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Email sent out by Roger Weigand (Trader Rog) to David Morgan (Silver-Investor) - Something Odd is happening with the Banks in Europe and exchanges Today 12/24/11.

David Morgan

David Morgan of  
sent me an email today from Roger Weigand of .                          Roger Weigand
Both  of them are metals experts and always keep their eyes on what is happening in the investment area of metals and mining.   
I have had the pleasure of interviewing both previously about the "Red Alert" email regarding the plans of confiscating metals by the government, for the IMF and One World Currency.  fyi - Roger has communicated with me that I could post the email here.

It seems something is going down with the banks in Europe today.  Here is Roger's email sent out to other  experts in the metals (Gold and Silver) field.

Here is the email:

Trader Tracks Situational Alert Saturday, 12-24-11 -Christmas Eve at 740am PST - roger wiegand -Traderrog:
"We have received a report of unusual banking activity. Banking screens on 138 different currencies are show 00.000.  Some rate fluctuations are beginning to appear. There have been no answers on this activity but banks have been notified to expect a large change in currency rates." (quote not attributed to protect the source).  

In our view, what is happening is a massive devaluation in probably the Euro Currency relative to the values versus individual nations. The ECB loaned over $600 Billion (produced out of thin air with no collateral) last week to European Central Bank Member Nations. We think this next step is to re-configure the values of the Euro within each member country. 

Obviously the little broken ones like Greece, Portugal and Ireland will be de-valued MORE relative to Germany and France. Last report we got said the consortium of countries amounted to 27 total.  The B.I.S., the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland is the bankers' bank. The BIS is very secret about their work and activities. They are probably the orchestra leader in this event. 

We also noticed later Friday that the ECB is taking a $40 Million dollar lease in a New York City Building. Are they moving the whole headquarters from Brussels, or is this a newer and bigger expansion of the ECB?  I think its an expansion and the IMF is fin charge for sure in charge. The IMF is gathering cash from member nations to cover their activities in propping-up Europe and who knows who else. This is all part of the grand scheme moving to a One World Government and One World Currency. 

In our view, when the credit and bond markets break-down, the global Super-Crash is underway in an expansion of Greater Depression II.  Read your history from 1900 to 1918. This is being exactly replicated from 2000 to 2020. The Panic of 1908 was repeated in our Panic of 2008. The bigger world war begins on schedule from 2013-2014 to 2018. We think the gold and silver rally can peak in 2017 but perhaps extend all the way to 2024. 

After Obama is re-elected next year, we forecast a larger expansion of demonstrations not only throughout the world but in major cities in the USA. The calls for impeachment will reach new screaming levels after the dirtiest political campaign in history. There will be lawsuits and re-calls with lots of voter fixing and tampering. We think Romney is the GOP candidate and he will not have one chance in a one million to be elected. 

Someone has filed a $1 Trillion Dollar lawsuit in this mess and there is a lock-down on information relative to the suit and to the impending (we think) devaluation. It is obvious to us that this is being done over the Christmas holiday so markets cannot react as they are closed.  Many will not open until next Tuesday after the designated Monday, Christmas holiday in the USA. 

If my prognosis is correct, this could be a real market mover and perhaps a real market shocker. If I am correct in my surmising what these people are doing, precious metals might rally in a vicious snap-back valuation on fear and security. Gold and silver are being technically pressured to the high side anyway. If this event proves to be true, hang on to your hat. I would not be trading anything but watching first to see what markets do in Asia on Monday evening on Bloomberg in America. -Traderrog

Roger Wiegand
Editor Trader Tracks Newsletter

I do want to state, the part of "Obama being re-elected" next year in the email, is not something I agree with at all, nor the part of Romney being the GOP nominee.  I sincerely hope people are smarter than that and Ron Paul will be the nominee.

Here is a post I did about the One Trillion Law Suit filed.

But what the heck is going on in Europe right now?  Perfect week to do something, when everyone is distracted and busy with the holidays.  Watch what the banks are doing.


  1. Hi, think Ron Paul will be the nominee, but think that vote fraud will take it away from him. If that doesn't happen, I fear greatly for Dr. Paul's life in the coming year. Merry Chrismas, Sherrie.


  2. THe Great collapse will be coupled with ww3 and its about to start as well. I say Enlightened disengagement, self reliance, Rejection of the Rothschild Debt issue fiat money system and its false national debts. Its an individual responsibility. We do not react by joining one side or the other as all sides are financed with debt slaver from false debt. We react by not using their system. 250 against 7 billion. Soon we will have a critical mass of Ron Paul minded sovereign humans that will show the rest of humanity how to Disengage from the debt slavery shortly after the rest of humanity will follow. Beans, butter, and bullets.

  3. WW3 will be the people of the world against the bankers. obama will not be re-elected, but they may try to force him on us. it wont work.
    isreal is toast either way.

