Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Alaska about to launch a Nuclear Missile Minotaur IV rocket, used by the Air Force to deliver nuclear weapons. - but only has a military satellite on it?

A nuclear missile being launched out of Alaska in a few minutes, but has a military satellite on it. 

live link to watch the missile take off at 7:49am Alaska time. 

well, this missile is the same type model that carries nuclear war heads.  But they are saying a satellite is going to come from it.  This is happening the same day there is a "mock" Def con 1 drill in Denver - missile out of Alaska and Def con 1 means "nuclear war imminent".  there has never been a Def Con 1 drill before in history.   Now..... why launch a real nuclear missile the same day?  
the September launch calls for using a Minotaur IV rocket, used by the Air Force to deliver nuclear weapons.

things are just plain weird right now.  What is going on and what psych ops are they accomplishing right now?  

the satellite will provide American combat commanders around the globe with "an additional outlet for data transmission and communications on the move," the Navy says. In other words, the satellite could allow military forces to be coordinated without having to position and point on-the-ground antennas.

Here is the live stream of the missile launch

Watch live streaming video from spaceflightnow at livestream.com

Update 12:42pm est - They are streaming the launch over and over again, for those who missed it. It launched without a problem.

Denver Airspace Closes Today (9/27/11) for a period of time for VIP Movement


FAA website - Denver airspace is closing for VIP movement. You might first think "Well Obama is going to be there" so that is why.

But, if that is the case, why haven't the airspace of all the other places - San Diego etc. close their airspace during the time he was landing and taking off there?  There was no closing of other airspace for Obama. 

Link to all airspaces that have closed for various reasons - back to 2009


What first alerted me to this, is this video - I then looked up the info to see if it was completely real and it is.

UPDATE 4:09pm est - youtube  yanked this video - Thanks Anon, for bringing it to my attention.  The Video had the information that I linked above and showed what I screen shot and put in the post (FAA site - showing airspace closed due to VIPs!  He read all the information on the link that I also provided above.  That is what was in the video!  I am glad I got a screen shot of their site, incase they now change it!

Previous post about "Elite" not having things on their schedules for this week. 

UPDATE - Weird happenings - A nuclear missile being launched out of Alaska in a few minutes. 

well, this missile is the same type model that carries nuclear war heads.  But they are saying a satellite is going to come from it.  This is happening the same day there is a "mock" Def con 1 drill in Denver - missile out of Alaska and Def con 1 means "nuclear war imminent".  there has never been a Def Con 1 drill before in history.   Now..... why launch a real nuclear missile the same day?  

the September launch calls for using a Minotaur IV rocket, used by the Air Force to deliver nuclear weapons.

things are just plain weird right now.  What is going on and what psych ops are they accomplishing right now? 
live link to watch the missile take off at 7:49am Alaska time. 

I have the live stream on in my post about the missile launch.

the satellite will provide American combat commanders around the globe with "an additional outlet for data transmission and communications on the move," the Navy says. In other words, the satellite could allow military forces to be coordinated without having to position and point on-the-ground antennas.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Magnetosphere today Video - Earth being Impacted by X and M Flares - September 26 2011

Earth was hit intensely today - what is odd and I have never seen before is the magnetosphere disappeared briefly. Watch right at the beginning of the video of the field.

The information is from this site

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wow, 2 X Flares in 2 days - Constant non stop C Flares and a M flare right after the X flare

UPDATE 9/25/11 - 11 M Class Flares in 24 hours

I have never seen the chart like this.  The C flares are constant, one after another.  Two X flares within 2 days and a M Flare that just happened after the X flare today.

It is coming from the sun spot 1302 that is just coming around the corner and starting to face Earth.

You can watch what is happening at Space Weather.

I normally put information about our Magnetosphere but the site has been down since 9/22/11 which is right before we began getting hit from all the huge flares that began happening on 9/19/11. 

The way the flares have been ongoing non stop, I believe the Earth is getting impacted non stop.

From Spaceweather about Sun Spot 1302

Each of the dark cores in this snapshot from the Solar Dynamics Observatory is larger than Earth, and the entire active region stretches more than 100,000 km from end to end. The sunspot's magnetic field is crackling with sub-X-class flares that could grow into a larger eruption as the sunspot continues to turn toward Earth.

