Monday, March 12, 2012

Silver is the most Important Metal in the World, Less above ground than Gold - The uses of it.

There are many that try and get the information out about Silver being rarer than gold.  The reason is there is less above ground silver in the world than there is gold.  That is why they manipulate it so much too.  But at some point the reality of a silver shortage will hit.

This article from Future Money Trends has great information of what all silver is used for and what it can do for you.  It purifies water and is used in all electronics besides much more.   There is also a metaphysical thing silver does for you.  You should wear pure silver if you are going to speak in front of people.  It gives the confidence and allows you an eloquent entry and exit.  Silver does have a vibration to it.

But for the more practical uses - here are just a few uses:

Silver Antibacterial Bandages
Silver has germicidal effects that kill many lower organisms. The colloidal or ionic silver is a silver solution that is an antibacterial product now sold on special band aids. For years, burn wards have soaked bandages in low concentrations of silver solution in order to prevent infection. Silver has been used to preserve and help save the skin of burn victims. Silver also promotes the production of cells, helping to heal wounds faster.

Washing Machines
Not what you are thinking, so please don’t start taking apart your old washing machine looking for silver. The silver we are talking about is in the new Samsung washing machines that inject silver ions into the rinse cycle in order to kill 99.9% of bacteria that causes odors. By using about 1 ounce of silver, these Samsung washing machines can sanitize over 3,000 loads, this means no hot water or bleach necessary, just a dash of silver.

Food Processing
Silver based food packaging liners that preserve food quality made by Agion. Using an active ingredient of silver zeolite, which is a delivery system that dispenses silver metal ions in a controlled release over time, the silver is able to disrupt microbe growth by interrupting ribonucleic acid that is needed for an organism to reproduce.

Water Storage
According to David Eaton, secretary of The Institute of Water Ionization Technologies in the UK, silver based water purification systems offer the most reliable and cost effective alternative to chlorine. In fact, both Russian scientists and NASA concluded that the best method for long term water purification was using silver as the purifying agent. Silver kills bacteria in the water and is able to help maintain the purity over a long period of time.

Have you ever wanted to store water? Put a few drips of colloidal silver and kill over 650 known bacteria that can grow in your stored water. On cruise ships and airplanes, they often make sure there is some silver in their water tanks for this very reason.

Silver was even used in the 1980’s in the United Kingdom to help stop the spread of Legionnaire’s disease, a disease named after Legionella pneumophilia, an aquatic organism.

Oxygen Machines
Since silver will not ignite, if you want to avoid a spark turning into an explosion, then you need to use silver. When it comes to hospitals handling pure oxygen at high pressure in liquid form, in order to avoid it becoming dangerous, the equipment used to transport the oxygen is made at least in part with silver.

In 2008, Mitsui Mining and Smelting Co Ltd announced that it had developed a new catalyst for diesel engine cars. This new auto-catalyst replaces the use of platinum with silver, platinum as we write this is about 48 times more expensive than silver, so you can see that this will be a lasting change and new use for silver. At the time of the announcement, a spokesperson for Mitsui stated that “silver will totally replace platinum in this new auto-catalyst that we’ve developed.”

Cell Phones
There is about 80 cents worth of silver in the average cell phone. In fact, the metal contents in cell phones is very precious, having all 4 precious metals in them, platinum, palladium, gold, and silver.

Solar Panels
Approximately 1 ounce of silver is in each solar panel you see on residential roofs. Without a doubt one of the fastest growing industrial uses for silver is photovoltaic cells in solar panels, in 1999 the amount of silver used in this industry was so small there isn’t even an official reporting of the number. However, 10 years later that number hit 18 million ounces, and last year for 2011, 70 million ounces were used. David Morgan, editor of The Morgan Report who runs the website feels that solar demand could reach 130 million ounces per year around 2014. In fact, Jessica Cross, CEO of the VM Group believes that “solar panels will probably be one of the leading industrial uses” for silver. Silver is crucial in photovoltaic technology, silver helps collect electrons for the electrical current and transports them out of the module for power use.

Architecture Glass
Silver is used in the windows of skyscrapers in order to reflect away over 90% of the heat from sunlight. Silver, more than any other metal is the best reflector of light which is one of the reasons it is used in mirrors.

Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) Chips
This industry will one day replace bar codes, already being used at the largest retailer in the world, Wal-Mart. RFID tags have a very thin silver foil that is used as a high-performance receiver. This technology is basically a tag with a mini-antenna that saves data and is able to emit a radio wave in order to send information to a central processor. Basically, retailers and manufactures who want to know more about their products and have a more efficient flow of goods after leaving their possession, can now have these RFID tags placed on their products. For example, U.S. department of State uses RFID chips in all new American passports. Now the passports can be scanned by the authorities, who will see your personal information that should match the same information on paper.
RFID chips have been controversial for civil rights groups, however, ignoring that side of the RFID chip and just focusing on the silver content, you can see that these are becoming very popular and will add to the growing silver demand. We should note that the amount of silver in RFID chips is so small that once used to make one, the silver is literally gone, it will not be recycled or used for any other purpose.

Medical Uses
Silver compounds have a toxic effect on some bacteria, algae, fungi, and even some viruses. The use for silver goes back to the very beginning, the father of medicine, Hippocrates wrote that silver had beneficial healing and anti disease properties. Silver was also used to prevent infection during war time before antibiotics were used.

Silver oxide-zinc is used in batteries for digital cameras, watches, and phones. Recently it was announced that all Apple products will be using silver oxide-zinc batteries.
The use of silver in electronics is widespread and is used in almost all electronics you have in your home, from your television to your computer. Circuit breakers, switches, and fuses all use electrical components using silver. The odds are if something has a ‘power on’ button, then it has some silver in it.

Silver Bearings
Silver bearings in engines have become essential components in Jet engines. Steel ball bearings that are electroplated with silver become the strongest type of bearing in the industry. As noted before, silver is able to withstand high temperatures which makes it perfect for the bearings in jet engines. According to the silver institute, even in the event of an oil pump failure, silver-plated bearings provide enough lubrication to allow a safe engine shutdown.

Throughout your vehicle you have electronics, from opening your windows to adjusting your seats. Your engine has silver and even your antifreeze has ethylene oxide, a compound made from silver.

The Uses For Silver List
The list for silver uses can go on and on and on. Silver is also used in lasers, satellites, robotics, high-tech weaponry, TV’s, refrigerators, wall switches, photography, glasses, brazing, soldering, cloud seeding, wood preservation, musical instruments, automotive industry, explosives, dental filings, methanol production, nuclear reactors, Xray machines, polyester, deodorant, disinfectants, catheters, and thousands of other applications.

One of the largest uses for silver is in industries like the production of plastics, where silver is used as a catalyst. Approximately 150 million ounces of silver was used last year in order to produce ethylene oxide and formaldehyde, both used to make plastics. Formaldehyde is the chemical that is the building block for plastic, so in order to produce plastic, you need silver.
So once again, the products of silver are all around you, even if they don’t have silver in them, that plastic cup you are drinking out of and the remote control in your hand, both needed silver in order to be created.

Silver Is All Around You
Where ever you are right now, take a look around you and think about how much silver products are in front of you. For me, I’m writing on an Apple Computer, my cell phone is on my desk, and a blue plastic cup is right next to my hand that has a silver wedding band on my ring finger. When I look around the room, I notice that I have a light switch, electrical outlets, and a television. In my desk, I have plastic pens, ink, and a small flashlight. Looking out my office window, I can see my car, in it a rear view mirror, side mirrors, rear window defroster, and of course under the hood is even more silver. All these products have silver in them, or needed silver in order to be created.

Now here is the fun part for silver investors, look at a map of the earth at night. Notice the intense light that comes from the U.S., Europe, and Japan. We want you to picture what the amount of silver it takes to produce this amount of light, think about all the other electronics these first world regions have surrounding those lights. As we just described, think about all the silver in bedrooms, vehicles, and on each person. Now look at China and India, with combined populations of 2.5 billion people. This doesn’t include the South American or other Asian countries, just these two specific countries. They are going to need skyscrapers, houses, condos, apartments, vehicles, cell phones, water sanitation facilities, and hundreds of thousands of electronics... including plenty of iPhones and iPads. Bullish for Apple, yes, bullish for silver, even more.

Silver has so many uses and so many customers, it is very easy to see that if the buyers of silver ever thought there was going to be a shortage, the price could have a historic run. We are not talking about individuals, we are talking about the Apples of the world, who in the future may come into the silver market in order to protect their own businesses from delays caused by a silver shortage.

