Sunday, January 13, 2013

Newtown United rebranded as "Sandy Hook Promise" Group - Controls Access to Families, Center Stage of Gun Control and Staging a News Conference 1/14/13

There is a new group and they rebranded themselves from Newtown United to Sandy Hook Promise. (the media is using the word "rebranded")

They plan on giving a news conference on Monday January 14th.

Newtown United Rebranding As 'Sandy Hook Promise'

The group is taking its message to a national audience in hopes of preventing another tragedy like the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012.

Their main purpose from my understanding is gun control.

And today, Newtown United announced it will now be known as Sandy Hook Promise, a change its Newtown-based founders hope will reinforce its mission of preventing another tragedy by becoming a catalyst to effect meaningful policy change on a national level.
 This coming Monday, on what will be one month to the day since the Newtown school shooting, Sandy Hook Promise will kick off its national effort with a press conference on the steps of Edmond Town Hall.

It seems that anyone who wants to speak with the families of the Sandy Hook shooting has to go through this group first.  Even the Vice President has to go through them.  He wants to speak with the families and the Sandy Hook Promise group is the one who is acting as the in-between.

I find that a little strange.  No one can speak with the families unless it is through this group?

The group, Sandy Hook Promise, has been working to help the families whose loved ones were killed in the Dec. 14 massacre of 20 first-graders and six women at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown. It said in an email to the families that it could arrange a call or put the families in touch directly with Biden's office.

"If you choose to wait a few weeks, or months, the offer is still there," the group wrote.
White House officials have said they are communicating with local groups and the families in Newtown.

 Sandy Hook Promise co-founder Tim Makris said it passed along Biden's offer as part of its mission to aid the families.

WHY in the world would a group be in control of who speaks to the families?  Did the families put this group in charge?  They changed their name from Newtown United to Sandy Hook Promise to have more of a gut reaction/emotional trigger from people?   Also what is the "Promise" part of their name?  What are they promising?  Gun Control?

I have been reading lots of comments on various sites.... here is one from the article about Biden meeting with the families:

 Interesting that a CNN poll showed that 65% of Catholics are strongly in favor of stricter gun controls while ony 35% of Evangelicals are. This sure gives a clearer picture of where the oposition is coming from as well as the direction any future SCOTUS actions might go.

People are believing the majority of the U.S. citizens want gun control.   For the comment to imply that a SCOTUS ruling could be swayed by anything up the Constitution is amazing.  The Constitution is what they are suppose to hold up as the highest standard of any ruling.

They are already strong enough to have their own press conference about wanting gun control?

Another article has Sandy Hook Promise as being a big voice in what ever control the White House decides on:

 Newtown United, a local group that formed after the shootings to help the families and to forge a community dialogue, is rebranding itself as Sandy Hook Promise. The group says it has members of victims' families among its supporters.
Haller said on Friday that the White House has reached out to him and his sister and "we intend to speak with the White House about the proposals being made and now we have the means to do that."

He added that while much of the debate in past weeks has been on gun control and armed guards in schools, he believes the bigger picture should be addressed.
In past tragedies of national scope -- including the 9/11 terrorism attacks, the Oklahoma City bombing and the Columbine school shooting -- some of the most powerful and influential activists have been people and survivors personally touched by those events.

Families of those killed in the 9/11 attacks took center stage in the discussion of how to combat terrorism. Former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who survived an attack by a deranged shooter two years ago, has emerged as a national figure for gun-control initiatives.

The Obama administration said Friday it would welcome Sandy Hook parents' involvement.
Though gun-control legislation is at the forefront of many conversations, Sandy Hook Promise intends to be more than a one-issue lobby, Rob Cox, one of its founders, said earlier this week.
Interesting the article mentions the 9/11 families.  Because the fact is the 9/11 families have beaten down the door of the White House demanding a new Commission investigation and they have been ignored.  So the reality is... as long as you tow the line with the government and media and their story, they will put you up front.  But if you want more answers and demand a full investigation then they ignore you.   It is all about going along with what the story line the public is being brainwashed with.

What it tells me, is we are going to have this "Sandy Hook Promise" group as the front and center of the families and they will be demanding we have our 2nd amendment taken away.  They have made it where you couldn't dare go against them as "Sandy Hook" will always be an emotional trigger name, forever.   If you attack them going for our 2nd amendment rights, then you are attacking all the people killed that day.   They will be using the name in a very manipulative way for an emotional value.

I don't know what exactly happened at Sandy Hook.  I do know that the official story has more proven holes in it and they have never filled in those holes.  There has not yet ever been a "motive" put forth for the shooting either.  Now they will use the name for an emotional trigger and to get gun control passed it seems.  

I will stress over and over again.... We do have to Stand Up as ONE.  We have to show where we stand without doubt regarding our Freedoms.  If we do not take this stand now, I doubt we will have a  chance later.   The government and media are going for manipulation of the public's emotions and they of course have the platform.

We as the internet truth media need to keep asking questions and try and keep waking people up to the truth and for them to ask questions.  We also need to have a United Stand for our Freedoms.  I will say over and over again, I believe it is through the NRA we take the stand.  But we have to do it in unbelievable numbers that shows without a doubt the majority of the people stand behind the Constitution and our Freedoms.  If we do not do that... then we will lose them.

This is our new 9/11 event.  We lost the majority of our Freedoms with the Patriot Act as the "War on Terror" now unless we do something we will be losing the rest of them with the "War on Guns."

It is now or never!   The full manipulation of the public is beginning as "Sandy Hook Promise" begins to take center stage of the "Gun Control/ban" conversation.

