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Is The Govt. trying to Find out, Who has What now? I ask, because - Child Services Interviewed My Child - Wanted to Know if We Had Solar Panels, Exactly Where We Go Camping and Hiking , If have Alternative Energy, If Food Stored, Then Came to my House! Updated Article on 12/3/10 with Video Clips From Interview

UPDATED 12/3/10 - VIDEO CLIPS OF INTERVIEW - AT BOTTOM and in an individual post here.

I have been very hesitant about releasing what happened to me regarding Child Protective Services.  But after discussing this with Dave Hodges, from the Commonsense Radio Show on Republic Broadcasting, he said I need to get this information out to the public. 

This happened about one month ago now.

Here is how it all began.

I got a call from Child Protective Services, the woman said they had gotten a "call" about me and abuse of my child.  I was in shock, when she told me this.  I was completely confused and it also freaked me out, as I could not comprehend on why someone had called Child Services on me.  Anyone that knows me, knows how blessed I feel, in having my "miracle child"!

I asked the woman, if they were going to have to go to her father's house also, she said "OH, I didn't know the father did not live there".  I gave her, the father's phone number and name.  I also, asked "How can I be sure, you are who you say you are".  She gave me the phone number for the office and said I could call it back.  After she let me know they would be at my house early the next morning and I was still completely freaked and confused on how someone could even think I have ever abused my child, I hung up.  I called her father and let him know what was going on.  The phone call was just a few minutes before my child was due home from school.

When my child got home, I got a bigger shock!  My child told me, child services had come to her school that day and interviewed her!  I told her to wait, to tell me anything, as I wanted to put her on speaker phone with her father so she could tell us at the same time, what questions they asked.

My child said, these are the questions they asked " Does your mother have SOLAR PANELS?  Where Exactly does your mother take you camping?  Where exactly have you gone hiking? Do you hike and then camp?  Does anyone else go with you camping?  What do you do when you go camping?  Does your mother have alternative energy?  Does your mother have stored food?  Does your mother have any guns?  Does your mother saying anything about "The end of the world"?  What kind of remodeling has your mother done to your home?  Do you have a "safe room", like a bomb shelter in your home?

***EDIT***12/5/10 9:20am est - I forgot to include another question, they asked my child: IF your mother takes you to church and exactly which church do you go to? They did not ask ME that question when I was interviewed - BUT they did ask the father that question in if he knew, if I take my child to church or not.  I was surprised at this question, I thought there was a separation of Church and State and did not know those type questions were allowed. - END OF EDIT***

My child also said she told child services, her father does not live with me and there was shared custody and that included being at my house for one week and then her father's house for one week.  So my child TOLD Child services the father and I did not live together!  I was upset, as the woman then lied to me on the phone saying "She did not know the father didn't live here".   I hung up with her father to call Child services and confront the woman.  Besides Child services asking what I considered were the MOST Bizarre questions I had EVER heard of, for a child abuse case!  What the the World do ANY of those questions have to do with "Child abuse"?!!!!! 

When the child services woman answered the phone, I started into her right away, saying she was not truthful  about not knowing the father didn't live here to me on the phone earlier!  She was a little taken back it seems, that I would be confronting her as I was!  She said "she did not remember my child telling her that"!  I was telling her "Really?, MY Child TOLD you all about her living with her father and about her brother there and Everything, and you DON'T remember that?!"   She said "No" she didn't!  I then said I had a HUGE problem with that fact then, because "What else, doesn't she remember in her conversation with my child, when she had just interviewed my child?".  I also asked her "Why in the world would you ask a child about "the end of the world and even put any ideas like that in a child's head"?  She was flustered and said "they have to ask questions in regards to any accusations".

I told her " I will have witnesses here tomorrow, to make sure things stay "straight"!  I also told her, she would NOT be allowed anywhere else in my house, EXCEPT for my child's room, since that was required.  *Child services has to confirm a child has a bed to sleep in, clothes and food, with any visit to a home*.   She asked me Why - they would not be able to see the WHOLE House?  I told her, because the ONLY thing required is her bedroom and that would be IT!  She somewhat hung up the phone on me, with exasperation from the call.   

I was One Upset person now!  To me this was the Most Bizarre event happening.  I sat back down with my child and asked her..  "was there anyone else in the room besides the child services people?"  My child said "No".    I then asked my child "Did they ask, if I have ever hit you, did they ask if I drink, did they ask if I do drugs"?  She said "No", they did not ask ANY questions such as that!  I was NOW completely confused!  How in the heck, is it Child services did NOT ask what I would think would be NORMAL Child Abuse questions that would be abusive to a child!  NOT ONE NORMAL CHILD ABUSE QUESTION WAS ASKED!

I called my sister, who lives by me and then I called some neighbors and asked them to be witnesses the next morning.  Also I asked my sister to bring her video camera, as I wanted to TAPE the whole Child services interview!

The next morning, my neighbors and sister arrived early and my sister set up the camera, we waited.

The child services people as I opened the door saw the video camera rolling - there were 3 of them.  The woman had brought her associate and her supervisor with her.  They waved at the camera and I told them, for their protection as well as my own, the WHOLE interview was going to be recorded. 

I told them, I had a right to know what the Accusations were against me, though they did not have to say WHO made the accusations, as soon as they acknowledged the camera.

The woman said the accusation was "mental abuse and neglect" against me.  I asked how child services, decides if there is "mental abuse", since that is very subjective in opinion?  They simply agreed it was "subjective".  I then said, "Well, I will show you her room, clothes and food now, so that part is over with".  I took them to her room (I had all doors shut to all rooms of the house, as I felt it was none of their business in seeing any other rooms of my house).  Then we came back and I opened up the fridge and freezer and then showed them the pantry, so they could see food was there.  My sister followed us with the camera, everywhere we went, taping the child services workers.

They then asked if they could sit down and discuss the accusations.  First they asked me "normal questions, my date of birth, my name, my child's date of birth, my address, and other form questions as that.

They then asked me, if I had ever talked to my child about "the end of the world"?  I told them "No, in fact I asked my child if kids ever said anything about it, just a couple of weeks before.  My child told me "Yes, kids say stuff about 2012"  I told my child NOT to listen to any of the ridiculous stuff kids say".  I then told the child services people, I know they asked my child about it the day before and my child TOLD them I had NEVER said anything about "the end of the world" to her!  So don't they take my child's word for that?!  She said "Yes, they do".  So I said "then you know I have not said anything regarding end of the world type stuff".  

Then she asked if I had "stored food"?  I told her... I follow the guidelines which FEMA has up on their site and I am a Red Cross Volunteer and have gone out on disasters with the Red Cross and I have had all the training with the Red Cross, in knowing that people should  be self reliant for a couple of weeks, without needing help from the government or any other source during that time.  So "I follow the Guidelines of  the government and recommendations from the Red Cross in that respect"!

They then asked if I had an "alternative heat source" for my house!  I said "Yes, I have a Yukon Eagle heater, which burns, wood or natural gas for heating my house".  I said "I have saved lots of money by heating my house with wood, compared to natural gas".  oh, they said "a problem with it could be carbon monoxide", I told them, natural gas heaters had problems with that, besides I have carbon monoxide sensors. . They asked if they could see it (which it is downstairs in my basement), I went and got a brochure and the owners manual on it from my file cabinet and handed it to them, so they could look at it there.  I was not going to take them downstairs to my basement, as I felt they did not have a right to "check out my house in all ways".  They mentioned wanting seeing it once more, I ignored it and I went on to another subject.  The supervisor was familiar with the unit I have, as he said they have lots of them up north, where he came from.

Then they asked me, "what renovations have I done on my home and do I continue to do renovations to it"?  I laughed and looked at my neighbors and sister as they too laughed.  I told them, I have done lots of renovations, and my sister and I put the wood floors in here, I tiled the entrance and I just redid the hall ways and the outside entrance.  I also had taken down walls.  The supervisor asked "what walls and where exactly were taken down"?  I stood up and said "right here, I took down walls that used to go across here and the wall that separated the kitchen and den".

She then said "We understand you are a "blogger" and what exactly is your blog about, also it is said you have a "conspiracy mind"?  I was a little shocked at this question and told them "mainly my blog is about the Foreclosure Fraud that has been happening".  They asked how many hours I spend blogging, as that is where the "neglect" part of the accusation came in, in that I spent most of my time "blogging".  I told them the weeks I don't have my child "I blog more and spend more time on the computer".  But when I have my child, I spend time with my child!  My neighbors piped up and said, "we see her outside playing with her child and she is probably one of the best mothers and my child is about the most well balanced child they have ever come across".  One neighbor said "we would not have the problems we do, if all kids were raised, as I was raising my child, as she is so balanced".

I told the child services people, "I spend lots of time with my child and I was raising her to "give to others" and that my child and I do fund raisers for the Red Cross and she loves volunteering and doing what she can for others!"  I told them, "I have let my child know, doing for others is one of the best things you can do in your life and beauty comes from the inside, not the out".

Then they said "Well, here is the biggest accusation and one of the oddest accusations we have had before.  They said I was accused of "Being a member of a Top Secret Agency, that worked against the Government".  My sister, neighbors and I began laughing very hard with this!  I looked at them and said "Are you Serious?" 
I asked them to repeat the accusation, after they did, I just laughed and said "No" as I continued laughing!

The supervisor did say "Well, I would think you would be having "men in black" come see you, if you were".
They then began talking about "militias" and how they raise their children, I just listened to them and the way they were saying it, left it with a question to me on if I was involved in any.  I made a comment saying "I would have absolutely no clue, about anything regarding militias, as I had never entered that realm or researched militias". 

I asked them directly and asked them to be honest, regarding them seeing any validity to the accusations.
They said, "they didn't see any problems or validity of the accusations to me, before they left".
I was waiting for all the questions about my camping with my daughter and so on.... those questions never were asked and at the time I did not think about asking about it either.

I asked them "do you have any more questions"?  They said 'No".
They were at my house for about one hour and after they left, I called my child's father, to let him know they were on their way.

After a few hours, my child's father called me and said "they had been at his house for 2 HOURS and the whole time, they were grilling them about ME"!  He said, they asked him all kinds of things about my camping, and if HE knew where we went and what we did while camping!  He also said "they said they were concerned, since I did not let them see the downstairs of my house". He said they asked him, if he knew what my blog was about and did he read it?  He told them "mainly financial stuff and the diseases from last winter and if they were so worried about it, they could get on the internet and read it themselves".