Friday, September 23, 2011

VERY Curious! Denver - HUGE Terror exercise started today! I have searched the schedules of the Elite - Seems ALL Elite are taking vacations starting today!

UPDATE 9/27/11 - FAA Closing Denver Airspace for "VIP Movement"

A Massive Terror Exercise has started today(23rd) in Denver Colorado

Add that to the fact I had researched earlier this week to find where all the "Elite" of the world were going to be for the next couple of weeks, with my main target date of the 26th of September (Monday).  Due to all the information about Elenin being in line and in between us and the Sun on the 26th and what could happen, I wanted to see if the "Elite" were going to be at their normal jobs.

I would say, Denver will be well protected starting today, for anyone going there for any reason!  

I decided to do some research on the schedules of the "Elite".

I can confirm most of the Elite of the world will be out of their offices or have nothing scheduled starting this week/weekend.

This includes for some bizarre reason the House and Senate of the U.S., going on recess, even though they just now got back from a month long recess.

Here are all the links and information - that I have been able to dig up so far.
So it is not just rumor - but the sites confirm schedules.
I have not been able to pin point - the Russian/German/French government schedules, nor Clinton's schedule etc.

I have also looked at royalty sites and have not been able to find their schedules (Norway, Monaco, etc)

Here is what I have found:


FYI - the below did not come out the way it is situated online. Below from above link.

August 8 - September 5
September 26 - October 2 Senate Recess
House Recess


UK Parliament will be out of session
Conference 15 September 2011 10 October 2011

House of Lords will be out of session
15 September 2011 3 October 2011

Below see that somehow and for some reason a major amount of corporations happen to have "conferences" happening in Denver during those dates - which will be all the "elite" of those companies

Edit to add - you will see Anon put in this link from the Denver paper with the date of September 27th for Obama's visit there.(Also check comments below - you will see others reporting who they have found will be "on vacation" starting this weekend.)  Thank you to all who are 'adding to the list of information.'

He also has the fact that Obama's family will be joining him in Denver during those dates for a "campaign stop"


n a related story, there are many scheduled conferences in Colorado, where one of the world’s largest Deep Underground Military Bunkers (D.U.M.B.s) is located:
2011 ACEEE National Conference on Energy Efficiency as a Resource
September 25, 2011 – September 27, 2011
Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center
Denver, CO
The Coca-Cola Company, NatureWorks and Cereplast headline the Biopolymers Symposium
September 26-28, 2011
ControlLogix and RSLogix 5000 Training Seminar
September 27-29, 2011
September 26-27, 2011
2011 Homeland Security Symposium
September 26-27, 2011
6th Annual Biopolymers Symposium
September 26-28, 2011
Strategies for Justice Conference
September 26-30, 2011
2011 Kentico Connection – Denver
September 26-30, 2011
EcoSys EPC (Enterprise Planning & Controls)
September 25-26, 2011
Annual Educational Networking Conference
September 25-27, 2011
NASA Lands in Colorado With International Space Station Events
September 21-27, 2011

Additionally, a report from the European Union Times states the following:
A disturbing report prepared by General Alexey Maslov, the Senior Military Representative of the Permanent Mission of Russia to NATO, states that he has been notified by the Americans of their plan to hold a DEFCON 1 “Cocked Pistol” maximum readiness alert drill on 27 September which will be overseen by President Obama at one the United States most secure bunkers located beneath the Denver International Airport.
(As noted above I have yet to confirm that the DEFCON 1 and Cocked Pistol information is true, not Sorcha Faal fear porn)

Some just emailed me - that she read on GLP that someone had called the top Denver hotels and they all have rooms and are more vacant for those dates than filled. How is that possible if there are so many conferences there at the same time?


United Nations (clear on starting on 23rd of September) no specfic issues are scheduled on "general debates"

(check that one out and put in a date.... empty and says "no issue" - I checked all the way to the end of Sept.

Pope schedule:

Pope going to Germany on 23rd to 25th and then will be at his plane and at the airport (that is where they end it) saying then going back to Rome....


Canadian Govt going out of Session until Oct. 5


Bank of England has nothing on the schedule from 21st of September


Nothing at all on the Queen's schedule for anything the rest of the month.


