Monday, February 28, 2011

Bank of America paid out 46 Billion for FRAUD MBS to PIMCO and Fed! MERS Fraud Mortgages!

EDIT - I had Million in the title - it is Billion!

Can we all together say......  "Ahhhh.. Poor Bank of America", they are getting it from all sides!

First people are standing up against the FRAUD Foreclosures and judges are ruling against them left and right.

Pimco and the New York Federal Reserve bank among many other hedge funds and investors of MBS (mortgage backed securities) were demanding their investments back from the fraudulent securities.

Bank of America was fighting it.  Well it seems as of the end of 2010 they had paid 46 BILLION back to PIMCO - N.Y. Fed and others and they still have 10.7 BILLION of Claims against their MBS  filed!  That is HUGE!  Also by those big entities demanding all that money, they pretty much know the game is up and the fraud is coming out in all ways.  They are wanting out before the complete SHTF when it is disclosed ALL the MBS sold by MERS banks are fraud!  One mortgage was put into multiple MBS bonds.

BOA has spent over one Billion more in litigation in 2010 than they had expected to (defending fraud foreclosures).  Looks like they have booked more litigation fees in for this year (2011).

Wells Fargo has also had over 1 Billion in litigation fees in loss to the bank due to MERS fraud foreclosures!

Portions of Article:

Lawyers for borrowers said in court papers that firms including Bank of America also mishandled the servicing of loans, using flawed paperwork in hundreds of thousands of foreclosures.

When banks sell mortgages to investors or bundle them into securities, they typically offer “representations and warranties” in which they guarantee the accuracy of data backing the loans. Examples include borrowers’ income and the appraised worth of the home. If the information is proven wrong, the bank can be forced to buy back the loan or reimburse investors for the lost value. 

The company is in talks with a bondholder group that includes Pimco, BlackRock Inc. and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, people with knowledge of the matter said last year. The group, which in October pressured the firm to repurchase loans, within 115 deals, amounting to about $46 billion, is now questioning 225 securitizations, Bank of America said last week. 

Lawsuits from other investors are piling up. Allstate Corp., the biggest publicly traded U.S. home and auto insurer, in December sued over mortgage-backed securities. Bond insurers including MBIA Inc. and Ambac Financial Group Inc. have said Countrywide fraudulently induced the carriers to guarantee securities filled with defective mortgages. 

So, lets keep all the banks having to spend money in litigation! STAND UP - DO NOT GET FORECLOSED ON BY FRAUD!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

An Updated Video About Comet Elenin, I just did....... The Questions I have about it that have not been answered!

I just did an updated video about Comet Elenin and the questions regarding the Comet that have not been answered as of yet.

In this video I just did - I have the question of "why haven't the exact coordinates been released"?  On the original video I have "Where to look",  which is a drawing by someone, but there are no exact coordinates for it.

My original Video I put together for Comet Elenin

Friday, February 25, 2011

Bank of India DROPS Dollar in trade with China - They now ONLY take the Chinese Yuan!

This has got to have the U.S. government in an absolute tizzy and beside themselves!  The U.S. went into Iraq for less than this (daring to sell oil in Euros) and dropping the dollar.

India is now trading with China using the Chinese Yuan and has dropped the U.S. dollar completely!

This is huge the two largest growing economies are now trading between each other without using the dollar!  India and China feel the Yuan is more stable than the U.S. dollar now, as it is not being inflated.


Indian buyers are at present making payments in US dollars, and they often have to convert rupee into the US currency for the purpose. The US dollars will no more be the intermediary currency as the BOI is offering direct settlement between the rupee and the Chinese money.

Chinese exporters want their money in the local currency, which is regarded as more stable compared to the US dollar. They are also in a position to have their way because Indian buyers do not have an alternative source of low-cost goods, sources said. 

Now the Chinese Yuan is the currency of trade between Russia and China (they dropped the dollar last year in trade between the two), besides India and China.  The Asian countries had begun trading between each other in the Yuan last year, but huge countries had held back, besides Russia.

Is this the start of more countries taking the step of using the Chinese Yuan as the currency of trade?

We can thank Bernanke and the U.S. government for printing U.S. dollars into oblivion.  Here is the graph released from the Fed Reserve Bank of St. Louis of how many dollars have been printed.

Even those who have been keeping their heads in the sand about what is really happening, should look at that graph and gasp!  As soon as the rest of the countries take the step that India and Russia have and the dollar is dropped everywhere, we will be Zimbabwe.

I wouldn't be surprised if even our most trusted and close allies announce in the not too distant future they will be trading with China using the Yuan and dropping the dollar.  Imagine if Australia/France and other European countries take this step..........  do you doubt they will at some point in the future, to protect themselves?

Last month (January) the news had come out that India and Iran were coming to an agreement to trade Oil for gold between the two countries. 

The writing is on the wall - have you paid attention?  Do you have investments that will protect you when the U.S. dollar is rejected by all the countries as the trading currency?    There have been enough people warning everyone this was coming, so no one should be shocked or surprised when it happens.   Unless of course they only listen to MSM and hear how "Wonderful, everything is".

Our Corrupt U.S. Supreme Court, Under Justice Roberts now rules FOR Corporations and against the people - 61% of time

We the people of the United States, don't just have DHS, U.S. government, Federal Reserve working for the corporations and banks, we also have the U.S. Supreme Court working for the corporations and enacting laws or making rulings in favor of them.  If this information does not make people realize how far down the rabbit hole of our government and now justice system is being controlled by the elite and corporations, I don't know what will.

The University of Chicago analyzed 1450 Supreme Court decisions since 1953.  They have now found under Justice Roberts the Supreme Court rules for corporations 61% of the time.  This is the most one sided Supreme Court ever in the history of the U.S.!  

I doubt this finding includes the ruling last week from the Supreme Court that pharmaceutical companies are NOT liable for bad vaccinations and people are not able to sue the large pharmaceutical companies for any ill effects from a vaccine anymore. 
Rather, the Court said, vaccine makers cannot be held liable for negative side effects that parents believe are the result of their products.

Small Portion of statistics Article:

A study prepared for The New York Times by academics at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago, has analyzed some 1,450 Supreme Court decisions since 1953. 

It showed that, during the five terms in which John Roberts has been Chief Justice, the percentage of both business cases on the Supreme Court docket and cases won by business interests has grown visibly.  

The Roberts court ruled for business interests 61 percent of the time, compared with 46 percent in the last five years of the court led by Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, who died in 2005, and 42 percent by all courts since 1953. 

