peace is the best way to spread it. Recognize the actions and words you use and whether fear is involved. Do not let "THEM" get you down, thoughts, people, journalists, preachers, your own dark fears. See it, pivot from it and look for the Love opportunities.
    Love is the opposite of Fear. Fear becomes hate and anger. Choose Love. Choose Peace, BE peace. Julia in Florida

  150. i just can't help but be a devil's advocate. don't be such an elitist "awake" person. please remember that the vast majority of people you know (at least people i know) have their head either in the sand, or up their ass, and have never been exposed to this information in their sheltered little lives. i think sherrie just might be capable of overanylizing an orgasm instead of just enjoying it. having said that......well, you could be right! i don't know much about the man who made the movie, but i shared this movie with a friend, who shared the insight that, this movie has a lot of content overlap with alex jones documentaries, but is a lot easier to watch for the "average" person. alex can't help but be alex, he has accomplished a lot. i love the guy, but i don't worship him or anyone. but he also turns some people off. can't please everybody i guess.

  151. Simon Wood was the one comment who came from a place in the heart and not total cynicism which rang out loudly in most other comments. While a movie like Thrive may not be what most of you overly enlightened few that feel you have all the answers is worth watching, then offer something better that supplies the information as well. Maybe the NWO are behind it and shoving their victory in our face, then don't let them win, and do something about it on every level you can. O.R.E.M.'s may be the answer for us all.

  152. wholeheartedly agree with the anon post two above this (12/13 @ 9:13 am)...this documentary presents CRITICAL information that is completely unknown to the average layman. i too follow alex jones and have done copious amounts of my own research critically analyzing the oftentimes far-fetched statements he makes, only to find out that 99% of the time he is spot on! i was incredibly impressed with how this documentary communicates these complex issues in a manner that almost anyone could understand, and paints a picture that is not all doomsday. i think viewing this doc and listening to media outlets such as alex jones through a critical lens is important; however, when you've done as much of your own research as i have, you quickly learn that most of what is presented is TRUTH. it is foolish to discredit this documentary as i think it has the potential to inform so many uninformed about the most important non-partisan issues out there- the federal reserve, the elite oligarchical families, false-flag terrorism, fema camps, the patriot act....the list goes on and on. as far as i can see, this documentary is the first media tool i've encountered that has the potential to reach those who shut down when approached by the in-your-face abrasion ala alex jones. no where in this doc did is see the promotion of the globalist agenda. while i do appreciate the questioning of this doc's motives, the information presented is far too valuable to not promote it.

  153. What an amazing collection of comments. Great post. I was watching this on the strong recommendation of some people I really like but right away, whoa! Red flags! Meme alert!

    So I got on the Internet to see what other people thought and by some Amazing Coincidence no doubt caused by Powerful and Sentient aliens I came across your post and said to myself, yep, THIS is Thriving. The Internet is an infinitely self-organizing...!.. wait, there I go again. This movie is full of irrelevant, mind-sucking junk.

    It presents some Awful Truth, sure, but then diverts your attention away from doing something about it. Everyone keeps talking about the Solutions this movie offers. What were they? I was too dazzled by Aliens and Crop Circles and Powerful Geometric Models to hear them. Hooey!

    I'm with Julie in Florida. All we need to thrive is to be gentle and forgiving, love each other and find ways to live creatively, locally, and with justice--unimpeded, of course, by slick rich guys who just want us for their slaves.

    Many of us have spent our lives investigating the very questions this guy claims to have studied, and we too have come up with a conclusion that the universe is rich and unlimited in potential, and that the human race is fully capable of turning itself around. Right now the solution we need is going by words like "occupy" and "resilient communities" and "open source technology" to find new solutions to the mess people like this guy's peers have made of the world.

