Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I am a Red Cross Disaster Volunteer and am heading to N.Y. tomorrow morning (11/1/12). I will not be posting for 14 to 21 days.

This is just a notice to everyone.   I am a Red Cross disaster volunteer.  I go out on disasters with them when needed.   

I am leaving tomorrow morning (11/1/12) for N.Y. with the Red Cross.   I will be supervising in shelter operations. 

I have been out on disasters with them in the past.  I have seen first hand how people are helped.  It is a very gratifying volunteer job

I encourage everyone to do something as this!

It is hard and long hours with a little sleep for 21 days at a time.  You get one day off during that time.  BUT it is AWESOME!  

I had one the best Christmas's and New Years ever when I was in New Orleans with the Red Cross and had non stop 15 hour days in 2005.   

Get involved and help your fellow man any way you can.   

So, I will not be posting anything for 21 days or it may just be 14 days, it depends on what all happens when I am there.   Since I moderate comments (due to the massive amount of spam and foul, violent comments), no comments will be able to be published while I am gone. 

I will bring my computer but don't believe I will have time nor the energy to get on it, besides there may not be electricity where I am going. 

Why do this?

I believe in the end, even though I don't really have the finances to really be gone for 21 days... what will and does matter is who we are and what we do for each other.   

I hope to be a positive difference in someone else's life at all times.  

Some don't believe in the Red Cross, but if you have ever been through a disaster then you understand what the Red Cross does for people! 

I hope all who read this, is able to support the Red Cross in any way possible, from financial support or volunteer support.

Hey.... I may hopefully meet some of you up there in N.Y. and we can accomplish things for people side by side, when you volunteer too!     

With Love and Light within all of our hearts and souls, may we all be a positive difference in each others lives!  




  1. Good on you Sherrie...Keep safe and keep an eye out for any of the floating/dissolving gold thats going to be announced missing from the NYFed any minute now - when they think of it as a lameass excuse!!!

  2. Bless you Sherie and good luck. I always enjoy reading your posts and look forward to reading your first player impressions from the disaster area.

    chris from Oz

  3. Thank you. You are a very giving soul. We appreciate all you do. Be safe and looking forward to your reports when you return, Take good care!

  4. Unlike those hand-wringers in DC, Sherrie walks the walk! Thank you!