Saturday, December 17, 2011

u.s. is now saying Iran was behind 9/11. A u.s. Court has found them "guilty". This is outrageous - We heard these lies about Iraq

This is just so outrageous! The u.s. is now claiming Iran was behind 9/11. They used this lie to invade Iraq. Now over 10 years later the u.s. court has now found Iran guilty of 9/11?

First, people really need to educate themselves about 9/11. But lets pretend some "foreign terrorist" committed 9/11. Well.... WHERE were most of the "hijackers" from? Saudi Arabia! So.... if the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia why hasn't the courts or u.s. found them guilty of being behind 9/11? Since Bin Laden was from Saudi Arabia and those in Saudi Arabia have financed him... why haven't they accused Saudi Arabia of terrorism?

Oh.... well, people need to educate themselves to answer the above questions... since they are "lets pretend".

But the fact that the u.s. is now spewing LIES once more to INVADE a country, people DO need to educate themselves and not believe the lies. I also have faith in the people, even those asleep. I don't believe people are just going to believe this, due to the lies about Iraq and now over 10 years later Iran is accused? No, it won't fly.

People know the u.s. and israel just want to start a war with Iran, so they can take over the resources. The only thing stopping them is China and Russia.

fyi - that is correct, I am not capitalizing u.s. anymore as the country has been destroyed from what it was by those inside the government. Since it is not the country of honor, constitution and morals due to the government I will no longer use capital letters for it.

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  1. Great catch. I emailed this page forward. On the recent anniversary of 9/11 I was shocked at all the self-pitying blubbering I read on Youtube. Not one mention about the "brown people" exterminated in misguided reprisal. I mean, the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer killed about 23 people but the US military whacked over a million civilians in reprisal. And these people see nothing wrong with that at all. Senator Joe McArthy looks pretty damn tame compared today's political clowns.