Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Germany Parliament denied access to Germany's gold to confirm it is there.

Just two days ago Zerohedge had an article about the German court demanding, Germany's gold be viewed and accounted for. 

Portions from above:
Germany has the second largest gold reserves in the world, nearly 3400 tons. Supposedly, anyway. Because stocks have never been checked for authenticity and weight. Now, the Federal Court has asked the Bundesbank to examine the gold reserves abroad regularly.

The German central bank gold is safely stored in vaults in Frankfurt, New York, Paris and London. Checked really but apparently no one. The Federal Court has the Bundesbank now anyway required regular inspection and inventory of the vast gold reserves abroad. The auditors explain this in a report on Monday has become known to the budget committee of the Bundestag with the "high value of gold holdings."

The samples stored at other German banks stocks were also never by the Bundesbank itself or by other independent auditors "added physically and for authenticity and weight" checked. Actually talk on the subject numerous theories - so should the U.S. gold reserves at Fort Knox have long been looted.
With the implementation of this recommendation, the Bundesbank has begun according to the report. They also decided to bring in the next three years to 50 tons each of the past at the Fed in New York gold to Germany to get it here to undergo a thorough examination.

Bundesbank had been slammed for not auditing nor ever confirming Germany's gold is where it is suppose to be.

In May I wrote about the conflict between the Parliament and the bank of Germany in they wanted their gold in the country and the bank was saying NO. 

Well it seems the German Parliament has been denied that right by the Central bank, Bundesbank.  Bundesbank has denied the Parliament access to view the gold due to  "lack of visiting rooms."

 German Federal auditors handed in a report slamming the Bundesbank for not inspecting their foreign held gold reserves to verify their book value. The report says the gold bars “have never been physically checked by the Bundesbank itself or other independent auditors regarding their authenticity or weight.” Instead, it relies on “written confirmations by the storage sites.” The lion’s share of Germany’s gold reserves (nearly 3,400 tons estimated at $190 billion) are housed in vaults of the US Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and the Bank of France since the post-war days, when they were worried about a Cold War Soviet invasion. The Bundesbank stated, “There is no doubt about the integrity of the foreign storage sites in this regard”. In contrast with best industry practices Germany’s gold reserves do not seem to be independently verified by a third party. Philipp Missfelder, a politician from Merkel’s own party, has asked the Bundesbank for the right to view the gold bars in Paris and London, but the central bank has denied the request, citing the lack of visitor rooms in those facilities, German’s daily Bild reported. The Bundesbank won’t let German parliament members inspect the German gold vaulted abroad because the central bank vaulting facilities supposedly lack “visiting rooms. And yet one of those vaults, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, offers the public tours that include “an exclusive visit to the gold vault”.

So, the game goes on.  A country is not even being allowed access to their gold,will the gold actually be audited by Bundesbank or will they ignore the court order?  Will they test it for tungsten?  


  1. On what meat doth this Bundesbank feed, that it has grown so great it can tell the government of Germany "No".

    In other words, can't Germany-the-nation just tell the bank to get the hell out of its way?

    The bank doesn't have an army, Germany does.

    For that matter, what is it worldwide that makes even the entire EU do exactly what a bank tells it to? What will banks do if good statesmen simply start contradicting them?

    1. I'm afraid you're wrong there brother. It is the bank indeed that owns the army and the government. As is the case in most countries with a central bank.

    2. Unless it's a forgery, there's a secret state contract between Germany and the Allies that all German gold is to be pawned to the Allies. We are still an occupied country, so no wonder the German administration cannot let anyone have access - only the Allies can, and they won't!
      Google "Kanzlerakte" and "Geheimer Staatsvertrag".

  2. The Parliament should sent an armored division of the
    Bundeswehr to tell the bank to either open the vaults
    or the army will do it for them. End of discussion

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  4. Hitler would have stored the gold in Germany.

    1. Even in 1929 the Reichsbank gold couldn't be found in the New York Fed. (If there) it was blocked during the war as Hitler didn't think to repatriate it.

  5. This is why all the CASH-FOR-GOLD places has been popping up all over the place in the past few years. The governments are trying to buy up gold to make the books balance. A lot of gold exists only on paper with no real gold to back it up. That fact is now beginning to show its face and there is a mad dash to get gold to cover up this mess.

  6. The German government is part of the globalists' conquest operation. Every nation-state government has been corrupted with globalist agents. The enemies of humanity must be eliminated.

  7. The Gold was sent to New York and the Americans won't give it back, as they have loaned it to Goldman Sachs who are currently using it to prop up their Naked Pump&dumping of the gold market

  8. America, France and the UK took Germany's gold and gave it to Israel!! Pay back, for the golden teeth Germany stole from the Jews. Does Germans really think that America, France and the UK are really using their own money to give and pay for weapons to kill Palestinians...$190 billion of German's money is for Israel...Pay back is a bitch!

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  11. i kind understand this article but "Good God" its very badly composed, infowars needs to double check it's articles for correct grammar before publishing. regarding the central bank of germany, well of course they are as corrupt and private as all the other central banks, at last the mask is being pulled off the face of the enemy of humanity, and of course its the central banks and the inbred psycopath families who own them, they are genetically insane and without compassion, humility, love or tolerance. They see us as the enemy because they should, because for hundreds of years they have robbed our ancestors right up till this day.
    Whilst our young men and women have laid torn and destroyed on the battlefileds of history, they were buisy thieving and conspiring and stealing the wealth of our families and planning the next money making conflict for the next generation to perish in for the sake of their lies and vanity. Every great leader in history who has tried to take down central banks and their fake currency has ended up DEAD, isnt that a surprise. You want a good life, with real food, real culture, peace, justice, real medicine, well the only thing staning in the way of Paradise on earth is THE CENTRAL BANKERS

  12. Read "Hitler Democrat." by General Leon Degrelle. It is amazing.

    I now intend to read "Mein Kampf." because I realise we have all been lied to and fooled, duped so badly.

    Look into Carolyn Yeager's website too.

  13. Which country has actually verified authenticity and weight?