Friday, December 21, 2012

Audio of Police Radio Scanner - Sandy Hook, Caught someone say "End the Life of Adam" very quietly. Many Videos of information of the shooting.

Update 12/23/12 - Video - Proven outright lie by the media

Update 12/29/12 - Pictures of guns from trunk of car

Well we are going down the Rabbit Hole farther and farther with the Sandy Hook shooting. 

Due to the people on the internet who I consider to be awake and aware who don't just believe everything the government and media tell us... are doing an amazing job of investigating the Sandy Hook shooting. 

There is a huge amount of holes in the story that has been released.

They have still been silent on the 2nd shooter and have never clarified who they got in the woods. 

I have a written few articles about it, here about the story not adding up,
and here about the teachers not being on the list. 

Remember that they thought the shooter was Ryan Lanza in the beginning.... 

Go to the exact 22:05 ( a little before then) it is AT 22:05 you will hear someone say very quietly "End the Life of Adam."

That says they knew who was in there and the order to kill him was given.

Oh one other thing.... Adam completely destroyed his computer and hard drive where it is unrecoverable? He did so, where his emails wouldn't come up and his history of internet? hhmmm.... why would someone do that, they wouldn't care what was found.. after the fact if they planned on killing themselves.

Well here is the youtube video of the radio calls from the police and fire dept. responding to Sandy Hook, go to 22:05 in it.

A child said on the news he saw a man in handcuffs on the ground inside the school when he was leaving.  Was that Adama Lanza and thus the need for the "End Adam's Life" over the radio?

Here is footage of the Police running after a person and getting them in the woods. 

A witness to the police bringing someone out of the woods. If this person was not a second shooter, why haven't they said anything more about it? Why have they been silent?

Where are pictures of the walls shot up and the door windows broken, as they showed after Columbine?  There has not been one solid piece of anything about this that proves anything.  What we are suppose to do is simply accept what the police/government and media have said about it.  Contemplate that..... the only thing we know about it has been told to us.  

Here is another video that has bothered me, since watching it.  For some reason it just didn't seem real.  There were no real tears and her eyes were not red from crying.  I am simply putting in here something that to me personally, doesn't seem quite right.   Maybe it was real, I don't know.... but decide for yourself.

Let's not forget the father who had to get himself into the "sadness" when going on T.V.

The medical examiner/coroner was bizarre during this media presentation. Also I noticed what he said immediately in the video. "You can control the scene with good photographers and I have very good photographers."

Here is a great video that puts a lot together.
I have another question..... There are two survivors of the shooting and yet they have not released their names nor any information about them.  They have not released what they saw either.  WHY is that?   

 Also they said there was only one.. then there was two.

This is another 9/11 for us, that is going to try and take the 2nd Amendment away. 
There are too many questions regarding this shooting, just as there are still many questions and information that contradict the 9/11 event.  We can never just accept what the media and government says as we know they have lied in the past.  They have admitted and been caught lying and falsifying events.  So we should all continue questioning what really occurred at Sandy Hook elementary school that day.   

The thought that children had been killed to possibly further an agenda, is the most vile thing possibly conceived.   

OH.... another odd but interesting bit of information.  The Australian massacre of tourist that happened at Port Arthur in 1996  which caused the gun ban to be put in affect for the country..... that shooter was from New Town Australia.    

I also believe part of our entering the new day, is that lies and deceptions will start being unveiled, which is the apocalypse. Remember the TRUE meaning of apocalypse is "Truth revealed." That word was perverted by those who try and control! 

Will this be the first one due to people on the internet questioning the events and things not making sense. There is more including the coroner and his video of his media appearance, it was bizarre to say the least.   Imagine the truth coming out to the masses that what they said occurred did not?  This could be an awakening to many.  They could begin questioning what is real or not.  

May Truth shine through!

UPDATE 1/14/13 - My message to MSM and them calling anyone questioning Sandy Hook "Nuts and Conspiracy Theorist>"


  1. Those children were kidnapped not killed. See Jim Stone's website on this -

    I've heard that they will be sacrificed tonight in a Satanic ritual at the Navarre museum in Denver. Here's an article on that ceremony:

    1. That is a pretty bizarre statement. Everyone is entitled to their thoughts and opinions. I just put up the information and let everything do their own critical thinking and form their own opinions.

      That is a real wild opinion linked.

      I have no idea what really happened but I do know nothing adds up to what the government and media have said.

      This might just be the situation that some people who are asleep question how the story has changed and how some have reacted.

  2. If you listen to the scanner at 9:55:25 AM you hear an officer say "be advised, we have multiple weapons, including longrifles and shotguns."
    Not a longrifle and a shotgun. And officially only the longrifle and two handguns were the only guns found in the school. So did this officer just make this up or did the shotgun he claims to see next to the shooter not fit the story the police want told?

  3. I have listened to 22.05 carefully a number of times and I don't think it says that at all. It seems an odd way to deliver such an order anyway. The most I thought it said was " ends the life of Aadam" - as a statement after the fact. But now I don't even think it says that.I appreciate your efforts here though. We have to be very careful to err on letting something iffy go in the effort to keep our credibility.