    Watching this thing felt like stumbling upon a religious channel - I couldn't stand it. It felt like being bombed by memes. Eewwwww! Excuse me while I walk in the woods and breathe some fresh air and radiation from Fukushima. If this movie inspires one person to discover a way to clean up radiation, I'll take back everything I said in this post.
    -Chris in Oregon

    1. Chris, Great synopsis of the entire shindig. I will take back everything I was about to write if someone can come up with a Fukushima answere. Oh wait, Fukshima is under control, I forgot they got that leak in the radiation valve fixed!

  154. I'm so sorry for your loss and lack of vision. It is obvious that dealing with realities can lead to depressing projections, but this is just a waste of blog-space. Denial has many faces!

  155. For those who would like more information, Foster Gamble is being interviewed by Time Monk Radio shortly, and I’ve put the question to the interviewers to ask Foster about the posters. In this way you can make your own mind up by evaluating what and how he responds. In the mean time the serious researcher will have already listened to his interview that I posted on my blog.

  156. Wow, funny you should mention Time Monk Radio. They are the webbot forum, which I was once a part of, they think of Clif High as an all seeing God. I used to follow him, but then something happened.... I woke up to what I felt was going on. It is my one other "expose" as you might say about a "movement, entity, person" and why I think what I do.

    So check it out

    Time Monk radio is all about towing the lines of those who control the awake and aware. So it makes sense they are interviewing Foster Gamble, as they already are helping "the elite" in keeping people in fear and under control.

    It is the perfect place for Foster Gamble to do an interview. Oh Charles I checked out your link, you really are a Clif High fan too I see.

    So.... it all makes sense and all anyone has to do is put the pieces together to see the result of the puzzle.

  157. the picture for the movie says it all, one eye is covered and the other has light on it and looks like the eye of Horus--The Illuminati symbol.
    The one eye is a well known symbol for them.
    I am staying away from that movie.

  158. After reading so many pros and cons, it makes me wonder how to know the truth: It always goes along words of respect. Yes, there may be a conspiracy behind the conspiracy behind the conspiracy and the whole game is made up to confuse and stress your mind so you forget the whole thing later on this mind can be controlled by them. But there is a simple way to distinct which information leads to the truth and which leads to delusion: Words of respect and letting others believe what they want to believe and using supportive words, and not blaiming a person, or blaming a certain group for ones own problems (just explain what they do) - this leads to finding what is true. This way yo find your way through the labyrinth and you can not go wrong.

    As for this article: Feels good and relieving to read your thoughts about this movie. After I watched Thrive I felt like it was useless. The most important things were far from being explained. People waking up to it only woke up to half of the truth. But they will find out anyway.

    Keep it up, well done. Thank you very much.

  159. this looks like a half loony movie made by a half loony guy. it's sort of easy and moronic to paint the world, the universe, in terms of simple good and evil. in fact, if this P&G heir had any real answers, any real solutions, they would be manifesting at light speed. Exxon is powerful, but neither they, nor any government, can stop the process of technological advancement. Somewhere on this earth, out of their reach, a real inventor, a real visionary, a real scientist, will find/stumble on the world's next energy solution. and it won't be a bunch of giant windmills or a stupid electric car that plugs into a coal powered outlet to recharge itself each night. this movie is just loony and dumb, fiction from a rich kid with a live imagination and no real clue about what reality is for the rest of us.

  160. Read, "The Creature From Jekyll Island". Watch, "The Future of Food", "Food Inc.", "King Corn", "Bad Seed". All videos available through netflix. Book available through Amazon.

