Monday, April 30, 2012

Lawsuit for ALL Homeowners against the Fraud Of Banks and Money Laundering has begun! Every single homeowner has a right to start one themselves too! This is a Class Action!

I have a call into this law firm and have left a message.  I will be adding any/all more information if/when I am able to talk to someone at Spire about this lawsuit.  I will find out how all of us can do our own lawsuit or add or names to this one.

Everyone Start or join one - Let's hit them hard with thousands/millions of lawsuits!  Please pass this information on to everyone you know!  


NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Apr 23, 2012) - In a lawsuit alleged to involve the largest money laundering network in United States history, Spire Law Group, LLP -- on behalf of home owners across the Country -- has filed a mass tort action in the Supreme Court of New York, County of Kings. Home owners across the country have sued every major bank servicer and their subsidiaries -- formed in countries known as havens for money laundering such as the Cayman Islands, the Isle of Man, Luxembourg and Malaysia -- alleging that while the Obama Administration was publicly encouraging loan modifications for home owners, it was privately ratifying the formation of these shell companies in violation of the United States Patriot Act, and State and Federal law. The case further alleges that through these obscure foreign companies, Bank of America, J.P. Morgan, Wells Fargo Bank, Citibank, Citigroup, One West Bank, and numerous other federally chartered banks stole hundreds of millions of dollars of home owners' money during the last decade and then laundered it through offshore companies. The complaint, Index No. 500827, was filed by Spire Law Group, LLP, and several of the Firm's affiliates and partners across the United States.

Far from being ambiguous, this is a complaint that "names names." Indeed, the lawsuit identifies specific companies and the offshore countries used in this enormous money laundering scheme. Federally Chartered Banks' theft of money and their utilization of offshore tax haven subsidiaries represent potential FDIC violations, violations of New York law, and countless other legal wrongdoings under state and federal law.

"The laundering of trillions of dollars of U.S. taxpayer money -- and the wrongful taking of the homes of those taxpayers -- was known by the Administration and expressly supported by it. Evidence uncovered by the plaintiffs revealed that the Administration ignored its own agencies' reports -- and reports from the Department of Homeland Security ‐‐ about this situation, dating as far back as 2010. Worse, the Administration purported to endorse a 'national bank settlement' without disclosing or having any public discourse whatsoever about the thousands of foreign tax havens now wholly owned by our nation's banks. Fortunately, no home owner is bound to enter into this fraudulent bank settlement," stated Eric J. Wittenberg of Columbus, Ohio -- a noted trial lawyer, author and student of US history -- on behalf of plaintiffs in the case.

The suing home owners reveal how deeply they were defrauded by bank and governmental corruption ‐‐ and are suing for conversion, larceny, fraud, and for violations of other provisions of New York state law committed by these financial institutions and their offshore counterparts.
This lawsuit explains why loans were, in general, rarely modified after 2009. It explains why the entire bank crisis worsened, crippling the economy of the United States and stripping countless home owners of their piece of the American dream. It is indeed a fact that the Administration has spent far more money stopping bank investigations, than they have investigating them. When the Administration's agencies (like the FDIC) blew the whistle, their reports were ignored.
The case is styled Abeel v. Bank of America, etc., et al. -- and includes such entities as ML Banderia Cayman BRL Inc., ML Whitby Luxembourg S.A.R.L. and J.P Morgan Asset Management Luxembourg S.A. -- as well as hundreds of other obscure offshore entities somehow "owned" by federally chartered banks and formed "under the nose" of the Administration and the FDIC.

Commenting further on the case, Mr. Wittenberg stated: "As if it is not bad enough that banks collect money and do not credit it to homeowners' accounts, and as if it is not bad enough that those banks then foreclose when they know they do not have a legally enforceable interest in the realty, we now learn that they have been operating under unbridled free reign given by the Administration and some states' Attorneys General in formulating this international money laundering network. Now that the light of day has been shined on it, I believe we can all rest assured that the beginning of the end of the bank crisis has arrived."

All United States home owners may have the right to bring a lawsuit of this kind if they paid money to a national bank servicer during the years 2003 through 2009.

One lawyer impacted by the corruption -- Mitchell J. Stein, who formerly represented the FDIC, the RTC and the FSLIC during the Savings and Loan scandal of the 1990s, and who predicted all of the foregoing in open court two years ago -- commented: "Two years ago, I remarked in open court to a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, as well as to legislators including Senator Dianne Feinstein's office during a multitude of in‐person meetings, that the ongoing violations of the Patriot Act by these financial institutions was outrageous and a breach of the public trust of unprecedented proportions," said Stein.

"The size and scope of this misconduct -- stretching to far‐away islands never before having standing as approved United States Bank affiliates -- is remarkable and emblematic of what we have seen," he continued. "The bank crisis represents the height of corruption and brazen behavior where our historically trusted financial institutions have no qualms about breaking the law, because they have the Administration behind them. Banks do well enough when they operate lawfully without needing to be permitted to operate as criminal enterprises that steal money from United States citizens."

Additional plaintiffs' counsel Nicholas M. Moccia commented: "Having been in the trenches of the bank crisis for years, I always knew that the misconduct was being conducted by a network. When I started litigating against banks, however, I could have never imagined that it would be this extensive. I look forward to taking discovery of these thousands of obscure foreign entities and to obtaining for homeowners their constitutionally entitled injuries for this international ring of theft and deception."

Comments were requested from the Attorney Generals' offices in NY, CA, NV, and MA and the White House, but no comment was provided.

About Spire Law Group
Spire Law Group, LLP is a national law firm whose motto is "the public should be protected -- at all costs -- from corruption in whatever form it presents itself." The Firm is comprised of lawyers nationally with more than 250‐years of experience in a span of matters ranging from representing large corporations and wealthy individuals, to also representing the masses. The Firm is at the front lines litigating against government officials, banks, defunct loan pools, and now the very offshore entities where the corruption was enabled and perpetrated.

Contact Information

  • Contact:
    James N. Fiedler, Esq.
    Managing Partner
    Spire Law Group, LLP
    Email Contact

UPDATE - 1:23 PM 4/30/12 
I spoke to the law firm.  It seems they want $10,000 to $18,000 from anyone who wants to join the suit.  
First you would have to send all of your information to them to see if you qualify to be part of the suit, if you do and wanted to join it, you would have to give them $10,000 to $18,000 to join it.
Also they are suing for the Loan value of your mortgage plus punitive damages.  
I asked so then are you taking a 33% cut from the award?  She said "Yes, they will take a 33% of what ever the judge awards."
I expressed to her, they sure are taking a lot and $10,000 is a lot of money for someone to join in a lawsuit and then them take 33% on top of that.
So, I am sorry I put the information in about this lawsuit.  It seems it is strictly a way for a law firm to make some big money from people.  What needs to happen is a REAL Law firm with REAL intentions of helping people should take on a suit like this.  I have a problem that someone has to pay the attorney twice with this.  First a lot to join in and then part of the award.  It should be either or, in my opinion, not both.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Totally Cool! Alaskan Senator Endorses Romney at State Convention- Video of audience Reaction!

What a Totally Cool video!  Alaskan Senator endorses Romney and this is the reaction from the audience of Republicans at the Alaskan State Convention.

Video starts right after he endorsed Romney.

Hmmm...... As hard as MSM is trying to keep Ron Paul out of the news and they are doing a good job of ignoring him, it seems people support Ron Paul over all other candidates. Oh, even Republicans not just "cults" as MSM likes to say about Paul supporters.

David Morgan - CONgress needs to start reading the bills before they pass them and the fraud of their votes.

A David Morgan interview about the fraud of Congress. He sent out a petition last week through his site.   I have never seen a political petition before in an email from him,  as he is a leading expert on the silver industry.  It shows people are starting to take action where they have not before. 

What does the petition say? It says CONgress needs to actually read the bills before they pass them. He also mentions the fraud of the voting in CONgress and how some representatives vote for others.

He talks about how bizarre it is that "We the People," actually have to ask our elected officials which they are paid to represent us, to read the bills they have up on the floor, before they pass them.

He says the States rights are superior to Federal Rights. People need to start understanding that and start demanding that your state officials represent you. Here is the link to the petition on Fools Hill.

Great interview and I believe as David Morgan does that we should not have to ask our CONgress to actually read what they pass before they pass it!  We pay them, yet they are not doing their job of representing us. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

CBS said "Romney is the Republican Presidential Candidate, Primaries are over." O'Reilly was on 'confirming' Romney "Won." Really Now?

I was amazed that the CBS morning show, said that the Republican Presidential primaries are over as Mitt Romney is the Republican Presidential Candidate.  They even had Bill O'Reilly on talking about Romney and how he has won.

I have a question for them..... When did Ron Paul quit the race?  Funny, I have not heard about him dropping out?  In fact I have read how he has won primaries recently.

How is it that the MSM can blatantly lie like that?  How do they expect people to even remotely consider them honest news? 

Let CBS know that Mitt Romney has not won the Republican Candidacy, Ron Paul is still in it and has won primaries.  