I was completely flabbergasted!  I was "WTF"?  They did NOT ask ME about my camping with my child and they had TOLD me, they didn't see any problems, yet they were telling my child's father something different!   I called and recorded my message for the child services woman saying "I don't understand where there is a problem with me taking my child camping and Where we go, as you Never asked me a single thing about that"!

I will say, I have left 3 messages for her, since that day, asking for clarification on what the problem is with camping and Why is there a problem with our camping?  I have never received a call back!  Last week, I called and spoke to the supervisor that was here that day and said I wanted to know what accusation was in my regards to camping with my child?  He had to look and would call me back.  When he did call back, He said "he could not find one on the paperwork".  He also said, the accusations were unsubstantiated in their opinion, but they were going to be talking to my child once more.  ***That has still not occurred, as of writing this***

SO.......  I still would like to know why there were so many questions about my camping with my daughter and where we go camping, hiking and what we do, when we camp.  When they had asked my child she told them "we camp in a tent and make sure not to be next to an RV, due to their generator noise and we go hiking to falls and on trails".  So if my child told them the type of stuff we do, they don't ask me, BUT then they grill my child's father on it..... What the Heck is WRONG with Camping?!

The day they were here, I will admit, I was completely Freaked out the whole time, as I had never had anything like this happen before.  I did not confront them, with the questions they asked my child and why they asked my child the type questions they did, as I wanted to say as little as possible and not open any doors for them to conversations!  I do regret now, not confronting them on the camping, solar panels, alternative energy, etc. when they were here.  I also feel, they did not want to get into those questions, due to the camera filming everything too!

I did ask them.... were there any claims of "physical abuse" and they said "No", there was nothing in claims of my abusing my child that way, only the "mental and neglect".

Now here are my questions about this whole ordeal.............. and the accusations of Mental abuse and Neglect.........................

How does if I have Solar panels have anything to do with of those two accusations?

How does Where we go Camping have anything to do with those two accusations?

How does where we go hiking have anything to do with those two accusations?

How does what we do when we go camping have anything to do with those two accusations?

How does Who has ever gone camping with us, have anything to do with those two accusations?

How does if I have any stored food, have anything to do with those two accusations?

How does if I have an alternative heat source have anything to do with those two accusations? 

I would like to know How doing Renovations on my house has anything to do with those two accusations?

How does what I write on my blog, have anything to do with those accusations?

I could possibly understand, if a parent talked about the "end of the world" to a child, how that would completely mess up a child's mind, so in that regards, I do not believe that is such a "crazy" question!  Though I did want to ask the child services people - "Are you going to go after those children's parents, the ones who are telling MY child, the "end of the world is coming"?  But I did not.

I would like to know in fact, in my doing lots of outdoor things with my child and going camping, is that not then a conflict to the accusation of neglect of a child?  To me, that means a parent is far from neglecting a child, as they are spending time with the child outdoors, spending time together without T.V.s or other distractions!  When  did camping become being part of child abuse?

To sum this up, I drove myself crazy for awhile, wondering WHO would have made these accusations against me.  I have accused a family member to thinking it was possibly a neighbor, to her father's relatives.  BUT, now that time has gone by and I have been able to think more clearly about it, including having a conversation with Dave Hodges from the "Commonsense Radio Show", I am now of the opinion, another branch of the government, possibly sent Child Services to my home.

Dave Hodges, mentioned he has had previous shows about Child services and they are used by other branches to find out what people have or don't have, as it is the easiest way to get information.

A person can not refuse child services into their house as they have a complete right under law to come in and they have to see a child's room, clothes, and food, no matter what the accusation is.

One point I found out, after my child was interviewed, is.... they interviewed her, without anyone else in the room, I found out, a child has a RIGHT to have their own advocate and witness in the room with them when being interviewed by any government agency!  I have let my child Know the rights now and have said "if they ever come back, you can Insist on having someone else in the room with you, Including your parents"!

Where does that leave this all?

I was fearful of revealing this information, in case child services could come back on me for it.  But Dave Hodges explained "People NEED To know what is Happening" and "the more exposure to it, the less they can get you"! 

I don't know if all of that is true, but the hours I have spent dwelling on this whole ordeal, I have come more convinced, None of it makes ANY SENSE!  The accusations do NOT match the questions!  The questions had Nothing to do with Child Abuse!  The questions were All about What I may or may NOT have!

So, is it actually from my having this blog and the comments I have made in regards to my thoughts and opinions on various subjects?  

I will also clarify, I understand from seeing and living first hand, what disasters are like and what you need. I have experienced seeing them through the Red Cross, when I have gone out on disasters as a volunteer and I have lived through a major disaster, when I lived in St. Croix Virgin Islands when Hurricane Hugo hit.  I lost everything I owned and it basically wiped out the whole island.  I lived without electricity for 8 months after, besides having to live in an incomplete Hurricane damaged house and living with doing for yourself and others for a few weeks immediately afterward.  We did not have the grocery stores or anything immediately after for a few weeks, in fact, I learned very fast, why having a little extra food is a good thing.  There is nothing wrong with understanding "disasters do happen" and having some things in ready.  Ask those, who went through Katrina, ask those who have been flooded out in Iowa, Nashville and other places.  Ask those who due to ice storms have lived without electricity last winter in Kentucky or in the North East.  Ask me and all the others who were isolated on St. Croix for a time after Hugo, before any help could arrive.  Ask those in Haiti after the large earthquake.  

But, what does being prepared as per the FEMA government website and other organizations recommend, have anything to do with child abuse?  So, IF someone does Follow the guidelines of FEMA, then they are possibly on a list for the government to check out or being accused of child abuse?

So...... now the question is, are others who have been public about their opinions on varied subjects, have had the government check on them?  Has child services been used in other cases where they asked bizarre questions, compared to abuse questions?

 Dave Hodges from the Commonsense Radio show and I may join forces to find out, if there are other cases and people out there who have had this similar type incident happen to them?  Is the government going around and trying to find out, what people may have or not have?  Is the government going around, trying to find out if there is a "place in the woods" people plan on going to (hence the camping questions)?

***Note*** I have talked to Dave Hodges yet again today, he feels after talking to someone else who is an expert in regards to child services, is that I was being profiled and assessed in what kind of "threat" I may be for homeland security.

If that is the case, does that mean having a voice and using our voices to speak up in what we feel are wrongs happening in a peaceful manner and exercising our "rights" as citizens, we are then considered possible "threats"?  So does that mean everyone in the United States who may not have a blog, yet they still will voice their thoughts and opinions on what is happening in the United States and around the world to friends and co-workers are possibly "threats"?

Yes, I have a blog, it is a place where I can voice my peaceful but frustrated opinions at times and provide information some may not be aware of at times.  Does that make me someone "to watch"?
I would like to say "I have more faith in our government, than them feeling people exercising their First Amendment rights to Free Speech are "threats" to the government, when they are done in a peaceful manner".  But can I say that with full confidence?  Right now, I am not sure.  If this whole ordeal was to find out what I may or may not have and to do an assessment on me by the government, then I would like to know...... have I moved to another country and just not know it?  Have I moved to a country that feels everyone is a threat who may not agree with their policies, they are profiled and are threatened with their children being taken away? 

What country have I woken up in and when exactly did I move from the country I thought I was living in?

I have always raised my voice, when I  use to think it mattered to the politicians.  I have called our elected government officials many times and voiced my opinions on bills (TARP, Stimulus, FISA) and have emailed all I could voicing my opinion in Washington, D.C.  I have always felt we should stand up and have our voices heard.  When I gave up, in realizing Washington D.C., was deaf to the people's voices, is when I gave up trying to have my voice heard with them.  I then began this blog, through the frustration of talking to the elected politicians as much as possible and knowing I was drowned out through the "yelling" of the lobbyist and big money of corporations and banks.

So, I have had my little blog, to give a spot for my voice, I do not break the law in any manner by voicing my opinion, but due to my voicing my thoughts and opinions, on my small blog ...... it seems, I may be considered a possible "threat"? 

Someone.......... please wake me up, when I am back in the country I thought I was living in!

***Also, this is why, some may have noticed I have been slack on my "foreclosure fraud" information over the last month and not on it as much as I was previously, but I am getting back to myself now****

***UPDATE 12/5/10 - 10:50am est -  I realized last night, as I continued thinking about this CPS ordeal and still trying to put the pieces together - this CPS interview happened within days of a conference call I had with a couple of Large Class Action Law Firms - regarding "the strategy" and what needed to be done to begin Class Action Foreclosure Fraud Law Suits in all States.  I have no idea if this was the catalyst to the CPS allegations.  What is also interesting, is we were suppose to have another conference call, the day before this happened - that call did not happen and since the firms have not gotten back to me, yet Class Actions were suppose to begin.  This was not information I wanted to release, it may or may not have something to do with this.  End of Update**

OH, one other comment - my child went from being a Straight A student with a couple of B's all her school years,  to getting F's on tests and began failing classes, the week after this happened!  My child was very Traumatized by the Child services ordeal, as she was/is aware of child services and what they do from T.V. etc. and she was Freaked out that she may be "taken away"!  So......   she has now just begun "not worrying" about it at this time.


I have decided to put 3 very short portions of the video from the CPS people interviewing me.  They are very short, just so people can hear and see the allegations I mentioned in my article about it, did in fact happen.

I am not a video editor, in fact it was the first time - I has literally taken me two days, just to get these done and even then, they cut off - not at the places intended.  Lots of learning curves for me, in editing a video in anyway.

Top Secret Agency portion

Conspiracy mind - World Ending - Renovations - Food - Weapons portion

Blogger portion


  1. Sherrie:

    This is so disturbing, I cannot find the words to describe how I feel concerning all that I have read...

    Thank you for sharing, so publicly, your experience, which cannot be easy for you.

    My best to you and your family.

    Thanks for this excellent blog and for continuing to share with those of us who continue to 'question all'.

    In solidarity-Donna/mg

  2. woman is like a reverse gun that shoots out a new person instead of shooting out the life of an old person.

    woman should elect not to shoot her gun and stop having babies and this problem would never happen.

    Old Vietnamese Saying:

    When Beaux Coup Lamb Jump Out Mama and Off Cliff,
    Someone have Beaux Coup Bar-B-Que.

    Rothschild Bankers make us all have sex and make babies since this mean we need borrow money for new house and car and pay usury interest rates to bank rapers. Why get raped to shoot babies out of you?

  3. Welcome to the new USSR, headed up by the same group that created the old USSR. I leave it to the readers to research which group was responsible for the Russian "revolution".

