Sunday, January 13, 2013

NRA President David Keene on "State of the Union" - Huffington Post Pundit Claiming 70% of NRA members want bans and National Registration

The NRA President David Keene was on "The State of the Union" today, Sunday 1/13/13.   He said the NRA will not compromise in any way a banning of assault weapons or a national registration.

Update 1/16/13 - For some reason CNN changed out the video to be a J Lo video... I have taken that off the blog now.

The leadership is pronouncing that the organization they front is irrelevant and members are to be ignored all for the sake of the people they really represent, the manufacturers of these weapons of carnage and devastation.

What was written above on Huffington Post is an Absolute LIE!  All of these media outlets are lying in every respect now.

Scarborough did it on Friday on his show.  He LIED about the NRA and was telling people to get rid of their membership and so on.   I wrote about that under the information about the Sandy Hook Promise group.

A huge media force has come out against the NRA...... that tells me where I need to stand and with who.... when they come out as opened as they have.... that means they are fearful and have to do everything in their power to stop it.

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  1. Who in their right minds give the lame stream media ANY credibility? They report only what they deem will benefit this administration no matter what. So in essence only the left fringe will take it seriously and I doubt any of them are NRA members. The feds will be stepping in a pile of excrement of their own making is they try to force any of the issues they are bringing up. Americans are increasingly having their fill of these tyrants....