Monday, July 21, 2014

Russia Proving Ukraine shot down MH17, not through Propaganda but through irrefutable satellite images of Military jet and missile systems

All the propaganda coming out of the U.S. and Ukraine, along with the U.K. and Australia regarding Russia separatist are the ones who shot down MH17.

Russia is now proving that the information released about a Ukrainian military jet was there by MH17 when it went down is correct and the fact that Ukraine had BUK missile systems set up where the plane was shot down.

Russia has released satellite images and radar images showing the Ukraine military jet 2-3 km from MH17 and the images of the Ukraine BUK missile systems.

Here is what I want to know.

What will the U.S., U.K. and Australia demand be done against Ukraine as it is proven they shot down MH17?  Will they demand sanctions?  Will they demand NATO go in against Ukraine?

Russia's video showing what happened with MH17 from the defense ministry - has English translation

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No other countries are blaming Russia for MH17 except the U.S., U.K. and Australia


  1. It is obvious that the lunatic governments of the West want war with Russia. The reason is likely to do with Russia and China no longer wanting the US Dollar, which means that the West will no longer dominate the world. Therefore, it is up to the citizens of the West to stop their governments from starting a war with Russia. Stop waiting for someone else to do it - it is your responsibility.

    1. I suppose the west orchestrated the Russian annexation of Crimea. Putin is working with the CIA to give a reason for the US to invade Russia.

      Everything you say is off the wall. The Americans , Canadians want to see all these countries succeed and all of their economies flourish and they want to trade with them not destroy. When is Russia going to try to get along with the other countires and build its economy. 140 million people. So why aren't other countries with 140 million people being such sticks in the mud ????? Just look at who started this and you will know. did you already forget about Crimea ?????

  2. Rothschild and friends prefer that Russia and a few others come quietly and settle for their central bank so that their wish for complete world domination is fulfilled and they won’t have to spend twenty years living underground because of the fallout.

    Nuclear war or not, Russia is willing to accommodate those that believe in man landing on the moon, terrorists with box cutters, and generally illogical propaganda. And of course, the common people of the US will be the ones getting hurt, not their “leaders.”

    Hopefully the people of the world that think they are free will begin to look at a map and see that the US is not the world’s police but rather, they are the elite’s thug that has set up shop (military bases) in about 1100 locations all over the world, that’s about 1100 military bases! They are attempting to have yet another location in the Ukraine but that is too close to Russia. So Russia helped those that didn’t want to be US dominated by helping them to defend themselves. It’s that simple.

    1. I don't see the US annexing Crimea.

      Leave the conspiracy theories. They are a dead end.

  3. Recall McCain's oddly phrased comment. He said, if Russia or pro-Russians did it there will be hell to pay. I think he knew, otherwise he or any politico would have said, "Whoever did it there will be hell to pay". He also urged Obama to act without waiting for evidence.