    When Michael Chertoff became head of Homeland Security,he hired communist ex-chief of the East German Stasi agency (responsible for the disappearance and deaths of thousands) and communist ex-head of the KGB, General Yevgeni Primakov (real name: Pinchas Finkelsten) to set up our new-found internal security system. So do not question why things are the way they are. Only research what communists do to their own citizens.

    And yet our southern border is WIDE OPEN.

    R.I.P. the republic of the united states of America.

  4. When it comes time to pull the plug the Gov't People want to know things they can use to pull the plug on you specifically. They are probably doing this to many independent activists. There will be more news on it, if this is an active policy of the much hated U.S. Government, the mis-representative of the people. It tells me that they are seriously engaging in a takedown of the country, because Child Services has no need to know any of this information. It may even be true that no one complained about you, but that the government set you up, as they can conviently hide behind security-issue tripe to easily cover up any instigation on their part.

  5. Holy Crap Sherrie! It sounds like Homeland Security is checking you out. Watch out for anyone who tries to convince you to "take action" based on your new understanding of your government. Witness the Christmas tree Bomber in Portland, who was riled up and provided with a "bomb" by the FBI, and then arrested as a terrorist! Your "problem" is that you still beleive that you live in the Land of the Free, but that all ended when they took down the towers on Sept 11. Stay safe and strong!

  6. Jonnyx27, I don't know what you mean by "take action", but if you are referring to anything violent, I would NEVER do anything like that! Nor do I believe anyone else should! I simply voice my thoughts and opinions about things - But Always peacefully and they will Always Stay Peacefully!

  7. Your first mistake was that you talked to these people AT ALL. NEVER answer any question other
    than your name and address in a traffic stop, that's it PERIOD. Also instruct your daughter to NEVER trust the police or any government authority NEVER. Unless you have a need for them to know something keep your mouth shut, nothing good will ever come from answering any questions.

  8. Better begin to look outside the US for doesn't exist anymore when government begins to keep dossiers on its own people without common sense profiling.

    The milk is spilled, the cat is out of the bag and we are well down the slippery slope. Don't believe for a minute that the US is the appitomy of safety, security, freedom, privacy, or quiet enjoyment. That dream faded 100 years ago...we are merely coasting on past greatness.

  9. The US is a defacto totalitarian dictatorship encompassing the tenets of Fascism (corporate/banking control) and Communism (State control/socialism). Fear, paranoia and militarism are tools of this agenda. We are fed a diet of lies and propaganda so we fight amongst ourselves. The perps will use CS to spread an incident such as yours to create fear and panic so the population will bow to the jackboots of the elite.
    This was all done by design, the US is being taken down, its population imprisoned.
    Americans have been lulled to sleep and inaction by the diversions of the controlled mass media, poisons and drugs added to our food and water supplies.
    The fruition of a Satanic world communist dictatorship is now at hand, it should be clear even to the most of the non observant that this was happening all along and the every 'conspiracy' theory you ever heard of has turned out to be true.
    Now ask yourself what the hell those jets are spraying on us very other day.

  10. Sherri,

    go get 'em, girl!

    Yes, everything you say about the government doing what it does because you publicized that you were not in 100% agreement with the government is true, based on my experience.

    No, they are not immune from suit, if you care to go down that path. ONe of the beautiful things the gov't. has done is to make it more and more difficult for people, honest working people rather than gov't. employees, to keep their eyes closed.

    Here is a court cite for you: “A statute does not trump the Constitution.”

    People v. Ortiz, 32 Cal.App.4th at p. 292, fn. 2
    So the IV Amendment is still in effect.

    No-one is allowed to act under color of law to do anything.

    BTW, maybe take the time to tell your ex that you are grateful for his support. My ex has recently filed a restraining order against me including not being able to see my son. She said, among a lot of other lies that I had held a pistol to my son's head.

    Why? It's called "alienation of affection" or "parental alienation". Women are 99.99% the perp's. I am on my way out the door now to attend the hearing.

    If you think I can be of any help to you then please supply a way to get in touch.


  11. Just curious, Sherri, but since exposure is a potent weapon against totalitarian actions by a government (and you choose to use exposure to fight back), why have you not named the CPS investigators and their supervisor who visited your home? Why no dates and times? Why no postings, at least short clips, of the video? What were the names of your witnesses? Who at the school allowed CPS to talk with your child without your permission and knowledge? Have you confronted them? What was the school told by CPS?

  12. I choose not to name names, as that then can be found out where I am. Dave Hodges, is trying to convince me to put some of the recording of them on the net. But at this time, I do not want to do that, but will if ever needed. All schools have to allow CPS to speak to children when they are investigating "child abuse". Also, they don't want the parents to know a head of time, because then, the parents can be there. What I don't understand, is the school allowing a child to be interviewed without someone from the school present, if the parents are not notified. The worker told me they always go to the child first, that way a parent can't be there and it is a surprise.

    This happened approximately one month ago, the week before Halloween.

    I am notifying what happened, in this manner at this time and releasing names is not important of who the workers were.

  13. Sherrie,

    Based on my research you do NOT and should NOT let CPS or any government agent into your home without a search warrant. CPS does NOT get a free pass to ignore the Constitution.

  14. You are asking questions using common sense, these people don't care about common sense, they will lie and use anything they can to make you seem unfit. It is their job to steal children not help them,

    Check out nancy shaefer and cps corruption on youtube.
    Just type in cps corruption into any search engine and see the truth of the matter.

  15. I'll take your response at face value with one final comment. The questions that were asked by CPS, clearly on behalf of some government agency, could all be answered without involving any third party, such as CPS. Solar panels? I could look at your house. Survival food? I could look at your credit cards, emails, and bank statement. Guns? Same method. This operation directed at you and your family had two points: intimidation with a warning shot across your bow and probably an estimation that you would in fact publicize the encounter and there by put a bit of a scare into like minded, vocal individuals. It's all about the fear, Sherrie. It's always about the fear.

  16. I know you may not be able to afford it,...but I'd have tried to have an attorney present the morning of the interview, as I would with any subsequent interview,......I also know the fear that CPS can put into a parent,.....but at some point in the proceedings I'd have had to stop answering the questions and asked them to leave
    ...because to me,....even answering those kinds of questions gives their process legitimacy,..I get them verify the livingconditions,...but based on a phone call? No other information and they come out asking those questions,.....hell,
    ..even if you were telling your kids about 2012,....or some version of it,...why is that any of their business? What if you are fundamentalist in some way and believe in is that abusive or any of their business? If that is the standard for abuse,
    ...then every child that is currently being indoctrinated in a main stream religion is being abused......

    BTW,...if you want to really read about child abuse, should read a memoir called:

    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family Living in the Perfect American Suburb

    I'm the author, and I can tell you a thing or two about abuse....



  17. I thought you should know that MySpace will not let me share this article. I get the BS message about this being a known phishing site and being on a blocked list...interesting, no?

  18. Wow. Thank you for sharing that Sherrie. I suspected they were profiling bloggers, particularily those that put the pieces together themselves, not just repost what others wrote. Hmmm. Guess I don't need to tell you what you already carefull. Act intimidated.

  19. I would have, and have done this...
    demand a warrant signed by a judge, and two police officers be with them, then slam the door on them and wait for them to get those things. They never showed up again on my door.

  20. It is totally illegal for them to interview your child at school without your knowledge.

  21. Actually, I researched it and found you do have to let them in or they can come back with search warrants to get in the house. Second comment, I looked and found they can talk to kids at schools, BUT what I have a problem with, is not telling her, "her rights" to having someone there with her and the school not having someone in there with her. A parent has a right to be in the room with their child and at the very least in surprise interviews, a child should be allowed their own advocate in the room.

    But I doubt they wanted anyone there with her, due to the such ODD questions they were wanting the answers to.

  22. its a new thing every day, no words to describe their process of dehumanizing mankind and turning us into willing slaves and the rest of the people who CARE stand out like sore thumbs. THESE "people" ARE satanists, and ARE THE BIGGEST HINT that the end of the world will indeed come and it will be when the Creator decides to clean up this lot of worthless cockroaches. Until then, it will ber ugly, very ugly. I truly do fear for thos with kids, and all tihs is the exact reason I don't have any. Unless we have massive numbers they will persecute us beyond all belief.

  23. Did you research the fact that when they come with a warrant that the warrant is invalid and can be quashed? Not that that is necessarily what you want to do. You will find they can do anything they want until you stop them. I leaned this almost 30 years ago and have just found the proper method to restrain them. Everything they do is either unconstitutional or unconstitutionally applied, and it is your responsibility to get the restraining order against their actions. The restraining order works good on the foreclosure actions, also.

  24. Welcome to the matrix. Oh, and the child snachers collect a bounty for each child!

  25. I sincerely hope that is not true in regards to CPS being "rewarded" for taking a child away!

  26. Look, the government knows what is best for you and your child and you should have simply done everything asked of you and cooperated as best you could. They were only there to help you and your child.... N O T ! ! !

  27. It is very obvious that the government is very concerned about us speaking truth. You are very outspoken along these lines. You can expect scrutiny as they try to pressure us into silent submission. You are on their map as I and others are also. They know what we are saying. They understand the veil is falling down and we all see what is really happening.

    I firmly know the best way to defend your self is to do it in the open. Thank you for your courage in speaking truth to many important subjects. Please keep us posted on your situation.
    Be well.

  28. First let me say that you are certainly right in being offended by the non-professional and invasive way in which your child and you were confronted and interviewed. And you were wise to tape the interview and have witnesses present.

    Even under the best of circumstances and with the best qualified social workers, child protective services is a difficult situation. Often, complaints are made by vindictive people or by someone who has totally misunderstood a situation. However, CPS cannot know that until after they investigate and they have to investigate even if they have some (as yet unsubstantiated) doubt about the true situation.

    Inspite of the invasive, irregular and inappropriate way in which your child and you have been treated, it is very obvious WHY the social worker assigned to the case was so curious about food reserves, camping trips and so forth. In fact, according to your own report, the social worker basically told you why. Someone, somewhere suspects that you are involved with a militia or millenarian movement.

    The government considers such people to be a public menace because some of them are violence espousing anarchists who (for example) organize wilderness training exercises (i.e., go "camping") and have food stores on hand to be prepared when the "revolution" begins.

    It is also possible that someone has misunderstood what you are doing when you leave the house for Red Cross activities. Add to the mix that you are a blogger who is critical of some government actions or inactions and the attention you are receiving, while inappropriate in its form and methods, is clearly understandable.

