Monday, July 7, 2014

Germany Upset with U.S., Merkel in China, signed agreements of trade.... No dollar to be used? China signs Yuan trade agreement with France and Luxembourg

Germany and Merkel are very upset with the U.S. once more over spying.  This time it has been discovered a spy for the U.S. was within Germany's Foreign Intelligence agency. 

Merkel is using some very harsh words against the U.S.  It also came at a time that Merkel is in China right now signing trade agreements with them.

"If the reports are correct it would be a serious case,"Merkel told a news conference in Beijing, standing next to
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.
 "Germany is against that - regardless of where it comes from," Merkel said, in reference to industrial espionage."We have a duty as the state to protect our economy ... We are for the protection of intellectual property."

This year there have been many agreements signed with our closest allies of trade, dropping the dollar.  The U.K. signed an agreement with China just a couple of weeks ago, dropping the dollar. 

France just a few days ago said the dollar did not need to be used in their trade for oil 

The Chinese article is vague, as they always are regarding what currency will be used with Germany.  But just as before, you can read between the lines and figure it out as it came from Merkel's mouth.

 Merkel said that Germany is willing to make full use of intergovernmental consultations with China to deepen cooperation in the fields of innovation, joint research, market access, new urbanization , energy conservation, climate change and health services.
Germany is willing to collaborate closely with China in international and regional affairs, and to face challenges and realize common development, Merkel said, adding that Germany appreciates China's support of the EU and the euro.
Chinese and German companies signed a number of agreements for deals including buying helicopters from Germany and setting up a new automobile manufacturing base in China.
Another article has the information that Volkswagon is going to build two factories in China with an agreement just signed today.

BERLINJuly 7 German auto giant Volkswagen announced Monday that it will   build two new auto plants in its largest market of China to expand production   capacity.
Volkswagen said it had sold 20 million vehicles in China over the past 30 years   and would invest a total of 18.2 billion euros (25.25 billion U.Sdollarsbetween   2014 and 2018 in new plants and products together with its Chinese joint    venture   partners.
Include the fact as a linking headline article below the Merkel visit article is one titled:  Internationalization of the Renminbi.  

Now add the fact that China just signed trade agreements with France and Luxembourg using the Renminbi/Yuan and dropping the dollar. 

BEIJINGJune 29 -- The People's Bank of China (PBoC), China's central bankon Sunday announced that it has  inked two Memorandum of Understanding (MoUson renminbi(RMBbusiness with the   central banks of Luxembourg and France.

Zhou and Christian NoyerGovernor of the Banque de Franceon Saturday signed separate MoU to set up shortly a renminbi payment system in Paris.

This is just the news about China and their trade agreements with other countries, but let's not forget that Russia is doing the same thing around the world.  The dollar is being dropped fast with our closest allies. Isn't it ironic that the U.S. has spent trillions on wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya due to those leaders about to drop the dollar in oil trade a few years ago?  Now, the world is dropping the dollar very fast and there is no way the U.S. can go to war against all the other countries.  Our allies have been embolden with being able to safely drop the dollar due to Russia and China taking the first steps.  The rest of the world it seems wants to leave the dollar behind.  Watch how country's credit ratings will be lowered in the near future along with the U.S. finding faults with banks around the world.

China has started their own credit rating company due to the U.S. using credit ratings for political motives.  That article is here. 

For all of us in the U.S., our way of life will change and the cost of things will skyrocket.  Our little China trinkets and items that seem so cheap now will be expensive.  At what point will all of this happen and we go Zimbawe?  The way other countries are quickly signing no dollar trade deals it may only be a couple of years or less.

The writing really is on the wall.

It really is sad to see, this once great country, appears to be being destroyed from the inside out.  I can't help but think that those who are in control are doing everything they can to destroy the country.  With the federal government bringing in as many illegals aliens as possible right now and causing chaos, it really does seem to be a systematic destruction in every form of the U.S.

I never thought or conceived  I would see the day this country being completely demolished on purpose by those we entrusted it with in D.C..


  1. Auf wiedersehen USD. It is long overdue and good riddance.

  2. I imagine it will tough on many of us, however once its done imagine the freedom it will bring? maybe not for awhile _a long while but still the world was never meant to be a bank controlled one, it should have never happened in the first place, lets hope people will never forget how we got here and never again allow this to take place again GREED KILLS.