Saturday, October 27, 2012

Exclusive Interview- You don't have to have missed a payment now for the banks to STEAL your property! They are doing it through "Appraisals"!

I was contacted through my blog about this information.  I have various people contact me about things, some ring true some do not.  When I got this information it rang true immediately.  I wanted to know more about it.   After a few emails back and forth we set up a phone call.  I taped it through a video source with their permission.

I had not heard of the banks doing this.  I also researched on the internet after getting the email and could not find information about it at all.

This is the first time as far as I am aware that someone is stepping forward with this information.

The criminal banks are now stealing people's properties who have never been late on a payment!  How?  Through "appraisals"!  They are requiring homeowners and commercial property owners have new appraisals.   When those appraisals (in cohorts with the appraisers in getting them low) come back lower than the loan amount, at the property owners expense.

They give the property owner 30 days to pay the difference of loan to value of the property otherwise they take over the property and kick the owners out! They are doing it to homeowners and commercial property owners!

Property values have decreased 30% or more in areas around the U.S..

We hear how property owners are underwater for the properties all the time.

Well the banks are now out right stealing the properties via low appraisals that are less than the mortgage/loan amount!


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with someone who had this done to them and know of others that it has been done to. 

This information is no where on the internet.  I did not even know they were doing this!

Please get this information VIRAL and get people informed!  This has got to STOP!

The banks are now outright stealing the middle class properties.

The MORE who stand up - the less it can happen and then it has to STOP when enough say NO!

Please get this information out!  This is something new that the banks are doing and they can do it to EVERYONE!  You don't have to have missed a payment now for the banks to steal your property!

Remember there are supposedly those government programs for the banks to write down the principal balances of those who are underwater on their mortgages.  That was through the settlement reached with the AG's of the states.  But the states have instead been taking the money and using it for themselves and not the people!

To me a suit has to be brought against the AG's and the states themselves to get that money for the people instead of the budget over all of that state.   The AG's used it as a money source and not for the people.

So instead of writing down principals they are now stealing the properties through the appraisal value to loan amount!  

I believe this is also to cover their tracks for all the fraud they have committed.  They have sold one mortgage into different investor groupings.  They need to take over the properties to hide their fraud.  They also are doing this because they get the money from the insurance and government to "cover their losses."  But the reality is, it is all fraud and they are stealing every last property and dime from the middle class all through fraud. 

The courts are holding the banks accountable now, they are scrambling and they have now figured out another way to steal the property from people.  The U.S. government is allowing it.  The more depressed and down the people are the more able they are to control them.  The people become dependent upon the government. 

There is a lot more to say about this.  But also, please see the main MERS article/post I have that is linked on the side.  Inform yourself about the FRAUD of Wall Street and the U.S. government that is making Americans homeless!


Part 1 Interview of a person the banks did this to:

Part 2 of the interview:


  1. This practice is known in banking as "calling in a loan". It happened quite a bit during the Great Depression to farmers whose properties lost value due to the dust bowl years. While not widespread today, this would become a major disaster if it became common industry practice.There is generally a clause in most mortgage contracts that give this option to the lenders. Yikes.

  2. Please cite a SINGLE ACTUAL CASE where what you allege has occurred. Your "story" doesn't do that and even you admit there is no substantiating evidence of your allegations to be found anywhere on the internet. Unless you can come up one or more cases where this has occurred as you allege, this is just PURE FANTASY NONSENSE.

    1. You must not have listened to the interview. Since the person who I discussed this with, it happened to.

    2. This guy is lying, probably to protect his ego that he went delinquent. If you are making your payments, the bank will not foreclose. There would be no benefit to the bank in doing so. This story discredits your overall blog.

  3. I'm told the process you're describing is illegal (it was made illegal after the great depression years) - so if a bank does this now, the borrower can/should fight it in court. Also, if it all rests upon an appraisal, then the borrower should immediately get a competing appraisal from an independent impartial appraiser. However, I really do question whether the info in this web article is actually true...

  4. People have to understand there was never a loan from the bank to start with! This is what the banksters need to be attacked on "Proof of Claim" make them show there was a loan to start with!

    Want proof that this is real? Ask yourself the following questions:

    1. Were you told that the Federal Reserve Bank Policies and Procedures as well as the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) requirements imposed upon all Federally-insured (FDIC) banks in Title 12 of the United States Code, Section 1831(a), prohibit banks from lending their own money from their own assets or from other depositors? Did the bank tell you where the funds for the loan were to come from?

