Saturday, October 27, 2012

CNBC article on 43 Trillion Lawsuit has been taken down just as I thought it would be. Link goes to an empty page now. CNBC Sr. V.P. digital executive two kids killed hours after being put on net.

Yesterday - CNBC page linked below

Today CNBC page linked below ( look at date and time published, they match to show it was the same page)

 The article was taken down that I wrote about yesterday.  I got the screen shots of it on CNBC and so there is proof that it was there and a lawsuit was filed against the banksters and top government officials.

The original link to CNBC is here:  (you can still see the comments left from the article at the bottom of the page and that the article was about the lawsuit.  (Until they make the page a "404" error)

Here is my article about it with the screenshots:

What gives this more of a twist is the horrendous murder of two young children in NYC.  An anonymous/Alison left a comment on the above article, saying that the CNBC Sr. V.P. executive of digital (internet) had his children murdered the same day/hours after the article came out.

Here is the comment:

 Hi Sherrie,

Of course the following could just be a coincidence....

You might also find it interesting to note that the chief exec of CNBC digital Kevin Krim's children were murdered (2 of them) on the VERY same day this article went live.
Supposidly their nanny killed them but I guess we'll never know seeing as she apparently slit her own throat and wrists and is now in critical condition in hospital. I doubt very much she'll make it!

Reads like an episode on Damages...


I found more articles about the murder of the children online.  Here is one from CNN that has been updated and proclaims the nanny stabbed herself when she heard the mother come in the apartment.
Is it all coincidence that it happened hours after CNBC put the 43 trillion lawsuit online?

 The children's father, Kevin Krim, a senior vice president for CNBC Digital and former Yahoo executive, was en route back home from the West Coast. Police broke the news to him at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

I feel for the family.  I simply can't imagine the most horrendous  nightmare of having your children murdered.

Now CNBC has taken down the article/information about the lawsuit, I figured that would happen and that is why I captured every bit of it on the CNBC website.   I captured it compared to reproducing for three reasons.

One:  It says "copyrighted" at the bottom
Two:  To show and prove it was on CNBC and not made up (which can appear to be when just copying material)
Three:  To have a record of it, when it disappeared off the net. 

FYI:  It does seem they are erasing the whole page, now only 2 comments are left on the page.  There were many more comments yesterday about the lawsuit on CNBC.

I found that Marketwatch has the same information up about the lawsuit at this time.  Here is the screenshot of it on their page:

Question is:  How long will it stay up on Marketwatch and will something happen to an executive or their family there of a horrendous nature or accident?


  1. there is something very strange about the original internet post... it feels like a fake story on a fake web page, made to look real. someone needs to check the actual court records to determine whether any such law suit actuall exists.

    1. LOL that is why I took screen shots of it. Just for these type doubts and comments. When you screen shot something - there is no fakery compared to copying the info.

      Also... you see how it is on Marketwatch? Which I screen shot that page too, as shown above. hhhmmm.... so still think it is a fake story?

    2. It's not fake. I saw it and red it with my own eyes yesterday.

    3. here are my questions and observations:

      1) did this story orginate from PRNnewswire? this story is listed on their website:
      third one from the top.

      2) this press release is time stamped at 10/25/12 2:09pm eastern on all website posts. heres one on yahoo:
      do we know that cnbc was the first to post it? goodness I thought came to mind, Krim used to work for yahoo.
      has anyone else found this press release out there besides cnbc, marketwatch (a yahoo provider), and yahoo?

      3) I find the press release itself strange in the wording of using the words "banksters". this sounds like something youd read on a blog (no offense) not a professional news release. any thoughts?


    4. Here's the actual court documents:

    5. I saw the court documents on with the story, the doc has 900 plus pages.

  2. Well the fact is, there is a blank page where an article should be and there are two dead children of a CNBC exec.

  3. pdf file 43 trillions lawsuit ...

  4. Wow! Sherrie. Great job in doing a screen capture. Blank page at CNBC but the article still remains at the Wall Street Journal affiliated publication called Market Watch.

    The link is here.....

    I will be linking back to this article. Thanks!