Nothing for Prince Charles from 25th of Sept to 29th of Sept


Russian govt. site - can't tell where Putin will be - link above to schedule info


German govt. site - can't find their schedule for Sept.


That is what I have found so far - I have been researching this for a few hours.

Please add your information you find of an "Elite's schedule".

Where will Buffet, Soros, Gates, etc be this coming weekend? 

I will state, I am not saying I believe something will occur this coming week, due to Elenin, I am reporting on the fact it is very odd for the Elite and Politicians to all be "out of the office" at the same time starting today.  Besides if anyone has done any research on the Denver Airport than you know what it is really about.  So add the fact a massive terror exercise just happens to have started there today..... it starts making for some very intriguing questions.  All just coincidence?  

Edit to add 9/24/11 - great link with real research of the Denver Airport and some pictures of the underground.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Continual CMEs from the Sun September 19 to 21 2011 - Expected to Impact the Earth starting the 22nd.

Our Sun is releasing a tremendous amount of Energy and the Earth will be impacted starting today from September 19th CMEs. The Earth is going to have constant pressure on it for days and the CMEs are still ongoing and strong. I have put together a video of the CMEs from the 19th until this time today (21nd). I have also inserted a video from the Mayan information for people to connect to these energies and do not fear the energy from the sun. The frames are one second each, sorry I could not get it faster, but it does enable you to see the energy being released better.

Watch this video all the way to the end!
This video is about the Mayan information and the Sun, how many CMEs are expected and the Energy of them for all upon the Earth. The very end has an important message to everyone watching the video!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Video - CME hitting Earth on 9/17/11 - Partial Magnetosphere collapse

Video of a CME hit on the Earth on 9/17/11 - the Magnetic Field partially collapsed.

Last week the Earth was impacted by M and X class solar flares on the 9th and 10th of September, the information and video of that is here.

I have also brought to the attention of everyone watching this video, the fact that I have horrible headaches on the days the Earth is impacted by CMEs and flares. I have found it is a definite pattern of the pressure on the Earth resulting in my having headaches. I am not prone to headaches, but for the last 2 weeks, I have had horrible ones, where I have taken migraine aspirin a few times a day. If you have been having unusual headaches, notice the day they happen and see if it has also been days of the Earth getting hit by flares. Start noticing if there is a pattern, as I have.

Revolt - Protest happening Right now on Wall Street - MSM silent on it! Thousands of People of Wall Street right now! Part of Planned Global Revolution starting today! "Occupy Wall Street"

Watch the protest/revolt live right now on Wall Street.  It is part of a planned Global Revolution happening simultaneously with people in other countries.

Thousands of people on on Wall Street, they have set up tents the famous Bull statue has been barricaded by the police.

The official name of this is


Friday, September 16, 2011

What absolute Bull Shit! NASA has a 6 1/2 ton satellite crashing to Earth - So a city could be Impacted badly and lives could be lost!

This is totally amazing to me and not in a good way!

NASA has a 6 1/2 ton satellite that will be crashing down onto Earth around the 23rd of September, plus or minus a day or two!

They have no clue where it will crash, they also say it will be in pieces, but some may be 2 tons or more.

I have to say what Bull Shit!

It appears that NASA could have brought the satellite down in 2005 when it finished its mission and while it still had fuel, but they opted not to. Now 6 years later it is going to crash into Earth!

I have some questions....

Is NASA going to be responsible for any lives lost?

Will NASA be responsible for any radioactivity that is spread and contaminates areas?

Will NASA be responsible if it crashes into a major metropolitan area? Imagine it crashing down onto New York City, L.A., San Fran, Paris, London, Bejing, the list goes on and on. 

Will NASA be responsible for any and all negative impact it may have upon the Earth and people's lives?

They are hoping it will crash into the ocean, but they can not say for certain it will. Really?!

This is mind boggling that they can be so irresponsible and somewhere some part of Earth is going to be impacted including lost of life is possible!

How dare them think the Earth is their place to do as they want, how dare them not bring down the satellite when they could have safely into the ocean! How dare them at this time just let it crash down to Earth!

The absolute disregard for people and other countries NASA and the U.S. government displays is unbelievable!