  161. The producers for the movie THRIVE may have the following considerations in mind when they planned on how they wished the content as espoused in the movie to impact upon the target viewers:
    (1) As the majority of intended viewers are sheeple, this movie is catered for this category of viewers. The awaken people may find it not dramatic enough.
    (2) To the sheeple, many of the topics disclosed in the movie will be regarded as shocking grade materials within their current realm of existence/awareness.
    (3) Again targeted at the 90+% sheeple, employing Foster Gamble, the scion of an elite family, to introduce the movie made it more believable to the audience than (say) Alex Jones, Max Keiser or Michael Moore. Paul Craig Roberts might be a suitable stand-in, but his view points are already too well known. So it has to be Foster or someone with his pedigree but bold enough to stand up and deliver the message.
    (4)The most important aspect of this entire STRIVE episode is to get it into mass circulation to as many viewers as possible in the shortest time frame possible and then consequently to catapult it into the blogosphere as a discussion topic to maintain its momentum.
    (5) Finally, this THRIVE movie may be just the beginning for a genre of such docu-movies as Foster has pioneered the path for other conscientious elitist scions to follow and emulate.
    The Awakenman?

  162. Makea, post 1 of 3

    I've stumbled upon this page and after reading half of the comments now, I think I can help by introducing a few ideas.

    Firstly, perception is 9/10 of truth, as it defines and colors the experiences we have in the moment. That said, truth is basically a formula, a combination of perception and past experiences, and that which is generally regarded as fact (and which in turn is a potentially ever-changing perception of the past, as viewed in the present time. Fact, and even history, changes as defined by its perception in the moment).

    The significance of this is that no two people ever view the same event in the same way - each perception is a unique experience. It is not possible to judge another person's perception, because we are not them, and we are not living their experience.

    Secondly, popular models for ordering the human experience uses archetypes - whether it be Jung or Tarot or what have you.

    Ultimately there may be a singular consciousness at work, or something similar based on paradigms suited to you. However there is little question that in this world, we specialize into different archetypes, at different times, with different people. We wear different hats so to speak, and serve as different cogs in the wheel of our collective story. In doing so, we are actors playing different parts. Every leader needs a follower, every speaker an audience, and so forth. By the nature of duality, we can not be all things at once, and to accomplish a select goal is a noble endeavor. Baby steps towards the greater unfoldings.

    I have not seen this movie, nor heard of it until now. However, I do recognize the power of archetypes in the story of humanity, on the smallest scale as well as the largest. In reading these posts, it occurs to me that some of the disappointment I am hearing regarding a lack of solution is entirely appropriate in a world of limitations such as this one. Nothing can be everything at once, instead, specific goals can be accomplished with effect.

    A very classic archetype layout in Western esoterism includes those of the king and the wizard (let's use Camelot for our example). We all have these different parts, but it works in the bigger picture as well. Our choices are ultimately decided by our king (even if for many people this means non-action unfortunately). But our king is not our warrior (he who carries out the action), nor is it our wizard (he who informs the king - the magic of the wizard is in perception and imagination).

    This movie sounds to me like it is the wizard. The wizard is not the king, nor is he the warrior or the lover or the fool, or any of the other archetypes. It's not his job to right the world, to banish evil, or what have you. His job is to furnish information and change perception, so he or she who is the chooser of destiny, may have a clearer picture of the field they are playing on.

    I think it is a disservice to criticize the wizard if he is doing his job - opening a new window of possibilities, and therefore new choices are made available. He's not the hero in the story, and this movie undoubtedly is not here to save the day for anyone. That's up to the people of the story. But for the uninformed, it may offer new choices. That is important. There will be others to play those roles, or colloqially speaking: Don't shoot the messenger.

  163. Makea, post 2 of 3

    Thirdly, I hear you when you, Sherrie Questioning, are troubled by the producer's intended use of this film. Is it to disinform? Is it to instill despair? It may be, it may not be, there is no way to permanently know. Temporarily we may feel we know, but we never know. More importantly, what is the effect?

    For you it is despair and disatisfaction. All right. Let us imagine that your suspicions are absolutely correct. There is good in all things, even if unintended. This does not sound like a movie that one goes to for specific details, for the full story. This sounds to me like a place to be shown a first glimpse, an impression, where fringe conspiracy ideas may be introduced, and by covering a broad range of topics, serve to open the door for further investigation. If anyone watches a movie such as this and thinks they know what's really going on, then it has failed. Many of us have spent long enough digging to know that.

