Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SNL Cold Opening April 14th 2012 - No mention of Ron Paul - Says Mitt Romney is GOP Nominee - All other Candidates are represented

I watched the Cold Opening of Saturday Night Live this last week - April 14th 2012.

I noticed immediately as each candidate joined "Mitt Romney" at the bar that they were completely ignoring Ron Paul. Every single candidate was represented/shown in the skit except for Ron Paul. In fact the skit went as far as saying Mitt was the only person left and was the GOP nominee now.

What that says is even the "Fun" media is staying away from Ron Paul.

Can't people see that with even SNL acting like Ron Paul does not exist, the elite really are worried and making everyone stay away from him or mentioning him.

I would like the media to know....Pretending Ron Paul doesn't exist does not make him go away and does not make people forget about him. In fact, Ron Paul has started a "Revolution" and people stand with him for what the country is suppose to be about.  They stand with him for abolishing the Federal Reserve (a private bank) that runs this country.  Ron Paul stands for Liberty and Freedoms.  The people are feeling the lock down, people are waking up every day.

Those at NBC and control SNL content are really dumb for leaving out Ron Paul.  I would think most of the audience watching the skit, noticed Ron Paul was ignored and left out. 

This makes me want to stop watching SNL all together. Though I don't watch it often as it is.

Here is the April 14th Cold Opening skit from SNL:

FYI- What took me so long to post this video and to write about it, was it was not available until now. I had been searching all week on the site to get this one clip to insert it and show the Ron Paul ignore.


  1. SNL sucks.
    Fodder for cannon fodder,
    don't need brains to soak up DHS hollow-points.

    1. Agreed -- it's for toddlers, except for smart toddlers. Bunch of pervs perving out...

  2. I noticed that too. Shameless lickschpittles.

    Meanwhile, G4 Network (GE/Comcast) actually aired a piece about Fukushima radiation! Shocking!

  3. What dicks. Also, Jon Huntsman wasn't there. Hmm...

  4. I haven't watched SNL in years. This story is proof that I made the correct decision about Les Moonves and his zany gang of sychophants years ago.

  5. ARRRRRGGHHH!!!!!! OK, look…. The sketch wouldn’t have made any sense if Ron Paul was in it. It was about all of the candidates conceding to Romney. GIVING UP! Has Ron Paul done that? Nooooooo…so why would he be at the bar? If he was in the sketch at the bar you would all be complaining they were saying he quit! Or else they could have made a joke about the crazy old coot who won’t give up. So no matter what, you’re not happy!

  6. He was left out because you can't make fun of Ron Paul

  7. Another way of looking at it is that Ron Paul isn't funny. They only put on douchebags in the sketch. Ron is the real deal. I think they complimented him by leaving him out, probably unintentionally. From a writer's standpoint they need to try to make a funny sketch. Just sayin...

  8. doesn't matter, nobody watches SNL anymore

  9. Ron Paul doesn't want to fight anymore wars for Israel. What do you expect from Jew TV?

  10. I used to be a great fan of SNL, anticipating it each weekend, but hadn't seen the show in many, many years. Coincidentally, the episode and skit under discussion here is one I did see. But I was disappointed to find I could only endure the first fifteen minutes of the show before concluding that SNL is now simply trash, a total waste of time. To say is sucks, as did Jeff above, is an understatement, so no one should be surprised to see SNL and its cast of buffoons participate in the orchestrated media blackout of Ron Paul.

  11. snl. is now a very stupid show any way , the actors are not acting, they are real stupid people , they love slavery , that they think want effect them, oh but it will . a bunch of gay sissys .

  12. maybe now people will take a look at Jon Stewarts Daily Show and his blatant coverup of Ron Paul. He did one favorable piece a half year ago and then completely clammed up afterwards. They were guilty of the EXACT same thing the other guys were guilty of, they just did it to maintain a shred of credibility. Watch Jon's interviews -anytime anyone remotely mentions Ron Paul he changes the subject or in the case with Judge Nap actually disses him and reiterates garbage about racist newsletters. Forget about SNL -more people watch Daily Show for their political news -pressure them to give fair coverage and it will go further. Their very conscious of their image -they're the mouthpiece of Obama so they will have to respond if enough people expose them for not being an impartial "satire" show. They ignore Ron Paul then spin the NDAA and torture into retarded jokes for his brainless audience

  13. I saw the skit and was a big SNL fan for years, I have not watched a single episode since the black out of Ron Paul.