Scientific FACTS about Elenin and Why it could be a dangerous Comet for Earth! It is about the Science of the comet, not all the conjecture of it. Elenin consist of Hydrogen Cyanide

Please watch this video to get informed about the Comet Elenin. It is the science about Elenin not the disinfo. These are the same people who have uncovered the information about Nibiru through science and are the ones who originally released the South Pole Telescope leaked images of Nibiru information of why the images were/are real.

I am not saying I agree with all the portions (at the end of the video).

I am not releasing this for people to freak out over either. In fact, this information is the science of the Comet. It does refer to the Hopi Blue Kachina. I will be inserting a more "Spiritual" video from the Hopi about their Blue Kachina prophecy. I am doing that, so people don't freak out and they understand we are all where we need to be and there is nothing to fear.

Here is a Spiritual aspect about the Hopi Blue Kachina and the fact it means that when ever it does come it will herald in the "new" and much better world for man kind.

Please remember what the word Apocalypse means! The meaning is actually "The revealing of TRUTH!" So we should all hope for the Apocalypse - for truth to be revealed. The churches, government, media, movies corrupted the word for people to be afraid of the Apocalypse. BUT don't be - know the real meaning of it. I posted about it and my own spiritual understandings here.

SILENCE On French Nuclear MOX Plant Explosion! There is NO more information, except for the original story! WHY?!

 France - Marcoule Nuclear Plant

I have been searching and searching for updated information about France's Marcoule nuclear site explosion, which was identified as being a MOX fuel site.  France has claimed it was an industrial explosion and not a nuclear explosion, but it happened at a MOX fuel producing part of the nuclear power plant.

MOX fuel is TWO MILLION TIMES WORSE than normal Radiation! It is Plutonium!

I have a post about it here, the post has many updates regarding Fukushima, but look down the post and you will see the over all information about MOX fuel.

I would like to know why France has not released more information about the explosion and why isn't the media reporting on it?  The media  reported on it the day it happened and then there has only been silence.  This time "silence is not golden!"

France is the most dependent on nuclear energy than any other country in the world and that includes Japan.  The country of 65 million people mostly have their energy from nuclear plants.  Is that why they are keeping silent about it?  They have too much invested in nuclear energy and they don't want the people to freak out?

I wonder what France's real records are on their nuclear power plants?  How many radiation leaks have they had in the past, how many nuclear accidents that have never been made public?

Look at this search for information I did, there is NO updated information, the date on every article is from September 12th and nothing since. 

Here is a media story of "Fact box - French Nuclear accidents in history"

They only have 5 ever happening in history:

from link:

The following is a brief history of recent incidents at French nuclear sites:

June 2011: A minor and fairly common incident that involved internal leakage at EDF's Paluel 3 nuclear reactor was reported by French investigative website Mediapart, knocking 2 percent off EDF shares briefly.

November 2009: A fuel assembly rod got stuck in the pressure vessel at EDF's Tricastin plant in southeast France, raising the risk of an accident. A similar incident took place in September 2008 in the same reactor during refueling operations. It took two months for engineers from EDF and French energy group Areva to stabilize the position of the rod and proceed with its unhooking and removal.

July 2008: Thirty cubic meters of a liquid containing natural uranium was accidentally poured on the ground and into a river at Areva's Socatri site in southeastern France. The spillage happened while the tank was being cleaned at the complex, part of the Tricastin nuclear site, which houses four nuclear reactors. The pure uranium was much less dangerous than enriched uranium, but France's ASN nuclear watchdog rebuked Areva for mishandling the accident.

December 1999: A massive storm provoked the partial flooding of some reactors at EDF's Blayais plant in southwestern France. Many nuclear opponents said the flooding nearly caused a major catastrophe because it briefly cut off power at the plant.

March 1980: An accident at EDF's Saint-Laurent nuclear reactor in central France caused two fuel rods to melt, seriously damaging the reactor and causing the most serious accident in France's nuclear history, classified as level 4 on the International Nuclear Event Scale which runs from zero to 7.

Are we really suppose to believe there have been only 5 minor problems at French nuclear power plants since 1980?  Considering that all the governments and the IAEA knew that Fukushima had actually melted down the first day and then said the explosions of the reactors in the days following were only hydrogen explosions and not the fuel rods.  Then 2 months later all of them admitted KNOWING the reactors had actually melted down but lied and hid that fact!  So now we have a country that is more dependent on nuclear energy than any other country in the world, are we really suppose to believe the explosion was just a "small industrial explosion"?  