    But where it may find success is in opening that first door, the one that was never seen before. It was always there, but with the softball games, and the teacher meetings, and the tax filing, it has been unnoticed for far too long.

    If the movie goes overboard in shock treatment, it may be effective enough. Do not assume that after seeing this movie, the viewer has reached the end of the story. On the contrary, it is only the beginning. It will present questions, and if it has accomplished anything they will venture through that door and find the information they need in other places.

    Again, this is about information, not strategy. There's a time and a place for everything. If it can appeal to the common man, then it will accomplish far more in quantity than the most accurate, good-intentioned, well researched source could ever do. It starts the engine and makes these things real to the common man.

    In today's world, what you and I might consider real are often regarded as myth, much to the mythologist's detriment. What we lack is a way of opening that door for the larger audience. Personally, I would support this kind of project, even if it would mean a compromise in including disinformation or despair.

    It is leading the horse to water, whether they drink or not is up to them. While I agree with you that there are many films that seek to drive despair into its audience, when that does happen, it is only for a short time, but it is temporary.

    Those programs are a diservice, yes, by intention, but when one is hungry, everything looks good to eat. If you've been starving for awhile, you'll eat anything, and it will nourish you. As you quench the hunger, you may be more selective in what you eat. It's the same with knowledge, especially the elusive kind. It's what can keep many up long hours, late at night. Give them a taste of truths, and let them decide where next to find it.

    That said, I'm opening a few doors myself now. I haven't seen this film, but I can see a few closed doors that could be knocked on. One more thing....

  164. Makea. post 3 of 3

    Fourthly, there is no "best." No best diet, no best book, no best movie, no best haircut, no best music. The most amazing book you have ever read may bore your friend to death. The masseuse your friend swears by may be terrible for you, personally. A doctor that has saved many lives may fail to save yours, and the other way around. So to, where this movie fails to connect with you and deliver to you the sense of reward and fulfillment, by the comments here alone it's clear that for many others it has.

    What is true for you is not true for everyone, and vice-versa. We are our own best judge of that. This is important, it is not about the movie. We connect, like magnets, to different things, ideas, people, places, colors, tastes, lifestyles. We often call this chemistry.

    I saw Sherrie, that you have an interest in astrology. I am an astrologer and have found it to be an excellent and very reliable science. In astrology, we find that it is mathematically impossible to please everyone, to achieve everything, to connect with everyone, and so on. We can see it very clearly in the charts. There is no one "best" lover or partner - different people offer different things, but cannot be everything to a person. They may be intellectually stimulating and heart-warming, but lack the physical rawr in bed. Or they may be many great things but fail to take an interest in supporting our career interests. There are other people for those things. One may be shocked by forwarded humor (i.e. "How could you find that funny, I'll never know!").

    People are different, and things come from different sources. From your discomfort, I would wager a guess that the film's ascendent is opposite your moon, making you emotionally uncomfortable, or something of that nature. Could be lots of things.

    You could still be right about what you see, but this is why it would be deeply disturbing to you, while mentally enriching to someone else. And that's another thing. The movie could be an outright lie about everything completely, but the effect of watching it can still be very positive.

    Life is a bit like cascading dominos, and chains of events unfolding in pieces. A man can come to me and say, "You are lazy, arrogant, and stupid. Never speak to me again." The next domino, can be many different things. I may think, "How can I make him like me?" Or I may think, "He must not have very many friends." You see how different those two are? Neither is "right" but you can see how different they are. I may realize in a flash that maybe that's how my co-worker perceives me, and the perception has created tension and separation, and now I have opened a door that allows me to heal the relationship. Do you see?

    Lastly, this may be a stretch since it's only one part of a person, but you have a Libra sun. Bear in mind you may be more sensitive to bad vibes than other people. Libras do tend to find satisfaction in harmony, peace, and things being ok and fair. All things probably intruded on by the nature of this video, in a concentrated form, that doesn't at all appeal to your Libran sense of good taste and presentation. But that's ok, find the stuff you like and that's great for you. But let us plutonians dive in to the darkness, we've been well bred for long journeys digesting the evils and especially the machinations of the hidden world most dare never to see.