The whole Sandy Hook shooting has too many unanswered questions and the media is now in full force rallying against all who dare ask questions.  It reminds me of what happened after 9/11, when Bush said don't dare listen to any "Conspiracy Theories" about 9/11.  The media is doing the same thing now.   Anderson Cooper had a whole segment about "The sickening conspiracy theories of Sandy Hook."  What he doesn't say is how the Professor has laid out in a very intelligent manner the questions and the contradictions of Sandy Hook (see that page for various articles he wrote) which proves there are many unanswered questions.  The Professor has a timeline on his blog tooMemory Hole blog is here.

The Intel Hub has a good article about a staged Active Shooter at a school drill being done 14 miles away from Sandy Hook. 

Scarborough is blaming the NRA and calling them liars for the gun control issue.  He said they are the ones making people scared and doing it for the millions being made by the gun industry.   He is using emotional "trigger" words as "slaughter."  He went off on a rant about the NRA and here is a portion of what he said:

 "This is not about protecting the Second Amendment. This is about gun manufacturers making millions and millions and millions of dollars. This is about retailers making millions and millions and millions of dollars. Do you know how much money these people have made over the slaughter of 20 innocents in Newtown? Do you know how much richer these rich gun manufacturers have gotten over the past month and how the NRA uses that tragedy to gin up fears and websites use that tragedy to gin up fears that they're coming to take your guns away? Hey, got a message for you. They can't take your guns away."

What he doesn't say... is the NRA didn't even make a comment about the shooting until the 21st of December.  Obama and Feinstein are the ones who caused people to go and buy everything off the shelves.  In fact the NRA had not made a single statement by the time all the ammo and guns had been sold out at the stores.

Scarborough says they won't come for your "handgun and shotgun" over and over.  What he doesn't say is "national registration" of them as part of the "gun control" which in fact then allows them to come for the guns later.     Scarborough said over and over "No one should join the NRA, the NRA is lying."   That tells me.... the media and government are worried that people will come together through the NRA, so they are heading the people off at the pass.  

Remember what happened after Katrina in New Orleans... ALL the guns were confiscated out of law abiding citizens hands.  Here is a video showing that directive of ALL guns being taken from the citizens:

So Scarborough has been proven to have lied in that "plea" to not join the NRA because the government will never come for your guns. The video above proves the government confiscates guns!

All I can say, is they must be planning something very big for them to be coming out so strongly to try and brainwash the people that coming together as One is a very bad idea.   As long as we keep being divided and try and do something on an individual basis (calling our elected officials... is a joke) then they will be able to take our 2nd amendment away and our Freedoms.   But once we come together as a strong group united in focus then they will not be able to do it.   That is why there is such a negative manipulative push of lies being trotted out.

Update - David Keene, President of NRA, on State of the Union  - NRA will not compromise - Lies from Huffington Post.

This is of such major importance...... if they get a national registration through... then they know where to get the guns later.  When they say "They will never confiscate guns on a whole"  know they are lying.... as Katrina proved that they will come into your home with their guns pointed at you and take your lawful gun away from you.... in the name of an "Emergency."



  1. As you know it is beginning to look more and more like the Sandy Hook was a FALSE FLAG OPERATION.

    Many suspicious circumstances are coming out and it looks like a GUN-GRAB operation instead.

    Much like and Fast & Furious was. DON'T FALL FOR IT. We have people in office who have no compunction or morals.

    They would see you dead in a blink of an eye if it gave them one more ounce of power towards their goal of COMPLETE CONTROL!

  2. If you had any idea what it is like to be a victim, or family member of a victim of a high profile story, imagine it when there are 27 families involved! Good for this group for taking care of them all. They need someone to coordinate media, meetings, public appearances, etc. and keep it all organized and together. Nothing strange about it, but rather very smart!

    1. Umm... NO one would coordinate or speak for me in what ever tragedy no matter the amount of people! No one would tell me what public appearances I would attend or who I could speak to or not speak to! Maybe that is just me... but I would NEVER allow a group or another person to be my Voice!

      I believe it is highly strange, personally.

    2. Wake up!!! false flag written all over this!! Just google sandy hook EVIDENCE and see what comes up! everything that comes up is supporting a false flag. in other words there is no evidence that supports the official story!

  3. Hi Sherrie, Thanks so much for having the determination to keep posting on this shocking event. Immediately after this event (whatever it was) I had the same feeling of shock that I had in the aftermath of 9/11. The mind-control fogger is on full blast. None of this makes sense in the context of merely "strengthening" gun laws, "banning" so-called assault weapons and high-capacity clips, stiffening background checks, etc.

    People who are waking up intuitively know this. We can see this only makes sense if the ultimate intention is to confiscate weapons and cut off access to ammunition. And we know where that leads, particularly as the "government" is bent on surveilling us and arrogating constantly more power to itself. Yet anyone who tries to point this out is immediately marginalized. The government/media complex is acting just like a psychopathic spouse, gas-lighting us and acting as if nothing is out of the ordinary. AND if this is even close to true, things are now moving very fast.

  4. I informed the Governor's office several months ago as well as Rhonda Fields.

    November 20th I spoke with Jordan Ghawi and he told me he never saw his sister Jessica's remains after the shooting in Aurora. Sandy Phillips is Jessica's mother.

    November 23 I spoke with Gregory and Rena Medek and they told me their daughter Micayla's coffin was empty at her funeral. Rena Medek cried on the phone and asked me "where are they?" Greg and Rena Medek live in Aurora.