    While it was inappropriate and probably illegal for them to question your child without a parent or other adult being present and while the school's acquiescence may well be a dereliction of their own obligations in loco parentis, it is also easy to understand why the CPS prefers to question a child alone. They do not want you or anyone else giving the child visual or audible clues that would affect the child's answers. On the other hand, it puts the child in a stressful situation where he or she may try to please the adult who is asking questions giving answers that may "please" the interrogator rather than speaking truthfully.

    Unfortunately, there is always a danger that CPS will overstep their mandate or that the laws they enforce are overly broad. That's what happens in dictatorial regimes where a mere accusation is considered to be proof of guilt.

    By the way, while I appreciate your interest in limiting the extent of the inspection of your house, it is obvious that your behavior will suggest to some people that you have something to hide. If someone begins to suspect that you may have a basement "torture chamber" used to punish your child or a clandestine drug or bomb lab, they will be back with a search warrant and police escort. It would have been better to let them look around but to tape them and the rooms.

    Going public, having witnesses and taping interviews is the best thing you can do. Hopefully, this will all go away now.

  29. I suspect the reason for your visit from child protection services was because of your financial blog, particularly a financial blog on foreclosures. You should research an incident that happened last year where a father and son team of financial consultants dealing with foreclosure were killed in a shootout with police. although in the news it was reported they ambush police, there was speculation they were assassinated because of their financial consulting. child services was sent to your home probably to intimidate you concerning your blog. As someone has already said, welcome to the Soviet Union.

  30. For every child taken into care, a substantial cost is passed on to the taxpayer to the tune of $100K per child in some cases. For any CPS county or state agency, there is no incentive to take children into care without overwhelming reason to do so. The reality is that for some CPS agencies, the official word is that they should do less removals from the home.
    To suggest that there is some type of officially sanctioned "reward" given to CPS workers to take children from their parents is the ranting of a true madman/woman.

  31. I do not know how I got to this web page now it is in my favorites database, Interesting experience the one you had and I will try to help you with the meaning of some of the questions that were asked:

    How does if I have Solar panels have anything to do with of those two accusations?

    This question make a lot of sense, you see, one of the investigators probably has a side Solar panel business and he or she is just trying to see if you may be a potential customer. If you do not have one now you will receive all kind of phone calls offering special deals on the Panels. I do not have one so I get at least one offer per week. I will probably buy one next year to heat my swimming pool.

    How does Where we go Camping have anything to do with those two accusations?
    How does where we go hiking have anything to do with those two accusations?
    How does what we do when we go camping have anything to do with those two accusations?
    How does who has ever gone camping with us, have anything to do with those two accusations?

    These definitely are very pertinent questions. US KIDS using media (TV, PC, Smart phones, etc) almost 8 hours a day. I am not making this up, read this:

    So by taking your child to camping and hiking you are exposing this child to nature. Imagine your child seeing the beauty of a river, a mountain, trees, flowers, a bird singing, ants doing some heavy duty work ( by the way, “work” does not have a meaning for some government officials), a dear running wild, etc. That for sure will affect her brain cells producing a “significant emotional event” and your child may start to think logically. You know that may be a BIG PROBLEM !!! UN PROBLEMA GRANDE !!!

    How does if I have any stored food, have anything to do with those two accusations?

    This is also very pertinent because kids now days have a tendency to over eat. Be very careful with the proverbial cookie jar in the kitchen. I am not making this up, read this:

    How does if I have an alternative heat source have anything to do with those two accusations?

    Perhaps you had your thermostat at a very low temperature and they were getting cold. I am from Florida, for me any home that keeps the thermostat below 80 degrees must be torture to live on.

    I would like to know how doing Renovations on my house has anything to do with those two accusations?
    Definitely this is a very pertinent question; you must know that any sane person that goes thru a renovation project dealing with contractors ( specially after a hurricane) ends up totally crazy – Insane and ready for the NUT-House.

    How does what I write on my blog, have anything to do with those accusations?
    This, I have NO IDEA at all SORRY!!!

  32. OH, thank you for the most wonderful comment! I am still laughing over it! You have an awesome sense of humor! Thanks again, for brightening up my evening!

  33. WOW! Our Free America is no longer.... Posted your story on my facebook to help make people aware of what is going on. Your blog, as well as other foreclosure sites, has helped me stay informed so I can figure out what to do in my house situation and I post all the info for other homeowners to gleen from. Stay strong Sherrie!


  34. In order to have attracted that kind of attention, your blog must have some good information! *bookmarked*

  35. Sherry,

    You have a right to have your name expunged from the records if they have not found any evidence to substantiate the telephone complaints. You can make a formal request for this by filling out a form and filing it with CPS. It sounds as if you have a vindictive neighbor or acquaintance. Though the CPS visit and grilling are highly intrusive, the CPS people are following a protocol. They are required to do this by law once a complaint is logged. Its hard not to take this very personally, but CPS is not the problem, vindictive neighbors are a problem. From one who has been there.

  36. Never been to your blog before. Thanks very much for sharing this.

    Authoritarianism rages on in the US!

  37. Sherry,
    The problem is we are in a time when you must know your rights and DEMAND them or they will treat you like the slaves we are. We all think it is OUR RIGHT or that the constitution will protect us. That is crazy, you must understand every form you have signed and remember if you are accepting a privledge or benefit from gov't you have lost a right along with that acceptance. It is all unrebutted presumptions but if you don't know that, your toast. Another problem is that WE created this problem. You gave the gov't the right to harrass your child and inspect your private home through birth certificates, social security, etc... You are chattel, your child is chattel and they will treat you as such unless you change those unrebutted presumptions. I am surprised you did not expect this especially since you may have written something your Master did not like.

    To all of that I find it courageous that you have been writing about this. That is our first step into the light of a new day. We need to tell our Masters we are responsible and can take care of ourselves and they are no longer needed. But like all babies weening them off of OUR teet will not be easy.

  38. This makes perfect sense. When you speak truth to power, there is blowback. You have hit a nerve with the powerful. They don't like those that challenge their authority. You are being made an example of to those who dare stand firm on principle. This is what we're up against. Ask James Trafficant or J Edgar Steele what happens when you buck the system enough. You go girl. Fight the good fight.

  39. This may seem counter-intuitive but if you and all people start overwhelming child care services with fake reports of abuse they will collapse under the weight and inability to address all issues.

    What did people think would happen when these modern day witch hunts were approved by "the public?" This is just the beginning. How about when people are able to rat on neighbors for having precious metals or guns? The Nanny State Gestapo is just starting to grow and is leaving the nest. The beast has been fed by the neglect of people who do not understand that Freedom and Liberty demand eternal vigilance.

  40. It's not exactly a bounty for each child. States get federal money to help with expenses when a child is adopted. That creates an incentive to take away the more adoptable children and expedite termination of parental rights. If your child is older, has disabilities, or is of a race without a high adoption demand, don't worry about it.

    Also, you don't have to let them in your house at all. Yes, they have to see the things mentioned to close their case, but, unless you are trying to adopt a child or take in foster children, their open cases without warrants are just a file category. Not your problem.

    There are cases where I'd agree with taking a child away. I have to ask myself, would I go and take that child away myself if CPS didn't exist? There are cases where the answer would be yes. You have to also take into account the trauma the realization they can be taken away is to a child. Even mildly abusive homes are preferable to that. Just imagine that child as an adult and how they would answer the question, "should I have been taken away?"

  41. Call me a cynic but I will believe this when I see the video.

  42. LOL, Yeah, sure I made up this whole story, in your opinion, because I am not releasing the video?

    Sorry, at this time I do not feel the need to release the video. A few copies have been made, but why put myself in the position that others have been placed, by being arrested for making something public (ie, the motorcyclist, who videoed a police officer on the highway) and was thrown in jail. I have the video for safe keeping, if it is ever needed. At this time I do not feel, it is needed, I did not even want to release the story, but only did so at the urging of Dave Hodges.

    If you want to disbelieve the ordeal, because I did not release the video, that is your prerogative and I feel no need to try and convince you otherwise.

  43. Outstanding, the way you handled this attempt at covert intel, document everything.
    Yes, DHS has you on a list, and used your weakness (your Daughter) to stick their nose in and look around.
    Again, kudos.

  44. So how did you hide the secret bunker, weapons cache, and silver depository that you built into your house? Looks like more concerned and wisened up Americans are going to have to face these inquisitions in the future, you should write a book... released by wikileaks, of course.

    Sorry this happened to you, the story really is quite disgusting.. and CPS is a beast to deal with.

  45. "This may seem counter-intuitive but if you and all people start overwhelming child care services with fake reports of abuse they will collapse under the weight and inability to address all issues."

    Unfortunately, since there are virtually no checks against CPS's actions, and like the IRS, they can find something on most anyone, this would be scary. I certainly wouldn't volunteer to be one of the families called against. There will be lots of collateral damage.

    I've only lived in the US 4 years and have never seen anything like it antwhere else in the world. The TV news is only murder, rape, fires, traffic accidents, terrorists etc. to get you scared, newspapers are not any better, and the Government wants you to be scared. Don't be! Don't give in, show no fear, do not play thier game,

  47. Just so all of you are aware as well, this is about a profiling mandate that has been initiated in the U.S. and around the world. Facebook itself was designed in partnership with Homeland Security to do just that for many governments not just the U.S. Homeland Security. To find out who your social friends are as well. They already know who your family is.

    When Michael Chertoff became head of Homeland Security,he hired communist ex-chief of the East German Stasi agency (responsible for the disappearance and deaths of thousands) and communist ex-head of the KGB, General Yevgeni Primakov (real name: Pinchas Finkelsten). Chertoff is also the one who is chairman and ceo behind the company that sold the TSA Naked XRAY Screens in the airports.

    So I imagine we can all guess what their next step is... Funny part is that they aren't even hiding it anymore. Don't be intimidated because what is real on Facebook anyways as it is a manufactured profile of who we really are. They have way more information to profile us with than Facebook.

    I love to show them though on Facebook that we all are watching them, not the other way around! So post to Facebook everything! LOL. It will unnerve them... Stand Strong and be united in one voice as there are many of us speaking out. They will try to divide and conquer but don't ever fear as they will lose.
    Check out if you want to know what is really going on around the world, not just the U.S.

    Many blessings to all brothers and sisters who use their voice in the wilderness.

  48. Sherrie: A few things that I need to inform you of.

    1. You have a blog on which is owned by Google.

    Did you know that the CIA and Google work together and that Google and the CIA are 'investing' in web monitoring?