    Finally, I wrote this for you. It doesn't matter to me whether you post it or not. It's not a challenge of an idea, just an opening of other ones. I wrote it for someone, maybe they read your blog, I have no idea. All the best.

  165. Ah, the short version.

    A documentary on Stonehenge might get it all wrong, whether by accident or intent, the nature, purpose, or design of the impressive monument. But it can do so and still a great accomplishment can be made. The reasonable can be shown, no matter the details, that conventional history is a disproven theory, that cannot stand as is, in the face of contradictory evidence.

    Thus, a door may open for them that history is not what it has seemed, and cannot continue as previously perceived. What comes next is individual destiny, but you can see that the major significance is how the domino falls from that moment, the chain of events that follow - from one eureka light bulb to the next. The actual memory itself - the "content" of the media, may be insignificant in this regard.

    It is my impression that in a film such as this, the major goal is not to educate, but to illuminate - to start the engine not to drive the car.

  166. When I first read Sherrie's comments my instant reaction was that she should go and arrange flowers or sit in her front garden on a Persian carpet and spend the day spreading love to passing motorists. Then I realized her comments largely dated back to November.

    I watched the film in November and twice again since. I have not once had any of Sherrie's reservations however; the film is merely an introduction for those who are unaware (aka. still fast asleep). Its goal is for people to build communities and work together to find solutions. The web site is the starting point for that to happen. Back in November the web site was still very much in its baby phase and did not have much by the way of usable content, particularly where solutions were concerned.

    Today, the web site is rich with content. It appears it is being regularly updated and solutions are abundant. It's just getting better and better. My fear is that it will either be censored sooner or later.

    Locally, we have formed a transition group. Although the goal of the group is to solve the problems of life without oil, the group has only 3 sections. This is largely insufficient! The Thrive Movement site determines 12 sections in which each person can align his/her individual skills. That dear Sherrie is called organization. If his goal was to assist the elitist plan of dumbing us down and disorienting us the last thing he would be doing would be to provide a workable organization complete with instructions on how to build a local community framework.

    Look at his comments on personal banking changes. They are sheer poison to most high street banks! I'm sorry but this guy is arming us to the teeth!

    Many well known activists have come forward and are contributing regularly on the site. These people are mostly professionals in their scientific field and you can see they know what they are talking about. There's just no way their comments support the globalist agenda. Why have they aligned themselves with the Thrive Movement? Might it be because they believe in the direction Foster is working towards? Could it also be that he has built a framework that gives credibility to the movement? Consider how many times you have attempted to tell someone about the current problems facing us only to immediately be shot down as a conspiracy theorist…

    Lastly, if you think the film's message and images are depressing take the time to watch the recently released documentary END:CIV. You will find it on YouTube and can download it in HD format. Brilliantly covered, it exposes you to how our planet is being raped and although government and corporations are the main culprits, you will end up feeling partly to blame also. It provides solutions that we can undertake immediately but you won't like the final message which is basically "grow a pair, get off your asses, and remove these tyrants before it's too late!" Time is not on our side. We should have started back in 1996. Today, we have only 4 to 6 months maximum before it's too late.

    At the end of the day, you can groan about how you don't like the symbols or images used in the film Thrive but how is that going to get you to where you want to be? Go ahead and slam the film and his web site, then tell me what you have to offer that's better?

  167. "Go ahead and slam the film and his web site, then tell me what you have to offer that's better?"

    Yes. QFT! (Quoted for truth). Well said.

  168. Loved your analysis Sherrie ! The movie is a Total P-R-S... part of a larger more complx psy-op. But intertaining nonetheless. I know the peeps that distributed the film, and they're not the brightest folks in the world. Their hearts were in the right place, but the dollar signs and recognition clouded their vision. They are being played and don't even know it.