Here is where O'Reilly came on and began talking about Romney versus Obama. Listen to how they discuss it, in the way that Romney is the last one standing in the Republican Primary.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shareholders (the 99%) denied access and locked out of a Wells Fargo Shareholders meeting.

Shareholders who are also "the 99%" were denied access to a Wells Fargo shareholders meeting.  About 1500 people were denied access who were waiting to go into the meeting.  They were even holding up their share certificates, yet they were not allowed to go into a meeting that was their right to.

So, it seems Wells Fargo wants people to buy their stock, yet they are not willing to hear their voice.  Dang, the U.S. government must have learned from Wall Street, because they do the same thing.

From Link:
With about 1,500 people outside its annual shareholder meeting in San Francisco, Wells Fargo denied entrance to almost every 99%er who had purchased shares in the mega-bank and hoped to be a part of the conversation about Wells Fargo’s corporate policies around foreclosures, private prisons, payday lending, and other abusive practices.1

You read that correctly: Wells Fargo blockaded its own shareholders from entering its corporate headquarters for a meeting which they had every right to attend.

Here is Young Turks showing the Shareholders being locked out. He goes into how much fraud Wells Fargo commits - from taxes to fines.

He says they were locked out because of the millions they were paying their top executives at that shareholders meeting.

If you have money in a Wall Street bank - Get it Out! Stop supporting Wall Street with your money!

State of Tennessee Rejects UN Agenda 21.

Every once in awhile the State of Tennessee does something good.  Most of the time they do not.

The elected officials of the State of Tennessee,  passed a rejection of the UN Agenda  (Also known as Agenda 21), due to having lots of property themselves.  Otherwise I don't believe they would have done it "for the people."

Remember these are the same people that passed a bill saying that "kids can't hold hands, because it is 'sexual' in nature."

They are also the ones that have dropped a bill that would allow the state to uphold the constitution and negate any unconstitutional federal laws.

Virginia passed the law that the Federal government can not enact the NDAA bill against the people of that state, last week. 

So while I am happy that the Tennessee law makers actually passed a bill that benefits the people, I don't believe for one second they were actually thinking about the people.  I believe they did it to protect themselves as no elected official any more ever thinks about the people in laws, it is always what does or does not benefit them and the banks and corporations that control them.

In fact there is a bill in the Tennessee State government that will require drug testing for all welfare receipients.
What about a bill that requires drug testing for all elected officials, before they get paid?

It is obvious I don't believe in any single elected official any more on the State or Federal level.  I have learned over and over again that no matter how much you try to help with getting laws passed or not passed on the State and Federal level, the officials do other people (banks and corporations) bidding instead of what is best for the people.  There is only one elected official that has never veered from his stance of the constitution and the rights of the people and that is of course Ron Paul.

So, Yes there is a win for the people, but it has to go to Haslam's desk, who owns Pilot gas stations and is a billionaire.  What will he do with the bill, now?

From the  link:
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- A proposal that calls for the rejection of a United Nations agenda on the environment and poverty has passed the Senate.
The resolution, which "recognizes the destructive and insidious nature of United Nations Agenda 21," was approved 19-11 on Tuesday. The House passed the measure 72-23 last month.
The agenda came out of the U.N. Conference on Environment and Development in 1992 following discussions on "sustainable development."
Republicans say the agenda is a veiled attempt to take away property rights.
They say the 300-page document contains catch phrases such as "sustainable development," which they say actually means Tennesseans could lose their land or businesses.
But Democratic Sen. Andy Berke of Chattanooga said the agenda is about caring for the environment's future, "which is exactly what we should be doing."

Leaked Email reveals how much Fraud the Banks will commit to foreclose fraudulently on homeowners - Involves Deutsche Bank -Bank Of America -LPS

Lender Processing Service - LPS has been caught with their "fraud down."

This leaked email proves how much the banks and those who support them will go to commit fraud to foreclose on a homeowner.

They did not have the proper name as the foreclosing entity so they decided to go ahead with the foreclosure and then just "quit claim" the property after the fact to the correct bank that supposedly owned the loan (BOA).

This is why everyone needs to have an audit done on their loan. It is worth it, because it proves the fraud. I will say over and over again, to get one done.

Jesse at USMortgageauditors (info on top right side of blog) does audits on loans.  I will keep expressing this because your home can be saved from an audit.  The Fraud is revealed and Jesse has saved many homes from a fraudulent foreclosure.

The banks have proven over and over again they will commit felony frauds to foreclose, yet the government looks the other way.  If an individual even did one thing the banks constantly do they would be thrown in jail for the rest of their lives.

How is this justice that when these kinds of things come out, yet the judges don't throw the parties committing the fraud in jail?  How is it, that it is just part of the business of the banks and the judges only allow the homeowners relief - yet not throw the book at the banks?

It is about time for the bank employees and all the banks that commit the fraud against the courts be held accountable.  It is time for them to start going to jail for the forgeries of names and forgery of paperwork.

We need to demand that the laws be upheld against whatever entity commits them and who ever works for that entity that committed.

Start applying fraudulent law to ALL - not just the "regular" people!  Arrest those who commit fraud for the banks.  That would stop the fraud at the banks by the employees if they find out, they are susceptible to arrest for committing the fraud for the banks.    

Monday, April 23, 2012

TSA - Houston Tx and Around the country Searches/Pat Downs still require Consent! From my research. I will never Give Consent to Nazi Police Tactics

We have been hearing how the TSA (Nazi - Power trip Pedophile criminals) are getting on public transportation just to be able to feel up people including children.  They are on Houston Texas buses now and will be on all public transportation from what I have read in the near future.

Well lets just get one thing straight.  They still have to have consent to search anyone on a public bus otherwise it is a violation of the fourth amendment.  

I did some searches of illegal searches of the public and what our rights are.

Here is one site, where the court has upheld the fourth amendment in public type situations.

Here is a site about Flexing your rights to illegal search and seizures on public transportation. 

But what is interesting is it seems the TSA gets rights no other "Police Authority" has.
Is that why they are using TSA for on the buses and not undercover police, etc.?

Because they can enact their police Nazi state that way?   Since TSA is a "special" arm of the goverment?

Well I will say:  Bullsh**!  What ever arm they want to enact a police state with and use Nazi tactics and hire all the pedophiles they can find that enjoy feeling up adults and children.... we all need to say NO!

We Do have rights to say NO, to however the U.S. Nazi regime is trying to circumvent our fourth amendment rights while we are freely  going about our business on U.S. streets.

You will not touch my child - you will not get off on your sick power trip and get to feel me up, instead of watching pornos on your computer - TSA employees.

FYI - I have nothing but contempt for all TSA employees.  When I look at you, when I am at the airport,  I have no respect for you and think of you as the lowest of any human being.  I bet you are happy you get to feel people up and get your joys out of it and get paid for it.

Know your rights!  Know that no matter how the government is trying to have a complete police state where we are not free to even walk on the streets or ride a public bus without being searched and questioned - we do not have to submit to their tactics.  Flying is different than public buses and public transportation, TSA can feel all the people up they want when flying, but they can not feel the people up on our public streets.

Those who are asleep - do they not see that this is exactly what the Nazi's did?

TSA feeling up a Baby

TSA feeling up a child in a wheelchair:

TSA strips a child of his shirt and feels him up:

TSA molesting a child - as the child screams for them to stop touching her

Video with many TSA molestings:

Of course when MSM gets involved - they tell everyone - this is needed for the "Safety of Amerika." They show a small girl getting molested by a TSA pedophile and say it is "okay."

Yes, that is the type of employees the government wants out on our streets and they want all of us to have to submit to those who get their kicks in sick ways.

We all have to stand up and say NO to this - we will not allow pedophiles to take over our streets and buses. We have the right to say NO. If we don't all say No, at one point they will start check points and searches as we are walking down the streets of our cities.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

USA Today Website - Politics Page has ALL the Presidential Candidates in the Race.... Except ONE Candidate is not listed at all... Guess who that is.

The MSM is really starting to Pi** me off!

SNL this last Saturday (April 14th) pretended that Ron Paul never existed in the Presidential race in their cold opening.

Now, take a look at USA Today's Political page of Candidates in the Presidential Race, they have them all listed except for one.

I know, you will just never guess who that one person is that does not exist it seems.

Seriously?!  Do they really think people are going to believe Ron Paul never existed?  Do they really think that people are going to just forget about Ron Paul?

The biggest problem is... most people read MSM sh** and watch their Fake/distraction news, instead of informing themselves with truth on the internet alternative real news sites.

But they are getting more and more ridiculous as time goes by.  Does it mean they are scared?  Does this mean that Ron Paul has made huge inroads into their puppet campaigns and puppet candidates, except for Ron Paul?

Are more people actually voting for Ron Paul - but through all the voting fraud they commit they are changing the votes?

But Seriously ... MSM ... You are really starting to Pi** the people off by completely acting like Ron Paul doesn't exist and that he has no people voting for him.

You see.... People want Freedom!  People want our Liberties Back!  People Want a Real Government "For the People and By the People!"  People want our Constitution back, of which the country was founded!  People want to audit the Fed and get rid of them!  People want real justice!  People want elected officials that actually think of them and are not just puppets for corporations and banks!  People want Truth!

