Sunday, December 16, 2012

Obama implied during his speech in Newtown Connecticut "We have to give up our Freedoms"

Edit to Add 1/8/13 - NRA is not just about guns, it is about our FREEDOM!

WOW, Obama has almost point blank said "We have to give up our freedom to have guns."  All you have to do is read the words carefully!

Here is the statement:

Obama asked whether America was doing enough and bluntly concluded: "No. And this must change."

"We can't tolerate this any longer," he declared. "These tragedies must end."

 The president challenged the audience asking: "Are we prepared to say that we're powerless in the face of such carnage? That the politics are too hard? Are we prepared to say that such violence visited on our children year after year after year is the price of our freedom?"

 He vowed to "use whatever power this office holds to engage our citizens ... to save another child or another parent or another town" the anguish of Newtown.

So there you have it.... no, if and or buts about it.... the 2nd amendment is now a bullseye by the President and he is rallying support for it from the sheeple.

Of course legislation is already written up I am sure to dis-arm U.S. citizens, just like the Patriot Act was pre-9/11.

I guess for all of us who don't have guns, we may want to rethink that and get one while we still can.  I may just have to go for a concealed weapon permit too.

Oh... there is march planned on the NRA now.  Also I read all those tweets of people saying all NRA members should be killed along with the head of the NRA.

They really got the people going with this...... yet it smells like another 9/11 in many ways... including the "official story."

I wrote about how the story isn't adding up and then how teachers/victims are not on the school list of staff.

 They really have been working the gun issue for months now.  They have been saying that NFL players are turning their guns in now.  I read earlier that people are turning their guns in to authorities all over the states after the school shooting. (How much of that is true, who knows.  It may be propaganda)

And Here is ONE MORE For ya... From Reagan!

22 Kids stabbed in China by deranged man.


  1. I read the both the father of James Holmes AND the father of Adam Lanza were scheduled to testify at the LIBOR hearings, since they are both high level executives in the financial industry.

    1. I hadn't heard about Lanza's father. I do wonder if both shooters have been involved in the MKULTRA program. Did you notice that the Oregon shooter killed himself when he saw that a man had him in his sights? The guy has a CCP, and was packing at the mall. He probably saved several lives.

  2. It surprises me that none in the media that I know of have commented on the fact that unlike all other mass shootings of this sort there were NO injuries. Is it possible that doing so would cause too many to suspect that this was a professional hit?

  3. Only a right wing nutcase would find anything threatening in Obama's speech which lacked specifics about gun control. How can you deny that something has to be done? Drop the rhetoric and fear-mongering. Display a bit of understanding and consider how you would feel if it was your 6 year old that had been murdered by a psycho with access to guns.

    1. I am not a ring wing nutcase at all. I am a Libertarian. Obviously you did not read the sentence and what he said very well. Rhetoric and fear mongering, really? Guess you haven't read all the msm sites and even Murdoch's paper in England calling for guns to be taken away.

      I find it so sad that children were murdered and I wrote about that the first day with prayers and poems etc dedicated to them. But I would not blame a whole country, I would blame the individual and the pharma industry for the drugs that cause people to be more psychotic. I will also refer you to the Reagan saying.... Blame the individual, not society...

    2. I am a mother of a 5 year old Kindergarten, and as deep as it hurts and as scard as you are to send your child off today on the bus, and as Tight as I held him and loved him along with my daughter who is a 3rd grader, I agree their is much more to this then meets the eye, the lack of understanding is on your part. You need to understand and look at HISTORY. History repeats itself, doesn't it. THe number one killer in a country is it's government killing it's own people. Too many thing's don't add up, when hitler was in power one of the first thing's he did is gun control. Truth, look it up, I would not put them past them for planning this and the other shootings, just for the gun control, and that is what scares me more then anything, lets not play stupid shall we, too many thing's don't add up, and I am sorry but something is fishy, and it doesn't smell right or add up. Too many close shootings in less then a year. I fear their is more to come. This Mother of two small children, has her eyes wide open and sees clearly, and I will NOT trust this government! Just because they say, or you say trust me, I'll help you! Please! People need to wake up and smell the coffie, before we all are dead and lying in the coffins and living in china or north korea, or a hitler 21 century camp! ( via usa japan 1940's ) history repeats itself! FACT!

    3. by the way my name is Melissa, I wrote the above the the fact and the truth of the matter. another question for you! Do you pray? Because you should, I pray that when this all comes down that you remember this, and I pray that it sinks into your head and heart and wake up! Because lives matter, people matter, You matter! but to them the governments of the world we don't matter, they will do what ever they have to to get what they want, that includes running over You and me! I pray you are right, but Truth is stranger then fiction and true history doesn't lie. I hope you love yourself to wonder what If they seeing something, what if what they say isn't false but reality and they are hiding it in plain sight! Don't be afraid fight back with knowing the truth, I would rather die knowing and fighting the evil, then to be blinded and die not knowing the truth and being on the side of evil! Praying to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. and his beautiful messiah! Who holds your life in the palm of his hands!