Those differences are statistically significant, the study found.
It was prepared by
  • Lee Epstein, a political scientist at Northwestern’s law school;
  • William M. Landes, an economist at the University of Chicago; and
  • Judge Richard A. Posner, who serves on the federal appeals court in Chicago and teaches law at the University of Chicago.
Posner's participation is particularly important because he has been perhaps the most influential right-wing academic legal theorist of the last thirty years.

WOW - Michael Jackson Video "They Don't Really Care about us" - He really hit the mark with this!

I came across this video for the first time ever today.  I was not a big fan of Michael Jackson once he began changing himself.  I believed all the allegations against him, but now I wonder if all was true?  He wrote some very powerful songs in his last few years.

I had heard this song before but did not really pay attention to the words "They don't really care about us".
Today I watched the video for the first time.  Very powerful and true song.  This video makes a powerful statement.  I had inserted his Earth Song previously.  I will reinsert it here, as it is such a powerful song also!

Here is Michael Jackson's Video "They Don't Really Care About Us"

Here is Michael Jackson's Powerful "Earth" video *complete words to the Earth Song are in this post*

It is a shame now that he is dead, I am finding out about these amazing powerful songs he wrote in the last years of his life. RIP Michael. I have so much more respect for him now than I did before his death, which is sad. It shows how the media will spin people's opinions. Michael Jackson may have been the greatest performer ever.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

OH MY Royal Canadian Mint Having Problems with Getting Silver!

OH MY the Sales Director for the Royal Canadian Mint has come out and told King World News, they are having problems getting silver!  They are working with their suppliers of silver but can not source all that is needed.

Gosh darn, someone needs to call them up and let them know JP Morgan has 300 million + in ounces they are trying to sell.  Because that is somewhere around the number of their shorts on the Comex and that means they are proclaiming they have that many ounces of silver for who ever would like to buy it.  :)

Portion from interview:

Our advantage is that we have had long-term relationships with our suppliers and that has helped us in this situation.  We have been able to leverage off of those relationships to get supply, but it still remains a big challenge sourcing material.  We’re looking at ways of mitigating our risk regarding supply of silver.

We are anticipating it to become even more difficult to secure supplies in the future.  This is based on what we are seeing firsthand and what our suppliers are telling us.  We work closely with these banks to secure silver and they tell us there is a lot of competition.” 

So the truth is coming out from Mints directly, they are not able to get the silver they need to mint their coins.  He even says they believe this is the new "norm" in the interview.


“I think you are going to see the premiums go up in order to secure silver.  At some point some players will be priced out of the market.  I don’t think this is a short-term situation, I think there are a lot of issues going forward and this may be the new norm.”

I hope people listen to the Royal Canadian Mint to understand the silver market is ready to bust loose and truth come out about the amount of silver actually available.  

One question:

Got Silver? 

When you look at this chart and you see what is at the top of the commodities of increase and then you see what starts the negative of loss........

The chart does not read very well here - the top of the chart of commodities and increase is SILVER and the starting of the negative of the chart are U.S. t-bills.

Click on the picture to see the chart bigger. Link to chart on CME page is here.

Counsel for MERS calls Dan Pennell of Naked Capitalism - Says administration has to make MERS legal. READ what else he implies "Banks Will Walk away from loans of those who Stand Up and Sue"

The legal counsel for MERS called Daniel Pennell of Naked Capitalism yesterday.  What Richard Anderson of MERS told him, is so typical of the big banks and what they believe will or will not happen!  It shows they believe they are ABOVE the law and the White House will twist the laws to make MERS foreclosure FRAUD legal!

What is also very interesting is him saying "That they would rather walk away from loans right now of those WHO FIGHT foreclosures than to have MORE judges RULE AGAINST THEM!

Did you get that?  In other words - STAND UP RIGHT NOW AGAINST A FORECLOSURE!  MERS banks would rather WALK AWAY than go to court to have more RULINGS AGAINST THEM!  This is very important to understand right now!  I believe there is a window of time, where the banks are running scared!  Most Judges around the country are ruling by the law, there are some who still will not.  But those cases can be appealed to a higher court which rules by the law.  That has been happening around the country also!

Richard Anderson displays such cockiness as to say - MERS banks will do as they want and that Judges should not rule against them, due to the amount of mortgages they have in the U.S. (60% of mortgages are MERS).

Portions of article:

Mr. Anderson was in fact calling in response to an email I had sent to MERS last week (see below) asking how MERS intended to manage its response to the Agard case in N.Y. where judge Grossman clearly said (or in Mr. Anderson’s words “opined from the bench”) that MERS did not have the legal standing to assign mortgages.

As regards the Agard case in N.Y, Mr. Anderson first pointed out that MERS has 300 plus cases that support its legal position. He then went on to tell me that Judge Grossman did not understand or chose to ignore the laws of N.Y. and that his comments regarding MERS were nothing more than his “opining from the bench” and therefore had no legal relevance and because it was nothing more than an “opining” that there was nothing for MERS to appeal.

When I pointed out that the MERS announced changes to its membership agreements that followed so quickly on the heels of the Agard decision seemed to align almost exactly with the comments made by Judge Grossman, Mr. Anderson said that it was just a “coincidence of timing” and that the changes were just intended to avoid any potential legal issues and to improve and secure the MERS business process. It’s interesting in light of Mr. Anderson’s remarks that a Naked Capitalism reader reported yesterday that banks have been settling cases where MERS is at risk of getting an unfavorable judgment. As he wrote:
That’s not unexpected behavior–better to cave with small dollars than to lose plus have adverse law become embedded in the case law for an entire federal district. That makes it appear to non-specialists that the jurisprudence in favor of lenders/MERS is static.

I want to make sure everyone UNDERSTANDS the SIGNIFICANCE of the above Statement!!!!!!!

He is basically saying - They will WALK AWAY from people WHO SUE the banks, right to foreclosure!  That is how I read it!

Here is another portion - of SUCH ARROGANCE on the part of the MERS lawyer

Mr. Anderson said that he could not comment on the OCC investigation or actions but then went on to say that no administration would allow, nor would it allow a judge’s ruling, to threaten the legal standing of a MERS member to take a home. He pointed out that MERS has some relationship with 60% of the mortgages in the country worth in the trillions of dollars. In other words, in his opinion, regardless of the law or the findings of the OCC, MERS is too important because of the dollars associated with its operation to be allowed to be found to be acting illegally.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Video of a TSA Pat Down AFTER a Mother and Sons got OFF a Train in Savannah, Ga! What right do they have to do that?!

UPDATE 3/1/11 - Full First Hand Account of TSA Pat Down at Savannah Train Station

This is so mind boggling to me!  I am still trying to figure out within WHAT law or right would the TSA have to pat down people AFTER they got OFF a train in Savannah, Ga.?