Everything above is what Ron Paul Stands For!  

What is that line from the movie "Fatal Attraction?"  "We Will NOT be Ignored"  We Will Not let you Ignore Ron Paul!

To report corrections and clarifications, contact Standards Editor Brent Jones at 1-800-872-7073 or e-mail Please indicate whether you're responding to content online or in the newspaper.
 Well it seems we all need to let them know... They DO need to make a correction on their Politics page.
I guess we need to let them know, there happens to be another candidate in the Republican race - They may not have known that because they are idiots, but there is another one and his name is Ron Paul.


I talked to the 800 number person - they said they have had lots of calls - BUT she would not say that they would correct the page and add Ron Paul.

I asked her "Oh, you will keep wrong information on you page which is a misleading to people and you are saying the company is not going to commit to correcting it?"  I also told her I have the info up on how to call them on my blog and will keep encouraging people to call.

I laughed at her and the company and said "I find it amazing that you know Ron Paul is a candidate but you are ignoring him!  I let her know totally what I thought.

What is good is they are getting a TON of Calls!

But at the end I clarified with her that they are refusing to add Ron Paul to the list - even though they know they are wrong!

EDIT TO ADD 12:50 PM 4/20/12 -

They  have ADDED Ron Paul to the list, he is last on it - but he is NOW on it!

Our Calls WORKED!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SNL Cold Opening April 14th 2012 - No mention of Ron Paul - Says Mitt Romney is GOP Nominee - All other Candidates are represented

I watched the Cold Opening of Saturday Night Live this last week - April 14th 2012.

I noticed immediately as each candidate joined "Mitt Romney" at the bar that they were completely ignoring Ron Paul. Every single candidate was represented/shown in the skit except for Ron Paul. In fact the skit went as far as saying Mitt was the only person left and was the GOP nominee now.

What that says is even the "Fun" media is staying away from Ron Paul.

Can't people see that with even SNL acting like Ron Paul does not exist, the elite really are worried and making everyone stay away from him or mentioning him.

I would like the media to know....Pretending Ron Paul doesn't exist does not make him go away and does not make people forget about him. In fact, Ron Paul has started a "Revolution" and people stand with him for what the country is suppose to be about.  They stand with him for abolishing the Federal Reserve (a private bank) that runs this country.  Ron Paul stands for Liberty and Freedoms.  The people are feeling the lock down, people are waking up every day.

Those at NBC and control SNL content are really dumb for leaving out Ron Paul.  I would think most of the audience watching the skit, noticed Ron Paul was ignored and left out. 

This makes me want to stop watching SNL all together. Though I don't watch it often as it is.

Here is the April 14th Cold Opening skit from SNL:

FYI- What took me so long to post this video and to write about it, was it was not available until now. I had been searching all week on the site to get this one clip to insert it and show the Ron Paul ignore.

All Government Agencies Refusing to Test Seafood from Gulf of Mexico. Seafood deformed- Video. 2 Year Anniversary of BP Oil Leak - still happening

The fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico have never seen anything like the seafood they are now catching there.

The shrimp don't have eyes, the fish have lesions on them and all Federal Government agencies are refusing to test the seafood out of the Gulf of Mexico.

I use to eat seafood all the time.  My favorite food is/was Crawfish.  I have not eaten a single crawfish since the oil leak.  I won't eat any seafood now.  I did make sure any seafood I ate came from the Asian area, after the BP oil leak.  Now that of course is ruined too and of course the Federal Government will not test any seafood out of Japan/Alaska or any where around there either.

Portion from link:

New Orleans, LA - "The fishermen have never seen anything like this," Dr Jim Cowan told Al Jazeera. "And in my 20 years working on red snapper, looking at somewhere between 20 and 30,000 fish, I've never seen anything like this either."

Dr Cowan, with Louisiana State University's Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences started hearing about fish with sores and lesions from fishermen in November 2010.

Cowan's findings replicate those of others living along vast areas of the Gulf Coast that have been impacted by BP's oil and dispersants.

Gulf of Mexico fishermen, scientists and seafood processors have told Al Jazeera they are finding disturbing numbers of mutated shrimp, crab and fish that they believe are deformed by chemicals released during BP's 2010 oil disaster.

Along with collapsing fisheries, signs of malignant impact on the regional ecosystem are ominous: horribly mutated shrimp, fish with oozing sores, underdeveloped blue crabs lacking claws, eyeless crabs and shrimp - and interviewees' fingers point towards BP's oil pollution disaster as being the cause.

Here is video from April 9th of a fly over around the BP oil leak area - you will see oil is still coming to the surface. An oil leak is still happening. But of course people think it is safe, because MSM and the government has said so. Including all those wonderful commercials from BP showing all the States surrounding the Gulf vying for "Who is the best state to visit" and saying how safe the seafood and water is now.

Here is the latest BP commercial for 2012 how safe the seafood and water is:

One very big question - if it took for the 3rd generation of seafood in the Gulf of Mexico to fully show the toxicity from the BP oil and corexit (that they still spray every day), when will the humans show it from eating the seafood from there over the last couple of years.

The two year anniversary of the BP Oil Leak is coming up this weekend today. Will MSM review it? Will they assure everyone "All is fine now?" Will they ignore it completely and hope people don't remember it?

I know I remember it, because it is still happening. I am also asking people not to eat the seafood. For all the people eating the seafood and having children what will show up in their kids at some point?

Edit to Add - 4/19/12

MotherJones has an article and pictures showing how the skin of humans are soaking up the oil tar and corexit in the Gulf Waters. It proves how toxic the water really is.

Philadelphia Catholic Priests on Trial for Sexual Abuse and Whipping of Boys. What is happening with the Sandusky/Penn State investigation in Penn?

Two Catholic Priests are on trial in Philadelphia for Sexual Abuse and Whipping of boys.

Reverend James Brennan and Reverend Thomas Smith are on trial as many adult men are now coming forward about their sexual abuse of them starting in the 1970s.

**Note - This picture is not of the two priests on trial, I inserted this simply showing Catholic Priest. **
The Catholic church hid all the facts of their sexual abuse of boys until Smith was finally defrocked in 2007.  That means 30+ years, the church allowed boys to be abused at the hands of priests.

How is it that an entity that is suppose to be about "Goodness and God" allow the most evil things to happen?

Portion from the top link about the Catholic Priest on Trial:

A Philadelphia jury heard Tuesday about Catholic schoolboys who said they had to strip before a priest and endure whippings as they played Christ in a Passion play.

Prosecutors pursuing a child-endangerment case against a church official said the Rev. Thomas J. Smith remained in ministry despite those 2002 accusations. Church officials and an in-house review board didn't think Smith was seeking sexual gratification when he allegedly had boys undress or get naked with him in a hot tub.
Smith was removed in 2005, after another accuser said Smith had taken several boys to a motel in the late 1970s, put ice down their pants and made them remove their underwear so it would dry. The accuser said he awoke to find a naked Smith rubbing his body against the naked boy.
Smith, now 64, was defrocked in 2007.

Remember the Current Pope has been accused of hiding all the Sexual Abuse of Priests for the Catholic Church.  This was his job for more than 25 years.

Some think Ratzinger's critics are holding him responsible for acts that were carried out before he became Pope, simply because he is the head of the institution involved.

This is an error. For more than 25 years, Ratzinger was personally in charge of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the part of the Vatican responsible for enforcing Catholic canonical law across the world, including on sexual abuse. He is a notorious micro-manager who, it is said, insisted every salient document crossed his desk.
Hans Küng, a former friend of Ratzinger's, says: 'No one in the whole of the Catholic Church knew as much about abuse cases as this Pope.'

We know what the methods of the Church were during this time. When it was discovered that a child had been raped by a priest, the Church swore everyone involved to secrecy and moved the priest on to another parish. When he raped more children, they, too, were sworn to secrecy and he was moved on to another parish. And on, and on.

More than 10,000 people have come forward to say they were raped as part of this misery-go-round.

He let priests go free to rape again and again

The Church insisted all cases be kept from the police and dealt with by their own 'canon' law - which can 'punish' child rapists only to prayer, penitence or, on rare occasions, defrocking.

What I would like to know is... were these priest friends of Sandusky?

I wrote about the Penn State Sexual Scandal last year and who is on the board of "The Second Mile" (Sandusky charity).

Why aren't we hearing anything about Sandusky and what is happening with that investigation?

Is it because so many high powered people are involved in it, considering it has been said Sandusky provided the kids to the "Upper Penn State Contributors of money"?

What is classic, is Sandusky wants the Second Mile Insurance Company to pay for his defense.  The company has denied that request.    

Its seems Pennsylvania is having it's state name in the spotlight for absolutely repulsive reasons.   Both cases involve a complete cover up by the highest authorities.   How deep do they go and will we ever find out the extent of who all is involved in what occurred and the sweeping it under the rug?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One Ounce CFTC Pure Silver Coin - (Head up their A**) The minting of them

The above CFTC Silver Coins were minted on a very limited basis in 2009.

