Tuesday, March 1, 2011

TSA Pat Down Savannah Train Video - Full First Hand Account of What Happened. TSA Search After Getting off Train

UPDATE 3/10/11 - Another Amtrak Incident - Gestapo Techniques

UPDATE 3/7/11 - Amtrak Police Chief is Livid about what occurred in Savannah, he first thought the story was a joke, but found out it really did happen.  He has now kicked TSA out of Amtrak stations.   The story did get it wrong, they have Gizmodo as being the first to report the story, but in looking at the time of publishing, I had written about it 2 hours before they put it on their site.   It is nice to know blogs make a difference and gets things changed!

I had reported last week about the TSA Pat Down in Savannah after people got off the train and to their destination.

The video about it is here

I contacted the person who videoed what happened and asked if he could give all of us more information about it and asked him some questions about it.

The following is his full account of what occurred and how it occurred. I have not changed one word in this, it is exactly as he relayed to me, via email.
Hi Sherrie,

Thanks for passing it along. No problem on the interview. I can give you a breakdown of what happened.

I am a firefighter and travel agent (Guns and Hoses Travel) and we had a group vacation from Florida to Savannah for Valentines weekend. We road the train from Deland, FL to Savannah, GA. 

When we got off in Savannah, there were TSA agents out on the platform that told us to go inside to get our (checked) luggage. So we were part of about 20 people that wondered inside. As soon as we went inside the door, there were about 14 TSA agents waiting and they ushered us into a roped off holding area. They stated we were all being searched, as well as our luggage. We told them we just got OFF the train. They said they didn't care, that if we entered the building, we were subject to search. We told them we didn't want to enter the building, that THEY told us to. (BTW our luggage was never inside - it was waiting for us on the train platform).
We started fussing about how this didn't make sense (you can actually hear us in the video). They started searching people. The family in front of us (the video posted) started being searched. When I saw the two young boys get searched, and they made them lift their shirts up, that is when I pulled out my camera and started shooting. I was in shock!! They continued to wand them, then pat them down as well.

My wife as well as one of the other ladies in our group were brought over and searched. They made them pull up their shirts (to their bra line) and then patted them down and even patted down their breasts AFTER they wanded them (what if they didn't have a bra on?!)

We were still fussing about these searches, when a TSA supervisor came over and told us to "calm down. This is for your own security". We told him we just got OFF the train. He just walked away.

At this point, I was still in the holding area. I finally got the attention of Georgia State Patrol. I told him what was happening, and he asked to see my train ticket. I showed him and asked him to get a supervisor. He left and returned several minutes later. During this time, they had performed a detailed search of my wifes bag as well as the other lady in our group. The guy searching the bag had the nerve to smell her perfume and tell her that he liked it.

When the GSP returned, he told me to come with him as well as anyone else with me. He took us outside, and told us we were free to go. We went and retrieved our luggage from the train platform and got in our waiting taxis.

The sign TSA shows on their apology blog was on a stanchion as you entered, but with a group of 20 entering, you couldn't see the sign. We didn't even want to go inside. Being unexperienced train travelers, we did not know any better.

My wife is one of the nicest calmest people you will meet, but it took over an hour to calm her down she was so livid and upset.

This seemed like more of a shake down than a security search. I understand the logic of security and searches BEFORE you board a plane or train, but this just didn't make any sense.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. I am happy to respond.



Someone sent me a link to a TSA Blog 
This blog says "There were signs saying, Beyond this point you are subject to search" and then says those people had a choice of going inside, thus being subject to search as the signs said.  So it is implying it was of the people's own free will in choosing to go inside the search area.  

Obviously whoever wrote that does not know the full story!  Brian explains They did NOT have a Choice - TSA MADE them go inside after getting off the train!

TSA is also apologize for any inconviences they caused the train riders in the blog.

The whole story above, reminds me of what I have read about that happened in the 1930's 1940's of people getting off trains and being directed into certain areas.

I am asking if people come across this at another time - STAND UP AND SAY NO!  This was simply a humiliating experience for those who went through it!  There was no reason to make people feel Degraded as TSA did!  Making people lift their shirts?

This is an atrocity against the citizens of the United States and there is absolutely no reason for it, except to make people feel degraded, non-human, submissive and controlled by those in power!

This event needs to be called to the attention of Congress and the Senate - I am asking people to send this information to your elected officials and ask "WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR CONSTITUTION AND OUR RIGHTS OF FREELY TRAVELING AROUND THE COUNTRY AND WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR CIVIL RIGHT?"  WE ARE BEING VIOLATED IN AN INHUMANE WAY - WE DESERVE BETTER!


  1. Beta testing, will the sheeple comply and walk on to FEMA trains eventually... Feel like you're being conditioned?
    This violation of many UNALIENABLE RIGHTS to get off the train , makes absolutely no sense UNLESS their testing the sheeples non-response...

  2. Those who submit to a search to board any train, plane or whatever are the ones responsible for this happening...they are afraid of their shadow and their submission empowers the goons. If you refuse to be a slave, you will not submit to such crap.

    Grow up, the boogie man moved out from under my bed about the time I reached the age of reason. If you must be afraid, it is your government that you should be afraid of at this time.

  3. I would ask why they wanted to search us to start with.Did they suspect a terroist was on the train.If they did then I would submit in hopes of eliminating suspects to find the culprit.If they could not give me a good reason ,then I would not submit.I believe we must allow certain infringements to catch the terroists who are traveling within our borders and who will eventually set off multiple attacks and even a dirty bomb or low level nuclear device.In this country we still have freedom of speech and we need to politely ask the supervisor for an explanation.We need to walk a fine line between our freedoms and cooperation to catch these terroists.

  4. TSA is now stating they may do additional screening at the actual gate in airports. So here is a question - you can ask for a private room for a pat down at the intitial security check point - but where is the private room at the gate - ah ha - there isn't one. Sorry but I am not having any TSA person lift my shirt even a few inches to go around my waistband in public - they do that they have to do it in private or they are getting clocked for public sexual assault.

  5. Terrorists?? Where? Where are these dirty bomb blowers??? The only freak outs usa will have is when your PTSD troops come home from the middle east, where they will promptly go ape shit crazy on random people.

  6. To ask if someone was a suspected terrorist and complying thereof is wasted energy considering that the "Warren Terror" is a BIG FAT LIE. If you are still believing this load of BS, You need to take a little time to educate yourself as to what propaganda is leading your decision making. Think about this: When has the gubmint ever told the truth about any event that was spawned by it that was newsworthy? Im case you are struggling with the answer, NEVER. Refuse to travel until this crisis is over or you are complicit in it's acceptance.

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