  4. American Presidents tend to get elected regardless of how many votes they get.

  5. I wish everyone, a Joyous, Christmas, and a Prosperous New Year 2012. Remember Men, we have the responsibility, to look after our Family, Obligations and Loved Ones. Peace in our home, and stability, comes from our willingness to accept our yoke in life with it short comings yet great rewards. Peace be with you all, that make good events happen. Thomas Gx, in Vancouver Canada,

  6. Thank you!


  7. Merry Christmas Sherrie.

    Thank you for your excellent posts. :)

  8. Where to start. I myself am a long time silver/gold investor and skeptic of the stock markets. I've watched the SP500 and the DOW trade on smokey rumors just as I've watched commodities go through boom and bust cycles. As a pragmatist and avid study of economics I find your articles to be guttersnipe sensationalist trash. Not only do you post unqualified facts such as "We also noticed later Friday that the ECB is taking a $40 Million dollar lease in a New York City Building." but you also go so far as to predict wars and their timelines in the same brief paragraphs. One cannot understand the complexity of a macroeconomic system or warfare without understanding the politics and circumstances behind it. If you were serious in your predictions, and not as I suspect using fear mongering tactics to sway a market, you would post detailed rationale for your exciting beliefs and not use such irrationally exuberant language full of "probablys" and "we believe". Invest in what you know everyone, and not on the feelings or intuitions of others.

  9. Hey grim, I clicked on your name and it goes to "" on the net, but page not found.

    Did you read that I posted an email from one expert to another? Did you read that it was not me that wrote it? It seems you really need to pay better attention to who is writing what and if you couldn't read and understand that much of this post, then I have a question. Do you go around making negative comments all over the net? Yet the comments reveal you are not as astute as you seem to want to make yourself. Also to give me credit for "swaying" the markets.... WOW, never have I gotten that much credit for anything! But I have to admit I laughed hard when I read that.

    I am just a little ole blogger who simply tries to get truth out and I have friends that send me information that is "insider" at times. So think as you will. But if I get information that is deemed to be valid and comes from a respected source I will publish it, if the source agrees to that. Sometimes I can not publish information I receive, sometimes I can.

    So, one other question.... the information about Obama having the Senate put U.S. citizens in the 1031 bill - you found that to be "guttersnipe trash" too? Seems to me, truth is not what you may be looking for, you really need to watch MSM all the time. I am sure you find that "quality" information. :)

  10. With regards to how presidents are elected or better yet 'Put into office' just think Bilderberg.

    You'll want to get a hold of this video and watch it. It's about 2hrs 20mins but well worth it.

    EndGame - Blueprint For Global Enslavement

  11. the greatest redistribution of wealth is going on throughout the world, without the world knowing about it, just a chosen few will reap these rewards, 155 currencies are revaluing/devaluing at this current time, this is what is going on.

  12. Whilst I know that banks do get notifications and warnings, I do not understand how it would be possible for a single currency (Euro) to have different values for individual countries.
    "We think this next step is to re-configure the values of the Euro within each member country."
    Can someone explain how this could be achieved, without going back to Francs, Drachma etc., do you think that you can have a French Euro, a German Euro, a Greek Euro, it makes no sense.

    Have a happy holiday, 2012 is going to be a real fun time.

  13. Merry Christmas, Sherrie. Please know that you are Loved and Respected by your many readers and fans!! Your spiritual, truth-seeking approach to this blog is much appreciated, and I can tell that you are a very warm, loving and sincere human being.
    Thank you for all of your efforts on this great blog, and keep up the good work!!

    Love Ya, Jerry in PHX

  14. Since each euro note from each country is already slightly different in appearance, it would be easy to assign each country's euro a different value

  15. "Since each euro note from each country is already slightly different in appearance, it would be easy to assign each country's euro a different value"....NOT.

  16. I'm guessing the best bet is to continue to purchase PMs. I am firm in my belief that the real experts of PMs are correct: the Bull Market hasn't ended, nothing has changed.

    Conditions that lead to PMs rising in value on average 17% a year for the last decade (gold specifically, silver more) haven't changed, the prices are being suppressed through fraud in the futures market, and in fact, conditions are getting progressively worse.

    RIGHT NOW is a GREAT TIME to ADD to your PM holdings...physical. IN YOUR HANDS.

    THERE IS NO SOLUTION to debt unpayable except default. With Derivatives and sovereign debt amounts skyrocketing still....the S will HTF soon. It already is: MF Global PROVED they will STEAL your money held in ACCOUNTS without any worries of being arrested for theft. And that is exactly what that was: THEFT.

    Debasing currencies through expansion of the money supply can only lead to one thing: hyperinflation. EVERY COUNTRY is doing it, whether they admit it or not.

    To conclude: defaults will occur, and hyperinflation...then deflation, as prices must fall so consumers laden with debt and wages stagnant can become consumers again.