Where is the sense in patting down people when they have gotten to their destination?

But, more importantly what RIGHT OR LAW allows TSA to pat down people riding on trains?

If all of this is true, then we are so down the rabbit hole in being a POLICE STATE in the United States!  All of this invasion of privacy and having to SUBMIT to other people feeling us up all in the name of keeping us "safe from terrorism"?

It seems to me there is one terrorist that is standing above all others now!  After watching this, I believe those who are reading these words know exactly who/what I am claiming is a terrorist!

If that had been me,  I would have demanded what right they had to do ANY pat down and REFUSED to allow it being done to me or my child! 

I believe as many people as possible need to reproduce this video, in case youtube decides to take it down.

Description at youtube link of the Video, from the person who submitted it:

The only bad thing on our trip was TSA was at the Savannah train station. There were about 14 agents pulling people inside the building and coralling everyone in a roped area AFTER you got OFF THE TRAIN! This made no sense!!! Poor family in front of us! 9 year old getting patted down and wanded. They groped our people too and were very unprofessional. I am all about security, but when have you ever been harassed and felt up getting OFF a plane? Shouldnt they be doing that getting ON??? And they wonder why so many people are mad at them.

Is this picture what they want people to get used to where ever we go?  We Have Rights to say NO and question WHY they are even doing this outside of Airports?

Credit on Tax Return Given to People for purchasing a house - The IRS - U.S. Govt. says has to be paid back in FULL!


This is NOT money they made but was credited to them off their tax returns - so in essence they saved a few bucks on their tax returns!  They did NOT have it has cash!  

No one got the full amount of that money, it only helped in the amount of taxes paid for the year! 
What a FU**ing SCAM!

This REALLY PISSES ME OFF - If you can't tell!
Trillions given to banks!  YET - a few thousand as A CREDIT on tax returns for people - THEY HAVE TO PAY BACK!

Portion of Article:

It sounded like a great deal: become a first-time homebuyer and pocket up to $7,500 in a tax credit. But if you bought that house in 2008 and received the credit, you're required to start paying it back - now.

That's because the credit was actually an interest-free loan provided by the government to stimulate a near-dead housing market.

The 2008 credit was available to qualified homebuyers who purchased after April 8, 2008, through the end of that year. The IRS has sent letters reminding folks who fall into this category, including 45,865 taxpayers in New York State.

Many have been caught off-guard. They either forgot that the credit was a loan, or believed the loan had been forgiven as Congress subsequently passed different versions of the homebuyer credit that did not require a payback.

India People also Protesting due to Inflation, Running Away in the Country

India is also having thousands of people taking to the streets, just as the Middle East has had!  They are protesting the inflation that is taking grip in the country!

This is proof, it is over Bernanke's fiscal policies that are causing unrest around the world!  The amount of dollars now on the market around the world is causing massive inflation where people are the poorest!

People in the U.S. need to stop living under a rock and realize massive inflation will be here in the not too distant future.  The cost of food will skyrocket!  Once the dollar is completely dropped as the reserve currency, we will go Zimbabwe! 


Feb 23, 2011

Mass rally against inflation in Indian capital

The mostly working-class demonstrators, many carrying Communist flags and shouting slogans against inflation and corruption, converged on the centre of New Delhi for the rally, with surrounding trunk roads closed to traffic. -- PHOTO: AFP

NEW DELHI - TENS of thousands of people gathered in the Indian capital on Wednesday to protest against inflation, complaining that rising prices were increasing hardship for the country's many poor. 

The mostly working-class demonstrators, many carrying Communist flags and shouting slogans against inflation and corruption, converged on the centre of New Delhi for the rally, with surrounding trunk roads closed to traffic. 
The rally was organised by the Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), which joined forces with other unions to pressure the government over inflation before the unveiling of a new annual budget next Monday.
'Workers from 19 states, thousands of women among them, are reaching Delhi and will march to parliament to seek their rightful share in the country's so-called 'robust growth story',' said a CITU statement. 
The CITU said it expected 800,000 to one million people, though this figure could not be independently verified. Police were unable to estimate the number of demonstrators. 
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has described inflation as a 'serious' threat to India's growth, and the government has been racing to boost vegetable and other supplies to bring down soaring food prices. -- AFP

**ALERT** FAKE Silver Coins/Bars/Ingots ARE on the market in U.S.!

Fake Morgan Silver Dollars ( photo by Peninsula Daily News)

I had posted about how Tungsten is up 70% in the last year and inserted a video showing fake gold and a video with David Morgan of Silver-Investor discussing fake gold and silver.  Last week during the interview David Morgan did with me, he talked about fake gold and silver possibly being on the market, besides other information about it.  He also said in the interview, if there will be any fake silver coins they will fake the old coins and not new ones.  WOW - he got that one exactly right!

Gold  has been a given in regards to possibly being fake due to the price of it!  It is well worth an organization (ie: Fed, govt) to fake besides the price, they are pretending there is much more gold than there really is.

With silver, the cost of faking it compared to the cost of the metal itself has not made it such a likely candidate as gold is.  But times have been changing and in my opinion will be really changing in the not too distant future!  In fact this next month - March, there will hopefully be fireworks going off at the Comex. The physical Silver market is tight, all the experts are saying that.  So it was simply a matter of time before fake silver began getting on the market.

We did not have to wait too long, Fake Silver is now here!

There is Fake Silver on the market now!  The coins are Morgan Silver Dollars dating all the way back to the 1880's and are in pawn shops, besides who knows where else!  I would assume it is not just the U.S. that has Fake Silver but also other places in the world too.

A pawn shop in Washington State got a shipment of Morgan Silver Dollars in and felt something was not right about them.  They called in a policeman, who could not tell what was wrong with them, until he was told they were fake.

The silver has an iron core and so people WILL be able to tell a Fake Silver coin by using a magnet! If a strong magnet is attracted to the coin it is fake!   A real silver coin will not attract a magnet but fake ones will!  Also a Fake Silver coin will thud when dropped compared to a high pitched ring of a real one, dropped!


PORT ANGELES, Wash. - Counterfeit coins by the thousands are turning up in Washington state, and authorities are warning coin collectors to be on the lookout for them.

All or most of the counterfeits appear to be from China.

"Stacks of ingots, bars, all kinds of stuff - they make everything from pennies all the way up to silver dollars," says Port Angeles police officer Duane Benedict. "China is making these things by the thousands."

Several of the fake coins were recently sold to a Port Angeles business, EZ Pawn, for $400. They would have been worth more than $1,500 had they been real, Benedict said.

Officer Benedict got a call from EZ Pawn.