    2. Did you know that Google only charges $25 to give all of your information / user surveillance to the .gov?

    3. There has been allegations that CPS makes $$ off children.

    4. Did you know that foster parenting is BIG business?

    My neighbor alone makes $2,779 PER child PER month... and she is the foster parent of 3 kids!

    That is +$8,000 a month!

    5. You do know where these children come from right?

    From a home such as yours!

    6. According to your profile, you have a few blogs going and one of them is Surviving Tomorrow.

    This is exactly where the questions about camping, alternative energy etc come from...

    7. How do you think that they found out exactly who you are and where your child goes to school?

    Google $25 info!

    8. If you have a blog that is 'shaking' things, why would you have it on an open system such as blogspot?

    9. Why not have it on your own domain name?
    (that you buy and pay with a pre-paid VISA card that you can get for cash at a gas station)

    10. If you are going to have blogs that the .gov would hate since anything that does not conform with the 'official' .gov propaganda can classify you as an "domestic extremist" ... Why not host your blog offshore and pay the $4.95 monthly hosting with throw away pre-paid VISA cards.

    11. Why would you have a picture of yourself standing right over the guide stones?

    12. Why are you not well versed in the law such as:


    12.b Missing ENACTING clauses on the law

    12.c Difference between LAW & Statues

    13 Why do you not have motions to dismiss because of lack of subject matter jurisdiction ready BEFORE HAND...

    I am not sure where you are located but you MUST read your state Constitution as well as learn about the law. You see, when you are charged with any crime, they must give you the EXACT code that you supposedly broke.

    When you get your hands on the code number (ex 405.4) you then MUST read the whole "law" and when you notice that the law is LACKING the ENACTING clause as called for in the US Constitution as well as your State's, then the court LACKS Subject Matter Jurisdiction and the case is DISMISSED since the law that they tried to charge you with is INVALID and lacking TEETH.

    In other words, the law is no law at all!!

    I have used this same method for all kinds of cases for my clients and have NEVER failed!

    Remember, IGNORANCE of the law is no excuse!

  49. Child service tried the same with me when my son was in 3rd grade- for the crime of not putting him on the class A narcotic (Ritalin) they recommended. Of course it was unfounded and the day they showed up a the door with no notice was the last time they attempted their extortion. They dropped the case and nothing came of it.

    To make a long story short, I took him out of govt. controlled schools after it was resolved. You might want to try the same. I have had NO trouble from them since.

  50. The "end of the world" comments are such a pack of lies and BS. The christian religious right prattles on and on about the "end of the world" every time they mention that stupid RAPTURE - which we all know will never happen. And yet most religious christian fundy families in the USA are NOT being targeted by the CPS.

    Thank you for this enlightening post.

  51. I feel your pain. I could write a story just as long about the same bullshit. I embarrassed the two "social workers" to the point they could not get out fast enough. The best part was having these two, twenty something years old, girls fresh out of collage try to intimidate me. When they entered my 30'x30' office and sat in front of my desk with a 12' stuffed grizzly bear staring at them, that set the tone for the 15 minutes.
    I told them MY job was to protect my son from people like them!!!
    Never heard from them again.

  52. So you have a video, but you are not posting it? It would add a lot of credibility to your story.

  53. Namaste,

    You are not alone.
    Keep us posted.
    We will not surrender our rights to the PTB.

  54. First of all, most CPS workers are completely ignorant about govt. corruption. Most CPS clients are poor, minority, single parents who do not know their rights, and cannot afford legal protection. Most times, calls are unfounded and case is closed. Files are stored on families forever, both paper records, and computer records. These get archived, and the information can be retrieved at will. So, if a call comes in about your family, or a case opened, the info is forever in the system. It is never purged in a records retention schedule.
    Many workers are good and thorough - most are recruited directly from college (not collage, for cryin' out loud), and are single females with a feminist outlook. Homeschooling, anti-vaccination, and hyper-religiousness are looked at with suspicion. If you refuse to obtain the toxic vaccines for your child, you will be found for medical neglect. In fact, one of the "red flags" CPS will look at is extreme religious views. Of course, the definition of extreme is subjective. There are FBI agents planted in CPS agencies just like everywhere else whose job it is to spy on the workers and find out their political orientation. An interesting note - judges will not be appointed unless they are a member of one of the two sell-out parties in this country. No independent judges are ever appointed to courts - not ever. Soooo, that means they are clueless, or corrupt, and probably both. Note to the wise - pull your child OUT of public school, and if visited by CPS, get legal representation, because most cases are so sloppily handled that a good lawyer could make mincemeat out of the case. Most cases where children are taken do not have private legal representation. Public representation is worthless.

    Something worth mentioning - all across the country, CPS administration was ordered to come up with a plan in the event of some type of disaster where large numbers of children were separated from their parents. This was supposed to be completed by last year. The corrupt PTB seem like they are definitely expecting, and possibly planning, something that will cause mass carnage and large numbers of orphans. A word to the wise....

  55. I live in Canada and cannot believe how "Twilight Zone" the US has become. Its like your country is ran by people out of an insane asylum (my apologies to those in the insane asylum.

  56. Anonymous said...
    So you have a video, but you are not posting it? It would add a lot of credibility to your story.
    December 3, 2010 5:40 AM

    My my, but if MSM says it, it must be true.

  57. Anonymous said...
    The "end of the world" comments are such a pack of lies and BS. The christian religious right prattles on and on about the "end of the world" every time they mention that stupid RAPTURE - which we all know will never happen. And yet most religious christian fundy families in the USA are NOT being targeted by the CPS.

    Thank you for this enlightening post.
    December 2, 2010 4:50 PM

    Where in the heck did this guy come from? So much hate and venom, I am speechless.

  58. These odd questions will not seem as odd if you review the DSM-IV guidelines.

  59. Anonymous from Canada commented about "Twilight Zone" USA.

    OK, you have a point, but I keep up with what's happening in YOUR country, too, and it's getting pretty crazy there as well, especially regarding what little freedom of speech you still have there (e.g., ministers and laity getting fined and even arrested for making comments deemed unsupportive or judgmental about homosexuality).

    I've had personal experience as a father dealing with CPS in WA state, and I can tell you the system is GREATLY stacked against the father.

    I have NO doubt that everything Sherrie said is true.

    CPS is one of the WORST when it comes to Big Government/Nanny State's overweening power-hungry, intimidating, and totalitarian ways, and it definitely takes a certain type of person to even take a job like that.

    TSA and IRS are two other anti-freedom agencies with nearly unlimited power over we the people (aka "useless eaters").

  60. Thanks Sherrie,
    My kids were removed from my home because we were off grid!

    The caseworker told a fabricated story to her boss and the director and they told her to take my kids.

    She had no pictures, etc. Her boss even came with her and could see there was nothing wrong, but still kept backing her up.

    We were dealing with a flooded basement and they felt because my kids were still going through their things from the basement that we were not strict enough on them. They said it was my place to make them make a bad situation better. Figure that one out.

  61. Please email me your stories of CPS and what outrageous non abusive situations they have involved themselves in.

  62. Sherri, your reaction in the brief video to the accusation about being in a "Top Secret Agency" was horrible (clapping your hand, reeling back and laughing). You should have held your composure and been steely, not emotional. What state are you in? You should reveal these CPS "interviewers" names and full videos. The short videos come across more like a tea party than an interrogation. Write a letter to your local paper exposing this encounter and their questioning of your child without your knowledge or consent (whether it's "legal" or not, having it posted in your local paper will garner support and expose the practices of CPS to others who would be just as appalled as the readers of your blog are). Lastly, heed the post from the lawyer about challenging jurisdiction.

    For everyone else reading, welcome to the Brave New World/1984-style.

  63. Wow Sherri, I haven't read all the comments but I would like to say that I believe you were used as a fall guy. Scape goat to scare other people. They use fear tactics to control the people. You are somewhat of a spokes person. They knew you would talk and they want to try to scare people into submission so they picked you to do this to. Wow is all I can say.

  64. Why would you ever allow them entry into your own home? That is the question.

    Why live in fear?

    You believe in their program. It's your belief and it's their program.

  65. Hi there Sherrie,
    I cannot thank you enough for sharing your story. Bless your heart for your willingness to take the needless criticism of how many others have thought "you" should have "behaved" too. When faced with what can only be described as abuse of power, targeting our own precious child no less, no one knows how "they" would react in those same shoes. They have these courts so rigged today that to show a real human emotion gains us a label for some mental issue. If we show real anger when anger is warranted...we suddenly need anger management. If we are frightened by something, and we show fear, we have some anxiety disorder. Good grief...they are labeling every human emotion away as if we all need to be drugged for still revealing real human emotions. The courts are the worst for judging every look, twitch, arm movement, facial expression etc. It's getting so ridiculous that by the time people are done being "groomed" for the stand for how they can act, what they can say, and how they should look...we never get a semblance of who that person really is. This is what people have found that CPS also does to families...and it all starts when your door is opened to them into your home and into your life.

    I am sure the concern some others felt for you is because of how they know the courts perceived unrehearsed "normal" reactions. Some people tense up when they get confronted..others break into a nervous laughter..others get angry..we all react differently. This may be why they projected onto you the way they did. People who have had to deal with CPS first hand know exactly how horrible it can turn out and how easily they can strip a child from the home. You are not in a court room here but CPS could be reading this blog. I think it is time to end the power of ruining someone else's life with a mere phone call and a blanket accusation. Far too many lives are being destroyed by vendettas through the use of CPS as the weapon. It should be handled like lawsuits whereas if they do not find anything on should have the right to sue the person who made the false allegation against you. How can we ever defend ourselves if we do not know our accuser? Yes, there are kids being abused by parents out there...but we continue to find out that a heck of a lot more kids are being severely abused "after" they are in the states custody verses being in the general population.

  66. This is continued..

    I have a close friend whose family endured the brutality of all started when her niece was misdiagnosed by many doctors for a failing organ. The school turned the family in for neglect because they thought they were starving the child. Even after the child continued to lose weight "in states custody" and they figured out she needed an organ transplant...they refused to drop the charges and they refused to give the kids back to their parents. They took all 4 kids too. Separated the whole family. Tried to pit husband against wife and told the wife if she agreed to say her husband was abusive, and if she would leave him, the court would look favorably for her to get custody. She ruefully left her husband..refused to ever say he was abusive because he was a great day. Her husband agreed too because they just wanted to get their kids back. Then they used it against her and said she is a single home now in a "troubled relationship" so her home was less stable for the kids. In other words..they had NO case...and through her taking their "advise" she was helping them to build a case against her where they had no case before. They labeled several of the kids with mental disorders they never had before and drugged them. they were all vaccinated in spite of repeated vaccinations that gave adverse reactions due to over dose. They damaged these precious kids they got their hands on. They then put each family member's lives under a microscope if they dared to try to get the kids. Forced counseling for them all at the set fee of the courts to be paid for by them. Still did not have their kids but they had to pay for their counseling too and their medical bills. This was therapy they did not need before the trauma of being ripped from their home because they were in a very happy family with TWO parents. It is quite a rigged system of torture they have going on with the CPS scam and unless there is a bright light shining on this system many more precious children are going to suffer needlessly.