I had mentioned in a previous post that was about silver, that the above coin would possibly be minted again with a very limited quantity.  I have a list of names of people that contacted me, saying they wanted one or two or more.

  David Morgan  contacted the original minting company (a friend of his) about minting more.  They are not able to but another minting company that is also a friend of Davids was/is willing to.  The company that was going to mint them had been waiting on the die for the coins from the 1st company.

It now seems the original minting company has lost the dies for the coins.  The second minting company is willing to make another die for it but it will be about $1200 just for them to do that.

Considering that would add a lot to a very limited quantity minted per coin, there is a consideration to mint a large quantity.

This post is to find out, who is actually interested in purchasing one of the coins.  If it is minted in a small quantity the cost to each person would be around $50 per coin, due to the die cost besides the silver and shipping.

It may not be worth minting the coins due to the cost per each one in a limited quantity now that the die has been lost.

But if there is a thousand or more people who are interested, then the cost will go much lower needless to say.

So, please Contact me if you are interested at : SherrieQuestioningAll@ 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Class Action Suit filed against Aurora Loan and HSBC Bank (Both MERS) in California against Fraudulent Foreclosures April 2012

Lenore Albert, Interactive Counsel, an attorney in California and I have corresponded for about 2 years now.  She started Class Action suits in California against Aurora Loan last year.  The first one, did not go far.

Lenore sent me this paperwork yesterday.  She has now started another one, first she had it in the Superior Court of California, but has now switched it to the Federal Court, because the defendant violated a prior state court order which quashed the writ, so they got it transferred. 

I want to stress right now, if you are going to sue a bank against Fraudulent Foreclosure, Please make sure you or your attorney file it in Federal Court.

Why?  Because Superior Court or State Court judges have to run for re-election.  They are reliant upon donations to their campaigns to run.  It has been found that banks and big corporations are the largest donors to judge's re-elections across the U.S.   Where as Federal Court Judges are appointed and do not have to run for re-election, so they are not "bought" as much as the State Court Judges.

This Class action has now been transferred to a Federal Court.   The Class Action is For the people with Aurora Loans and HSBC Bank that are part of their mortgage and live in California.

Know that I sincerely believe, Lenore Albert is actually an attorney who sincerely wants to help people,  from all my correspondence with her.  I have found she is not in this just for "the money."  She is doing this to try and stop all the fraudulent foreclosures.   Other attorneys do things "just for the money" but she is doing the class actions to try and help people keep their homes.

From her website:  Notice they are all MERS banks.

We are currently pursuing class actions and private actions against these financial institutions:
Aurora Loan Services, LLC
U.S. Bank National Association
Wells Fargo
Bank of America
ING Direct Bank, FSB
H&R Block, Inc.
Ocwen Loan Servicing. LLC
HSBC Bank, N.A.
Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company

Here is the document.  It has the paperwork of the case going from Superior Court to Federal Court and the Class Action Suit filed.
 Che - Notice of Removal Part 1

Please contact Lenore Albert if you have Aurora/HSBC as part of your loan and live in California.  

Offices of Lenore Albert7755 Center Avenue, Suite #1100
Huntington Beach, California 92647
Telephone: (714)372-2264
Fax: (419) 831-3376

Remember get a complete Forensic Audit for your mortgage.  Jesse Scott at USMortgageAuditors has agreed to give anyone who mentions this blog "sherriequestioningall" a free preliminary audit for their loan.  He has gone to court for many people and has helped save them from a fraudulent foreclosure.

I sincerely believe, together we all can stand up to the FRAUD of the banks.  The more suits filed against the banks in Federal Courts the more Judges across the states have to rule by the "Contractual Law of the Land."  They will have to rule against the banks against Foreclosure.  MERS loans are all Fraudulent.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Outrageous! Tennessee Bans "Handholding" for kids, says it is "a gateway to Sexual conduct" Do we call the police for parents holding their kids hands now?

I live in Tennessee.  I am not from Tennessee. 

There were some bills I was trying to help along that would make Tennessee a great state to live in.  One that would negate any unconstitutional federal law.   That one of course ended up not going anywhere.

Now, Tennessee has passed a law that says "Underage hand holding is a gateway to sexual conduct."
Last week, the Senate passed SB 3310, a bill to update the state’s abstinence-based sex education curriculum to define holding hands and kissing as “gateway sexual activities.” Just one senator voted against the legislation; 28 voted in favor.
Since the bill specifically bans teachers from “demonstrating gateway sexual activity”, educators would be prohibited from even demonstrating what hand-holding is. Breaking these laws could result in a lawsuit,
 Are you frickin kidding me?

What absolute backwoods, hill billy hicks, idiotic thinking, inbred idiots thought and passed this one? 

The answer - ALL the Senators of the State of Tennessee voted for it, except for one. 

Does anyone wonder why I have absolutely no belief in one single elected official in the world anymore?

How is it that the most stupid laws are passed by a handful of absolute idiotic morons and the rest of us have to abide by them?  How is it our freedoms can be taken away by a few corrupt puppets and we have to abide by them?

How is it that now a human touch is considered "a gateway to sexual conduct?"

So, let me also ask this.... When we see a father lovingly holding his child's hand, crossing the street or walking in a store.... should we call the police and accuse him of "sexual conduct?"

When we see a mother lovingly holding her child's hand, walking down the street..... should we call the police and accuse her of "sexual conduct?"

When we see a brother and sister, two sisters, two brothers, holding hands, should we call the police and accuse them of "Sexual conduct?"

 When we see a grandparent holding the hand of their grandkids... do we accuse them of "Sexual conduct?"

When we see two kids - girls holding hands do we think they are "lesbians?"
When we see two kids - boys holding hands do we think they are "gay?"

What the Tennessee state is doing, is trying to stop any "Love" being shown of parents or kids.  What they are trying to do is sterilize people to human touch and love.  What they are trying to make zombies out of people without any real love and affection.

Human touch through hand holding is needed between all people.  It is natural and it is not "sexual conduct."

So, when elementary kids play games or sing songs while holding hands...... will that now be against the law?

OH, one other question...... All the people in Church that hold hands during song or for another reason.... Can we go in and accuse them of "Sexual Conduct?"

See... If it starts at underage kids, that must mean all adults when they hold hands for any reason are also committing a "Sexual Conduct" interaction.

Let me tell you, the ONLY reason I live in this Idiotic Backwards Hillybilly inbred elected officials run state is because I have to at this time

Tennessee.... elected officials.... You have really shown what idiots you are now.  What a ridiculous law you passed!  To think I ever thought you were sophisticated enough to actually pass a bill that would give Tennessee the right to negate all Unconstitutional Federal laws.... what an idiot I was. 

I will tell you................... I WILL have my Child hold the hands of ALL her friends ALL she wants!  I WILL hold the hand of my child ALL I want!  And you can STUFF it!  I will keep human interaction between my child and have her Keep human interaction between her friends and herself!  I WILL tell her holding hands is a GOOD thing!   SO, are you going to charge me for allowing my kid to hold hands with friends?  

To the Tennessee law officials:  I do not see it as "Sexual Conduct" in the least, I see it as a wonderful human interaction!  I don't give a S*** how you see it!    I think it is beautiful when I see kids holding hands and I will encourage my child to hold hands with her friends!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Iceland Forgives Mortgage Debt for the Population. Putting Bankers and Politicians on "Bench of Accused"

This is awesome. It shows when the people DO STAND UP they have more power and win against the corrupt bankers and politicians of a country. Iceland is forgiving and erasing the mortgage debt of the population. They are putting the bankers and politicians on the "Bench of the Accused." Which means I assume they are putting them on trial for corruption.

Now the rest of people of the world need to start doing the same thing. We all need to stand up and against all the corruption and fraud of the banks and politicians that are puppets of the banks and corporations.

**Edit to add 4/14/12***

It seems this may not be true, due to people from Iceland saying it is not true. El Mundo news is the originator of the information from the video above. Since they are a news organization and they broadcasted this, I had assumed it to be true. Also since the Icelandic people have been standing up against the tyranny of the banks and corrupt politicians for the last 3 years, it was not beyond me to think it was not true. I have looked on Iceland news sites and have not found mention of it.  I did not put this out for "fake news" I had believed the broadcast.  So, if it is wrong I am sorry for putting out misinformation, as that is not what I do.  I will always try and put out only real truth and real news.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bix Weir - Accuses CFTC of being formed to Hide the Manipulation of Metals, Says JP Morgan is the ONE bank in control of Silver and Silver should be $8250 per ounce.

Bix Weir has lots to say in his latest newsletter.  He released a portion of it to the public and has asked that it be distributed around the net.

He accuses the CFTC of being formed by the government for the reason of "Hiding all the manipulation" in the commodities/silver market.  He says they are the control of keeping the manipulation unchecked.

Bix also says JP Morgan is the ONE bank that has Billions in the silver derivative market for the one purpose of manipulating it.  He claims silver should be at $8250 an ounce due to the really supply versus demand of it.