"They brought me in there to look at something they thought was fake. So I was pre-warned. But I picked it up and said, 'What's fake about it?'"

The 20 counterfeit U.S. Morgan silver dollars were supposedly from a century ago. Brian Winters of EZ Pawn has bought coins for years - and even he was fooled.

Unlike most counterfeits, the coins did not all have the same dates. One was a super rare 1893S, worth thousands and thousands.

It was at that time Brian pulled out a loupe and looked at a real coin and a suspect one. He found the "T" and the "I" too thick. All the coins were fake.

The real coin weighed in at 26.7 grams. The fake was two grams lighter.

For those of us without a gram scale - there are other tests for detecting the counterfeit coins.

The real ones have a high-pitched ring when they're dropped. The counterfeits land with a thud.

Also - a strong magnet will detect small amounts of iron in counterfeit U.S. coins. If a supposedly "silver" coin has even a little bit of attraction to the magnet, then it is a fake, Benedict says.

The counterfeits aren't just limited to silver dollars. Other coins - including Indian head pennies - also have turned out to be fakes.

And EZ Pawn says they're continuing to see fake coins brought in by other customers.

And Benedict warns businesses to be suspicious if someone uses only coins to pay for merchandise.

"Use caution if someone brings in a lot of coins to buy something, and look them over carefully," Benedict said.

Personally, I would beware of buying any metals on Ebay or any place I can not touch and feel the metals and completely check them out before purchasing them!  Buyer Beware!  Take precautions, check out listings on Craigslist in your area. Buy from local people and online metal companies who get their coins directly from the mints and guarantee the Silver content!

EDIT - I just looked on my local Craigslist and I believe there is an ad there for Morgan Silver dollars that are possibly the fake Morgan Silver Dollars.  The coins are in plastic holders and they are very shiny!  So, people will be selling them on Craigslist too - when looking at any coins in person - Take them OUT of the holders!  If the owner does not want them taken out of the holders so you can check them out more thoroughly - then WALK AWAY!  

Here is the local listing on craigslist - to me this fits the bill perfectly as being FAKE Morgan Silver Dollars! I am not saying they are fake for sure, as I do not know, but they simply look like they could be.
**UPDATE 2/25/11 - The above link was deleted by seller - but the same ad for the same coins is now here and it reads exactly the same - it is a new ad for the Morgan Silver Dollars**
Edit - I just did a short youtube video about it, for those who would rather hear about it then read about it.

Edit to add  video showing magnetic test on a Silver bar

Adding a Ring Test for Silver

Edit to add - David Morgan had come in and answered someone's question below about the magnetic properties of metals, due to the video versus the information about magnets sticking to silver etc. He inserted this link for information:

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Huge Increase of Children dying of Strokes, right now! Kids from 3 years old and up! WHY?

A friend of mine talked to a Pediatric intensive care nurse yesterday about her husband needing a liver transplant.  The conversation started innocent enough when my friend mentioned the transplant needed.

The Pediatric nurse told her "Oh, he should not have a problem there are large amounts of organs being donated right now, due to all the kids dying"!  Well, of course that statement alarmed my friend and she asked the doctor to explain what was meant by that.

The Pediatric nurse told my friend that there has been a huge increase of children dying from strokes, in fact they are having the situation every day.  A three year old died of a stroke just a few days before, that had never had medical problems previously and a very healthy 16 year old just died from one.

When my friend told me this news, needless to say "the hair on my arms raised".    Of course I have called the Children's Hospital here and they will not give me any information if there has been a rise in children dying with strokes.  I don't know why I expected an organization to give information that could help the public.  My call was transferred to the "Community Relations of the Hospital".

I have done some research and found the N.Y. times wrote about it earlier this month.

Portions of Article:

February 10, 2011, 2:27 pm

Stroke Rising Among Young People

More young people and adults in their 30s and 40s are being hospitalized for stroke, even as stroke rates are dropping in older people, new data show.

But stroke hospitalizations rose sharply among men and women ages 15 to 44, including a 51-percent jump among 15- to 34-year-old men. There were also notable increases among children, though the number of strokes in children remains very small over all. The study found increases of more than 30 percent in boys and girls ages 5 to 14. Hospitalization for strokes declined, however, in girls younger than 5.

 There is much more in the article, but you can see in the above portion there has been a dramatic increase in strokes in children!  Also, considering it is a MSM piece, the numbers may be larger than what they have in the article.

Now, here are just a couple of my thoughts and Questions regarding this:

  • Has any one in the medical field, checked flu vaccinations (poison) against those children who had strokes?  
  • Did those children have a flu vaccination?
  • Has a toxicology been done of every child's blood?  
  • Are there hard metals in the blood (chemtrail metals)?
Yeah, the above are "conspiracy" questions. But in actuality - are they really?  I would like to know if the children who have died of strokes had a flu vaccination?  I feel that is actually a  VERY VALID question!  Considering, I have lots of information about the flu vaccinations on my "Ukraine Plague" blog and how detrimental they have been to children.   In fact, a story about that... a neighbor called me a couple of weeks ago.  Her 16 month old has had to be in the hospital for a week - almost died with the flu, pneumonia and a number of complications from those two and it was AFTER they had their child vaccinated!  I told her (though I don't know her well) in no uncertain terms should you EVER take or give your child the Flu Vaccine!  Vitamin D, needs to be taken every day, 800% more effective than any vaccine! 

Remember the Flu Vaccination and all childrens vaccinations have Mercury and the Flu Vaccination has
thimerosal!   That is why I would like to know, have those children who have had strokes had the flu vaccine?  Also if they all did, I would bet that information will never see the light of day!
Below is a small portion from the link

Risk Factors of Heavy Metal Toxicity

There are many risk factors which are associated with Heavy Metal Toxicity. The biggest problem is that one is often unaware of the Heavy Metal Toxicity and its dire consequences till it is already too late. The subtlety of the effect and the prolonged consequences make this a very potentially harmful disease. In order to be aware of the risks of Heavy Metal Toxicity, one needs to be aware of the sources of such poisoning.
The Liver and Kidneys as well as the Gallbladder and Lymphatic System are major "filters" of the blood system, removing toxic wastes and debris. The kidneys especially aid in ridding the body of excess "acids" while rebalancing critical pH. If these "filters" are damaged or continuously unclean, your blood will remain laden with debris and heavy metals that could travel to your brain and cause a stroke, or become part of the cholesterol plaque hardening your arteries and veins, or become "stones" painfully lodged in your kidneys. The clean and efficient functioning of key blood filtering organs is critically essential for life.
Some of the main sources of Heavy Metal Toxicity occur through:
  • Consuming fish contaminated in mercury
  • Mercury contamination from badly fitted dental fillings.
  • Poisoning from vaccinations containing thimerosal
  • Consumption of contaminated water

No hospital will give me any information of a correlation of flu vaccines to strokes in children, but I sure would like to know if there is possibly a correlation!