  169. I was listening with headphones on late at night and,... honestly,... stoned! I was loving it as they spoke of the Torus shape, very cool, loving the graphics, yummy like a Pink Floyd concert,... but then super pretentious guys with ponytails started talking all kinds of crap while they played electronic music that was very hypnotic and slick graphics and colors and it started making my brain tingle! I started to get a little bit of a "hypnotized" feeling so I immediately disengaged as I could clearly see that these were the types that use fear to make your mind numb out as they then try to sell you some b.s. or try to rope you into some way of thinking or being. Beware being manipulated by anyone!

  170. I was more frightened reading this report about the movie then watching it. The movie gave me Hope for informing others who don't know this information, so when you say they are telling us what most of us already know. That would be a false statement because I have shown the movie to many who had no idea of half the information given. If you watched the movie all the way through, it gives you hope to create the change you want to see in the world by non participation in their endeavors. They don't talk about alien invasion but extraterrestrial assistance. I have noticed that some who are very Spiritual seem to have Spiritual blinders on. Thinking they know more then others and all they have to do is sit back change themselves and everything will change around them. Spirituality and Activism have to work hand and hand to create this change in our physical world. We have all created this reality unconsciously and now have an opportunity to recreate it consciously but we all need to be informed, not inundated. Makes no sense to me to hear others say don’t do what Foster says because he is a Gamble. All people with money are not bad people. He tells everyone what’s going on and to be active by non participation. So it makes no sense to ignore what he says. I feel your post on this has created more fear, and confusion then Hope. Is that what you want to create, is another conspiracy theory? I feel there is enough of those out there that are happening as it is and this is not one of them.

    Thank you and Namaste'my Spiritual family

  171. dear friends out there

    i overflew the whole posts and finally i
    am . honestly . unable to say WHAT is THE TRUTH ...

    but finally i know ONE THING ...


    this is so sure like the amen in the church ...

    therefOre . amen :-)

    snowy and warm greetings frOM nightly switzerland ...

    u.r.s. josé

    «vincereMOs» «hasta la victOria . siempre»

  172. Thank you for your clarity. Can not explain how much it hurts when I attempt to explain my reservations on the movie, much like yours, and and have insults of being contrarian, and creating negative energy hurled at me. We can make a better world, and improving our level of discernment will reveal and illuminate the path.

  173. There is no science involved in this movie. It is beyond stupid. It is among a very few abuses which make me question the validity of The Right To Free Speech.

  174. Yes, it is true that 'sun gods' came to ancient civilizations and gave knowledge. But those 'sun god aliens' are not alien to us. The Bible tells us exactly who they are: The Devil and devils in disguise.

    Remember the duel between Moses and the Egyptian high priest that ended in the Pharaoh letting the Jews leave Egypt? Moses's powers were backed by God, the Egyptian priest's powers were backed by the Egyptian 'god'. Moses won. Much food for thought.

    Sadly, the sun gods, aka Lucifer and demons, are still worshiped today via ancient Egyptian and Babylonian gods. Strict worshipers include the core operators/leaders of the USA, the UK , the UN, and several others.

    Disgustingly, the Luciferian symbolism is now being thrust upon the general populations of the world. Sickeningly, the symbolism is placed in front of the children of the world for obvious reasons, via video games and media.
    The Devil is Bold now, and will soon take over completely, but not for long.

    Too bad Mr. & Mrs. Gamble do not accept the reason behind the 'elite' takeover. But how can they? They are too rich to understand, or want to understand.

    The movie "Thrive" is atheist, and promoting 'aliens' as the origin of man.
    Why again are the 'aliens' so similar to us? You better remember why.

    Forget the Gamble website, heed the name. Gamble will lead you in the wrong directions. Gamble's future is not the future layout for this world. Gamble's vision for the future are Luciferian. Man becomes god. Same MO the Devil always used.

