Monday, January 14, 2013

My Message to MSM - Calling all who question 9/11 and now Sandy Hook "Nuts and Conspiracy Theorist"

I believe the video speaks for itself. But I let MSM know who the "Real" Conspirators are and it is not those who try and find the truth and question events.

 If they did their jobs... we would not have to spend time to uncover the truth.... and they call us "nuts and Conspiracy Theorist" when we don't just buy their propaganda they have conspired with the government to create.

 There is a lot of proof to both of those that the official story could not be as told by YOU the media. There are great blogs, alternative news sites and forums that are now doing the job of telling the truth of what is happening in the world.

 This Professor has laid out a lot of information about Sandy Hook and many questions: (Great video that puts a lot of the shooting information/questions together)

 I have written a lot about it.: (reporter saying she spoke with Nurse and Nancy Lanza was a Loving Kindergarten teacher) (two rifles from the trunk, pictures) (Teachers/Victims not on School list of Staff) (Things not adding up in Story) (Bush says he saw first plane hit tower) (Larry Silverstein says "Pull It" building 7) (missile hitting pentegon) (9/11 Commissioner screws up.... says Missile hit Pentegon during interview on MSM - CNN)


  1. God Bless you Sherrie!!!
    I have been following your blog for a few years now and felt moved to comment as I commend your Heart in creating this video. You ask the very questions that demand answers, great job!!
    We cannot, as a people, allow the "puppet masters" to hold sway over us any longer. Enough already.
    We are all part of a much larger movement in Consciousness, as you have so eloquently touched on in your past writings. So we are never alone. Light Reveals All!!
    The tipping point is coming, there is no stopping the arrival of the "100th monkey", as each day ever more are "awakened" to the true reality of what is going on in this country with the help of Blessed Souls such as yourself.
    We have the very power of Creation within each of us, there is nothing to Fear!!!
    Thank you for all you do. You are a Blessed Soul. When I read your post about your car accident, the first thing I thought of was the passage from the 91st Psalm...."And He shall give His Angels charge over Thee to keep Thee in all Thy Ways, And They will bear Thee up in Their hands lest Thou dash thy foot against a stone....".
    Thank you again, keep on Shining!! Peace and Blessings.

    1. Thank You! That is such a beautiful comment! Thank you for reading the blog and thank you for being Who you Are!

      Once we all turn back to the media and let them know... they are the ones NOT doing their jobs and all of us normal people are the ones having to be the investigative reporters now. When we do have to try and find the truth.... don't dare keep calling us "Conspiracy Theorist" for asking questions.

      Thank you... your comment means a lot to me!


  2. I stumbled upon your video while searching for information about the Sandy Hook hoax. A great video!

    I am a Truther, too. My eyes opened up the moment I watched the video of Building 7 collapsing into its own footprint. Commonsense told me it would have taken a lot more than one day to load a 47-story building with explosives. Yet, that owner walked away with seven billion dollars from a thirty million dollar investment, I think that's right. Anyway, those towers had asbestos that had to be removed and that would have cost a fortune. Lucky owner. And that gave the reason to go to Afghanistan, see the blog, "What Really Happened," for more information. A war plan was drawn up and on the President's desk to go to war with Laden two days before nine eleven.

    The evidence was shipped overseas to China to be melted down. Now a new ship is sailing on the seas. Fear mongering by the government and by the media while lawmakers started stripping away the rights of the American citizenry certainly reminded me of the days of Hitler.

    Later, when McCain introduced his VP pick, he said that that governor was an energy expert. I googled and found that Palin's work history did not reflect energy expert unless that included being married to an oil guy. Then I found out about a rumor that she was not the mother of that baby. I found an interview of the Palins' wild ride story and I didn't believe their story. I found other like minded folks on the blogs that felt the same way. I found the blog, "Palin's Deception," which is still up but Audrey stopped blogging when she was threatened. Then I found Regina's blog, "Palingates," where all the gates were exposed. When Regina stopped blogging, other gaters started "Politicalgates." Just google those blogs because they have a lot of information on their sidebars. I offer the videos below to explain why I am also a Trig Truther.

    The week that woman walked out on stage at the RNC convention, journalists were already blogging about that rumor and decided among themselves to not investigate the rumor. "Journo" I think was the name of that blog, but I think it was taken down. Palingates posted excerpts of their comments and I realized then there was no freedom of the press. Like judge and jury, the journalists decided not to report. A year or so ago, a professor from Kentucky wrote a paper about Palin's hoax and it was published at Business Insider. I think it's posted on the sidebar at Palingates. And like the professor in this Sandy Hook case, that professor was attacked as well. All that family drama was to distract and there were as many different stories. That made for teevee movie rewrote history to make McCain look like he cared about this country. What a joke!

    Sandy Hook reminds me of both nine eleven and that fake pregnancy, but not party lines. The day of the shooting, msnbc was talking about gun control and demonizing the NRA. When I heard that CT police officer threaten American people with prosecution for gossiping, for freedom of expression or freedom of speech, and no reporter spoke out questioning such threat on the spot, I began to look closely at Sandy Hook, too.

    I think Sandy Hook was a planned event to strip away the Second Amendment and the First Amendment.

    The media has failed the American people. Propaganda is being used to divide this nation, them against us, provoking hate and anger. That's what I see.

    Thank you for your video!!!!

  3. Thanks for posting. I linked to your blog and embedded your video here:

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  5. for an excellent 2+hr investigation of this incident