    Also the court documents have been released by my fellow bloggers at Removing The Shackles and Soldier Hugs. I will have the documents also available at my blog site as well. Thanks

  5. on the murders:

    10/25/12 the new york times reports:

    When Ms. Krim returned around 5:30 p.m., the commissioner said, she found a dark apartment. She went back down to the lobby to ask the doorman if he had seen the nanny and her children. When told that they had not left the building, she returned to the apartment. She looked around in the quiet rooms. Finally, she turned the lights on in the bathroom — and discovered her two children in the bathtub and the nanny unconscious on the floor.

    10/26/12 the new york times reported:

    On Thursday evening around 5:30, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said, Marina Krim returned to her Upper West Side apartment with her 3-year-old daughter to discover her two other children, a 2-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl, dead of knife wounds in the bathtub and Ms. Ortega slashing herself with the same bloodied kitchen knife used on the children.



  6. May the MASS ARRESTS begin!

  7. I was reading through some of the comments on one of the articles that had been published about this horrific crime and something caught my eye. Charlotte Friedman, a retiree that lived in the building and was most likely the LAST person to see the children alive had started a thread at a crime sleuthing website BEFORE any of the reports were hitting main stream.

    She rode in the ELEVATOR with the children and her nanny and had spoken w/ Lulu about her dancing. If you go to this thread and begin reading on this page:

    you'll notice that when the first pictures of the nanny were hitting the web, she INSISTED that this was NOT the Nanny! She insists that the nanny had a much fuller face, and was much older, and didn't look anything like the pictures that had been released of the supposed nanny. She said the lady on the gurney in the pictures was the nanny, not the one in the previous pictures. I noticed also that the lady in the gurney has naturally curly/wavy hair, and the tan skinned nanny that has been pictured as being the nanny by the press not only has straight hair, but is much smaller and darker.

    Keep in mind that this woman has seen this family and their nanny for TWO YEARS, and was in the ELEVATOR with her RIGHT BEFORE the murders. She INSISTS that the pictures of the nanny that came out were NOT the same woman she knew as the as the nanny and saw in the elevator that day.

    Another interesting point, some of the msm articles have the mother trying to stop the bleeding of the NANNY, but not her own kids???? Makes no sense. Most of the MSM articles are BS, and this is coming from Charlotte Friedman, the last lady to see the children alive, and the lady that was the FIRST PERSON TO CALL THE POLICE as she is the one who first encountered Mrs. Krim in the mezanine.

  8. I'm going reserve judgment. "Poisoning the well" is a common trick used by "the man" in order to discredit alternative news sources. Searching court records, as one suggested, would be the next step to verify all of this. We're dealing with amoral people that have nearly infinite power and resources, so anything is possible.

    "The covert operators that I ran with would blow up a 747 with 300 people to kill one person. They are total sociopaths with no conscience whatsoever." - Gene Wheaton, former Pentagon CID Investigator

  9. If those people can do such things, how can they be stopped? These people who created this crime have no morals, no character, no love for humanity at all.
    No wonder there is no news being reported. All of those people on center stage on the MSM are black mailed, not able to get the truth out there to the public. What a huge ring of terror these people are. They "state" that the terrorists are overseas, diverting the attention over there instead of what is really going on. Following the money discloses the truth, and that is something they can't hide from. The truth is being released, nothing is going to stop it now.

  10. This was file on April 17th--why are just hearing about it now??

  11. Charlotte Friedman printed off the picture of the nanny in the news, and then took it to the doorman and super and they assured her that it was indeed the same woman as the ones that were posted online. Apparently, this woman's looks had changed quite drastically in a short period? Reports vary, she has been "w/ the family" anywhere from 1-4 years. Charlotte and the superintendent recalled 2 yrs, from what she has written. Strange.

  12. this seems like the obama kid in Mexico when that story got yanked down off of all news sites. Why would it be taken down? What is the motive for trying to keep this quiet?

  13. You bet. Now let's revisit Robert Holmes.... and Aurora... remember that? It's not on the news anymore, right.

    Murder she wrote?