    2. Were you told that the contract you signed, the promissory note, was going to be converted into a 'negotiable instrument' by the bank and become an asset on the bank's accounting books? Did the bank tell you that your signature on that note, makes it 'money', according to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), sections 1-201(24) and 3-104?

    3. Were you told that your promissory note would be taken, recorded as an asset of the bank, and then sold by the bank for cash, without "valuable consideration" given to obtain your note? Did the bank give you a deposit slip as a receipt for the promissory note you gave them, just as the bank would normally have to provide when you make a deposit to the bank?

    4. Were you told that the bank would create a new account at the bank that would contain this money that you gave them?

    5. Were you told that a check from this new account would be issued with your signature, without your knowledge, and that this new account would be the source of the funds behind the check that was given to you as a "loan"?

    If you answered "No" to any of these questions, YOU HAVE BEEN CHEATED! How does that make you feel? It is now up to you to demand your deposit back and to challenge the validity of this bank loan Agreement. Since the banks and other lending institutions cannot allow "full disclosure" of your loan Agreement and cannot answer your challenges about it, their silence is the key, along with other necessary steps that can be learned by you, to get your deposit back and/or "payoff" their alleged loan to you.

  5. We were foreclosed on by B of A, in spite of their admission they did not know who actually owned the equitable interest in our MERS note. In fact, it was for this reason they could not modify the loan, but somehow, ironically, could foreclose anyway. Much of the truth behind this fraudulent process is thanks to a long conversation I had with a VP at Freddie Mac, in their modification office. He explained that this failure to identify equity owners (investors) in mbs properties is why less than 1% of homeowners ever received permanent modifications, in spite of banks receiving billions to do exactly that. They had successfully modified so few, out of millions who applied, that the modified homeowners' photos easily fit on a single wall in his office.

    1. Did you file a "Proof of Claim"? Once again there was NEVER a loan to start with.




      Re: Loan Account #:
      hereinafter "Loan", dated:
      For property listed as:

      Notice to the Principal is Notice to the Agent and Notice to the Agent is Notice to the Principal.
      It has come to the Borrower's attention, after checking the records for the Loan, that there appears to be a material omission in the Loan agreement concerning the deposit and disposition of the Borrower's promissory note during the execution of the Loan.
      Pursuant to Federal and State laws and regulations under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, the Truth in Lending Act, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act and the Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act, the Borrower is hereby giving the Lender Notice and Demand for Full Disclosure of the terms and execution of the Loan. Please mail to the Borrower, certified and verified copies, or schedule an opportunity for the Borrower or his CPA to make a physical inspection of the following documents within twenty (20) days of the receipt of this Notice:
      1. The original promissory note, front and back, associated with the Loan.
      2. Any allonge, front and back, affixed to the Borrower's promissory note for endorsements.
      3. All bookkeeping journal entries associated with the Loan.
      4. The deed of trust associated with the Loan.
      5. The insurance policy on Borrower's promissory note associated with the loan.
      6. The Call Reports for the period covering the loan.
      7. The deposit slip for the deposit of the Borrower's promissory note associated with the Loan.
      8. The order authorizing the withdrawal of funds from Borrower's promissory note deposit account.
      9. The account number from which the money came to fund the check given to the Borrower.
      10. Verification that Borrower's promissory note was a free gift to the Lender from Borrower.
      11. The name and address of the current holder of the Borrower's promissory note.
      12. The name and address of the Lender's CPA and Auditor for the period covering the Loan execution.

      This is the Borrower's good faith attempt to clear up any confusion in this matter before taking any further actions. Failure to respond within twenty (20) days of receipt will be deemed a dishonor of this Notice and Demand for Full Disclosure.


    2. Anon- you're on right path but it always comes down to enforcement. If you can't enforce a clever Notice and Demand (and we've done hundreds since we are smack in middle of fraudclosure in 15+ states) then you are right back where you started. The demand letters can serve as an exhibit to a complaint but it ALWAYS comes down to enforcement against crooked banks, crooked attorneys (whose Bar Assn. always cover for them) crooked judges, crooked sheriff's, crooked cops, etc. If anyone reading this has effectively enforced Notice and Demand letters and won (i.e. satisfaction of lien on land records)without resorting to litigation, suing the sh.... out of crooked judges who screw you in court, please share with the group. We are going beyond winning in court. We are going after the bonds (ins. policies) on these criminals. If enough people foreclose on the bonds (insurance) of crooked judges and sheriffs, it should turn the tide so banks are impotent and can no longer use the "just-us" system to aid and abet their fraud. Hang tough and NEVER give up. Your childrens' future depends on every one of us fighting back and Winning.