    4. Great post. A real practical thinking person for once.
      I for one would be against guns, but only if no one on Earth had one- and that is not possible at this time. Man is not advanced enough yet.

    5. I also don't believe you're a rightwing nutcase. It's pretty clear you're a cabal troll.

    6. LOL, Yeah sure... all my articles and information of truth on the blog..... How funny. Uhh... were you viewing the mirror when you wrote the above? :)

    7. Just remember that a lot of this stuff scares the shit out of some people, a lot of people have to get a rude awakening unfortunately. And I'm glad to see we still have strong mothers with common sense in the USA Melissa, people in general like that are an endangered species in this day and age, and not just in the USA.

  4. During a live press conference this morning, viewed on
    Fox news, Newtown chief of police stated that two adults
    wounded during the school shooting are expected to
    He followed that up by saying they would be fully interviewed
    and questioned once they were physically able.
    When questioned as to their identities, he said that information
    could not be released yet.
    If they are teachers, or faculty members working for the school,
    what harm, what opsec, could be harmed by publicly saying so now?
    Honestly, there is none that comes to mind.
    Lest any forget, early reports stated that an adult had suffered a
    gunshot wound to the foot and was in custody.
    I actually heard this report during an early local news report.
    Moreover, as it was very early on, the report presumed that this
    was the full extent of injuries.
    After hearing that, I did not give the report any further thought.
    Soon after leaving the gym, I paid a visit to my parents home.
    Again, the local reporting still had no information about how serious
    and tragic the reality was; with the report about an adult with a gsw to the foot being repeated.
    I remember this clearly, due to joking with my dad that the shooter must have been Barney Fife.
    The local reports I saw were broadcast on YNN, a channel that does twenty-four hour, statewide, local news reporting.

  5. Connecticut state police spokesman Lt. Paul Vance provides an update on the investigation of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, telling reporters that two adult survivors who suffered gunshot wounds at the school are recovering.

    By M. Alex Johnson and Becky Bratu, NBC News

    Two adults injured in a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut are recovering in the hospital, Connecticut state police confirmed in a news conference Monday.

  6. Another update: At the four minute mark of the
    Newtown police Audio(posted on, one
    of the first officers inside the school can be
    heard telling other officers that "multiple weapons"
    should be found,"including a rifle and shotgun."
    However, when the pandering whore quislings of state
    propaganda finalyy admitted to their being a shotgun
    on scene, it was said to have been found in the
    trunk of Lanza's car.
    The same voice immediately follows that with"D5, we need
    buses here, ASAP!"
    "D5" is the main police dispatcher and buses is code for
    Without question, that reporting officer is INSIDE and sees
    the shotgun INSIDE the school.

  7. Gunman Targeting Nursery School 20 Miles from Newtown:

    Reuters reported early today that schools in Ridgefield, Connecticut, are in lockdown due to a report of a “suspicious person.” Ridgefield is 20 miles from Newtown where a mentally deranged man went on a shooting rampage last week.

    The Mirror in the UK reported the person as a “second gunman” who was “feared to be on the loose today and targeting a nursery school.”

    “We’re looking for a suspicious person at an elementary school,” said a dispatcher at the Ridgefield Police Department, according to the Mirror.

    “Due to a report of a possibly suspicious person in the Branchville Train Station area, all schools have been put into lockdown,” Ridgefield Superintendent Deborah Low said in a statement.

  8. JFK, RK, MLK, OKC bombing, 911, Aurors shotting, Fast & Furious, 2000 children dead a day (abortions) Skary place to live

  9. Connecticut’s Strict Gun Control Laws Did Not Stop the School Shootings in Newtown, CT


    Democrat From NY: To Get Gun Control, Obama Must ‘Exploit’ CT Shooting

    List of school shootings known to be linked to SSRIs

    Gun-Town USA: 25 Years Murder Free

    Media Blackout: Oregon Mall Shooter Was Stopped By An Armed Citizen Sunday, December 16, 2012 9:02

    1. You ban guns we are F***ED. Even if we believed the story that this kid was mentally ill well a mentally ill person cannot get a gun legally! Guns will always be around no matter what, so banning it from people who legally go through the process to defend themselves will just keep the weapons in the wrong persons hands. NYC will become Gotham City.

  10. It's not the guns it's the drugs.