Tuesday, June 17, 2014

IMF states headquarters may be in China in future . China in UK securing Trade Deals right now UPDATE Yuan Trade deal reached with UK, No U.S. Dollars

The U.S. is grasping at their waning control of the IMF, which is frustrating Christine Lagarde and other countries. 

Lagarde said the IMF needs to make reforms but the U.S. has been blocking them.  The IMF is suppose to be headquartered in the largest economy and that is going to be China in the future.  Lagarde said the U.S. is blocking China, India and Brazil who are coming up strong from having a voice in the IMF.

The International Monetary Fund's headquarters may one day move from Washington to Beijingaligning with China's growing influence in the world economythe fund's managing director Christine   Lagarde said early this month.
Lagarde also pointed out that the U.Sgovernment is an "outlieramong the G20 in  refusing to approve IMF reformand the IMF was trying to give emerging economies like China and Brazil a bigger voice through reform.
According to Lagardeon the part of countries like ChinaBraziland Indiathere is  frustration with the lack of progress in reforming the IMF by refusing to adopt the quota  reform that would give emerging economies a bigger voicea bigger voteand a bigger  share in the institution. “I share that frustration immensely,” she said.
 The U.Sis the only member with control weight in the votingmeaning that any major reform must be approved by the United States.

Now with Lagarde who is head of the IMF even saying the U.S. has waning influence besides saying the headquarters will most likely be in Bejing, that shows the writing is on the wall for the U.S. 

Not just that.  It appears that China is now making deals with Britain.  The Premier of China is there today on official business.  I have read these type statements before in the Chinese news websites.  They don't say it directly but it typically means, they are securing deals in trade eliminating the U.S. dollar.  Just read between the lines. 

Chinafor its parthas a huge marketlarge foreign exchange reserves and a   competitive manufacturing sectorLi saidpointing out that the complementary  strengths of the two countries mean they have many areas for collaboration.

"We look forward to stronger cooperation in financeinfrastructure constructionamong othersandmore robust exchanges in researcheducationand culture," Li said. "We look forward to win-winengagements."

UPDATE 6/19/14 - China reached a Yuan trade deal with the UK.  U.S. dollar bypass. 
Just as I thought and read between the lines in the Chinese article.  The UK has reached a trade deal with China where the U.S. dollar will not be used.

While four other nations had already signed such accords withChina, the U.K.’s deal yesterday made it the first European country to do so. London has been competing with cities includingFrankfurt to become Europe’s offshore yuan hub. Direct trading of the yuan-pound pair is scheduled to start today.
“Given the sheer pace and scale of growth in renminbi trade, the opportunity for London cannot be overstated,” Peter Sands, group chief executive at Standard Chartered Plc in London, said by e-mail yesterday. “The appointment of an official clearer is a logical step in London’s development as a leading offshore renminbi center.”
It appears those that had never dared stepped on the U.S. toes previously are not worried about it now.  There must be much more going on that we as the public are not aware of.  
 This is saying the U.S. is going downhill where as other countries are becoming the leaders and more financially stable and prosperous.  

I can only imagine how upset those in the top tier of the U.S. government were upset at Lagarde making this admission in the public and if our closest ally is securing trade with China, without the dollar possibly.  

I don't believe a single media outlet in the U.S. will relay this statement and information to the public.  This is not something CNBC will broadcast. 

China will be the largest economy in the world very soon.  Why does the U.S. continue to piss them off?  China has been turning away from the dollar in their trade.  They have a very tight relationship with Russia now.  We all know what is happening with our relationship with Russia.  

The writing is on the wall and now even those organizations that the U.S. has had the most influence with are frustrated due to the U.S. grasping at the melting straws. 


  1. I'm quite interested in what's going on with China regarding the UK, they just signed a £14bn investment deal and on top of that they have agreed to invest heavily in high speed rail projects in the UK up to 50% of the costs and is off its own back going to build a rail tunnel from Germany to London which is an incredibly ambitious project that will cost well over a 100 billion but China has said if the UK agrees and its completed, it will start work on another feasibility study and survey a line direct to Ireland as well, whether it would go via the Isle of Man is not yet known.

    So why is China throwing possibly its biggest single investment pot at Britain like this? I suspect it realises that the UK is considered a "personal possession" of Washington and wants to coax Britain out of that, which in turn would remove an avenue of powerful US control within the EU too and China has indicated it want's a very independent EU indeed.

    1. On the contrary, it may come as a surprise to you as to who is in 'personal' possess of what, in the normal run of business -

      The Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997

      Given the signatories to the above Order, the question becomes, who owns both the UK and the USA as well as China, in the normal way of doing business, of which explanation can be found below



      b) As with every country (or Kingdom), we come to learn that for this particular Kingdom, as with all else, that its creation or establishment is in line with the principles given in -

      Political Charters Create Corporate Countries As Fictions

      Sourced from the material to be found part way down the source document linked, under the subtitled heading -





      28 USC § 3002 – Definitions
      (15) “United States” means—
      (A) a Federal corporation;