I think finding out what kinds of toxins are in the childrens blood could be an important step in finding a correlation.  Are there hard metals in their blood?  Are there possibly toxins (corexit type toxins) in their blood?

Many have been reporting their bodies being more irritated by the chemtrails, more than ever before!  Has the government begun putting even more toxins and poisons in them now?  We know they load our air up with heavy metals and we breath those in.  But are they adding more and that is causing the reaction of strokes in kids?

I am asking, if there are any doctors who read this blog to PLEASE look into the bizarre increase of strokes in children right now!

This is a serious issue and I am asking everyone who knows a doctor or pediatrician to ASK about the increase of children dying right now with strokes!

The only way to find out about the most important issues that affect us and our children and the truth of the matters is if we do it ourselves!  We can not expect MSM to give us truth or even inform the public about this situation!  Please lets work together and find out what is going on!

Please email me with any information you are able to find out regarding this situation at:
sherriequestioningall            at      symbol     

I wrote my email address above as it is, due to the amount of spam I receive, obviously replace the words at symbol with the email at symbol.

Monday, February 21, 2011

With all the serious things happening, sometimes we just have to take a break to Laugh and Smile - Videos For your enjoyment

We all need to have good laughs and smiles, especially with everything going on!  So, as I take a break from the serious events of the world to enjoy some really awesome and funny videos, I would like to share some with you!

I hope you enjoy and get a laugh and smile some with the videos, I have enjoyed!

Most of these videos are of parrots!

For your viewing pleasure!

I have enjoyed watching this one over and over! The parrot is amazing with it's singing and sound effects!

OMG - This bird is crazy with it's heavy metal!

This parrot sure knows how to dance!

This is such a great commercial done with parrots!

Lots of people know Einstein now, but he is just too good, not to put in.

Great singing parrot!

You are my Sunshine singing bird!

Same bird as above - singing "I feel Good"

This Kitty doesn't like people that much it seems.

Would you like to adopt a kitty? This one I would think is still up for adoption!

We all know about Christian the Lion - here is the long video with lots more information! In fact Christian brought his female lions to his friends and they laid right next to the men and they pet them as if they were tame! Amazing Full Video!

This Hippo is amazing! Helped animals across the river.

I hoped you enjoyed the break from the stresses of life and from the more serious events happening!

Oh, one more.... if you know of someone having a Birthday and you are not able to sing well, just send them this video!

Breaking - Libya's Air Force Bombs Protesters - Gadhafi's Son Vows Rivers of Blood - Hundred Thousands will die, if protest continues!

This is so sickening!  Breaking news right now - Libya's Air Force has bombed Protesters heading to the Army base!  The report is just in so it is not known how much bombing was done nor how many protesters were killed.

Gadhafi's son has also vowed hundreds of thousands will die if the protests do not stop.  He said Libya is not Egypt nor Tunisia, they will not allow the people to take over.  Gadhafi will continue his reign of the country, which is into it's 41 year.

The son also said there will be "River's of Blood" if the people continue to revolt.  They will kill the people!

Of course the internet is shut down at this point.

This is so sickening and it shows the elite that rule countries have no compassion for the people!  It is all about money, control and power to them.   It is actually that way in every country!  The people are simply slaves to do the bidding of the elite, even in so called "Democratic" countries.  When corporations/banks rule the laws there is no democracy!

I feel for those people in Libya!  It is so sickening Gadhafi is willing to kill all who dare stand up to his ruling of the country!

From article:

Al-Jazeera reported Monday that the Libyan air force has bombed protesters who were on their way to an army base, according to eyewitness testimony. 

The protesters were reportedly heading to the army base to obtain ammunition, but witnesses said the air force bombed the demonstrators before they could get there. 

Libya has seen the bloodiest crackdown of any Arab country on the wave of protests sweeping the region that toppled the leaders of Egypt and Tunisia. 

Since the six days of unrest began, more than 200 people have been killed, according to medical officials, human rights groups and exiled dissidents. 

Gadhafi's son said his father would prevail. 

"We are not Tunisia and Egypt," he said. "Moammar Gadhafi, our leader, is leading the battle in Tripoli, and we are with him."

Silver Masters of Manipulation Cartoon - Worried about March Deliveries!

Great Cartoon.  The Silver Masters of Manipulation are concerned about March Comex Deliveries, since longs are not dropping out!

I wrote about March Silver Comex possible default in an article, I included David Morgan's "Silver Fallacies".

N.Y. Supreme Court - Vacates Judgment - EMC (MERS bank) Mortgage NO Rights to Foreclose! Owner Won Case Pro Se (she did it herself!!!!)

An owner of a home WON a Foreclosure case Pro Se in New York and the New York Supreme Court just ruled for her!

This woman challenged MERS herself without a lawyer (that is what Pro Se, means)!  It shows it CAN BE DONE!

The New York Supreme court vacated judgment of EMC Mortgage (MERS bank) right to foreclose on her!  They did not hold an assignment on the house when they began foreclosure proceedings!  

She now has her house FREE and CLEAR!

It shows by standing up against the fraud, people can WIN even by doing it themselves!  

From Judges order:

The pro se defendant, in her supporting affidavit (defense#1) challenged the right of theholder of the assigned mortgage to bring a foreclosure action and effect service. 

The plaintiff, not being the holder of the assignment at the time the action was commenced,it did not have standing to commence this action.  Accordingly, the Court vacates the Judgment of Foreclosure   and    Sale, which  the      County        Clerks      minutes     indicate was      executed     on      April    9,    2009      and      dismisses the complaint

EMC v. Toussaint w

Saturday, February 19, 2011

March Silver delivery information - JP Morgan in trouble? Silver Comex Default? Plus "Silver Fallacies" by David Morgan

David Morgan of Silver-Investor, wrote an article about "Silver Fallacies" what people think compared to what is of the Comex market of shorts versus longs.  The article is below.

First information about what is going on in the Silver Futures and Comex this week.

The CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) due to the rising price of metals the last couple of days, especially silver has to try and stop it in what ever way they can.  JP Morgan (thus the government) is in trouble with all the orders at this moment standing for silver delivery for March.  The CME yesterday raised the margin amounts needed for longs to 50%, effective immediately!  So, if someone wants to put a long order down for Silver or Gold they have to have 50% up front, to do so.   They are doing the work for JP Morgan because obviously the amount of shorts JPM has on silver has not been working to suppress the price.  It definitely has not been working to scare off longs either.

