Friday, February 18, 2011

If you had any doubts about Silver - UP 101.14% in one years time, should dispel them!

I would like to simply bring to everyone's attention Silver is UP 101.14% in one years time!

Feb 18 2011 9:10AM NY Time
Bid/Ask 31.84 31.86
Low/High 31.62 32.02
Change +0.06 +0.19%
30DayChg +3.07 +10.67%
1YearChg +16.01 +101.14%

I need not say anymore - except..... Can you think of any other investment that has given you a 101% return on your money in the last year? 

UPDATE -   I wrote this in the morning - today Silver went up .88 more cents

Feb 18 2011 6:52PM NY Time
Bid/Ask 32.66 32.68
Low/High 31.62 32.92
Change +0.88 +2.77%
30DayChg +3.89 +13.52%
1YearChg +16.83 +106.32%

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