We have all read for years now about the manipulation of silver.  Many of us have expected it to end.  At some point we do all realize that the Federal Reserve is behind the manipulation through JP Morgan.  What that means is they have unlimited money and resources to keep the manipulation going.

I personally don't see the manipulation ending any time soon.  The facts are JP Morgan can have all the billions they need constantly to manipulation the silver market through the Fed.  They can add on billions a day of shorts of it and then they can dump 1 years worth of silver mining in one day as they did last month.  They dumped almost a years worth of silver mining in under a weeks time, first when Ron Paul was holding up a silver ounce to Bernanke and again on April 3rd.  After that they put more shorts on.

Yet Silver is the most important metal in the world, it is used and necessary in more things than any other metal.  So there is a real demand that the supply at some point will stop being able to furnish the silver to.

FYI - CFTC is holding an Open Meeting. to consider to final rules in regards to "Swaps".

CFTC to Hold Open Meeting to Consider Two Final Rules

Washington, DC – The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) will hold a public meeting on Wednesday, April 18, 2012, at 9:30 a.m., to consider two Final Rules:

  • Final Rule on Further Definition of “Swap Dealer,” “Security-Based Swap Dealer,” “Major Swap Participant,” “Major Security-Based Swap Participant,” and “Eligible Contract Participant.”
  • Final Rule on Commodity Options.

Here is Bix Weir's article: 

The silver markets are rigged. Every day. Every trade. Every option. Every derivative. The silver markets have been rigged since the early 1970's when Alan Greenspan introduced computer market trading systems to the world beginning the long term commodity market rigging operation.

Since that time there has not been a day when the silver markets have been "freely traded". Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, knows the true "Fair Market Value" of silver!
But like all price suppression schemes, the silver manipulation must come to an end and we are on the brink of that moment. The only remaining question should be "What is the true value of silver in terms of money?"

First a little background to set the stage.

Computer Commodity Trading
Beginning in the early 1970's, computers were introduced to control the order flow in financial markets. Order processing was drastically changed with the New York Stock Exchange's "designated order turnaround" system (DOT, and later SuperDOT) which routed orders electronically to the proper trading post to be executed manually, and the "opening automated reporting system" (OARS) which aided the specialist in determining the market clearing opening price (SOR; Smart Order Routing).

Today we have algorithmic trading, auto trading, algo trading, black-box trading, robo trading…and the list goes on. Algorithmic Trading is widely used by pension funds, mutual funds, and other buy side institutional traders, to divide large trades into several smaller trades in order to manage market impact, and risk. Sell side traders, such as market makers and hedge funds, claim to provide "liquidity to the market", generating and executing orders automatically. In "high frequency trading" (HFT) computers make the decision to initiate orders based on information that is received electronically, before human traders are even aware of the information.

Over the years computers have played an increasingly important role in everything related to our "free and open market system" such that today's financial markets CANNOT function without computers. The Federal Reserve, US Treasury, Wall Street insiders and the Exchanges were all instrumental in the integration of computers but they also gained access to secret trading information before the order hit the open market. This information coupled with the fastest computers on earth made market manipulation easy.

This power, the power to control markets, was too much for anyone to resist. Over time those who were given the official key to the back office operations have used and abused their position to its manipulative fullest. Although some of the time they used this power in an official capacity (for the good of the country), more often than not it was used in an unofficial capacity… for the good of themselves.

Bernie Madoff, the ex-head of the NASAQ, was a great example of this public to private transition as his private trading firm was all computer algorithm based market rigging operations. There are many other ex-Exchange/Wall Street officers that went on to open computer trading operations. Many continue to thrive such as EWT, LLC which became a dominant trading/market making firm using "state-of-the-art technology and algorithmic models". EWT was founded by Vincent Viola (ex NYMEX Chairman) and David Salomon (reported to Robert Ruben at Goldman Sachs) and are also an "Authorized Participant" in the iShares Silver ETF (SLV).

Are you beginning to see the problem? He who has the biggest, fastest and smartest computers (or programmers) can set the price and will ALWAYS WIN! No longer is there any kind of true supply/demand factors related to commodity exchanges or prices. Computer trading should be outlawed…the convenience and efficiency it provides does not offset the detrimental effects and potential for total and complete market manipulation.

CFTC Created to Cover Up the Manipulation
When the computer rigging programs were implemented there needed to be some kind of cover to ensure secrecy and maintain a false confidence in free markets. In 1974 Congress passed the Commodity Futures Trading Commission Act that overhauled the Commodity Exchange Act and created the CFTC as an independent agency with powers greater than those of its predecessor agency, the Commodity Exchange Authority.

From that moment the CFTC has been run by board appointees that showcased a revolving door of Wall Street insiders ensuring that the computer market rigging operations were not interfered with. The only notable exception is Brooksley Born who was fired by President Clinton when she found out the truth about our supposed "free markets" and tried to warn everyone. (see The Warning)

Listen to Brooksley Born explain the problems in her own words when she accepted her JFK Profiles in Courage Award in August 2009.

A while back I gave up my fight against the CFTC as I determined that they were NOT protecting the best interest of the investor but rather they were protecting the computer market rigging operations and the people involved. Here is one of my last articles on the subject:
Road to Roota III -- Who's the little man behind the curtain?

Now that you have some background let's get back to $8,250 Silver!

Historically, when any price rigging operation stops the violence of the ensuing price changes are determined by the length and scale of the manipulation as well as the underlying fundamentals of the item being rigged. Take for example the famous 1980's case of the Hunt brothers trying to corner the silver market. From early 1974 the Hunt brothers started accumulating silver which ultimately drove the price from $6/oz to $50/oz until January 21, 1980 when the CFTC finally pulled the plug on their operation. Within 2 months the price of silver plummeted from $50/oz to $10/oz and the silver price was back under control of the US Government and Banking Cabal. An excellent account of what transpired can be found here:

This account shows what can happen to the price of a manipulated commodity when the price manipulation is ended. In the case of the Hunt Brothers the manipulation lasted 6 years and involved approximately 130M oz of physical silver and 90M oz of COMEX silver contracts. This was an attempt at a Long Silver price manipulation but it was going on while the Short Silver Official manipulation was going on trying to keep the price down. The only way the Hunt's accumulated so much silver without the price heading into the many thousands of dollars was the official computer price suppression operation.

The manipulation was ended when the CFTC stopped all COMEX Silver purchases and allowed only silver liquidation sales instantly driving the price down. In 1980 the US Government held 3B oz of silver and in order to maintain the lower silver price levels they sold the entire stock of silver into the market over the next 25 years. That excess supply combined with other governments divesting their silver was enough to continue the price suppression scheme for almost 40 years. That supply is now gone.

One Bank has the Hot Potato
So here we are 40 years after the official manipulation of silver began and the world is finally awakening to the situation. The CFTC, having investigated silver manipulation allegations twice previously, has had an open investigation into silver market manipulation for over 3 years. They have even stated that the investigation was moved to the "Enforcement Division" within the CFTC which pretty much tells you what the conclusion of the investigation revealed. The FBI has separately stated that they are investigating JP Morgan for silver market manipulation.
These two facts and the absolute SILENCE from JP Morgan were strong indicators that the long term manipulation of silver was about to end but on April 5, 2012 JP Morgan broke their silence about silver manipulation. The "Wicked Witch" of silver, Blythe Masters, (the head of JPM Commodities and the creator of the mammoth Credit Default Swaps complex) came on a scripted CNBC interview and denied that JP Morgan manipulates the silver price.

JPMorgan Not Speculating on Commodities: Blythe Masters

Of course she is lying through her teeth when she claims that JP Morgan only has neutral positions. The obvious "tell" is that JPM booked almost $3 BILLION in revenue from their commodities division in 2011! Either they have the highest commission structure in human history or she is LYING THROUGH HER TEETH! As a matter of fact, Blythe's boss Jamie Dimon recently claimed that they need to get rid of the Volcker Rule so they can continue to offer their customers THE LOWEST prices possible...
Dimon on Price Wars, Volcker Rule, Stock Prices

Here's the specific quote just over 2:00 into the piece: "When the client calls up JP Morgan, if we don't give them the best price then we don't get the business."
So tell me did you make $3B off your commodity clients by offering them "the best price" and NOT trading for your own book?!
Looks like Blythe has cracked the age old secret for turning lead into gold...PILE ON THE PAPER DERIVATIVES!
*The REASON that Blythe gave this article is that they are about to be BUSTED for silver market manipulation and she is trying to start the defense early...nice try Blythe but you are about to be MELTED!
Ted Butler of Butler Research has been exposing the official manipulation of Silver for the past 25 years. His research was instrumental in exposing the gold/silver leasing operations and the massive concentrated short positions in both gold and silver. On September 3, 2008 Butler published a report entitled Fact Versus Speculation where he showed how one bank, JP Morgan Chase, took over the Bear Stearns Silver COMEX Short position of 30,000 contracts or 150M oz.