  14. Interesting that it was first reported that the mother found the nanny on the floor, already wounded, but later the story was changed, saying the nanny was conscious and stabbing herself in the neck as the mother walked in. Seems pretty wildly different: no one would mistake someone stabbing themselves in the neck for someone dying on the ground.

    But it makes sense given that the mother HAS to say it was the nanny to protect her other child from the assassins. Notable that the mother's blog has been taken down by investigators (can't have the public investigating for themselves, we might find more holes in the official story).

    Interesting as well that the person that said the person killed was NOT the nanny has now recanted that, saying that she didn't have it straight because she only saw the family several times a week, not every day, like the doorman (who says it WAS the nanny) does.

    We'll never know the truth though...

  15. Sherrie I believe the Spire Law Group is a hoax and perhaps CNBC was hacked. Here is why visit their website

    Notice how doughnut is spelled for Krispy Kreme. Here is Krispy Kreme's website, it is incorrect.

    This seems like a minute detail, except an attorney would not disgrace his customer by making a mistake like that. Doughnut is used in Krispy Kreme's branding. Donuts is a Dunkin Donuts branding and would be offensive to Krispy Kreme's executive management.

    Branding is serious business and lawyers know it.

    Not a business phone number

    World Oil Co. is World Oil Corporation
    Sony Corporation is Sony Corporation of America

    1. Actually they are real and I have spoken to the office in the past about MERS related suits.

      You may have gone to another site other than theirs. They are a real law group and have filed suits against the Federal Reserve in the past too.

  16. David Wilcock reported this story in great depth last December. He received death threats...check out his website..

  17. David Wilcock expained it all in great depth last December. There are many pages of information to digest. He received death threats apparently....

    1. Actually it's another lawsuit Wilcock's referring to, one filed in November 2011. So it appears this latest one is a separate lawsuit/story. I sense cointelpro.

  18. Sherrie, at some point is everyone in this blog going to try to spread this to every major news outlet? I honestly believe this is our window to get them exposed once and for all.

  19. Krim is the editor for Market Watch too.

  20. Hey Sherrie, me again I hate to disappoint everyone, but this turned out to be a fraud, never was real to begin with. It's upsetting there's sick people out there making fake stories only to crush our hope thinking it was real.

    1. You're a disinfo idiot of an agent. How can this be a FRAUD or not REAL when there's a case file and IS in the court system in NY?

  21. Anon, do you have a link or more info?

    I keep thinking this seem like the Holmes situation. The msm can't keep their stories straight, if you believe one version she was unconscious when the mother found her and then it could be that she was a victim and someone dosed her with scopolamine.

  22. Hi all,

    Very interesting article. Reluctantly I've concluded it's BS after visiting the Spire site at:

    Besides looking quite amateur, the California state bar registration number quoted brings you to this page: which belongs to one individual who has resigned and is no longer allowed to practice law in Cal.

    This could be a typo, or perhaps I missed something.

    However, the fact is that the CNBC story is still out there, freely published on the net:

    Besides this, the questions remain about why Kevin Krim was supposedly targeted when he has nothing to do with the original lawsuit. Surely the pressure would be put on the individuals filing the lawsuit in the first place? No-one with CNBC decided to turn whistle-blower after someone made the request to pull the story when this horrible tragedy took place?

    If it was a professional hit, you could bet your bottom dollar the nanny would no longer be breathing rather than waking up in hospital and spilling the beans. Let's hope the media keeps us up to date on the nanny's testimony.

    That is all from me.

    Forest Rockwell

    1. So if this was a professional hit and the nanny dies you would think it might be a professional hit. But because the nanny lives, even though its reported that her wrists and throat are cut , you conclude it could not be a professional hit just because she did not die. I assert, if she dies she could not be a scapegoat for the killings. If she lives who will believe she did not do it. She will be convicted in the mass media immediately. I suspect the nanny is a victim and not the killer.

    2. What you should be looking up as the attorney that's penned his named to this case. James N. Fielder, a managing partner of spire-law is the attorney, and he's been practicing since 1965 without a single disciplinary action against him. In other words, he's totally clean of any wrong doing.