So if it was a small industrial explosion in France, why aren't they releasing pictures of that small explosion and why aren't they reassuring the people and proving it did not release plutonium or radiation into the atmosphere?  Why is there silence?  When ever there is silence, that is when I know something much bigger is happening than what has been stated!  

The MSM is just disgusting!  It is amazing how the Today show every day this week, has had it's main stories about one missing person or another and even digging up the Casey Anthony information.  There is no real news about what actually is impacting everyone in the world.  They don't mention the meltdown happening in the Eurozone.

What is also sad, is most people prefer it that way.  They would prefer hearing about a micro news situation, compared to a macro news situation that impacts all.  They keep their heads in the sand.   

Game is up for the banks? All the banks are suing each other over Mortgage Fraud! Classic!

Yet another Wall Street bank (Warren Buffet's bank this time) Wells Fargo is suing JP Morgan due to mortgage fraud and misrepresentation of mortgages.

This is just getting so good. Every bank seems to be suing another over the mortgage fraud. Yet MSM is silent about it all. They act as if all the mortgage irregularities are passed over and fixed.

The amount of foreclosures filed this last month skyrocketed, which shows the banks are trying as fast as they can to foreclose on people.

I sincerely hope those who are being foreclosed on are looking on the internet and finding fraud is alive and well and it is not over with and they fight their foreclosures. Just imagine if everyone who is being foreclosed on, demanded for the banks to show and prove they have ownership and actually have a right to foreclose.

I hope people are paying attention to all the suits going on between the government and Wall Street. Here is where FHFA is suing 17 banks over the fraud of mortgages.

I can not express enough, for those interested in staying on top of what is happening in the Foreclosure Fraud around the U.S., to go to these two sites:


This site - enables you to sign up for daily articles and the latest information of what is happening with the Foreclosure Fraud - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SIGNING UP - it is Free and you get an email every day, with the latest headlines.

Besides that, I also have Google set up for all headlines of Foreclosure Fraud, Court Rulings Mers, bank fraud to come to me daily in emails.


Wall Street created the fraud in the beginning and now due to it the banks are all going after each other.

At least a few more Attorney Generals have now sided with the NY AG and do not agree with settling with the banks and are asking for a deeper investigation into the fraud.  Contact your AG and ask if they are going to join the NY AG and not going to settle with the banks and let their fraud be legalized?  Ask them, "Why aren't they siding with the law?"  "Why would they change the law to make fraud legal for the banks?"

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

For Once a Political Commericial of TRUTH! Watch this and Spread it around!

I don't even need to qualify it.... JUST WATCH IT!

Jon Stewart on Obama, campaigning.... "I remember that guy - from 3 years ago, where has he been the last couple of years? - Not the guy governing!"

This is a great Jon Stewart segment from last night - September 12, 2011!

Jon Stewart comments on Obama.

He shows clips of Obama campaigning for the 2012 Presidential election. When the clip is over Jon Stewart exclaims: "I REMEMBER THAT GUY FROM 3 YEARS AGO... IT IS NOT THE SAME GUY IN OFFICE NOW!" It is hilarious! He shows how Obama promises it all and doesn't deliver! Also he points out... the way to get the economy going is for political campaigns to happen constantly due to all the corporate money that flows to the politicians and so they can keep their "Bullshit promises" going all the time!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Magnetosphere video of Earth getting hit 9/9/11 and 9/10/11 with the M and X Class Flares. Magnetic field had collapsed at one point

I put this video together of the Magnetosphere while it was getting hit on 9/9/11 and 9/10/11 with the M and X class flares. You will see how it collapsed on the 10th of September.

The video was captured off this site

Video - Understanding 9/11 In under 5 minutes - It is worth your time!

A synopsis of 9/11 in under 5 minutes. A great job. Worth your time to watch!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Do you like Truth? Can you handle the truth? If so watch this video!

If you like Truth if you can handle the truth then you will want to watch this video.

If you prefer to keep  your head in the sand and never question "authority" and what they claimed happened, then don't bother watching.