Since this report was published JP Morgan has continued its silver market rigging antics in an effort to get out of this precarious short position. After Butler exposed JPM as the culprit there have been wild orchestrated swings in the price of silver as JPM attempts to cover their massive COMEX short position. The price of silver has risen from $13 to currently over $30 in this time frame and the size of the short position held by JP Morgan has gyrated wildly between 30k and 40k contracts as they desperately try to shake the longs to cover their shorts. But even with this rise in price the short position is STILL around 20k contracts according to the CFTC's latest Bank Participation Report.

Add to this various silver market manipulation tools such as naked shorting silver ETF's, falsifying COMEX warehouse data, unallocated silver, leasing and swapping metal and you have a situation that dwarfs the Hunt brothers case.
Of course, JP Morgan is no ordinary bank because they are also the LARGEST derivative holder in the WORLD at over $75 TRILLION! Do remember Warren Buffett calling derivatives "Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction"? Well, JP Morgan holds the mother load when it comes to silver too with over $19 BILLION of Silver derivative contracts!

(OCC Report table 9: Classified as "PREC METALS"… might be a little platinum but not much).
This report was for the quarter ending September 2011 when the price of silver was slammed down to $30 from $42/oz at the beginning of Sept. Interesting: Had silver NOT been slammed down almost 30% in Sept 2011 then JPM would have had to declare silver derivative of close to $25B instead of just $19B. Talk about "painting the tape"!
At $30/oz silver the JPM $19B silver derivative position is representative of over 630M ounces of paper silver.

COME ON PEOPLE! I'm starting to think my $8,250/oz silver call is too conservative!
What's going to happen when JP Morgan's derivative monument comes crashing down?
Here's where I get to $8,250 per oz for silver.
1) I know silver has not been freely traded in 40 years so today's price if irrelevant.
2) I, like many, estimate there is only about 1B ounces in above ground physical silver for investment purposes.
3) I, like many, estimate there is only 5B ounces of above ground physical gold for investment purposes.
4) If the price of gold is not manipulated, like the banks claim, then the price of silver should be 5x the price of gold due to its supply/demand fundamentals.
CONCLUSION: The price of gold is around $1,650/oz so the true Fair Market Value of Silver should be around 5x the price of gold or $8,250/oz in a FREE market!
It's simple, if you remove ONE BANK from the supply side of the equation the price of silver will SKYROCKET overnight.
ONE BANK controls the price of silver.
ONE BANK controls the fate of our monetary system.
ONE BANK is behind the curtain pulling the silver manipulation levers.
ONE BANK has control over a nation that was founded by "We the People".
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Max Keiser - Will Be in New York on April 12th to "Liberate Silver". Max discusses Blythe Masters on CNBC - Video

Max Keiser will be in New York City to "Liberate Silver" on April 12th 2012.

He also discusses Blythe Master's appearance on CNBC last week.

One thing I want you to notice at the 3:52 mark of the video - Notice how Blythe Masters says "We don't manipulate the Silver market"  as she is shaking her head "Yes" at the same time.   :)  Seems she can lie out of her mouth, but her body language betrayed the truth, while she was speaking.

Max and Stacy discuss how the same day Blythe was on CNBC saying they don't manipulate the markets, a trader of JP Morgan was accused of manipulating and moving the markets.

Fannie and Freddie Weigh writing down mortgage principals. But "experts" say that is a 'Moral Hazard' for the people.

Fannie and Freddie are considering writing down principals of mortgages of people who are underwater or are behind in their mortgages.

Fannie and Freddie are taxpayer owned at this point, when they were given Billions and Billions in 2008 along with all the other Wall Street banks.

Remember that banks have also been 'forgiven' for Billions and the government and banks have lied about the pay backs of the TARP funds.  It was found that the banks were using more "loans" from the taxpayers through the government to pay back the TARP funds.

It seems some "experts" are saying it would be a "Moral Hazard"  to allow people to have their mortgage principal lowered.

Portion from link:
Some experts just don't like the unfair, free-lunch aspect of principal write-downs. For them, forgiving principal outright seems to cross a bright line and raise all manner of fairness and moral hazard concerns.

Anthony Sanders, a professor of real estate finance at George Mason University, says this would be a "major shift in economic policy," and thinks there would be unintended consequences.

"Do we really want to go out on the hairy edge, based on a few anecdotal assumptions that this might work?" Sanders says. "I would argue no."

For Sanders, the risks outweigh the benefits.

So lets get this straight..... the Federal Reserve has printed Trillions in dollars and has given banks 'secret' loans of Trillions, which they did not want to reveal that fact for years, until they had to.  The banks all this time have been using that money to gamble on derivatives and giving themselves Billions in bonuses and have not really paid back the taxpayers of the U.S....... and it would be a "Moral Hazard" to help the people?

This shows what absolute disdain the banks and the "experts" of the world hold for the people of the world.

This shows they in fact have absolutely NO MORALS! 

Speaking of "Morals", Obama yesterday gave 'carte blanche' to the banks and corporations of the U.S. yesterday.  Through his "Jobs Act" he is allowing banks and corporations to out right steal and falsify information about their finances.

Matt Tabbi - who is always on top of all the fraud at Rolling Stones magazine has revealed what Obama's "Job Act" is really about.

Obama is giving Wall Street and start up companies the legal right to lie and falsify all financial information to suck people into investing with them.  But is that a surprise, since he gave Billions to solar companies that went out of business immediately and no one in the government is asking where the money went.


The law also rolls back rules designed to prevent bank analysts from talking up a stock just to win business, a practice that was so pervasive in the tech-boom years as to be almost industry standard.
 Even worse, the JOBS Act, incredibly, will allow executives to give "pre-prospectus" presentations to investors using PowerPoint and other tools in which they will not be held liable for misrepresentations. These firms will still be obligated to submit prospectuses before their IPOs, and they'll still be held liable for what's in those. But it'll be up to the investor to check and make sure that the prospectus matches the "pre-presentation."

Will we be hearing about the "Moral Hazards" of corporations and Wall Street being allowed to outright Lie to the investors of stocks?  Will we hear "experts" cry out about this legal stealing from people?

Oh, No we wont!  It is because the people will be stolen from, not the banks.  You only hear out cries from the media broadcasting "experts" when the people are helped.  They are silent when banks and corporations are given free rein to lie, steal and cheat.

This is the "Moral Hazard" of our government and how far down the U.S. has come!  Those in control are committing "Moral Hazard" against the people in every way.  They have enacted laws to take our freedoms away in every form of the Constitution.

I say, let us all take on the "Moral Hazard" of this government and banks/corporations that run it.

Let us all stand up to the "Moral Hazard" of the Bank Fraud that has been happening in Foreclosures!

They don't want to write down any principals!  Fine - Let's Take them to Court!  Let's make them show they have a right to Foreclose on properties!  They have committed Fraud through their loans, yet I have not heard an out cry of "Moral Hazard" from experts regarding throwing people out on the street through fraud!  Gosh why not?  In fact what I have seen is the Attorney Generals of the States, who are suppose to be the leading person making sure all laws are adhered to in each state.... give the banks a free pass with their fraud.

So, we now have a "David and Goliath" situation.  We are David and we have the stone/sword to 'kill' Goliath by proving the Fraud in the courtrooms of the U.S. collectively.

I am going to be concentrating as much as possible on the MERS Foreclosure Fraud once more.  It seems banks have plans to start massive foreclosure proceedings against people, due to the AG agreement now.

They want people to think they can not stand up to the Fraud of banks individually, but that is not true.  In fact everyone can stand up to the banks and their own individual mortgage Fraud!

Yesterday, I published an article from Jesse of about MERS and how it began.
He is intent on helping people reveal the fraud in their loans.

Today 4/11/12 - Jesse is conducting a Webinar at 1 Pm est. for those who want to find out more about the FRAUD in mortgages. The link is here to register:

Let's all show who has committed the real "Moral Hazard" here in the U.S. and it certainly is not the people who have had Fraud committed against them by the banks, government and corporations of the U.S.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

MERS Foreclosure Fraud how it began. Read and Understand you will not get foreclosed on through Knowledge and Informing yourself of the Fraud. Fight Any Foreclosure!

4/11/12 Update - Jesse is holding a Webinar today at 11 AM est (due to tech difficulties it is scheduled for 1 PM est, now) - you can register at this site for it.  He will discuss the FRAUD in mortgage papers.

Jesse Scott from
has put together information about how MERS began and the fraud behind the Foreclosures that are happening. This information is immense. Please inform yourself and send this information along to everyone you know who may be in trouble with their mortgage.

FYI - I have made an arrangement with Jesse, for people to get a Free preliminary audit - to FIGHT a Fraudulent Foreclosure.   Call Jesse at 1-866-358-2738 and reference this blog *sherriequestioningall* for it.

Jesse, has put this article together with many more articles about MERS for this blog. Jesse is a mortgage auditor and has stopped many foreclosures from happening. He has proven fraud in the court rooms of the U.S. and has been helping homeowners by auditing their mortgages.

This article may seem overwhelming, but please read it, understand the FRAUD of Wall Street.  No agreement between the banks and the AGs of the states can stop people from suing the banks from Fraudulent Foreclosure.  