    The saddest thing of all to me is to realize they did this to a family who went out of their way to cooperate because they knew they were great parents...they knew they had a good home. They also knew their child was sick and it wasn't for lack of trying to find a good doctor to help them figure out what was wrong with her. They were punished for what? A school councilor took it upon herself to call CPS instead of calling the family. If that councilor would have called the parents she would have known what they had already tried to do to help their daughter and she would have easily seen they were terrific parents. But no...she decided to be deceitful...thinking she was saving some kid. In all other ways this child performed well in school. So did her siblings. There were no signs of abuse or trauma at all. She was a very happy spite of being a sick girl who had been let down by doctors who refused to run the right tests because they were just agreeing with the prior misdiagnosis of whatever the reports said the prior doctors said. So this kid was the victim of several systems that failed her terribly. The parents willingly opened the door..let CPS come right in...let them look at whatever they wanted and answered all their questions. They made false reports about what they claimed they saw in the home..soda cans were written as beer cans in their report..but they do not drink. They described the home like a hovel just because they dared to have trash in the trash can and a few dirty dishes in the sink...and God forbid toys on the floor with 4 kids in the home. The whole thing was insane. Court proceedings were held behind the parents back with no lawyer for the children or the parents. Parents couldn't even find their kids for weeks. I would have been a mental basket case missing my kid for one day. I cannot imagine weeks.

    To be continued.. By Informed Parent

  67. Last part...from informed Parent

    It's a much longer story..I will cut to the core facts. In the end they made the family fight for months to get the kids back. The parents were never given custody again...they gave custody to the grandparents who were told by the courts to never allow the parents near the kids until they were 18 or they would lose them. But they had NO charges on either parent. So what was this based upon? It was a bittersweet reunion....they got the kids back in the family...but imagine the place of a grandmother who has to keep her grandchildren from her own adult child and her son in law? The parents did end up in divorce after was too much for them to bare after everything they went through to end up in financial ruin and still not get their own kids back. Several branches of this entire family moved out of state to get completely away from CPS here. Who could blame them? In less then one year CPS managed to ruin the lives of 4 kids, two parents, grandparents, several Aunts and Uncles who all went through finances they did not have to lose trying to keep their close knit family together. The truth about the CPS spread like wild fire through their community and rightfully so. The public only sees what CPS wants them to see. When it comes to closed court room proceedings and CPS I can say without hesitation nothing good ever happens behind closed doors. CPS was within a week of trying to adopt those kids out "knowing" they had a huge family trying to get them back. That is insanity.

    The other people talking about the bounty on these kids heads that they can steal from families and get adopted out were absolutely correct. They can call it a grant..federal funds...or rehoming program like these kids are animals in a shelter. The end result is the same...anytime they put a price on the head of a child that can only be collected if that child can be separated from the family and adopted out..they have placed a bounty on that kids head with the "incentive" to collect by following through with that action of ripping that family apart. That is exactly what we continue to see happen. Instead of helping families stay together...they are going out of their way to rip them apart....all for profits. What happens whenever any government agency becomes "dependent" on a set amount of "funds" to continue their operation? They do whatever it takes to keep that "budget" at the level they have become dependent upon. if that budget relies on stealing kids to collect a bounty then what do you think they are going to do more of? help these families stay together? drop what they know are false allegations? or lie on reports, hold rigged court hearings where the family and the child is denied their due process rights? See what they did to this family and you have your answer. People need to think long and HARD before ever picking up the phone to call CPS. If they care about kids at all...they will put that child first and put that phone down.

    What your family endured was horrific too. Please keep your guard up not think it is over. They hold grudges in these agencies and they do not like to lose. It is not about checking on abuse or dropping it. Their whole intent is to get you off guard... to make you think they are helping you. The only way to know will you have someone on your side is from your own personal legal defense. No more phone calls to more sharing on your end. Know your rights and remember this..everything you say can be twisted and used against you. Get your attorney now and do not take for granted that they have just dropped this. Protect yourself and leave nothing to chance. I do not want to scare you even more..but I never dreamed in the land of so-called free that horrible things like this could ever happen to good families. But it is happening and it needs to stop. Better to be over protected then under protected when you are up against this agency.

  68. I have a an anti CPS website where I will start to collect pages of people who are desperate to have their chidlren returned. I started Luke's Army after my two year old son Luke Borusiewicz died from head injuries while in foster care in Australia.
    I have since devoted my life to exposing the way these departments treat children and families.

  69. Your blog got you noticed and they profiled and destabilized you with a bizzare nerve racking visit. You had a men in black moment.

    A similar thing happened to a guy who had a visit by actual men in black who asked him if he was so and so. When he acknowledged he was, the one man in black pulled out a summons that the guy must report to the IRS office with his records.

    Later the guy did report to the IRS office and was prepared to turn over his records when the guy behind the desk said, ok, thank you. The guy replies, excuse me, don't you want my records, and the guy behind the desk said, ok, thank you, you can go now.

    What they did here was go through the guys house looking for a tape he had of a ufo while he was at the IRS office. It was ploy to get him away from his home so they could break and enter to retreive the tape. He had the tape hidden and so they failed to get it.

  70. The 'hiking and camping' questions are likely because they think you might have ammo or weapons hidden, the 'who went camping with you?' question part of that. The Constitution is done. You are lucky you were not declared a 'threat' by some faceless paper-shuffler in Washington. Had that been the case they might have done a lot worse. Obama has signed a law allowing this sort of thing.

  71. Out-of-control CPS, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  72. Oh well. I can tell from the comments here that virtually all of you are misinformed about our legal rights. First you must understand what your standing is both as a citizen and a private person. I would strongly suggest you read the documents I am providing you with (the links). They are lengthy documents, but nevertheless, they are key to understanding what is happening here in America.

    Your children are part of the corporation of the United States. Get use to it. When the birth certificate is filed it ultimately ends up at the federal reserve as an asset, and a bond is issued, and the bond is sold on the international markets. That is why the USA, Inc. goes to great lengths to protect children from any harm....they are protecting an asset. They could care less about the child, they are only interested in preserving the life for monetary purposes. The same applies when someone is killed regardless whether it is from self-defense. You are all well aware of the difficulty some have had defending themselves after killing someone in self-defense.

    You kill someone, the bond is value. The bonds typically go for $700,000!!!

    Get educated. You have no clue what world you living in. Start reading these documents. NOW. There are many more but I have provided the 3 best ones I know to get you started.

    Good luck.

  73. Well seeing that CPS is now part of Nazi-land Security and Marcus Wolfe the former head of the east German Stasi created Nazi-land security, is shouldn't surprise anyone the questions they asked.

    Unfortunately there is no way to vote our way out of this mess, and that really sucks.

    My prayers and positive thoughts go out to you and your family.

  74. Sherrie,

    I spotted your link at a prepper site that I frequent. God I am so sorry you are going through this bullshit. I had an ex-sister in law accused me of abuse while I was a single parent. The laws are very biased against a single parent in all states. After the initial visit from CPS in Nevada, it took a full year before they were completely extracted from their system. The kids were put through many psychologists before the doctors declared that there obviously wasn't any abuse going on. I had a good paying job, a nice house, and the kids were never left alone without supervision. The main problem was a revengeful relative and I was single DAD.

    I do have concerns that you didn't play their game completely. By keeping parts of your house closed to the gestapo visitors, you play into their stereotype of the nut-job survivalist prepper that is spoon fed by Homeland Security.

    This won't go away quietly. Expect more visits until they are convinced that you will cooperate with their investigation. They could go so far as to remove your children from your home. Better to make them happy then remove your kids from any public schools.

  75. When I was about 18 my half sister went to school one day and they had a person from CPS come to the school to educate the kids about sexual molestation. Apparently during that education my half sister came forward and told them that I had sexually abused her. I got a call my the local Sheriff to show up at his office, so I did. You should have heard the story this guy told me, he said all kinds of things, things that I did to her, things that I made her eat, all kinds of things that are too graphic to explain. I tried to remain calm, I tried to stay under control, but when he went off on me and told me he thought I really did do all these things, that was when I heard enough. I told him that if he doesn't shut his mouth, I would personally knock every one of this teeth straight down his throat, and the gun he has and all his friends wouldn't be able to help him or stop me. Then the good cop came back in, and tried to calm me down, and I told them our conversation was over, and that if they ever accused me of the things they accused me of ever again, they would regret it. They said is that a threat? I told them no, it isn't a threat, it's a promise. My whole family looked at me as if maybe I really had done these things. A few years later I was vindicated, as my step sister was in rehab, she then told my Dad that if he doesn't get her out of there, she would accuse him of molestation.

    Welcome to the real world........


  76. Nobody should put up with this kind of dictatorship.

  77. having worked with cps for many years, I always find such reports sad and disturbing. In many ways, cps is caught in a catch 22. Whether they find a report credible enough to "investigate" (I prefer the term "assess" as more pertinent when things are done properly) is a complex process that weighs many factors. Improper training leads those who take reports without sufficient tools to ask the right questions and additional details that draw as accurate as possible a picture of the concerns. Is there a history with this family? Others then the reporter that can back up their claims ? What is the relationship, if any, between the reporter(s) and the client(s) ? As to interviewing children without parental permission. in California it depends on the nature of the complaint. General neglect does require the parents be notified, which I have mixed emotions about. I have seen too many cases where children suffering neglect have been threatened not to tell by their parent(s) once notified and therefore do not disclose. If a child suffers because CPS could not interview them, then CPS gets blamed, not the parent. As to school personnel, the child has every right to have someone present, and if that was not done then there should be consequences for CPS. CPS workers are generally highly educated and trained to do a job that ranges between extremely difficult and impossible. They get little or no credit when things go right for children, and lots of blame when they don't. Hopefully the specific agency involved learned from this experience and will not replicate it over and over again.