More longs are standing for March delivery at this moment, than ever before.  Considering there are suppose to be more longs standing than, Comex's own inventory, which numbers stand around 42 million.  The default would be heard and experienced around the world by a violent rise of silver and the whole Comex would crack!  The question is....will those longs stand and place 100% of the money by the 28th of February for delivery?

Another question is.... is the information real, of all those funds that wrote a letter to JPM, letting them know they are going to stand for delivery for March, if not just to be paid off with a huge premium from JPM instead of physical?

It seems everyone in the financial business have caught on to JP Morgan's comex game.  Those financial entities who want to make a huge percentage from their investment in a short amount of time put longs on for silver.  From my understanding they are more than happy to put up 100% of their money to stand for silver, when they don't plan on taking physical!  Why?

Because JP Morgan will then pay them off due to the amount of shorts they have on the Comex with a nice premium!  So those funds will walk away by making instant money at a percentage they could not make elsewhere!  Eventually, JP Morgan will get drained (except they have the U.S. government and The Federal Reserve to keep bailing them out).  But it will keep hurting their bottom line!  They are going to lose who knows how many billions by having to pay off the longs who stand.   This is another way of breaking the Comex, imo.  Imagine as more and more funds learn the way to make fast money...... JP Morgan will become JP Morgue and the instant pay off for those who like fast returns!

David Morgan, wrote "Silver Fallacies" in 2008.  I am inserting it here as I believe it now applies more than ever.  He was ahead of his time in thinking (but that is why people subscribe to him) about what will happen in the silver market.   Also, I just listened to his subscriber only update, where he discusses what is currently happening as it happens with charts, etc.  In his update, he explained "The Three day trading rule".  He showed silver breaking through it's last high and said his Three Day trading rule is it is actually a break out and not a fake out, if it continues staying above the last high of $31.21.   He then explained his way of trading if it does stay above that high.  **** as a note - Thursday was the start of above that high, Friday continued it - We now only have Monday to go, to see if it stays***** 

UPDATE 2/21/11 5:13pm est - WOO HOO - we reached David's three day BREAK OUT POINT!  Silver did not even look back at $31.21 during the three days!  I can not give you David's way of trading,  from his subscribers section, but the 3 day BREAK OUT WAS reached and confirmed - the rise up from David's expert opinion was not a Fake out but a REAL BREAK OUT! 

Here is the "Silver Fallacies" article David Morgan wrote in 2008, I am bringing back up for everyone's attention - It completely applies to right now!

I recently read an "advertorial" suggesting silver to be a fantastic investment, and I could not agree more. However, the author was stating that all short positions have to eventually be covered with physical silver and that when this took place there would be a price explosion.
It is a fallacy that all short positions have to be covered and the shorts will have to buy silver to cover. First, to state that all positions have to be covered is misleading; a position can remain open for a very long time, because as the contract becomes due, it can be rolled over. Technically, it is not the same position, because when it is "rolled forward," it is a different month and involves a different contract, but basically the contract is moved out to a later date. This rolling takes place all the time in the futures markets.

The second fallacy is more important because almost all the shorts in the silver market can close their positions with cash, no silver required. Let's say silver moves UP fifty cents in one day and you are short the market. You just had what is known as a bad day. You will get a phone call from your broker asking you for more money to be placed into your account. You can instruct your futures broker to close out your short positions and all you would be responsible for is a check, not silver. This does not mean that a price explosion to the upside cannot take place. However, it is important to recognize that if physical silver were required to cover the short position the price movement could be far greater!

Yes, silver does get purchased and moved off the exchange, but this is only about one to two percent of all the activity as represented by market activity. This is another area not very well understood. Each month the CFTC publishes delivery notices, but these are notices, not actual deliveries. Many in the industry know that some of these delivery notices are NEVER acted upon! Yet we see some pretty well respected Internet sites that proclaim so much silver was gulped up off the exchange. This is not true; other notices and/or paper swaps or transactions offset most notices. In simple terms, there could be "notices" for several million ounces of silver in a given delivery month, but when all is said and done not much has really happened. Oh, let me restate: a whole lot has happened on paper but not much in a physical way.
Yet, with all this paper silver flying around, the physical market is the most important and will at some point drive the price, no matter what the paper pushers intend. Since the world's financial system is becoming so stressed with bad debt that cannot be repaid, institutional and retail investors alike are seeking higher quality investments. First, this will translate into government-backed debt (bonds), and certain currencies will become the flavor of the month. For example, the euro or Canadian dollar will be favored, but all of this "money movement" is really the last vestige of the bankers selling people on the idea that paper currency is safe if only you are smart enough to choose the right paper currency.

 As the carry trade unwinds and a new era of quality replaces one of quantity, the precious metals will reassert themselves in the overall financial landscape. Gold will be sought by institutions and, yes, even the central banks again at some point, but silver is held by few governments -- China and India being the only two -- and both hold pitifully small amounts of silver at this point. The once vast silver holdings of the United States of America were depleted several years ago.

As momentum builds and more and more precious metals are purchased, the prices will be reflective of these purchases, and since one of the main purposes for purchasing will be wealth preservation or financial survival, don't rule out the underdog -- silver! You see, big institutions, banks, and the elite will flock to gold, but remember "the poor man's gold"? Literally, millions of people have something to protect and these people will flock to the safety of the physical silver market.

This buying frenzy will drive the price far higher than most people imagine at this point, since there are far more "poor" people than rich people and since there is far less silver than gold available in investment form. The percentage gain in silver and silver related investments will be noted in financial history, just as the silver "corner" by the Hunt Brothers was in 1980!

BTW: yesterday - I posted how Silver is UP 106% in a years time!  What other investment has given someone that rate of return in one year?  NONE that I can think of!  Next month - will it be "To the Moon Alice - To the Moon?  :)  I sincerely hope I can do a "Happy Dance" in March due to the Silver Comex! I just love anticipation and excitement!  Don't you?

UPDATE 2/23/11 - FAKE Silver Coins/Bars/Ingot Are Confirmed on the Market in U.S.!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Due to Food Crisis in Taiwan - They have declared Food Hoarding a National Security Issue and a Crime!

Taiwan has a food inflation problem along with the rest of the world.   The Taiwan Prosecutors Office vows to crack down on any Food staple Hoarders.

Anyone caught food hoarding will be severely prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!  5 years in jail and a fine is a possibility.   They mention stores, but also they say "anyone" so I take from that, it means any individual also. 

