Monday, August 4, 2014

TRUTH of Smoking and Tobacco benefits. Tobacco treats Ebola, has many medicinal properties and Good Health Properties

The Truth of tobacco and smoking.  It is beneficial and it is a treatment for Ebola.

It is not beneficial to smoke commercial bought cigarettes as they contain over 3000 additives with many of those being carcinogenic.  Smoking store bought cigarettes will cause someone to have cancer.  But smoking natural pure tobacco is something all together different and can be very good for you health wise in different situations.  Scientific studies have shown smoking is beneficial.

One has to wonder why it has been demonized by the government starting in the 70's, which is the decade Ebola arrived in Africa.  It has shown to help AIDS, which began in the 80s.  Besides of course all the chemicals they spray in the air now, smokers lungs are coated and protected against the chemicals.  Natural tobacco is good for you, not store bought cigarettes.

Smokers have better mental functions than non-smokers, anti inflammatory,

Mom's Tobacco shop has many tobacco brands.  Use Pipe tobacco for your cigarettes as it is cheaper than cigarette tobacco and it works great.  The OHM brand has natural tobacco.  They have injectors and tubes too.

Links to information that are in the video:

Cigarettes cause all types of cancer now because of the 3000+ ingredients they put in them, including arsenic, glue,

Renewed push to stop all smoking. 

People can Roll their own cigarettes with natural tobacco.  A carton cost $10 when you roll your own.  You can get all natural tobacco online (Ohm has natural tobacco) and buy your tubes online too.  It is easy to do.

Update 8/5/14 Businessweek has an article about Tobacco and Ebola out today.


  1. Are you insane? Smoking anything is harmful, even if it's pine needles! It's why you cough...your lungs hate having anything other than air in them.

    1. I have to assume you did not watch the video. What you said, has been proven wrong. When people smoke, it has to be NATURAL tobacco not commercial cigarettes.

    2. I did watch the video...and when you add a particulate to the lungs, no matter what it is, the lungs reject it because it's a physical contaminant. You cough around a campfire, you cough when you breathe flour, and you cough when you breathe in matter what the smoke. It's your body's way of telling you something. Marihuana self-grown is 100% natural as well, and you'll still cough.

      Now if you'd said that the drug in it was beneficial and it was being extracted in some way to make an injection or a pill or drunk, that would be different. But to say that the medical community would advocate breathing in the heated charred carbon products of ANYTHING as beneficial is simply wrong and breathtakingly funny. (pun intended).

    3. You're right. Many want to justify smoking through modern research. It might be beneficial to add a quarter of a leaf to smoothies but there is no research on using raw tobacco. Tobacco is poisoness in large doses. "The dose makes the poison" (Latin: ''sola dosis facit venenum'') would be the safe factor in using tobacco. New research is fascinating to read about as it concerns raw tobacco and its healing molecules but smoke rarely have beneficial effects other than in pipe dreams.

    4. Nothing wrong with coughing, its how you clean the dust out of your lungs.

      Yes smoking induces coughing, helping you clean out the dust.

    5. Yeah maybe for you but not everyone, I for one have been using tobacco medicinally for over 15 years with tremendous benefit.

  2. I once heard a distinguished radio journalist and comumbist from my country say that although he was totally aware of all cigarette-related risks he just can't help smoking !

  3. With nicotine based insecticides being banned in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii due to it killing bees and other friendly insects one cannot help but wonder if Sherri is serving as a Big Tobacco dupe. Nicotine is a poison. You can look it up. Ingesting nicotine in any form is harmful to ones health.

    1. LOL Guess Monsanto and GMO has nothing to do with that. Guess you didn't watch the video about tobacco and nicotine from studies. :)

    2. Sherrie, My point being BIG TOBACCO is in a panic state as their nicotine based insecticides are being banned which will impact their bottom line. My father died a protracted agonizing death from throat cancer. I'm 67 and quit smoking over 25 years ago. His last year of life was a horror both for him and everyone who knew him.

      Hitler! Really? Nicotine is a poison. Google Vincent Van Gogh smoking skull.

    3. Reports to U.S. poison control centers of possible nicotine toxicity tripled from 2012 to 2013.1,2 Although nicotine toxicity is not a new phenomenon, the emergence of electronic cigarettes (“e-cigarettes”) has spawned a market for highly concentrated liquid nicotine. This phenomenon has resulted in unprecedented access to potentially toxic doses of nicotine and other harmful compounds in the home. We report a case of a child who was poisoned by e-cigarette refill liquid (“e-liquid”).

      source -

      Sherrie, Seriously. Your Hitler reference marks you as an 'Agendanista from the 'Dark Side'

      Hitler! Really?