    Buy gold, buy silver, buy platinum....and be a Strong Hand. Laugh at the so-called "financial experts" on msm tv and radio: they are paid-for propagandists.

    Keep just enough fiat currency to pay your bills....with sales falling, home values falling, ($1.8 trillion in lost home equity the last two years and next year will continue the trend), 48.5% of Americans on food stamps or some kind of government subsidy, jobless/underemployment rate a real 22%....things are not going to improve for quite some time.

    But gold and silver will HOLD THEIR VALUE regardless of conditions.

    I'd highly recommend the two most recent audio interviews of Jim Sinclair at KWN blog. Give them a'll hear the ring of truth loud and clear.


  17. You all will know soon what is up. Happy New year to all of the worlds children.

  18. The article is pure bull. It states, "re-configure the values of the Euro within each member country."

    The Euro CAN'T be devalued by country. That's the whole POINT of the Euro. It's called the "single currency" for a reason. For just that reason!

    This guy clearly doesn't know what he is talking about.

  19. Dear Roland,

    I wish I was as certain about anything, as you appear to be about everything.

    There is no reason why there should not be a French Euro, a German Euro, a Greek Euro, etc. just as there is a US Dollar, a Canadian Dollar a Hong Kong Dollar etc.

    Just means that the new currencies will have to be printed (if they are not already in the vaults) and be easily distinguishable.

    As it appears to be the only solution (Independent currencies) but it would allow the Brussels politicos to retain some shred of dignity.

  20. a french euro would be a franc, a german a reichsmark, a dutch euro a gulden, probably already in the vaults

  21. and the piece doesn't look like an 'email' so what is it, who wrote this?

  22. FWIW Roger Weigand has been around the markets for years and though the email sounds a bit out there he is not someone to be dismissed out of hand.

  23. There is no reason why there should not be a French Euro, a German Euro, a Greek Euro, etc. just as there is a US Dollar, a Canadian Dollar a Hong Kong Dollar etc,

    Actually, there is. You see, one agency controls the US dollar, and a different agency controls the Australian Dollar. And a different agency controls the Euro.

    So if that agency were to differ value of Euro based on country, we would have what is called an "arbitrage".

    Think about it. If you have a roll of dimes, and then they pass a law that dimes minted before 1980 are now worth 9 cents, who would use them?

    No one would. Which means they wouldn't be worth 9 cents, they'd be worth zero cents. And since everyone would want to sell them, and no one would want to buy them, there would be no trades.

    I'll sell you nine pennies for a dime. As many as times as you'd like. Any takers?

    This is basic, 101 level econ here.

  24. The Trillian Dollar Lawsuit: This website has more info on the lawsuit. Go to:

  25. Just know that Ron Paul; nor anyone else will be working for the Country. Ron Paul is a confirmed Mason/Rosicrucian. The controlled opposition, like Alex Jones, Lindsay Williams, Ventura, Beck et al are Masons and working for the globalist giving us 80% truth but 20% diversion. Be prepared for a change of life soon in the USA.

  26. The IMF controls the worlds currency at will for those that don't know.

  27. complete bull pieced together from

  28. If Ron Paul is elected, we are in trouble because he thinks muslims pose no threat to our way of life. They pose a large threat, and they want to bring their laws and violence on our soil. Political correctness is in. Cannot discriminate on anything or anyone, except for Christians. Wake up America!!!

  29. Israel is the threat, Anon 10:30am. "Wake up, America!!!" indeed: awaken to the hidden threat that Zionism poses to us all.

  30. This whole thing is from the UFO believers fringe. Feel free to believe it.

  31. sorry Anony :December 26, 2011 6:07 PM that you might have been probed and all, but get over it, theres much more to this then your wishful dis direction. misrepresent Ron Paul will bring a storm to them news reporters, who like to sideline his views of not getting into other country's know, dangerous take on foreign policy it's all hogwash, they need us in war as they loot us even more, taking homes,farms,closing down places of work and shipping them over seas..if you think thats all they want, your "DEAD" Wrong!!..Wake up, BOOTS ON THE GROUND

  32. Thanks for sharing such a frightful communication. After all: The Euro as a basket case:
    The Euro was a toxic chimaera from a geneticist's Frankenstein laboratory. It never had a life. Mind you: the Fed dollar is a much more livable creature - but, a creature from hell. While the Euro was almost a stillbirth (after all, ten years into the life of a currency is almost as if dying in the incubator). The dollar, for that matter, is now almost a hundred and as such will die of old age, it's tissues worn out, suffering from cancer. Monetary easing as palliative medicine against the pangs of unnatural growths.

  33. Looks like it was bullshit anyway...

  34. Really Anon?

    I guess you didn't read that C'mas day the Fed infused billions into Europe - ECB and IMF. Seems there was some critical mass going on over the holidays that the U.S. Fed Reserve took care of. All you have to do is read how Europe was on the edge over C'mas and they were getting bailed out hoping no one would notice.