Sunday, December 23, 2012

Absolute Proven Outright Media Lie about Sandy Hook shooting. Video of reporter lying to the camera. Reporter supposedly spoke to school nurse of Sandy Hook..

I captured this video off the internet with my camera, since it would not let me embed it.

I also wanted it for the record to prove the lies that have been told by the media about Sandy Hook.

This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the media has lied and we have been fed mis-information from the first moment of the Sandy Hook shooting.

It was also before they could get their stories straight, in what they were going to force feed the public to believe.  

The reporter says on camera, she spoke to the Sandy Hook school nurse.  The nurse said the gunman walked into her office but did not shoot her.  The reporter asks her if she knew Nancy Lanza.  The school nurse says "Yes, and she was a caring loving Kindergarten teacher at Sandy Hook!"

Which was a complete Lie!

I have written about it a few times now.   From things not adding up, to the audio of the police and hearing "Take Adam's Life", to the teachers/victims not being on the website of the school as staff.

Above absolutely proves the media lies about the Sandy Hook shooting. 

UPDATE 1/14/13 - My message to MSM and them calling anyone questioning Sandy Hook "Nuts and Conspiracy Theorist>"


  1. PART 1 of 2 - Just 16, of many more reasons why the fabricated “Sandy Hook “shooting” NEVER happened and positively was a total HOAX:

    1. No video of event shown to the hundreds of millions in just the USA who know this is a huge GD LIE. But rob a convenience store and wound someone, and that vid will be shown EVERYWHERE by the zionist msm liars. ZERO vids released, just like the "magic-jet-with-folding-wings that "hit" the pentaCON on 9/11, and the staged Aurora HOAX.

    2. Laughing, then "utterly crushed, but still incapable of an actual tear, happy/devastated dad" in front of camera set for msm staged statements, as seen here and all over the web.

    3. No vids or pics of "wounded" survivors. Just like Aurora movie fake "shooting."

    4. NO wounded. Completely impossible in a spree like this obvious hoax.

    5. The unprecedented act of assigning a "sheriff" to each [fake] "family" [even though there are NO sheriffs in Conn, ever since the feds took over that critical Constitutional institution from the State of CT]. The purpose of this was to sequester and insulate from ANY scrutiny from REAL media, and deter any more catastrophic acting meltdowns on camera like the phony schizophrenic "dad."

    6. Fake interviews of "families" [watch them all on youtube]. Just like 911 and Aurora, etc etc etc.

    7. Thoroughly beyond-bizarre, inexplicable, utterly contradictory circumstances. This list alone would consume dozens of pages.

    8. 100% LACK of motive for the alleged "shooter."

    Go to PART 2. Patriot JM

  2. PART 2 - Just 16, of many more reasons why the fabricated “Sandy Hook “shooting” NEVER happened and positively was a total HOAX:

    9. Almost 100% on the "impossibility" index - this puny fabricated kid could not have carried all those weapons in by himself, and still shot with such astounding accuracy.

    10. No bodies. Non-existent “bodies” snuck out 2 days later in the middle of the night [because there were none].

    11. Closed [empty] caskets - someone needs to dig one of those up in a few months and film the whole thing. The zionist paid liars said this is because "all victims had multiple head shots." There is no way a shooter with even a full auto machine gun, could achieve all head shots from panicked running kids, in the amount of time the faked "shooting" happened. Impossible. If they had all been tied up. Yes. Frantically racing around? No - impossible in the amount of time of this fake “shooting.

    12. Shadow analysis proving the staged "video" from choppers was pre-filmed, then broadcast on zion tell-a-LIE-vision, since the shadows that would have occurred, fail to match the 9:30 AM shadows documented at the same location the day before on google earth.

    13. Video on youtube showing rows of ambulances on the SET, which were blocked from pulling up to the school by the Hollywood jew crews’ vehicles.

    14. Scumbag fed TRAITORS took over the scene in minutes, since they already essentially control law enforcement in CT anyway. Search: “Office of sheriff eliminated in Connecticut.”

    15. Confirmed PROOF of the moronic msm zion media shill TWEETING about the event 2 HOURS before it happened. Remember the bbc PSYCHIC shills announcing the collapse of the WTC 7 - ½ hour before it was blown up by mossad.” What IDIOTS!!

