Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hilarious! Fed Government coming down on Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona for "Constitutional Rights violations against Latinos"

You just have to laugh!  The Federal Government is playing a "Constitutional Rights" Card against Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona!  They are saying he is violating the Civil Rights and Constitutional Rights of Latinos (illegal immigrants).

Is that not just bizarre?  Let's see the Obama administration is standing up for Illegal Aliens - BUT Obama has taken away all of our (American Citizens) Civil and Constitutional Rights along with all the other D.C. persons. 

All this Bull shit just can't go on much longer.  This government wants to make sure people who are here illegally don't have their rights trampled on and gosh forbid since they are illegal in the country that someone would say they are and make them go back to their country!  But the government is will to lock up all the U.S. citizens without a single right and if Senator Graham is correct also be able to Kill U.S. citizens at their discretion.

Notice how main stream media (link is to one) will report the fact a Sheriff is being investigated for Constitutional rights but they don't have the balls to tell the American public what the government does!

I have nothing but absolute disdain, contempt and disgust for MSM!  They are the most controlled media they are all propaganda and they are worse than the USSR (when it was that) controlled media. 

I will never forget how the media use to always say "State controlled" and "Propaganda media" about other country's media.  Yet the ones in the U.S are the biggest F ing joke there is!

To all of you media and supposedly journalist and reporters, you are actually the scum of the Earth.  You are suppose to be doing the people a service but what you are is nothing but little cockroach minions of those who control you.  You won't and don't report the real news that affects everyone you only do as you are told.  You are little slaves of the higher ups.

But one day the people will wake up and they will see you have always hidden the truth from them and have outright lied to them.... when that day comes.... all I can say is, you will deserve the people's wrath and loathing directed towards you.

I asked 5 "soccer moms" if they knew what our government had done in passing indefinite detainment for U.S. citizens, not one of them knew about it!  That means 99% of the people have NO Clue about the indefinite detainment and the Republicans handing over a Dictatorship to Obama!  WE Need to someone get the word out to inform people ourselves, even if that means going door to door telling everyone! 

The people have got to learn about this - the MSM is the most foul group of organizations now - since they have been SILENT on this!  How DARE them not tell the American Public that the U.S. Government just took away their Rights!  They are are Treasonous as the Elected officials in D.C., in my opinion! 

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