What I have a question about, is when/if things get tight with food here in the U.S. will they start cracking down on people who have too much food?  I am still affected and worried about my CPS visit as they were concerned I had stored food.  I did not ask them why storing food could cause someone to lose their child, as I was too worried about the whole situation anyway.  But with hearing what action is now being taken in Taiwan, when push comes to shove, will actions be taken in the U.S.?  In my opinion they already have in some ways, due to my experience, as it seems the U.S. government does want to know who has food stored.


TAIPEI -- The Taiwan High Prosecutors Office vowed yesterday to harshly crack down on anyone caught hoarding food staples as part of the government's efforts to stabilize food prices amid a string of price hikes following the Lunar New Year. 

The office said it has started collecting evidence by monitoring prices of major consumer products. Anyone found to have engaged in hoarding will be severely punished to the fullest extent of the law, it said. 
Those guilty of illegal activities such as hoarding daily necessities, manipulating food supplies or product prices could be sentenced to jail terms of up to five years or fines of up to NT$3,000 (US$100). 

Yen Da-ho, chief prosecutor of the Taiwan High Prosecutors Office, said the office will first target upstream and midstream businesses. 

Local prosecutors offices across the country have since before the Lunar New Year been cracking down on the stockpiling of food, he said, adding that a national ad hoc meeting will be held to monitor food prices nationwide. 

President Ma Ying-jeou and Premier Wu Den-yih have both expressed grave concern over rising prices for basic food prices. 

Wu called the food price issue a “national security issue” earlier that same day in a weekly Cabinet meeting, and demanded that all agencies keep a close eye on the food price situation.

The END of America by Naomi Wolf - This Film Opens your eyes to what is happening!

This Film is all based on Facts! It is a film of truth of what is really happening in the United States. This film with open your eyes to how the government looks at us. How we may be considered Enemy Combatants! Naomi Wolf did an excellent job with this documentary! If there was a film to watch, this ONE IS IT!

Preview of it - but to watch the whole movie, just click on the "watch entire film for free".

Watch more free documentaries

If you had any doubts about Silver - UP 101.14% in one years time, should dispel them!

I would like to simply bring to everyone's attention Silver is UP 101.14% in one years time!

Feb 18 2011 9:10AM NY Time
Bid/Ask 31.84 31.86
Low/High 31.62 32.02
Change +0.06 +0.19%
30DayChg +3.07 +10.67%
1YearChg +16.01 +101.14%

I need not say anymore - except..... Can you think of any other investment that has given you a 101% return on your money in the last year? 

UPDATE -   I wrote this in the morning - today Silver went up .88 more cents

Feb 18 2011 6:52PM NY Time
Bid/Ask 32.66 32.68
Low/High 31.62 32.92
Change +0.88 +2.77%
30DayChg +3.89 +13.52%
1YearChg +16.83 +106.32%

Proof How Effective the RESPA Letter to Banks is! Man Able to Foreclose on Wells Fargo Bank due to NO response from bank!

I have a letter up that I have stressed to everyone to send certified to their mortgage servicer!

I wrote about the my positive results besides a readers result of the letter.

A man who sent Wells Fargo a RESPA letter, but did not get a response within the 20 business days as required by the law got a judgment against Wells Fargo for not responding.  Due to that judgment he is now able to FORECLOSE on Wells Fargo's office in Philadelphia!  

This man was not in foreclosure, but what this shows is how IMPORTANT the RESPA letter is!  
It does not matter what circumstance anyone is in with their mortgage, this RESPA letter needs to be sent out to every mortgage servicer!  This is a protection for you and the banks have to disclose all the information about your loan.

Portion of article:

A Philadelphia homeowner started foreclosure proceedings on a Wells Fargo mortgage office after winning a rather strange legal judgement against the bank. 

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Rodgers discovered the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, which requires mortgage companies to acknowledge written requests within 20 business days or face penalties. He took Wells Fargo to court, winning a default judgement because the bank didn't show up in court.

Passed in 1974 to protect borrowers, RESPA stipulates a standard complain letter that can be sent to lenders. (For more information on RESPA, check out the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's website here.) 

Rodgers won a $1,173 judgment against the bank, and when they still failed to reply to his letters, he started foreclosure proceedings. 

The contents of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage's offices at 1341 North Delaware Avenue are reportedly still scheduled for a March 4 sherif's sale.

The homeowner placed a sheriffs levy against Well's Fargo's local mortgage office, to cover the $1,173 judgment, plus tax. The bank paid up in January, but still had not responded to his letters, so he started a foreclosure sale on the Wells Fargo office.
I am asking EVERYONE to PLEASE pass the information on and the letter on to EVERYONE you know! I can not stress how vitally important it is for EVERYONE to send this out!

I am reproducing the letter here - Please copy and paste it - add your loan number and address at the top to your mortgage servicer!  

PLEASE PLEASE get this information out - this is a way people can stand up - you CAN win money from the banks from this letter!  This man is foreclosing on Wells Fargo's office due to it!

I don't expect the foreclosure will actually go through, I am sure he will get his $1173 from Wells Fargo for failing to respond to the letter.  But it does get the attention of the banks!  If you do not get the response with 20 days of them receiving the letter, get a judgment against them, as this man did! 

I found this at this link:

Here's a letter my attorney gave which is what you use to derail mortgage servicers. You send this letter certified to your servicer and then wait. As he told me 90% of the time the servicer will not reply because if they do it will show all the hidden fees, charges and interest they have illegally applied to your account and which get hidden in your payoff amount or simply get overlooked with time.

This letter, if they fail to reply and later try to foreclose on you, creates a defense and countersuit for RESPA violations. You don't go after them for failing to respond...well you could...but its really something you keep in your back pocket for when you need it.

This letter is a “qualified written request” under the Federal Servicer Act, which is a part of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, 12 U.S.C. 2605(e). This request is made on the above referenced account. Specifically, I am requesting the following information:

1. A complete and itemized statement of the loan history from the date of the loan to the date of this letter including, but not limited to, all receipts by way of payment or otherwise and all charges to the loan in whatever form. This history should include the date of each and every debit and credit to any account related to this loan, the nature and purpose of each such debit and credit, and the name and address of the payee of any type of disbursement related to this account.

2. A complete and itemized statement of all advances or charges against this loan for any purpose that are not reflected on the loan history transaction statement provided in answer to question #1.

3. A complete and itemized statement of the escrow account of the loan, if any, from the date of the loan to the date of this letter, including, but not limited to, any receipts or disbursements with respect to real estate property taxes, fire or hazard insurance, flood insurance, mortgage insurance, credit insurance, or any other insurance product.

4. Have you purchased and charged to the account any Vendor’s Single Interest Insurance?

5. A complete and itemized statement from the date of the loan to the date of this letter of any forced-placed insurance and expenses related thereto, related in any way to this loan.