20th Century
Most of these new uses for silver are from the 20th century. Prior to this, silver had a very limited role for industrial uses, silver was mainly used for money, jewelery, and in the 19th century photography. Of the 46 billion ounces of silver ever mined in history, only about 1 billion remains above ground. A very large amount of the above ground available supply of silver was consumed in the past 60 years. believes what we saw in the 20th century is nothing compared to what we will see in the 21st century, with electronics and 7 billion people all desiring to live the lifestyle of the west, the above ground available supply should get completely consumed over the next 10 years.

Silver Vs. Other Metals
As you can see, the arguments made for silver can’t be made for any other metal. That is why when people suggest to us to diversify into physical platinum or palladium, we always suggest back to them to buy more physical silver. If you want to own a precious or industrial metal, silver is King. If you think the economy is going to collapse and we will all be living in a mad max world, then you definitely want to own some silver to barter with, silver after all is the most used monetary metal in world history. If you think the economy is going to boom and the 1990’s is just around the corner, then you want to own silver. Industrial demand will soar as the rest of the world becomes industrialized. The Chinese want cars, cell phones, and other electronics just like the west, which means the largest population in the world needs a lot more silver. The entire world will need a lot more silver, so the question is, can new mining keep up with demand?

Edit to add 3/12/12 11 PM - The Silver Institute has all kinds of information including the Supply and Demand of Silver which you will see, all supply is used up. These numbers are from 2010 and there has been a bigger demand since then, especially in the investment area.


  1. You left out one of the more important uses, killing vampires with silver bullets. I wonder how well they work on bankers.

  2. Sherrie, you have managed once again to tie together in one succinct article what is often covered in multiple articles, thanks.

    Just a couple of other important facts about silver:

    i) approx 2/3 of mined silver production is from base metal miners, who scale back or close down in recessions

    ii) silver has inelasticities of supply and demand, which means it is tough for suppliers, due to i) to raise or cut production with rises or falls in the price of silver; and it is tough for users to cut demand with price rises as there are no substitutes for silver for most of its uses, which usually only make up a fraction of the product anyway.

    As the great precious metal guru Turd Ferguson (TF Metals) has said, gold is great for preserving wealth, while silver is great for preserving purchasing power.


  3. There are 17 billion ozs of silver above ground, only 5.5 villion ozs of gold. Silver is not rarer than gold.

    Silver IS a supperb investment, but lets not exagerate its rarity. Honesty is best policy.

    1. You are so totally wrong. You are using numbers from about 30 years ago. Research it, you will find the above ground has been used for electronics and all the various things mentioned above.
      Also 700K to 900K ounces are mined every year, but it is used up fast. Also gold is recycled silver is not. You will find those patriot missiles that the U.S. used on Libya had 16 pounds of silver in each one. The silver used is not recycled as gold is recycled.

      So Honesty IS the best policy and so is Truth!

    2. Sherrie,

      You seem to attract a lot of shills/trolls! Suppressed truths are always such as thus, I guess. Of course you are correct, 20 or 30 years ago there were massive silver stockpiles, but alas those are gone.

      Great silver info:


    3. Thank you for those links. The facts are 30 years ago there were not billions of cell phones, nor all the electronics (Ipods, DVD players, the list goes on) at that time. The silver used up that was above ground was mainly used up by the U.S. and Canada. Now there are the emerging countries ie: China, that is estimated they will use much more silver than we have for their population and electronics.

      I inserted another great link for information for people to research themselves in the post at the bottom.

      I hope people will educate themselves and not just take my word for something. But look up the information and see who is telling the truth.

      Yes, it does seem recently that I am getting lots more complete disinfo comments on the blog.

      Thank you again for the links, I will check them out.

    4. The one billion ounce number that gets tossed around is the estimated amount of investable silver in the form of LBMA/COMEX good delivery 1000 ounce bars. There are many billions of ounces held by the public in what is termed "silverware and art forms". A survey from 20 years ago estimated this to be close to 16.5 billion ounces at the time. Most of this still exists, but is not at all readily available to the market. To think that the billions of ounces of heirloom sterling silver and jewelry has all been melted down is implausible. This silver does not figure into the equation when speaking about silver available in the market place as very little is available at any price. As the linked article says: "The common perception in the market that silver stocks are very large and thus readily available is wrong. The stocks are large but are not all readily available"

    5. So, Sherrie I was hoping you might have a follow-on comment to my above post @ 8:18. I'm not the anonymous @04:04 who started this thread. A lot of information about precious metals gets misinterpreted and ends up being passed around as gospel. Do you now agree that a very substantial amount of easily recyclable silver in near pure form (many billions of ounces) exists in the world today? I know you already agree with me that bullion available for industry and investment is in very tight supply. Soon the bullion bankers will probably feel like a castaway adrift at sea -- water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.... silver everywhere, but not a 1000 oz good delivery bar to be had.