These are top Architects and Engineers of the world in the video.  Ed Asner is the host of it.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Wikileaks Cable - Vatican Working to Convert Muslims Internally and think Islam is Intellectually Stagnate and has an Inferiority Complex

I have been looking through Wiki leaks cables and have found some very explosive cables, in my opinion.  

This is the first of some I have found, that are very interesting to say the least. 


SubjectHoly See: Conversations On Interfaith Relations
OriginEmbassy Vatican (Vatican)
Cable timeWed, 30 Jan 2008 17:19 UTC

Father Ayuso noted that "A Common Word Between You and Us" was a dramatic step that had created a "golden chance" for relations between Christianity and Islam. The document (see reftel) now has 211 signatories,

Ayuso emphasized the need for Christians to support open-minded Muslims and help Islam progress after centuries of intellectual stagnation. The Islamic world needs reform, and the signers of "A Common Word" have taken the initiative to accelerate that reform. Christians should not miss this chance to help that process. At the same time, the Christian response must proceed at the right pace; it will not do to rush ahead. Expectations have already become high. Apart from the delicacy of the Christian-Muslim dialogue itself, each side must also take great care to coordinate internally -- by no means an easy task.

Cardinal Tauran observed that there is "no separation" between religion and politics in Islam, and that in dealing with Islam one is always in a sense dealing with the entire population. He said Muslims tend to be very sensitive, having a kind of inferiority complex. Tauran recalled that after his own comments to the French daily La Croix (October 2007) suggesting theological difficulties in Catholic-Muslim dialogue, Muslims were "very offended" and challenged his right to define their faith.

"A Common Word" changed the reality for everyone, and now "we are condemned to dialogue" as Tauran put it. Pope Benedict XVI is adamant that this dialogue develop properly, and it will be a great challenge for the Church for the next fifty years. The Church has an obligation to help in the formation of younger Muslims, and to aid the renaissance of intellectual life in Islam. (Note: Tauran was careful to distinguish between Arabs and Iranians in this context, observing that Persian culture has always been very sophisticated.) The Church must work with Gulf countries, which are open-minded; and with the new generation. Much depends on the Saudis. Tauran said he was not privy to last November's conversation between Saudi King Abdullah and the Pope, but understood that the conversation had remained at a fairly abstract level and was also thus far essentially confined to the two principals; there was no lower-level substantive coordination, nor has there been detailed followup.

The Israelis, said the cardinal, claim that access to international holy places has never been so easy as it is now, with those holy places under Israeli control; but this is simply not true in his opinion, even though "they don't like it when I say so".

Like Farrell, Tauran pointed out that the Russian Orthodox were essentially cocooned for 70 years, and it will take time for them to fully reintegrate into interfaith dialogues; they have an inferiority complex of their own.

I have found some other interesting Vatican related cables.

pope - pelosi meeting -
does not like what Israel is doing in Gaza - very critical over it.  also does not like being taxed by Israeli govt. for property in Israel.
agreements being reached on taxation of Prop in Israel

Typhoon Talas hits Japan many dead and missing, thousands stranded - floods and washes away houses

Typhoon Talas hit Japan and has flooded and washed away houses in Western and Central Japan.

Japan is not getting a break.  Besides Fukushima, Japan is now dealing with Typhoon Talas, which hit another area of Japan that had not been affected by Fukushima.  

The typhoon hit the central and western part of Japan.  Many are dead and missing with thousands stranded with the bridges washed away.

U.S. MSM and the morning shows have completely ignored this and have not mentioned it at all, even in passing. 

CNN does have a small short article about it.  
The CNN article says 29 are dead with 51 missing.

The China Daily article:
TOKYO - Typhoon Talas dumped record amounts of rain Sunday in western and central Japan, killing at least 20 people and stranding thousands more as it turned towns into lakes, washed away cars and triggered mudslides that obliterated houses. At least 50 people were missing, local media reported.

Evacuation orders and advisories were issued to 460,000 people in the region, which is hundreds of miles (kilometers) from the country's tsunami-ravaged northeastern coast.

At least 3,600 people were stranded by flooded rivers, landslides and collapsed bridges that were hampering rescue efforts, Kyodo News agency reported.