    The Bible is the direction you need.

    Yes, the toroid is the key to free energy.
    Gamble does not show you how easy it is to make a free energy toroid generator:


    Search: Bi-Toroid Transformer

    Search: The Gabriel Device

    Search for this video: 'go green build your own motionless solid state free energy' - currently hosted here:

    Search: The Fuelless Engine -

    Search: The Fuelless heater

    How about a super efficient combustion engine?: Search: MYT Engine

    Hydrogen Jeep - Available NOW!: Search: 120MPG Jeep

    Cancer Cure - Available NOW!: Search: Bob Beck Device

    Cancer Cure- Available Now!: Search: Apricot Seeds Cure Cancer

    We Do Not Want or NEED to join an 'association, organization, or institute to make these devices for ourselves. We are smart enough to do it, and Do it Now!

  175. RE: Free Energy Inventions

    These devices draw their energy from the 'energy' that is all around us.
    An invisible energy that is always there, and always everywhere.

    Unfortunately, you were never taught about this energy, even if you are an electrical engineer.

    These circuits and the methods to make them are not new.
    Many persons in the past have discovered a way to tap into the 'energy' that is all around us called: 'zero point energy', or 'ether energy', or 'orgone energy', or 'back emf', or 'cold electricity'.

    In a nutshell, a circuit or motor taps into the zero point energy in this manner:
    Picture a transformer, perhaps even a smaller one like the one inside the wall plug that charges your cell phone. When you plug the charger in the wall socket, the transformer inside the charger energizes, and a magnetic field is created. Then, when you pull the charger off the wall, it loses power, and the magnetic field collapses.
    Now, when the magnetic field collapses it pulls a bit of zero point energy out of our universe, and deposits the energy into the collapsing magnetic field. This adds extra power to the circuit. The circuit and transformer must be arranged in a certain way, and power must be pulsed into the transformer to force it to continuously collect the zero point energy.

    Is perpetual motion impossible? I don't know, but this idea distracts one from the real truth: That there exists a form of energy that is completely free and available to everyone, everywhere. And it has nothing to do with perpetual motion.

    >>> For more inspiration: If you want to be absolutely astonished, and captivated; then download this free ebook report which list many, many, free energy devices:

    The author of the eBook is NOT promoting ANY product, and is NOT asking you for ANYTHING.

    Read it; and understand that YES, 'the powers that be' DO actively suppress inventions, regularly.

  176. Speaking of Faith..

    Have you seen the story of the two guys who have probably discovered the "real" Mt. Sinai?

    They showed the story on cable the other night. It was gripping.

    Yes, I know this story is old, but my local "award winning news station" never told me about it.

    This is some weird wild stuff!

    Here is an excerpt and and link:

    Here's the full length video hosted by LiveLeak:

    The Real Mt. Sinai

    "A quick look at what has been found easily explains all the fuss. Dr. Moller points out that the site at Nuweiba he identifies as the Red Sea crossing point has an underwater land bridge, upon which damaged chariot parts and bones remain, engulfed in coral. The top of Jabal al-Lawz, the alleged real Mt. Sinai, is black, as if burned from the sky as described in Exodus 19:18, where it says “the Lord descended upon it in fire.” This feature sets it apart from all the other surrounding mountains which do not have darkened tops. The BASE Institute’s film shows Cornuke, who snuck onto the mountain, examining the rocks he cracked, observing that they are not merely black rocks and that only the outside had become darkened by whatever had occurred at the site. Moller has a photo of one of these rocks, which he identifies as “obsidian or volcanic glass, a mineral formed at high temperatures.”

    And they saw so much more!

    Wow! Highly recommended watching!

    Even if you think the Bible's stories are fantasy, the video is definitely worth a good look.

  177. C'mon! You can't believe that after seeing this movie, people aren't gonna do a little digging of their own! This movie is the reason I'm here aren't I? This movie is going to do more good than evil.

  178. A + , here is some of our analysis.