    6. There is a massive stash of silver but as far as we little people go it may as well not exist. Are you telling me the bankers who are writing history with their wars and engineered financial and economic crashes did not foresee decades ago that silver would one day be worth well over 300 an ounce? Are you further telling me these rapacious criminals did not salt away some tens of billions of ounces at a couple of bucks or so an ounce. Does a Rockefeller $hit in a gold toilet?

  4. Great Article Sherrie! People used to think cigarettes were 'healthy' because "4 out of 5 doctors preferred camel". So as always, we face a mass of people slow to change and recognize new realities and knowledge that emerge in an ever-changing world. If everyone in America bought only 2 ounces of Silver each, it would wipe out the entire year's production! It is amazing how profound that is, and the arguments in favor of Silver's unrealized value are solid, reasonable, and frankly, off the charts. A willingness to use critical-thinking in assessing the merits are not required... those who don't, will simply be dragged into this realization eventually anyway. It's not a matter of "if", it is simply a matter of "when".

  5. Sherrie, where did you get that 16 pound number for the cruise missles. I saw 16 kg somewhere once, but no link to source .please give link.

  6. You can buy a million dollars of gold right now from APMEX, Ohio Precious Metals etc.. Good luck finding anywhere to buy a million dollars worth of silver...

    the past 3+ years the Chinese have bought up many billions of ounces of silver in "art form"... They melt it down and put it in stock piles in their banks... Iv seen it first hand...

  7. I've got several hundred ounces of bullion silver, but find it a near-useless investment to be honest. Hard to sell unless you find a dealer, nobody else seems to want it.

    1. Bury your silver deep my friend, in a few years your corrupt government will so want your silver they will declare you a criminal if you do not turn it in. I will turn mine in right after my heart which they may also be demanding.

  8. Anonymous@7:04-Your facts are wrong! The above ground stockpiles of physical silver are well documented at 750 million ounces or less! The survey you reference estimates 16.5 billion ounces of heirloom silver, how many of the folks who were surveyed know the difference between sterling and plated.......? Talk to your local Coin/Gold&Silver dealer and ask them how much silverware, jewelry etc they have bought from the public over the last thirty years? Multiply that by the thousands of such dealers/buyers in the USA! If you have to eat or feed your kids or buy gasoline etc., Grandma's silverware and such gets sold especially when silver spikes up a bit! The USGS, in 2005, predicted silver to be the first element to become extinct by 2020! I will agree there has been a huge increase, comparatively, in the increase of the "unavailable to the market silver" over the last couple of years! This can be attributed to the awakening of the small investor seeing the writing on the wall! For thought- If every working person in the USA would buy ONE ounce of silver every month, for a year they would consume more silver than there is mined in that same time period! There are billions of oz's of paper silver available and more being printed each day, real physical silver not so much! If people don't want to believe the truth about silver, Great, better for me! By the time the real silver shortage is accepted by the general public it will be to late! At this point there will be no silver available to the average person! At least not at prices they could afford! When the shortage is fully realized and accepted, by the public, as true the immensely wealthy companies will be buying, storing and hoarding all the silver they possibly can simply so they can stay in business! In fact, manufacturers have already started this process of attaining silver! It is being bought, somewhat clandestinely, so as not to induce a panic ny alerting the Gen Pop! Anonymous@7:29-If the bankers, as you say, had some huge stash of silver they would be dumping it to further manupulate the price down or more likely using it to get out from their massive short positions in paper silver! You seem to equate greedy and dishonest with intelligence and fore thought! Why would these "rapacious criminals" choose to store that which they know they can steel at a later time? Additionally it costs a fair amount of money to store and protect billions of ounces of silver! I am always impressed with the magnitude of ignorance and stupidity most people display while profering their thoughts concerning subjects they have no knowledge of! It does not matter what you "think" you know, although a vivid imagination is of great value to the novelist who pens fiction! I hope and pray the public wakes up and gets some silver!

  9. world inventory 17 billion supply and demand,around 1 billion oz per year... mostly product by 10 countries....if u look fast seems we still have for 17 years (at current rate)...but 5 countries wont hav eanymore in 10 years