  23. I bet this is FRAUD too? If Iceland can do it, We The People can do the same here.

  24. I didn't asked to be insulted, I did my research on it, and it turned out to be fake. Disinfo agent this, disinfo agent that, if you can't backup it up with research then I'm sorry. Sorry to inform you if think I'm so kind of bad guy which I'm not, I'm just a regular guy who wants justice just as much as you do, but I've been careful to what I read and somebody provided me this:

    1. That whole article you posted is about going after Michell J Stein. Read the case #, Stein is NOT the attorney. The attorney is James N Fiedler

      This man has an unblemished record, that's been practicing since 1965. Yes, you are a disinformation agent, or a sucker for disinformation that feels like spreading it. Show me your dirt on the real attorney, James N Fielder. I'd be interested to know. Also, this court is filed, you can't file a lawsuit without being an elibile attorney. One can search the docket with a pacert account and see it's legitimately filed.

  25. Also in the case of Iceland, no that is for real and I'm glad Iceland did the right thing.

  26. I get it now..

    The conspiracy leaders, as it were, have helped spire rip you all off - that is why you are all so afraid to admit the simple facts:

    1) Spire LLP = not an LLP
    2) Spire Lawyers = known criminals.

    Maybe everyone is calling spire all "I will not tell anyone i left the suit if you just give me my money back!!"

  27. Of course there are going to be posts stating the case is a hoax, the damage done by CNBC must be undone in order to divert the public's attention. I have been reading the 912 page complaint all day, and I can say that I am extremely proud that there are still honest lawyers out there. These poor bastards attempting to take on the most powerful men in the world need our support, they need their struggle to be made public. The senseless murder of two innocent children and an innocent maid was meant to be a lesson to other major news organizations, a real warning that will surely silence our media. But those killings also helped to bring this story to light. The three who were killed will forever be remembered as the silent whistleblowers who brought support to a great cause, the cause of taking our nations freedom and wealth back from the few elite. Without this story coming to our attention, chances are the suit would be silenced and the powerful would continue to gain the upperhand. This is an historic moment in our nations history: never has our wealth been looted in what the complaint compares to viking style plunder, never has our country been so near the edge of a cliff called despotism. This case may be our last chance to fight back legally, and these few decent men and women need for their struggle to be noted. Without popular recognition of this fight, evil will surely triumph in its determined effort to conquer and silence the american people-the wealthiest and most dangerous peasant class in the world. If we stand together and focus a nation's-worth of eyes onto this hearing, we cannot tell what will happen, but something will happen: maybe a returning of a few trillion, maybe martial law, but at least things will not continue in the direction they are going... If this battle is lost, and our elite retain their ability to plunder and steal until americans are as helpless as the rest of the world's peasants, the fight will have to become an illegal one, one marked by nonviolent civil disobedience. Banner of "No Taxiation Without Representation" must fly again. The fact that the powerful may only rule when given "the consent of the governed" will be renewed in the minds of the population that once fought tyranny and that will be forced soon to fight it again, hopefully bloodlessly. The next weapon, if this case fails, must be a nationwide boycot on taxes. A date must be set, perhaps a halfyear from the inevitable ruling in favor of power, and on that date every american who no longer wants to be robbed will stop handing his money to the robber. Every American as a patriotic duty to reject the ruling class as it exists. Every American must stop contributing to the largest and ugliest power structure humankind has yet erected. Every American, at a certain point, MUST refuse to let themselves be taxed by an immoral government.

  28. I wrote an article covering this very story and Sherrie, I don't know who you are, but it seems to me you are pursuing the interests of disinformation. You are only aiding AND ABETTING THE CROOKS IN THE WHITE HOUSE AND THE BANKS. Why would you say that you knew the story would be taken down the very next day? Why? Because you wanted it taken down because you're in the tank for somebody in that lawsuit?People, there is no credibility to this site!

  29. this sherrie site is dubious, yahoo still has this article up, and the spire law group website is a pos, which doesnt make sense for group that supposedly has been around for over 100 years

  30. I think that the Spire website looks very professional, personally!