Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Video - Ron Paul Gets Bernanke to ADMIT Silver IS Money! Cartel Dumped 225 Million Ounces of Silver (paper) on Market today 2/29 when Bernanke was speaking.

Ron Paul is THE Man! He got Bernanke to ADMIT Silver IS Money today during Bernanke's Congressional hearing. He also says the inflation rate is B.S. from the Fed.

Normally when Bernanke speaks metals react by going up. The Cartel knew that, so they were ready. They DUMPED 225 MILLION ounces of Silver (Paper) on the market as Bernanke was speaking.

The first minute of the video, is Barney Frank, kissing Bernanke's ass, telling him to ignore the negative things people are saying about the Federal Reserve and what a great job Bernanke is doing.  (Yeah, I almost threw up over that absolute ass kissing B.S!)

Ron Paul starts at 1 minute in this video - the Silver Eagle (update 3/1/12, I understand it was a  "Silver Circle" coin, from the movie that will be coming out in May, not an Eagle) ounce is taken out by Ron Paul at the 2:45 minute mark. Says the one ounce in 2006 would buy 4 gallons of gas, today it buys 11 gallons of gas.  It is what is holding people's wealth, not fiat currency.  Ron Paul has Bernanke admit Silver IS money at the 5 minute mark. Bernanke says "Gold and Silver, are another currency!"

Portion From the regarding the DUMPING of 225 Million Ounces of Silver (Paper)

For those who claim these immediate waterfall gap-downs in both metals were as a result of Bernanke's dissapointment in no further QE, please realize this occurred exactly as the full report was released, and note the massive paper volume of 225 MILLION OUNCES OF PAPER SILVER OVER 30 MINUTES used to smash gold by $65 and silver by $2!:

Here is what I personally think about that dump... the Cartel took Silver down $2 by Dumping 225 Million Ounces today.  Think about this... they were only able to take down Silver $2 with that dump which is what it raised yesterday!  So.... Silver is being resilient and holding!  They are running out of options and shorts!  They are playing their last straws.  Silver held today, if they had dumped that amount 3 years ago Silver would have gone down $10 or more, it only went down $2 today!  

I just now figured out.  The last COT (commitment of Traders) report for the comex has 70,000 commercial shorts Silver contracts listed.  I then took 225 million and divided it by 5000, which is one Silver contract on the Comex.  That then comes up to 45000 silver contracts that were dumped today by the commercials.

Do you realize the full implications of that?

That means they dumped over 1/2 of their shorts on the market today in half an hour and it only took Silver down $2!  I am sure they were expecting it to go down $20 or more!  They used over 1/2 of all that they have to smack it down!  Silver WON!  This is huge in that they don't/won't have all the shorts to keep manipulating the market!

I spoke to David Morgan of  he agreed with me that lots of paper silver was being sold to drive the market DOWN! Further, that much selling in the past would have had a far greater effect. David Morgan said, he was suppose to be interviewed by Max Keiser today, but that got delayed. David Morgan wants to help further the silver cause and plans to ask Max to restart his "Buy a Silver ounce."  Who knows maybe Max will say something like buy a "Silver Eagle" and help - "Bust the Comex!" This is just a guess from what David Morgan told me, but stay tuned, as the silver market continues to be one of the best stories on the Internet.

It seems we are towards the end of their desperate manipulations!  I am very excited over this! 

 Especially since they used so much today and got so little from it!

One question to you?

Got Physical Silver?

At 7:30 PM 2/29/12 - Silver is UP .21 to $34.85.  That dump sure did not do much for them.  Lets see how long it takes silver to go back to where it was ($37.62) when they did their dump of paper.

11:20 PM 2/29/12 - Gold is UP $24.30 to 1722.30 and Silver is UP .47 to $35.11.  Looks like the Asian market is thanking the cartel for what they did today and buying metals.   What a FAIL today for the cartel. 

 Ron Paul I believe woke more people up regarding Silver.  That was very powerful him holding up the Silver Eagle and showing the physical metal.  I have even had someone contact me who has never considered purchasing metals before and asked if I knew of where they could purchase some.  More people will look at Silver I believe due to Ron Paul doing what he did today.  

 UPDATE 3/2/12 - Salinas - interview with KWN. 


This seller was definitely not interested in losses, what they were interested in was suppressing the price.  What happened yesterday was insignificant from the point of the ongoing overrunning of the fiat money crowd. 
We have to start with silver because that is what most people will be using, not gold.  As long as there is paper money, gold will not be used as money, it will be hoarded.  But silver can be used as money, together with this fake money that people all over the world are forced to use.”


  1. IF this is true, ie, that TPTB used FULLY ONE HALF of their total silver smack-down arsenal, today - then, silver is currently sitting on the launch pad, firing up for a systems check, and awaiting the countdown, for lift-off... And, it's GAME OVER, for the BANKERS !!!

    1. I am personally betting that before the end of March, people are going to be shocked by what Silver is going to be at. Many things are converging around the March 20th date. Greece will be defaulting during that week, besides numerous other situations. Also due to my own information, I believe Silver is about to be released from it's shackles.

      Again the question to everyone, is "Got Physical Silver?" If not, go to Flea Markets, look at Craigslist and try and get a few ounces. I am going to try and do that immediately. I would like to get some for protection of the fiat money that is used at this time.

  2. Wow! The post above makes a lot more sense, given this post, from Alexander Higgins' blog:
    Collapse of Entire Global Banking System Underway Signals CEO of World's Largest Mutual Fund

  3. As someone who has traded commodities for over 15 years, I must point out there is one mistake with your analysis. The positions that are listed on the COT every Friday afternoon are the current positions as of Tuesday that week for the 4 different trading groups (Merchants, Swap Dealers, Managed Money, and Other). They are NOT an arsenal or inventory. If the current position is 70K and they sell 45K then their new position is 115K. Their is nothing beyond their own risk management departments stopping them from doubling or tripling their positions.

    By the way, the report that came out last Friday, and is effective for close of business 02/21, lists the Merchants as net short 46,308 and every other category is net long. The next report will come out this Friday and will be effective for COB yesterday.

    1. You are correct.

      Also, it should be noted that in 2010 the global mine production of silver was around 735 million ounces. So in 30 minutes 3 1/2 months worth of mine output was dumped onto the market.

      The irony is that those players will have to buy back those short contracts in the future.

  4. There is no irony. They have an "endless" supply of money; they don't care about some "losses" here and there if it means continuing to rape and pillage the entire world. IMO, as good as it is to get Bernanke to admit what he did, it will change absolutely nothing within the larger game. Rejoicing at crumbs when they have stolen all the bread is an occupation for those who are, to some degree, still duped.