  6. 'It Ain't A Party till the Counter Party Shows up'

    This is one of many Desperate Acts on the part of the Banksters, and more proof the counter-parties are very near!

    Scroll & Fear...

  7. When a large amusement park went up in Gurnee IL in 80's? 90's?, houses in a nearby upscale subdivision were all victims of this ploy. Fortunately, they joined together and sued the amusement park for the damage to their property values using the letters from their various banks as prima facie evidence. I understand that they won their case. In the present situation, the parties devaluing the property are harder to pin down, at least in a legal tort sense. Alan Greenspan? Ted Kennedy and Banrney7 Franks for ramming through laws forcing banks to give loans to people unable to repay? That may be morally correct, but it is impossible to see know what is in a person's heart, so I prefer to go for more direct evidence of fraud. As far as I am concerned, any single instance of robosigning or failure to properly record a mortgage should result in felony convictions and triple damages of any individual or corporation involved who has a license or signed off on anything, including appraisers. For corporations, the superiors of any offender, up to and including the CEO *and* directors should be convicted of contributory negligence as a minimum, or And there should be mandatory maximum sentences. There will be plenty of room in the prisons if we release non-violent drug "offenders" whose only crime was personal indulgence.

  8. "Ted Kennedy and Banrney7 Franks for ramming through laws forcing banks to give loans to people unable to repay?"

    People PLEASE WAKE-UP!!! Banks do not loan anything! Its you the alleged borrower that gives the bank the funds to start with. WITHOUT YOUR SIGNATURE ON THE PROMISSORY NOTE THERE IS NO MONEY! Go to the court house and get a copy of your deed of trust and look at the last page. You will find that the bank did not even sign the contract! WHY??? Because if they had signed the contract then they would have had to really give you a loan from their money! By not signing it they do not have to follow the contract. Therefore they can take your promissory note and deposit it and give it back to you as a loan!

  9. It doesn't make any sense that the bank would kick people out of their home because the equity had decreased. Then the home is empty, and theives rip the house apart to strip it bare, and maybe burn it down for fun. The bank that was getting say, $1200 month, and had the house as collaterol, now gets $0, no collaterol, responsible for paying the Real Estate taxes, and likely the cost of upkeep or home removal.

    1. Actually it makes a lot of sense for the criminal banks. They are covering up their fraud of MBS and multiple investor sales of the same mortgage. They get money from the Govt. for their losses. They can resell them and any money they gain is "gravy". They have made millions on a 100K mortgage.

      Look at Detroit and whole neighborhoods have been bulldozed! They made people HOMELESS through FRAUD! Kicked them out of their houses and then bulldozed them!

      WHY if they are going to do that would they not let the people stay???

      Because they are getting paid triple to cause people to become homeless!

      The banksters of this world are Evil and they don't care about anything or anybody but money.

      They have done this over and over again... families homeless.... house bulldozed!

  10. Here's what may be very good news (though off-topic; I couldn't find anywhere to post it on this blog).

    Nuclear weapons are a hoax, and always have been. Just another scare-the-sheep thing. - please read this forum.

  11. They did this to OILEXCO which cost my brother and I a huge amount of money. I had evaluated the properties and they were at least 1 Billion Barrels of reserves. They had the largest finds in the North Sea -- several discoveries in the 3-10,000 Barrels of oil per day. They were building their production facilities and drilling wells with great rigs at great prices --- and then Royal Bank of Scotland calls the loan. Payments were current and OILEXCO had $10's of Millions in the bank -- but needed $500 Million to bring it all on line. The Bank saw what they had -- and just took it with the banks letting it happen because of that "call at any time clause" which they say will never happen except ...... like this. So it does happen. Look for it to happen more and more. The TOP 1% now owns 80% plus of all assets -- up from 15-20% when Jimmy Carter took office in 1976 -- and it has been done by the FED, the FED controlled international banks and destruction of our energy/industrial production complex.

  12. I can tell you this just happened to us...Never late on a payment and they stole a commercial building. If you do not think this is happening then you are blind. A building that appraised at about 8M reduced to below our debt of 5.6 and then called. Keep in mind it was the banks appraisers doing the reduction. When they called the note, the appraisal actually went down more do to flux of ownership...well guess what they caused the flux. In addition we had a lease in hand though not signed that would have increased the value of the property by a couple of million, a week after the bank foreclosed the tenant signs the lease. Did the court care? NO they were in bed with the bank. CRIMINAL Never late, never missed a payment, always paid the taxes. The building was generating 20 thousand a month above the payment.