  78. The questions they asked are so strange,
    they have nothing to do with the situation at hand.
    However it seems that anyone who wants to be self sufficient for any reason is being looked at. its very concerning indeed.

  79. Sherri, the best comments so far were written by the anonymous poster who signed off as "INFORMED PARENT." Absolutely true. I am sure by now you have done the research, to confirm the accuracy of what the three-part posting was trying to explain to you. Be aware also that no matter how good you think your relationship is with your ex-husband, the government has ways of tricking people, bribing people, threatening people, even blackmailing - there may be issues in his past as a teenager you don't even know about. If it is worth someone's job or reputation to get dirt on you, they will do it, one way or another. They have no concern at all that it is all a bunch of lies. PLEASE - Don't trust the ex. Finally - CANCEL THIS BLOG. Sorry to tell you this, but you need to re-brand yourself. Also, your computer, with all its 'innocent' history, will do you more good in the bottom of a lake somewhere. You are on the verge of losing your little girl. Under Communism, people had to play it smart. Yes, get a lawyer, but clean up your act also... whatever it takes to make it look 'clean' to THEM. No more camping trips. If you want to surf the net, even the library isn't safe any longer. Remember Ray Bradbury's book "Fahrenheit 451". Increasing your knowledge about ANYTHING at this point will not save you or your daughter. Be content to have your eyes opened now. But with your lifestyle and your actions and your contacts, go completely underground. Finally, I do not trust anyone at "Republic Radio" and I have reasons, after 15 years of knowing its history and its predecessors. Get smart, or be prepared to spend the rest of your life crying over spilt milk.

  80. perhaps, my dear, you can consider moving north prior to the dips closing the borders. we in Canada do not, do this type of belittling interrogation tactics. only from fascisms/communists dark days does this occur.

    We invite all those that are fed up with stasi tactics to investigate Canada, and move here...we dont do what the fracking U.S.A does. We respect our citizens. thankyou and keep on exposing them for what they are - cowards and dips..

  81. Hey sherrie you should contact Alex jones from

  82. Hey Sherrie, I got the best possible advice you can get. Put everything in God's hands, and give worship to God, and be righteous, and God will handle the situation. The last thing on this planet you should ever do is give in to evil, that's what the sheep do, they shut their mouths while all the evil all around them takes everything over. And the more evil does this the more they shut their mouths. Don't be a sheep like another poster suggests you be, for sheep always get slaughtered one way or another. Stand up for yourself and your family, and speak the truth no matter what, and trust in God your heavenly Father. Alex Jones is a CIA plant to get people to rebel, and to be afraid. You don't have any friends anywhere, Ron Paul worships Satan, as he gives Illuminati handshakes and gives the "hail satan" sign everywhere he goes. The enemy is everywhere and in every corner, the only way to steer clear of the enemy is to trust in God 100%, and ask God for help. Nobody on this planet can help you except for God.

    YouTube: ThePhilosophersTruth

  83. Sherrie .. who are these people? Did you get their names? What office did they come from? This is an outrage!!!

  84. Well-intentioned government programs gone awry...

    I posted this link on my blog, as well as talking about some experiences I've had with CPS as well.

    I like your videotaping idea tremendously! Keep 'em honest and keep a record!


    Linked to your story, with my own stories below it...

    Great job on the video idea, keeps them honest!

  86. Posting these 3 clips is great!!! You better start getting a better server because this is going viral.

    Sorry … Let me get my composure because I fell from my computer chair laughing so hard at these “wanabe” NAZIs.

    In a previous response I was trying to help you understand the several questions you had problems understanding due to relevance and I really missed the last one completely:

    How does what I write on my blog, have anything to do with those accusations?

    My answer was: This, I have NO IDEA at all SORRY!!!

    But now after looking at your Site I can tell you that you really PISSED OFF some BANKSTER in your community. Your Site is very good and posting these 3 clips is masterful.

    1 - To start they even have the wrong attire for the occasion. In order to do this kind of interrogatory they need to wear grey jackets , properly starched brown shirts (khaki shirts originally intended for soldiers in Africa but purchased in bulk from the German Army by the Nazi Party), swastika armbands, ski-caps, knee-breeches, thick woolen socks and combat boots. In a state like Florida where temperatures reach 80 + degrees they may replace the ski-caps by water ski-caps, skip the grey jackets and thick woolen socks because they can get nasty athlete’s foot not to mention the odor.

    2 – Clip # 1 - Asking if you are running a “Top Secret Agency against the government”? Let supposed that YES you are running a top secret agency against the government what is going to be your answer? “YES I AM” duuuhhhh. Any good and respectable TOP SECRET AGENT will only say ‘YES” after at least 3 waterboarding Bush approved session tortures.

    3 – Clip # 2 - Asking that you have posted conspiracy theories in your blog, “end of the world” and renovations to your home. Let us take it one at a time:

    a- Conspiracy theories posted in your blog. I think they are ahead of their time because these kind of questions destine to sensor and close web sites are supposed to be asked after The Federal Communications Commission's new net neutrality is approved.

    b- “End of the World”, well there may be different interpretations on this.

    To me End of the World was going to be the day my daughter started to drive. But we survived that and just the Car Insurance Company got richer, a lot richer.

    c- Home Renovations? I stick to my original answer:

    Definitely this is a very pertinent question; you must know that any sane person that goes thru a renovation project dealing with contractors ( specially after a hurricane) ends up totally crazy – Insane and ready for the NUT-House.

    3- Clip # 3 – Blogging 20 hours a day. Uhh … I bet there is some kind of OSHA regulation about the maximum number of hours a blogger can be in front of a computer. I need to call OSHA tomorrow and find out. We all bloggers maybe in violation.

    Have Fun

  87. It is all becoming unbelievably frightening. Homeland Security showed up at a signwaving against a tax increase here in Phoenix.

    Heard of another case where the FBI showed up at a woman's home to harass her after a peaceful protest. Intimidation is being used now to try to shut us up just like other countries run by dictators.

    You go the airports now and you are a suspect who can be sexually assaulted, strip searched, and irradiated.

    Pretty soon, but in your case already, neighbors will be encouraged to report neighbors.

  88. It is very possible that you were reported by someone (anyone) in retaliation for your blog. It is possible that this person just used CPS knowing this was the best way to get to you. All in All I can tell you I had an experience with CPS several years ago and I know how they can be when they are investigating you. I can also understand to a degree why they act as they do when conducting the investigation. Although I will add that when my child was interviewed they had a school employee with her during the interview. I know it is easy to become upset when your child is the center of the investigation so keep in mind when people try to hurt you (not just the goverment) sadly they go after what you hold dearest. Try to step back from the events as best you can. As for myself after all was said and done CPS really was looking out for my child, and as a parent I learned to appreciate this more than any rights I have. Hope that makes sense to you as I don't want to comeoff as supporting everything CPS does or every representative of CPS. I just wanted to share a few thoughts from my personal experience.

  89. Thats the politically correct way dealing with dissidents. Everyone is dissident when He or She questions those sitting in DC.
    I am from Estonia and I lived 1999 to 2004 in USA. At first I think that USA was Republic but one day I realized its just modern version of USSR. Welcome to the New World Order announced by Bush sr, Clinton and Bush jun and others in US Gov. Or by other side the orwellian 1984.

    Be strong - its get worst before it gets better.

  90. So glad to see this on FreedomsPhoenix.

    These events are *not* what the Founders had in mind while founding a free country. This is *not* a free country any more.

    Murray Rothbard wrote a series on the Founding called _Conceived in Liberty_ which I reviewed on my own blog.

    Check it out. Click my name.

  91. A social worker may only enter your home with your consent, with a court order, or in the event of an emergency (like a kid screaming in pain). If you present your child at the front door along with the law and a call to an attorney, they will usually back down - they have no legal choice. Please check out this link from the Home School Legal Defense Foundation, which has more experience than anyone in dealing with anonymous accusations and social workers:

    Sounds like you upset someone's apple cart, alright. Everyone, please get informed on the law - they have no right to interview your child or enter your home without a warrant. They know that, but they bank on the fact that you don't.

  92. First, I really relate to your statement, "What country have I woken up in and when exactly did I move from the country I thought I was living in?" Felt that way for too long now.

    Second, you've been cross-posted:

    Third, you want to see this article there, too.

    Fourth, it's a threat against our 1st Amendment Rights that this happened.

  93. It's sad to imagine all the sheeple that still think they live in a free country. Thank you for sharing this. This is why I refuse to fly on planes. Yes, none of the questions had anything to do with child abuse allegations.

    Keep doing what you're doing. =)

  94. This is all just a small portion of what our 'government ' is trying to do to ward off the smoldering coals of revolt. Official unemployment figures are put out at 9.8% , but do not accurately describe the actual conditions. Take the 9.8 % and add in entrepreneurs who have closed their businesses and add in the people who have fallen off the unemployment rolls and the figure of unemployed Americans jumps way way above the actual figures. Child protective services, TSA, the failure to defend our borders are all contributing to scare tactics to keep law abiding Americans scared of what big brother would do to them if they fall out of line. We now have a country of people who are rapidly falling into the category of having 'nothing to lose'. Pitchforks , tar and feathers anyone?
    A concerned Patriot

  95. Hi Sherrie,

    Thanks for deciding to post this information. I believe this is just another angle the government, which in this context is not just the Federal government, but State government, is using to obtain information about mainstream Americans who were classified as "right-wing extremists" by the Dept. of Homeland Security in April 2009. The questions asked of you are in perfect line with DHS's report. No coincidence there.

    CPS here seriously overstepped its boundaries, and conveniently enough, you are not allowed to know who the complainant was. As a former CPS investigator myself, complaints can be telephoned in anonymously and are to be treated the same as those complaints where the complainant's name is given.

    In the case of your reader who was investigated. it's now more important than ever to know what you believe, and have the facts ready to back yourself up on a moment's notice.

    I am blogging about this myself. My post will publish tonight at 6:35 pm EST. This information needs to be seen by as many people as possible.


  96. Do we need any further evidence that government is COMPLETELY out of control and very badly needs to be reined in?

    These people don't work for CPS. They work for the freaking Gestapo!

  97. I highly recommend you read survivalblog's literature on OPSEC. Had you maintaned OPSEC, you would have avoided all of this.

    Never talk about you storing things, never receive packages that show what you are getting etc.

    Even if this had not happened, you would have hungry, violent hoardes at your door, if the S&* hit the fan, and what would you do then?

    Your best bet is to move out of state when the dust settles from this nonsense.