    16. Since the WORLD knows that the despicable rogue homicidal state of israel did this, in addition to 911 and MUCH more, they show a jew "kid" as being "buried" FIRST, to create the illusions that this was not set up by mossad,and to generate sympathy for the mortal enemy of the WORLD and the USA: the future charcoal briquet known as israel. It will be a coal after the USA is taken back in 2013, by the People or a military coup by Patriots, and then the People then get their revenge for what the zion scum have done to us for decades. Kaboom/Poooof. Bye bye israel...

    This was 100% a TOTAL HOAX to TRY and grab guns for the planned extermination of 300,000,000 Americans, who represent the final safety net/obstacle for mass worldwide genocide, and 6 billion other people. Good luck gun grabbers - say goodbye to your families before you TRAITORS head out your final suicide mission....

    BANG BANG BANG X 120,000 MILLION PATRIOTS + our Military.


    Patriot JM

    1. If this is a conspiracy - its not ISRAEL... They are GOD's people... you are sick... disgusting... liar

    2. just like bin ladin no pix no burial and so called shooter quit seals and want benefits but of course no name can be associated with the man wont be long till we are a 3rd world country....i am us army with honorable discharge and it is real america is undone

  3. Above absolutely proves the media lies about the Sandy Hook shooting.

    Not really. If anything, it appears that the school nurse was just wrong. Do you know that the school nurse did NOT tell the media these things? If not, you're as guilty of spreading misinformation as anyone. Furthermore, if the media is guilty of lying that day, they're doing a bad job of it since they corrected these incorrect early reports later that same day.

    And you wonder why Ron Paul couldn't get elected, lol. Nice try though.

    1. Really now. Seems that was more then just incorrect reporting. That was out right lying to the masses. Which is what the mass media does.... they lie. So... was there a nurse who lied or did the reporter just lie? Either way... there were BIG lies told. That is why nothing is to be believed from the media about this event.

    2. Is it not possible that the reporter just mistakenly misquoted the nurse? In a chaotic atmosphere it seems reasonable doesnt it? Is it not possible that in all the chaos there were other mistakes made by reporters?

    3. school nurse had no nursing license. Look up The Power Hour with Mark Powers.

    4. no, it's not a mistake..the key piece that tells us that is the flamboyant almost overboard high praise this "nurse gave of nancy's a fabrication and it was done on purpose. elaborate..that's the word..anytime overboard and elaborate adjectives are used it sends my bs meter on high it usually turns out to be lies..this instance is no different. a simple mistake like "the nurse thought she remembered lanza as a teacher"..etc THAT could have been an error but not this gleaming/glaring high praise..use your's obvious

  4. "Mainstream media lies" is as much a job description as it is an accusation. There is no journalism or truth in mainstream media, only an agenda pushed forward per incident that they choose to report on as approved by this corporate and state controlled "information" outlet. Propaganda press for political control and corporate profits is the true definition of mainstream media today.

  5. the story is a scam..this is your lucky day..I am here to tell you that I was a first person WITNESS to the states destruction of key evidence, that evidence? ok how does this grab ya..I saw the principals office door riddled with so many bullet holes that you could almost see through it! with that door were large pieces of wall sections that had been cut out of the school..those pieces ALSO were swiss cheese! so many bullets ran through them. this evidence was taken from sandy hook and destroyed by state police at place in new haven ct called metal management with the aforementioned wall/door there were no less than 30 desks all looked clean no blood blood seen on anything and my vantage point was slightly more than 10 ft. which is PLENTY close enough to see blood stains..point being? why was it so important for the state to crush/destroy this evidence a mere 12 hours after the incident? my own theory on that is well, it WAS an automatic weapon or weapons so in order to get a ban on semi auto guns we would HAVE to erase any trace of evidence that corroborated the use of a fully automatic weapon..obama in his interview the same day said that it was indeed an automatic..all he did was to flip the script and lie..interviews after THAT FIRST INTERVIEW HE STATES THAT THE WEAPON WAS A SEMI AUTOMATIC..HE WAS CORRECT THE FIRST TIME!. it doesn't prove a hoax, however it does prove he pandered to the anti gun police and it also allowed bans on semi automatics which there were none prior to sandy least in I believe sandy hook happened as described..sorry, no, I do not..why would anyone? the evidence simply isn't there for it.