    4. Here is an interesting fact you should be interested in. The people who have lived the oldest... guess what they have had in common??? :) Yep, Smokers ....

      Another fact, People who have gotten lung cancer, the majority of them....Non-smokers.

      People are conditioned that is how our world works now. Brianwashing to 'believe' in something that is not true

    5. absolutely truth. Im quite sure its just how we have been programmed. Even the newer non biased non government funded clinical studies of marijuana smoking has determined that marijuana is a cancer prohibitive whether it is smoked or eaten. To say tobacco smoke causes cancer is probably only true when it is store bought. Yes we have been programmed to think smoke means cancer. And to say nicotine is poisonous depending on the dose of course it is. Everything is poisonous depending on dose. Too much of anything will kill you. Im quite sure you could die from an over dose of brocolli juice if you got enough into your system. Im not a smoker of anything but i do know how programing works. We are programed to think many things. Of course growing up and being told smoking ciggs causes cancer your going to then think smoking anything does.

  4. Sherrie,


    "Across the backyards and victory gardens of America this fall, many weekend gardeners for the first time are harvesting a touch of poison amongst the squash and potatoes.

    The poison, albeit all-natural and organic, is tobacco, an otherwise lovely plant with its elephantine green leaves and broad, five-petal flowers of yellow, pink or white.

    Ever ingenious American smokers have turned to growing their own tobacco as the average price for smokes has climbed to over $6 a pack, a price hike largely the result of the $1.01-per-pack tax that went into effect on April 1, conveniently around planting season. Seed sales reportedly were through the roof this year.

    Whether homegrown tobacco is cheaper is debatable. Growing tobacco is difficult for even the experienced gardener, and curing the leaves can be an art form.

    But the parallel reasoning for growing your own — that homegrown tobacco is healthier by virtue of having none of the additives found in commercial cigarettes, as purported on various Internet sites — unfortunately is not true. The stuff will still kill you.

    Not even marginally less harmful

    Terms such as “healthier” or “safer” — as in the elusive safer cigarette that the tobacco industry is trying to create — should tell you who is shaping this argument. The proper term is “less harmful,” and even this is highly suspect. You’re still breathing in myriad cancer-causing agents; one or two fewer carcinogens, like one or two fewer bullets from a machine gun, doesn’t matter.

    Commercial tobacco does contain a lot of junk. The industry has hundreds of additives in its arsenal to make cigarette smoking a more pleasant and addictive experience. Some of these additives are carcinogenic. But good ol’ natural tobacco, particularly when burned, has upwards of 40 known or probable carcinogens that trump any harm done by additives.

    Also, homegrown tobacco still has those same wonderful heart-stopping qualities causing higher blood pressure, higher cholesterol levels, and higher risk of artery clotting and stroke.

    Part of the blame for the confusion goes to the anti-smoking movement. Its emphasis on tobacco additives has implied that natural tobacco is somehow healthier."

    source -

    1. LOL Here's a clue. go to the links provided above that is information in the video. All the links to the government site and Oxford journal is there for everyone to look at. So please go there and see the various information and facts that is from studies and is actually truth, which isn't released often. Oh, btw... did you hear... those doctors are doing better with Ebola because they were given the TOBACCO cure! :)

    2. Raising tobacco does not require an art form. LOL. Plant plants around Derby Day, dark soil is best, fertilize with 10-10-10 at planting and again at knee high, when it is over head high break out the top or bloom leaving only 20 leaves, remove suckers regularly when small, about 3 weeks after removing the top it will be yellowed, cut it, hang it upside down from a rafter in outbuilding exposed to humidity but not rain, don't let leaves touch walls, once the leaf stems are completely dry it's cured, on a humid day leaves will be pliable and not brittle, strip the leaves and tie into a hand with a leaf on the stem end.
      Pick bugs off by hand, aphids use cayenne pepper, water and few drops of Joy dish soap.

      I'm wondering if smokers are the biggest survivors of Ebola. Why the variance in survival rates in different countries, is it the smokers per capita ratio? I'm a smoker and seldom get a virus, fever or flu. Does the components in nicotine pesticides that kill bees also kill virus and flu? Although I don't recommend anyone smoke, it is interesting.
      Mam - experienced tobacco farmer

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  6. I don't see any information about "store bought" cigarettes vs. Natural tobacco / roll your own cigarettes. You claim they are safer, but I don't see any information? Would you allow your child to smoke or do you have your child smoke so that he gets the health benefits? If you are not having your child smoke? Then you obviously, don't completely believe in your own research.

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