  98. My first reaction on reading this was, "Wow! She's got an enemy who's denounced her to the Politburo ... I mean, Homeland Services."

    You know there's a top-secret database somewhere that now has your name lumped in with Timothy McVeigh, the Unabomber, returning military servicemembers, and all those other right-wingers and bitter clingers who pose a potential domestic-terrorism threat (according to Janet Napolitano back in April 2009).

    What a weeeeird world we live in now....

  99. Anonymous said... December 4, 2010 6:59 PM

    " ... perhaps, my dear, you can consider moving north ... we in Canada do not, do this type of belittling interrogation tactics.
    ...we dont do what the fracking U.S.A does. We respect our citizens. ... "

    Ummmm, Mr. Anonymous Canadian, let me refresh your memory about Glorious Canada, Land of the Free. I'll use just three letters: HRC. Canada's Human Rights Commission. Go ahead and Google it. Also, Mark Steyn. Also Ezra Levant. And Rev. Boissoin. Also the odious Richard Warman.

    The short version is, if somebody complains about "hate speech" (and Mr Warman of the HRC is very, verrry, complaint-prone) the government essentially conducts lawfare against its own citizens (harassing and haranguing them and hauling them into court repeatedly) if somebody claims "offense" when Islam is called violence-prone, or if a homosexual "feels ostracized" when a preacher quotes Bible verses against sodomy. Please note that in Canada, THE FACT THAT A STATEMENT IS TRUE IS NO DEFENSE against the charges the HRC brings based on that statement. Ezra Levant was harassed by various Canadian courts for nearly two years, and had to spend roughly $100,000 out-of-pocket to defend himself. If you go to Canada, remember what Jolly Olde England is enduring right now from those delightful Religion-of-Peace-niks, and realize that Canada is just a step or two behind them in the enforcement of "Thou shalt speak no harsh truth regarding Islam." FWIW.

  100. Wow. That is beyond overreaching by the government. It is pure Gestapo action. I would get those videos to go viral. They MUST. You need to do it, first, to let the public know, but also to protect yourself and your child.

    Normally, I would've hesitated to believe something like this, but I have some very good friends who've gone through their own personal hell with CPS. I've essentially lived it with them over the last couple of years. In their situation, a baby died...not theirs, but the husband's ex' wife's baby. That woman's neglect caused her baby's death, and she blamed it on her children. Those children were visiting their mother at the time, just for the day. It was their visitation time with their mom, and the baby died while they were there. Even though he had full custody of them, his kids were taken from the ex' home, and were put into foster care. The husband had to hire a lawyer and paid thousands of dollars just to get those kids out of foster care. Such a twisted situation.

    And it didn't stop there. That woman, for whatever reason, petitioned the court that SHE wanted full custody. (Because the baby's death happened in a different county, it wasn't admissible in court, so no one could testify what had happened to a baby in her care.) She managed to look like the poor pathetic person, and the court gave her custody. The husband was never involved in the initial situation, except to let his kids go visit their mother!

    Now that she had custody, she didn't bother to make sure those kids went to school. All 3 were out of school for over a year. She refused to let them see their father. She made accusations against the wife's children, saying they molested her kids. She tried very hard to have the wife's children taken away from her, and almost succeeded. EVEN THOUGH this woman was not getting her own kids to school, and was disappearing for days at a time, leaving the kids to fend for themselves, she managed to manipulate the court system and CPS. Every time the husband would take the ex to court for not having the children in school, she had excuse after excuse for not showing up at court, and the court allowed it. The husband and wife got numerous calls from the ex' neighbors saying the kids were alone and something had to be done. Yet, the police would show up and magically, no one was there. CPS wouldn't do anything about it.

    Then the oldest son, still is his mom's care, at 16, got a girl pregnant, and had a kid. The husband managed to get a hold of his son and talk him into going back to school, briefly. But the son quit school, and still refuses to go back. Then the young 14 year old girl got pregnant. She and her younger sister ran away, and both were doing lots of drugs and alcohol. I can only imagine how damaged that baby will be when it is born.

    Flash forward...the ex is now doing time for possession and distribution of narcotics, multiple counts of stealing identities, forging credit accounts, etc.. Before going to jail, the husband had a final court date attempting to regain custody of his kids. This time, the court agreed, and FINALLY he managed to get custody of his kids back. But, that was after thousands of dollars were wasted, the children's lives are permanently messed up, two babies were born to teenagers, the wife's children are constantly living in fear of being taken away from their mom...for nothing...and the stress has taken such a huge toll on the husband and wife's marriage, I'm not sure they will survive it. And it wasn't even their issue to begin with!

    I have lost all faith in our court system after that fiasco. There is no justice. Only what someone can do to manipulate the system in their favor.

  101. Heil Hitler baby. The next time somebody tells you that you live in a Police State, keep all of this in mind.

    Bill Medvecky

  102. Why should anyone care about Canada? They still have that lowlife thug, the Queen of England, as their head of state. And as long as they do, they have to do what she says.

    Right now she says dont be mean to muslims or lesbians. She's doesn't actually give a damn about muslims or lesbians. The reason she is doing it is to make YOU hate muslims and lesbians. You see, lowlife thugs like her thrive on the hatreds they create.

    Muslims had nothing to do with 9/11 or 7/7 except as the named patsies.

  103. We are just beginning to have this happen to us.CPS questioned my 15 y/o daughter who lives under her granpas roof asking if he was hoarding. now they want to meet with all of us.They are Guestapo,do I need a lawyer?Thanks for the ammo you have provided. Any combat suggestions are appreciated

  104. OMG - PutY - Video tape it ALL! have neighbors there with you. But ask right when they walk in the door, what the accusations are! That is what I did. But from what everyone is saying here, you don't have to let them into your house! BUT they have no right to inspect your whole house. The only thing required is seeing a bed, clothes and food for the child.

    Please let me/us know what happens! Video Tape it ALL!!

  105. interesting ....all of the comments....very interesting....i will put this in my survival file....learned several things from my reading....this was mailed to me from my tea party leader....remember that GOD is in control but HE expects us to use our minds and common sence...PLAN FOR WORSE CASE SURVIVAL AND PRAY YOU DONT NEED TO USE ANY OF IT....


    Double check the laws in your state but odds are pretty good that they cannot legally talk to your child without your permission.

  107. Almost forgot the most important point: NEVER let CPS/DCS in your home without a warrant.

    The second most important point: Get an attorney. I'm talking a good attorney. One who has dealt with CPS before and who is afraid of no one and nothing.

  108. OMG SERIOUSLY? I have been victim of the Gestapo as well. I can't believe they send these B*tches to investigate whether or not you had solar panels.... certainly sounds like they were fishing.... I would have promptly thrown her out and told her it was NONE of her business and told her to go read my blog if she was THAT interested!

  109. This is bizarre. I recently ran across videos on YouTube where lawyers have had their kids taken after helping a person get theirs back. This is an example of a system out of control. Or should I say, trying to take total control. People reading this should probably examine "conspiracy theories" a little more closely.

  110. Next to the Organic food guy this is the absolute worst story I have seen. It is abuse of the gov. Abuse in so many ways. I don't have a FEMA bag & gods knows I hate fricken camping. LOL But I voice a lot of opinions and if they don't like it? Maybe they should start running this country in such a way that they DON'T NEED TO BE EMBARRASSED

  111. I had child services come to my home to "welcome me to the neighborhood" within 24 hours of obtaining notarized documents opting out of the standard vaccinations.

    Oddly enough - we had *just* moved across the country and our moving truck hadn't arrived. We did NOT have beds for all the children and I had literally a gallon of milk, a box of cereal, and disposable bowls in the pantry. And they weren't concerned at all about that.

    (We moved the week before school started, so I had to get their documents in order as soon as we got into town.)

    Hmmm I've been posting about the TSA and Napolitano. Maybe I should prepare for another visit.

  112. I am 49 years old, a "grandmother" from a completely estranged and dysfunctional family due to Family Court. It is far worse now for parents than it was 10, 20 or 30 years ago. The government then (and CPS) would never have the audacity to question parents about the petty matters they do now.

    Today, CPS is a tyranny, and an abomination to the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. There is no such thing as social equity to these government workers, falsely "superior", acting in complete opposition to the concept that all men are created equal.

    CPS is an independent law enforcement agency that disregards all laws that apply to themselves. The very hallmark of a tyrant is one who places himself above the law, and tramples upon every constitutional right designed to protect the people from his tyranny. Not even police officers behave as despicably as this agency. I despise them thoroughly. As they have shown no mercy, no mercy should be shown to them.

    I don't have a solar panel, or a generator, or a pantry full of food... I didn't in 1980 when my little daughter was born, and I dont now. CPS workers are the sickest of all human beings. These creeps should learn to mind their own business and stop being the hypocrites that they really are.

  113. I would recommend the book "Out of Control--Who's Minding Our Child Protective Agencies" by investigative reporter Dr. Brenda Hunter. It gives many tragic case scenarios of how CPS has destroyed families around the U.S. She warns parents that once they let CPS into their homes, they have waived their 4th Amendment rights. Bring the child to the screen door & let them see the child is safe, but they cannot enter without a warrant.

  114. I feel sick to my stomach. Its hard to even process this information

  115. oh my GOD, i am very very thakful that we are not lining in your country, i was so shocked about your ordeal. i heard the government closed too many blogsites for no reason at all. thank GOD i am not an american. just take good care of yourself and your kid. twas scary.

  116. This blog is a little over a year old. So, it's a little late to be advising Sherrie. However, to all other parents, I would advise any and all parents to contact and have present an Attorney during any visitation with Child Protective Services. You, your child and the rest of your family have legal rights that are certain to be trampled on if you fail to do so.

  117. FBI. That's who interviewed her...OR CPS acted on the FBI's instructions. Either way, her data goes into another universal case file number. Cases are closed but case FILES are never.

  118. I live in canton ohio I have 2 kids my kids have been put up for wrongful adoption / sale cps is all about money. we can to come together in all states to stop cps / family court I'm still fighting for my kids have have been put up for illegal adoption we need all parents / families to come out of hiding we have to keep fighting for all of are children / grandchildren I'm trying to start my own organization to help parents / families that have had there children / grandchildren put up for illegal adoption my organization would help get closed cases reopen I need a lot of help / support Let's all come together in all states to stop cps from taking are innocent children / grandchildren I would like for everyone to contact me my e-mail is

  119. I have been very hesitant about releasing what happened to me regarding Child Protective Services. But after discussing this with Dave Hodges. λεβητες πέλλετ