  4. Great work Sherrie, still hoping to find a good compilation of all this stuff without the politics, hatred, Obama derangement syndrome and racism.
    I wonder if they finally realized that they can't have actual grieving parents that will push for an investigation. A virtual slaughter is better than a real one. Think Jersey Girls.
    Anyway, love your thoughts

  5. WHat's actually most interesting (whether it says "end the life of Adam" or not) is that someone knew that the shooter was named Adam. For hours the media was reporting that it was Ryan Lanza, so how did they know it was Adam in the first place?

  6. Youtube: The Sandy Hook Shooting- Fully exposed

  7. U I have an 18-minute audio of police, troopers, EMTs and 911 operators talking long after the SH massacre was allegedly over. The Connecticut AG put out a press release claiming that the entire incident took FIVE MINUTES and that 156 .223 caliber bullets were fired. He aid they found three 30-shot mags in a bag, six mags containing 0,0,0, 10, 11, and 17, and that there were 15 rounds in the mag on the Bushmaster AR-15.Y'know the AR-15 that has never been reported as found. the AG also mentioned finding a 10mm Glock and a 9mm Sig Sauer next to Lanza and that he had shot himself with the Glock. NO reports on any other rounds from either gun.

    No mention of the FOUR HANDGUNS reported by the media as being found with Lanza. AG did report that a SHOTGUN was found in Lanza's locked trunk.

    So far, he's three for five - but the fact that he is NOT in possession of that magic Bushmaster AR-15 that he alleges was fired 156 times by one person in five minutes.

    Why, then, did all the kids and all but two adults out of 30 people who were interviewed by the media could not tell if they were hearing gun shots. The kids said it sounded like things falling off a shelf or mop handles. One teacher said that she heard them over the PA and that they were "faint and muffled" but distinguishable as gunshots.

    Ever hear an AR-15 fired in a confined space? It is about as quiet as a cannon.

    So, Mr AG. What were those two other handguns??

    Meanwhile, back to the audio tape, at the 4:20 mark (it began when first responder arrived at SH and saw the shot out glass - commenting that no one knows why it was shot out), the voice on the other end is saying, "Be advised. We're gonna need rifles and shotguns. We need officers here. ASAP. Call up the armoury if you have to."

    911 worker: WE need everything you got.(5:19 mark)

    At 7:36, the EMT's are asked if they have multiple casualty kits. They respond, "Negative." "Tell them to pick up the MCI kits."

    "3 EMR, two Campion, one {blurred}, two medics, to stage at SH fire house."

    "Right now we have seven rigs {EMR's} at the firehouse." {12:41}

    All of the audio was recorded on the left channel of a stereo MP3 recording. At the 13:03 mark, another loud voice chimes in on the right channel after someone says that the superintendent of schools has set up an office in the fire house:

    "Negative on description. Shots were fired three minutes ago. It was quiet at the time."

    Another policeman reporting back on the left channel. One suspect is down. THE BUILDING HAS NOT BEEN CLEARED. We need three more units at the scene." {13:25}

    "Roger that. We are extricating people out of the building." {13:42}

    Right channel guy: "401, get the bus. Get the bus."

    Another voice on right channel. "You might want to contact surrouning towns to see if they can send EMS's. We running out of them."

    "Medic needed at the fence." {15:06} Medics are sent to those who are presumed DOA.

    "We've got other EMS at the fence line to tend to parents and children coming out." {15:28}

    At 16:00, we hear voice in charge say to send all units to 12 Dickenson drive (not 10 Dickenson drive). WE HAVE AN ACTIVE SHOOTER."


    At 16:22 command voice tells everyone to switch radio channels.

    "All units responding. The staging area will be right in front of the school."

    "Shooter is still active."

    "Large group coming out." "All units. The scene is not active a this time. Reduce your speed, but continue. No need for further response." {17:35}

    "Need the K-9 unit? 272, we're clearing closets and kitchen as we speak." {17:50}

    {18:07} "Be advised, that the staging area and command post will be at the firehouse."

    Why was it switched from the school?

    "I have not seen any IED's. We have Sgt. ___ and medics checking for casualties."

    That's all I have.

    Can someone post link from that point forward?

  8. Ditto on the not hearing the "End Adam's life" comment. IMHO, Lanza had died the day before, according to the SS Index. Or maybe earlier.

    But, what bugs me is that the tapes more than suggest multiple shooters. Eyewitnesses say they saw two men or two shadows headed towards the woods. We have the choper footage of the men. We have a guy coming out in handcuffs saying, "I didn't do it."

    Do what?

    And what about the call for "More officers. Send lots of rifles and shotguns. Break in the armoury if you have to."

    There's more I'm investigating - like the Emilie Photoshop Parker. Not the one with Obama of with the missing feet, but a 1/2 dosen others that show she was pasted in every scene. Does she even exist or look like that in real life? Doubtful.