He has audited my mortgage. Also, it does not matter if you are in trouble with your mortgage or not. You should know what Fraud is in your mortgage! 

Here is the first of many articles that Jesse has put together for this blog.

In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s the dream to own a home was paramount to many Americans, particularly it was the agenda for the administration at the time to see to it that Americans of lower incomes achieve the American dream. That American dream has catapulted us into one of the worst nightmares that anyone with childhood ideology of the American dream would consider its worst nightmare.
The American Dream

So, the American dream, let’s talk about that…in the old days typically you borrowed money from a bank, but the bank understood the risk it took for someone to get that mortgage. Back then the mortgage could only be 25% - 30% of your income. That was the standard, and if you defaulted you would get a banker knocking on your door to find out what happened. That was our banking system, it was safe it was secure and it made sense. So you have it in the early 2000’s there were laws that were passed that allowed credit default swaps to be used in the open market, which is sort of a gaming system that allows you to bet on certain instruments. Keep in mind that this is nothing new, but something like a credit default swap is something that should have been governed and approved by the gaming commission. However the powers that be pushed it through under the ideas of the American dream and deregulation.

Deregulation and Credit Default Swaps

What did deregulation do? It allowed credit default swaps to bet against mortgage-backed securities   What is a credit default swap, and how does that relate to mortgage backed securities?  Wikipedia’s definition for credit default swap is an agreement that the seller of the CDS will compensate the buyer in the event of a loan default or other credit event. The buyer of the CDS makes a series of payments, the CDS fee (the spread to the seller) and a payoff if the loan defaults. Credit default swaps have existed since the 1990’s and increased by the end of the 2003. By the end of 2007 the outstanding CDS amount was 62.2 trillion falling to 26.3 trillion by midyear 2010, but reportedly 25.5 trillion in early 2012.  These entities include sovereigns like Greece, corporate financial institutions and banks.  If you look at this number in the early 1990’s to early 2003, there was a huge betting scheme against the system. Just to note this gives you an idea what is happening in Greece right now.


To recap credit default swaps were used to bet against mortgage-backed securities. Mortgage-backed securities is where the securitization process took place. Mortgage-backed securities is an asset backed security that represents a claim on the cash flow from mortgaged loans through a process known as securitization. The process of securitization can be complicated, it is highly dependent on the jurisdiction where the process is conducted. #1 Mortgage loans (and notes) are purchased from banks and other lenders and assigned to a trust  #2 the trust assembles these loans into collections or pools. #3, the trust securitizes the pools by using mortgage backed securities. These securitization trusts include government-sponsored enterprises and private entities, which may offer credit enhancement features to mitigate the risk of prepayment and default associated with these mortgage. The most common securitization trusts are fannie mae and freddy mac government sponsored enterprises, ginnie mae a us government sponsored enterprise backed by the full faith and credit of the US government. Guarantees its investors receive timely payments, but buys limited numbers of mortgage notes. Some private institutions such as investment banks or real estate mortgage investment conduits (REMIC) and the real estate investment trusts also securitized mortgages known as private label mortgage securities. Issuances of private-label mortgage-back securities increased dramatically from 2001 to 2007,  and then ended abruptly in 2008 when real estate markets began to falter.

Ginnie Mae guaranteed the first passthrough security of an approved lender in 1968.  In 1971 Freddie Mack issured its first mortgage passthrough called participation certificate, composed primarily of private mortgages.  In 1981 Fannie Mae issued its first mortgage passthrough called mortgage-backed security.  In 1983 Freddie Mack issued the first collateralized mortgage obligation. In 1960 the government enacted the Real Estate Investment Trust Act of 1960 to allow the creationof the real estate investment trust ( REIT).  In 1977 Bank of America issued the first private lable passthrough,  and in 1984 the government passed through and in 1984 the government passed the Secondary Mortgage Market Enhancement Act (SMMEA to improve the marketability of such securities) .

The tax Reform act of 1986 allowed the creation of the tax-free Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit (REMIC) special purpose vehicle for the express purpose of issuing passthroughs .  The tax Reform Act significantly contributed the to savings and loan crises of the 1980s and 1990s that resulted in the Financial Insitutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989 ( FIRREA), which dramatically changed the savings and loan industry and its federal regulation,  encouraging loan origination.

So now that you have the history lets open the door to HELL. So how did this all play out?


I am sure you heard the phrase , it take money to make money right? Your right? So how can you lend as much money as you can to meet the demand . Lets pretend open up a bank and lets pretend I lend out a certain percentage of what my depositors money. Well lets assume I have 100 depositors who deposited $1,000. And lets say that I have had 100 people borrow $500.00 so the bank has lent out $50,000 from depositors money and of course its FDIC insured . Now lets say everyone in town found out that your bank lending standards are lenient to borrows who have less than perfect credit. Now that bank lends out another $50,000 of their depositors money. So now what? You know have put the bank at risk a huge risk, however you have more and more people wanting to borrow money. So what do you do? This is where the bank starts marketing investors to take on their risk in exchange for their receivables, in the form of a bond . Each investor takes on certain risk, depending on there risk tolerance. So now the bank can continue lending money freely minimizing their risk. This is the risk that pension funds, corporations took due to the credit rating that was given by a credit agency. Keep in mind pension funds could only invest in triple A rating investments. This is where credit default swaps played a major role for the risky borrower. This process has happen over and over again, putting our country and financial system at a huge risk. This is why you would see companies like AIG get bailed out from the government due to the weight of the defaults was more surmountable than viewed before insuring. Investors and insurers are suing those who have put these instruments in place. And they are winning.


It has been widely reported that MERS1 has broken or severely diluted2 the chain of title
for real property records, but what does this mean? To understand the importance of the chain of
title to a property and the complexities of land boundaries we need to look no further than the
advice given to practicing attorneys.

“To properly  evaluate a  case, counsel  and survey experts often must  examine chains  of 
title for all properties subject to the dispute.  In the case of a boundary dispute, it may be
necessary to search the chain of title back to a patent to determine paramount title or to
locate true boundaries.” 3

As is readily apparent, a broken chain of title will have adverse effects on adjoining
properties and in many instances the boundaries of properties within an entire neighborhood.
Attorneys are advised  to  seriously consider not taking the case or withdrawing from it.   If
attorneys  are  advised  to  “seriously  consider”  withdrawing,  how  will  the  common  victim  of
MERS (by proxy) get relief?

The   complexity  of   the   problem   is   obvious.   As   lenders   and   title  insurers   pass
responsibility back and forth, property owners who purchased a foreclosed property that had
been in the MERS system (and now have broken chains of title) and their neighbors will be
forced into expensive and complex litigation in order to determine their boundaries.

W ho  will  be  financially  responsible  for  the  litigation  to  quiet  title?

1 When referencing MERS in this report, the author refers to MERSCORP, Inc. and its 5000 plus members and the
Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (a subsidiary of MERSCORP, Inc.).
2 The terms broken and diluted are used interchangeably in this White Paper.  Chains of title are “diluted” when the 
historical indexing systems and proper public recordings are not utilized (along with back dating and forging of legal
documents , ie. robo-signing) making a chain of title impractical to recreate.


Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB), California  Easements and Boundaries, Law and Litigation (July 2010) §§

10,11, 10.32, pgs. 471-472, 489-490.  According to the  Checklist: Dos and Don’ts in Boundary  Location Dispute 
contained in this treatise, attorneys are advised to:
Ø   Remind  clients  that  boundary  location  disputes  are  usually  expensive  to  litigate  (a  client  will
sometimes fight to the last dollar).
Ø   Do not enter an appearance in any boundary litigation unless counsel is confident about handling
both the emotional and legal issues.
Ø   If there is continued doubt about the boundary location, research, read, and review again; usually
the answer is buried somewhere [in the chain of title].
Ø   If enormous doubt persists on location or validity of the boundary, seriously consider not taking
the case or withdrawing from it.

Thanks  to  the  Mortgage  Electronic  Registry  System’s  (“MERS”)  failure  to  accurately 
complete and/or publically record property conveyances in the frenzy of banks securitizing home
loans  and  in  subsequent  foreclosure  actions,1  neighbors  to  a  foreclosed  property  (with  a
sequential conveyance) as well as the foreclosed property itself will have unclear boundaries and
clouded/unmarketable titles making it difficult, if not impossible, for these homeowners to sell
their properties and for subsequent purchasers to obtain title insurance on that property.2  MERS
now keeps electronic records on about half of the home mortgages in the United States.3

Many problems with MERS and the home loan securitization process have been reported
in print media (countless articles), in movies (the Inside Job) and on television (most recently on
the April 3, 2011 edition of 60 Minutes).  Academic professors such as Christopher L. Peterson
of the University of Utah, S.J. Quincy College of Law, have written extensively on what is
wrong with MERS.4  Courts have ruled against MERS’ standing to foreclose and have criticized 
the MERS model as being flawed, wholly inaccurate and not allowing homeowners to fight
foreclosures because it shields the true owner of a mortgage in public records.5  States Attorneys’ 
General and federal bank regulators6 are investigating MERS practices including fraudulently
robo-signing  and  back  dating  missing  documents.    A  few  County  Registrars  of  Deeds  are
claiming  that  they  are  owed  millions  of  dollars  in  lost  revenue  from  mortgage  assignment

1 “For banks, the local government recorders weren’t speedy enough especially as the mortgage industry moved into 
the business of securitization, or bundling and selling mortgages.” Marian Wang, Backgrounder:  A  Closer  Look  at
MERS, the Industry’s Controversial Mortgage Clearinghouse, ProPublica (March 7, 2011).