6. A complete and itemized statement from the date of the loan to the date of this letter of any suspense account entries and/or any corporate advance entries related in any way to this loan.

7. A complete and itemized statement from the date of the loan to the date of this letter of any property inspection fees, property preservation fees, broker opinion fees, appraisal fees, bankruptcy monitoring fees, or other similar fees or expenses related in any way to this loan.

8. Identify the provision under the Deed of Trust and/or note that authorizes charging each and every such fee against the loan.

9. Please attach copies of all property inspection reports and appraisals.

10. A complete and itemized statement of any and all post-petition arrears including each month in which the default occurred, and the amount of each monthly default.

11. A complete and itemized statement of any late charges to this loan from the date of this loan to the date of this letter.

12. The amount, if applicable, of any “satisfaction fees.”

13. A complete and itemized statement from the date of the loan to the date of this letter of any fees incurred to modify, extend, or amend the loan or to defer any payment due under the terms of the loan.

14. The current amount needed to pay-off the loan in full.

15. A full and complete comprehensible definitional dictionary of all transaction codes and other similar terms used in the statements requested above.

16. A complete and itemized statement of any funds deposited in any post-petition suspension account(s) or corporate advance account(s), including, but not limited to, the balance in any such account or accounts and the nature, source and date of any and all funds deposited in such account or accounts.

17. A complete and itemized statement from the date of this loan to the date of this letter of the amount, payment date, purpose and recipient of all foreclosure expenses, NSF check charges, legal fees, attorney fees, professional fees and other expenses and costs that have been charged against or assessed to this mortgage.

18. A complete and itemized statement of the amount, payment date, purpose and recipient of all fees for the preparation and filing of the original proof of claim, any amended proofs of claim, or any supplemental proofs of claim related to this mortgage.

19. The full name, address and phone number of the current holder of this debt including the name, address and phone number of any trustee or other fiduciary. This request is being made pursuant to Section 1641(f)(2) of the Truth In Lending Act, which requires the servicer to identify the holder of the debt.

20. The name, address and phone number of any master servicers, servicers, sub-servicers, contingency servicers, back-up servicers or special servicers for the underlying mortgage debt.

21. A copy of any mortgage Pooling and Servicing Agreement and all Disclosure Statements provided to any Investors with respect to any mortgage-backed security trust or other special purpose vehicle related to the said Agreement and any and all Amendments and Supplements thereto.

22. If a copy of the Pooling and Servicing Agreement has been filed with the SEC, provide a copy of SEC Form 8k and the Prospectus Supplement, SEC Form 424b5.

23. The name, address and phone number of any Trustee under any pooling or servicing agreement related to this loan.

24. A copy of the Prospectus offered to investors in the trust.

25. Copies of all servicing, master servicing, sub-servicing, contingency servicing, special servicing, or back-up servicing agreements with respect to this account.

26. All written loss-mitigation rules and work-out procedures related to any defaults regarding this loan and similar loans.

27. The procedural manual used with respect to the servicing or sub-servicing of this loan.

28. A summary of all fixed or standard legal fees approved for any form of legal services rendered in connection with this account.

29. Is this loan subject to any Electronic Tracking Agreement? If the answer is yes, then state the full name and address of the Electronic Agent and the full name and address of the Mortgage Electronic Registration System.

30. Is the servicing of this loan provided pursuant to any type of mortgage electronic registration system? If the answer is yes, then attach a copy of the mortgage electronic registration system procedures manual.

31. A copy of the LSAMS Transaction History Report for the mortgage loan account, with a detailed description of all fee codes.

32. Is this a MERS Designated Mortgage Loan? If the answer is yes, then identify the electronic agent and the type of mortgage electronic system used by the agent.

33. Is this mortgage part of a Mortgage Warehouse Loan? If so, then state the full name and address of the Lender and attach a copy of the Warehouse Loan Agreement.

34. Upon any default or notice of default, state whether or not the Mortgage Warehouse Lender has the right to override any servicers or sub-servicers and provide instructions directly to the Electronic Agent? If the answer is yes, then specifically identify the legal basis for such authority.

35. Is this mortgage part of a Whole Loan Sale Agreement? If the answer is yes, then state the name and address of the Purchaser, the Custodian, the Trustee, the Electronic Agent and any Servicer or Sub-Servicers.

You should be advised that you must acknowledge receipt of this qualified written request within 20 business days, pursuant to 12 U.S.C. Section 2605(e)(1)(A) and Reg. X Section 3500.21(e)(1).

You should also be advised that I will seek the recovery of damages, costs, and reasonable legal fees for each failure to comply with the questions and requests herein. I also reserve the right to seek statutory damages for each violation of any part of Section 2605 of Title 12 of the United States Code.
*Also note that mortgage servicers are required to fully answer all these questions within 60 days from the date they receive this letter in addition to acknowleding receipt of your request in the first 20 days. During that time they are forbidden to report late-pays to the bureaus as well.

UPDATE 2/22/11 - Here is the guy on Fox News - he got his check!  (I won't comment on the fact he did not blink once and has some very interesting teeth)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Interview with David Morgan 2/17/11 about the RED ALERT email from Roger Wiegand regarding Confiscation of Gold and Silver this year. We also Discussed Fake Gold and Silver!

David Morgan

David Morgan of Silver-Investor was generous to take time out of his busy schedule to do an interview with me today regarding the RED ALERT email he received from Roger Wiegand of WeBeatTheStreet.

David Morgan discusses the RED ALERT email and his thoughts on the potential of confiscation of metals this year and he addresses the potential of fake gold and silver on the market. 

Due to our using David Morgan's system to do the interview.   I am not able to embed the interview into this post, but David has been kind enough to let the audio of the interview be hosted through his site at Silver-Investor, so please click this link to hear the interview.

David mentions in the interview, he does not believe gold and silver will be confiscated, though others do.  He also said Roger is not someone who would put out the RED ALERT email, without having some real sources to back it up.  He discusses how there have been fake gold and silver bars on the market, with previous discovery of 100 ounce silver bars filled with lead in the 1970s.  David gives a great interview regarding what people are concerned about with gold and silver.

My interview with Roger Wiegand on 2/16/11 can be found here.

I would like to thank both David Morgan and Roger Wiegand for doing the interviews with me regarding the RED ALERT email!  I sincerely appreciate the time both took out of their very busy schedules to talk to me about the RED ALERT potential of confiscation.


At the end of the interview I let David know his Matrix video he did was killer and awesome!  This video I have watched multiple times, because it is so cool!  David explains briefly the reasoning of his creating this Matrix video.  I am inserting the video here for everyone's enjoyment, but listen to the interview for why he did it!