Saturday, January 26, 2013

Raw Helicopter Footage of Sandy Hook Firehouse. Shows people are recycling in and out of the building as they walk around it.

There is raw helicopter footage and when I was watching it I noticed how the people would walk to the front of the building and take a right, then disappear back into the building.    This video proves without a doubt that all those people at the firehouse were recycling in and out.  Besides there were never 1800 people around there any way.  The fact that there were no children except for a handful in the video says something too.

This video has the clips from the main raw helicopter footage of the people recycling in and out of the building.  There is a picture of a tweet from a reporter showing people at the firehouse at 8:36 am, one hour before the shooting.

Here is the Full Raw Helicopter footage that I captured the recycling of the people.

There are many more posts about Sandy Hook that I do not have on this blog but have on my new Sandy Hook Research blog. 


  1. Thank you for your work--you and thousands of truthers--and I use the term with much respect.

    You already have cockroaches from the highest to the lowest running for cover

    These minor vermin in the video milling around have two thoughts:

    Will this gig go into overtime?
    When does the catering truck show up?

  2. why are the people milling around aimlessly? I dont see anyone coming out with any kids??? If my kid was in here iwould be RUNNING,frantic looking for my child i was also wodering why no buses were caled back to the school what time was this recorded??

  3. People have noticed a catering truck or canteen truck in front of the school itself. Two smoke stacks or vents on top.
    I can't find it now; but I think Lanza car was in this shot.
    Main thing is the time. Seems shadows are longer. If this truck was there early, that's a huge discrepancy.