2 As a preliminary matter, an  understanding of the terms attached  hereto  in  E xhibit J  are essential understanding
this White Paper.
3 Marian  Wang,  Backgrounder:   Closer  Look  at  MERS,  the  Industry’s  Controversial  Mortgage  Clearinghouse,
ProPublica (March 7, 2011).
System,  University  of  Cincinnati  Law  Review  (Summer  2010)  Vol.  78,  No.  4.    See  also  Written  Testimony  of
Christopher L. Peterson,  Foreclosed Justice:   Cause  and  Effects of  the  Foreclosure  Crisis, United States House of
Representatives Committee on the Judiciary (December 2, 2010).


As  an  example,  see  In  re  Agard  (United  States  Bankruptcy  Court,  Eastern  District  of  New  York,  February  10,

2011)  Case  No.  8-10-77338,  Doc.  41  where  the  court  held  that  MERS  lacked  the  legal  standing  to  transfer  the
ownership of mortgages on behalf of banks.  In his opinion Judge Robert E. Grossman stated “This court does not 
accept the argument that because MERS may be involved with 50 percent of all residential mortgages in the country,
that is reason enough for this court to turn a blind eye to the fact that this process does not comply with the law.”  
6  Including  the   Office   of  the   Comptroller   of  Currency,   the   Federal   Reserve,   the   Federal   Deposit  Insurance
Corporation and the Federal Housing Finance Agency. Marian Wang,  Backgrounder:  A  Closer  Look  at  MERS, the
Industry’s Controversial Mortgage Clearinghouse, ProPublica (March 7, 2011).   See also Nick Timiraos,  Critical
Signs  in  Foreclosure  Talks,  The  Wall  Street  Journal  (April  12,  2011)  (giving  status  of  settlement  with  states’ 
attorneys’ general and federal regulators and lenders).

transfers that  were not  recorded  because MERS  was  listed as  the mortgagee in  public land
records. 7

What  none of the  “experts,” reporters, or courts are analyzing (in specific terms) is the
destructive effect that the MERS system will have on 400 years of recorded property rights in the
United States.  Most articles mention the lost chain of title but stop short of explaining what this
means, or how it will affect people that may not have a mortgage, much less a mortgage in the
MERS system. These  problems  deal  with  ramifications  “on  the  ground”  for  determining  (1) 
property boundaries (senior and junior property rights) and (2) proof of ownership in order to
obtain  title  insurance.    As  shown  below,  these  MERS  created  problems  will  affect  both
foreclosed properties and all of their neighboring properties amounting to much larger and more
costly problems than have been previously addressed by the media, lawmakers, courts or any
settlements with MERS.

Because  MERS  is  utilized  for  transferring  title  and  these  transfers  are  not  publicly
recorded, MERS does not comply with race/notice8 statutes and senior and junior property rights
cannot be determined when there is a discrepancy in property boundaries.   In fact, MERS has
undone hundreds of years of recorded property rights leaving property owners to litigate their
boundaries.    This  assertion  sounds  extreme;  however,  it  is  absolutely  true.  Consider  these

1.   What  happens  if  the  chain  of  title  cannot  be  determined
because there are no accurate and publicly recorded deeds/title
documents  showing  chain  of  title  to  determine  senior  and
junior rights designations for boundary determinations between

2.   What  happens  when  you  destroy  the  property  rights  and
records   of   homeowners   who   never   defaulted   on   their
mortgages and are now forced to litigate boundary disputes and
property rights?

3.   Why  did  the  title  insurance  companies  repeatedly  refuse  to
underwrite foreclosures if land title was stable?


See article by Austin Kilgore, Recorder  Wants to  Close  Account  at  Bank of  America  to Protest  MERS, National

Mortgage  News  (April  11,  2011)  Section:   NEWS,  pg.  8,  Vol.  35,  No. 28  regarding  Registrar  of  Deeds  in  South
Essex District of Massachusetts.

“MERS  saved  banks  time  and  money  by  providing   private,  electronic  alternative  to  the  public  system  used  by 
local government recorders.   By using the MERS registry, they largely avoided the recording fees.”  Marian Wang, 
Backgrounder: A Closer Look at MERS, the Industry’s Controversial Mortgage Clearinghouse, ProPublica (March
7, 2011).


For  the  purposes  of  this  article,  we  are  not  distinguishing  the  differences  between  race,  notice  and  race/notice.

Race/notice is meant to encompass all designations.

These are the exact problems that MERS has created  the bigger problems that no one
has explained  the elephant in the room.   In a rush to buy and sell mortgages as quickly as
possible, lenders have also destroyed and/or severely diluted over 400 years of land title records
dating back to the colonial United States (back to 1850 in California).  This destruction/dilution
means that litigation is the only way to resolve boundary disputes.   We will never be able to
determine senior (superior) and junior (inferior) property rights designations because no one will
know which parcels were conveyed first in time and to whom.   We are already seeing these
problems  with  the MERS  system  dealing with  widely publicized  mortgage foreclosures  and
lenders’ inability to show that they own title to property at the time of foreclosure.

The broken chain of title problem may have never been a problem if not for the millions
of foreclosed properties.  Because mortgage lenders, via MERS, have not followed title statutes
specific  to  their  respective  states,  they  have  also  negated  the  rights  created  by  race/notice
statutes.  Because these race/notice statutes were violated, a property owner (who may not even
be in the MERS mortgage system) may have lost his property rights.  Stated another way, if the
chain of title is lost for a given property, any property that shares a common property boundary
line, may have lost its superior rights and that owner will be required to litigate if the property’s 
boundary is questioned.   In essence,  “Zombie  Loans”  are  created  by MERS.   These Zombie
Loans never die (they keep coming back to life), they mutate and they multiply.

Furthermore, with clouded titles, subsequent purchasers of these properties will not be
able  to  obtain  title  insurance  without  providing  indemnification  via  a  warranty  deed  or
comparable document, and, without title insurance, these purchasers will not be able to obtain
                         financing on the properties.

T wo E xamples

1.               A neighbor’s property sale (with disclosure issues) created
duress for an 83 year old widower trying to settle his estate.  There
was confusion as to the property line location in the magnitude of
9’  feet.  It  also  cost  him  approximately  $10,000  (even  at  a
discounted rate) and 18 months of time.  In this case, the chain of
title was broken in 1968 in connection with (1) a foreclosure; (2) a
subsequent bankruptcy; and (3) a transfer to a now defunct savings
and loan. The title insurance company recognized the lost chain of
title problem when it issued a title insurance policy and wrote an
exception  to  coverage  for  that  problem.9  The  self-employed
architect  owner  (neighbor)  chose  not  to  sue  for  title  insurance
coverage  due  to  his  costs  in  attorneys’  fees  in   downturned 
economy.  See E xhibit A, detailed description of this case.

9 Title insurance companies only paid claims equivalent to 5% of premiums collected in loss and loss adjustments in
2005.  This 5% payout is contrasted to a 73% payout of premiums collected toward property/casualty claims during
this same timeframe.  United States Government Accountability Office, GAO-07-401 (April 2007), pg. 9.

2.                A land surveyor, presumably trained in title work, chose
not  to  examine a chain  of title  in  the course  of a survey.  This
litigation resulted in a 2010 settlement of approximately $500,000
(plus an additional several hundred thousand dollars in  attorneys’ 
fees)  wherein  Mr.  Woolley  served  as  an  expert  witness.  This
litigation resulted from not properly examining rights established
by reviewing available chain of title documents. A broken chain of
title removes the option of determining the rights and this case
demonstrates costs and ramifications.

The MERS system has created an environment in which tens of thousands of titles have
been lost or diluted in a sea of other MERS transactions and may take a hundred years to fix,
while forcing innocent homeowners to litigate in order to reclaim their property rights.    This
                        article will:
1.                Briefly  discuss  the  robo-signer  scandal,  the  problem  with  the  MERS
system and recent court cases involving MERS;

2.                Summarize  the  history  of  how  land  was  surveyed  and  divided  in  the
Western United States;

3.                Explain how junior and senior property rights are determined in the face of
a boundary dispute;

4.                Describe exactly how MERS has destroyed or severely diluted chains of
title  for  boundary  disputes  between  foreclosed  properties’  subsequent 
owners and all of their neighbors;

5.                Analyze the resulting difficulty these subsequent homeowners and their
neighbors will experience when attempting to sell their properties (with
clouded titles) when purchasers will not be able to obtain title insurance
                                                            (without seller indemnity) and financing.

I have another article Jesse put together on the Robosigning Fraud, which I will put on tomorrow.  This way there is time to digest the above information.   

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