Public broadcaster NHK showed a bridge swept away after intense rain caused a river to swell with brown torrents. People holding umbrellas waded through knee-deep water in city streets and residential areas.

The typhoon dumped record amounts of rain in some areas, and more was expected. It was the country's worst storm since one in 2004 that left 98 people either dead or missing, the Yomiuri newspaper said. By Sunday, Talas had been downgraded to a tropical storm.

Ten people were killed and 32 were missing in Wakayama prefecture alone, police said. One landslide there buried three homes; a woman was killed and four people were missing, but a 14-year-old girl was rescued from the debris.

In nearby Nara prefecture, seven people were reported missing after their homes were swept down a river, NHK said. A 73-year-old man died in Nara when his house collapsed in a landslide, police said.

The storm damaged Nijojo castle in the ancient city of Kyoto, tearing a large piece of plaster from the gate wall. The castle, a popular tourist destination, is designated an important cultural treasure. 

The center of the season's 12th typhoon crossed the southern island of Shikoku and the central part of the main island of Honshu overnight Saturday. It was moving slowly north across the Sea of Japan off the country's west coast, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

Because of the storm's slow speed, the agency warned that heavy rains and strong winds were likely to continue. With the ground already soaked, fears of additional mudslides were growing, and the agency issued landslide warnings in nearly all of the country's prefectures.

The Japanese citizens are now suffering and having their homes washed away in another area of Japan and there is silence from the U.S. media.   It is disturbing how the U.S. media ignores important situations happening around the world and instead focus on one missing person or one certain trial etc, things that really don't matter in the whole scheme of things.  But why should we actually expect real news from the propaganda media of distraction?

My thoughts and prayers are with the Japanese people. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Link To All Wiki Leak Cables just released - 60 gigs online - No Download needed - Browse through 251,287 Cables

Here is the link to all the Wiki leaks cables - no download needed now to view them.

Wiki leaks released 60 gig of cables yesterday.

Have fun looking through them.  There is a search keyword also on the site, which is great.  You can put in a keyword of cables that may interest you in certain areas.

It should be interesting to read what the diplomats have to say about various country situations etc.

I don't expect anything to be in there for Bank of America, due to the information coming out a couple of weeks ago that an insider at Wiki leaks had deleted all cables regarding Bank of America.

I am inserting the link again, even though it is up above.  Pass it along!


WTF?! Jobs ZERO Added in August, Obama a couple days back from Marthas Vineyard - OFF to a retreat to Camp David Today! YES HE CAN Take Constant Vacations!

This is seriously a WTF is Obama thinking?!  The jobs reports came out and there were ZERO jobs added for the month of August, he just now got back from a vacation at Marthas Vineyard and now he is OFF again for a retreat to Camp David for the weekend! 


Is Obama going to run for 2012 re-election?  It seems so.  Does he actually expect people to vote for him?  The way he has gone on one vacation after another when the country is burning and the world economy is collapsing, who the hell would vote for him?!

You have to wonder if he has any clue about how people are seriously hurting in the United States.

Another rant I have.

Our country has had various natural disasters this year, with every state being affected in one way or another.  Now there are people in the Northeast that are literally cut off from the rest of the world and food and water is being air dropped in. 

With this, those in Washington D.C. are trying to politicize these natural disasters by saying "no money unless a cut elsewhere"!

Well let me tell them what they can cut elsewhere!

First STOP ALL THE F*&^ING WARS!  There is Trillions that can be CUT

Second - STOP GIVING BILLIONS TO Pakistan and Israel and all the other countries right now and give it to YOUR OWN CITIZENS!

Third - Cut your own F*&^ing expenses and don't travel to other countries for the fun of it!


People are waking up, when these kinds of things happen and then the political games start.  I would assume many have had that wake up and WTF moment this week, due to the political games going on and playing with people's lives in the Northeast. 

Obama, you have let the citizens of this country down over and over again and I would think there would be some common sense in that taking another vacation/retreat when you just a couple of days got back from one is not exactly the smartest thing you could do.  Besides the fact that the jobs report shows no jobs were added and the stock market is going down today.  Don't you have anyone in your administration who has common sense and can tell you that staying in Washington D.C. would be the smartest thing you could do, so you can at least pretend you are trying to do something for the country.