Monday, January 31, 2011

Court Rules for 68 home owners stopping the foreclosures in Possible Class Action California suit against (MERS banks) Aurora and Deutsche Bank

Lenore Albert the attorney who filed a Class Action status in California for those who are similarly situated and have Aurora Loans and Deutsche Bank, both of which are MERS banks, had the court rule for those who have joined the suit 68, foreclosures have been stopped!  The Class Action has not been certified as of yet by the court.

Lenore Albert linked the notification of the court ruling to me last night.  This is Huge!

Here is a link to her website - Interactive Counsel



I would also like to say THANK YOU, to all the law firms, most are small but are standing up for what is right for the people, who are filing the class actions for the people!  I find it absolutely amazing that really big class action firms have not gotten involved in the MERS fraud!  Is that because they are too heavily involved with the banks or it is not enough money in it for themselves and thus they are thinking that way, instead of doing for the people?  I find the gold that glitters is those who are willing to do for others, though there may not be something huge gotten returned financially etc.  At the end of this time on Earth, what will really matter?  How much money was made or what you did to help others, overall?



Lenore Alberts information is the following -Contact her if you are in California and have Aurora Loans and Deutsche Bank for your mortgage!  Also contact her for ANY MERS Bank you have - she will be able to help you and another Class Action could get started for other MERS banks - IMO!

Lenore L. Albert, Esq. SBN 210876
7755 Center Avenue, Suite #1100
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Telephone (714) 372-2264
Facsimile (419) 831-3376

EDIT to add - I am asking all those people in California reading this.  To PLEASE put Lenore Albert's information on California message boards, Craigslist, anywhere it will be seen by people who it will HELP and stand up to the fraud and join the Class Action against bank foreclosure fraud!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Bears Explain the Bailouts completely - With Goldman Sachs being a Star in it! Must Watch!

This is really such a good video - explaining the Bailouts!  This is a trail of TARP  and lets everyone know the joke is on them, by the Government bailing out the banks.  Goldman Sachs is called the Evil Empire in it.


Obama tells Egypt to Allow Demonstrations? Says it is People's Rights? It is not the U.S. Citizens right anymore! Video of Police violence against U.S. Peaceful Demonstrations!

I found Obama's speech last night regarding Egypt and him saying ALL people around the world should have the right for peaceful demonstration, hilarious! We in the U.S. have lost that right! We can not demonstrate unless we have a permit now. Many applied for permits at various times... and gosh darn, you wouldn't guess that most permits are denied by the government.  When people have gotten together to demonstrate without permits, well the police come down hard on them, with tear gas and other draconian methods.

Also see this link - for information where the Police and U.S. government has said Twitter is illegal in helping others assemble! So is there any doubt the U.S. government would also shut down Twitter and the Internet if there was an uprising by the people?

Portion from the article linked above:

Although the U.S. State Department has encouraged activists to use Twitter internationally, U.S. Army Intelligence has called Twitter a potential terrorist tool, referring to activists' use of Twitter domestically during the 2008 Republican National Convention.

A question, are the U.S. government officials carefully watching Egypt's military and seeing them standing down against the people and worrying that would happen here in the U.S. also, if the people rose up against them and banks due to what is going on?

Also.... Obama said last night, the Egyptian government should listen to the people and if the people want a new government, then Egyptian rulers should listen.

I have a question to that..............  if the people in the U.S. took to the streets and demanded a government that was "For the people and by the people" once more, would all those government officials step down?  NO!  The U.S. would have the military/police and every thing they have thrown at the people of the U.S. if there was ever an uprising and Americans calling for a new government, not run by banks and corporations!   Obama can say what he wants, but the U.S. does not walk the talk, in freedoms of the people and their rights of protest!

Videos of samples of how  U.S. people are NOT allowed Peaceful Demonstration! 

The U.S. Police with megaphones declaring "UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLIES" IN VIDEOS, saying the People DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO DEMONSTRATE!

Here the U.S. is using LRAD to hurt people's ears.

Here Riot Police attack Students at the University of Pittsburgh - a totally unprovoked attack! Firing rubber bullets and tear gas - Saying, the students had not right to be gathered as they were. They weren't doing anything but being outside the buildings! They declare "Unlawful Assembly" and attack people, who are simply standing in the streets in the video!

Police brutalizing a single peaceful protester in Minn.

DNC convention peaceful demonstrators - hit with tear gas

Police get very violent against DNC peaceful protesters!

Organization that documents and videos police brutality against U.S. demonstrators - unlawfully detained and held, to stop them from taping the suppression of the people during demonstrations. Listen to this video, they say... we have no right for peaceful assembly they have videoed over and over again, police stopping any peaceful assemblies.

Seattle Police arresting people for no reason and hitting people with their bikes to get them to back up.

The reason I put these videos in, is to show the U.S. does not walk the talk! The U.S. does not allow peaceful demonstrations at all! I have no doubt the U.S. would take more action against the people than what Egypt is doing. I have no doubt that the U.S. is watching what the military does in Egypt against the people, to make sure the military would take action here in the U.S. against the people! The truth is we are not free to assemble peacefully in the U.S. and we have not had that freedom for a couple of decades!

These are just a few videos out of police stopping assemblies of the people, demonstrations and so on.  So when Obama says the Egyptians have the right to peaceful protest, then I am asking him, to give us in the United States that right also!

Friday, January 28, 2011

U.S. Justice Department investigating Deutsche Bank - Foreclosure Practices - FALSE PAPERWORK Filed to Foreclose!

OH, Yes..... That Happy Dance is going on right now!  I just can't help myself!  Especially since I found out last week, Deutsche Bank is suppose to be the bank behind my mortgage now, though that is not information I had any clue about previously.  Oh, I had even gone to my court house (which I encourage everyone to do) and got a copy of ALL the paperwork they have there regarding my property, including any assignments and their name was not on any of it.

Well the news is just breaking the U.S. Justice Department in investigating Deutsche Bank's foreclosure practices, it seems they have been found to file FALSE Paperwork to foreclose! Which all the banks have to do, but it seems their paperwork is glaringly false!


Allegations Deutsche Bank filed false documents

* Inquiry could affect foreclosures across United States

* Testimony demanded from Deutsche Bank officials

By Scot J. Paltrow

NEW YORK, Jan 28 (Reuters) - A branch of the U.S. Department of Justice is investigating whether Deutsche Bank filed false documents and attempted to mislead a bankruptcy judge in a foreclosure action.

Although the investigation involves the case of only one homeowner in Connecticut, a court document filed on Jan. 26 by the United States Trustee's Office said it wants to elicit information about Deutsche Bank's practices in general in foreclosure cases

aside from possible sanctions against Deutsche Bank in this foreclosure case, the results could have significant effect on Deutsche Bank's practices in general, and on its ability to foreclose on large numbers of homeowners in default.

the inquiry could apply to many other Deutsche Bank foreclosures by putting the bank on notice that its practices have not been legal, and that it may lack the basic authority even to bring many of the foreclosure cases.

Mortgage assignments are needed to prove that a trust owns the mortgage and has authority to foreclose, but in many cases banks that originated the mortgages never gave the trusts the required assignments. The inquiry also could have an impact on other banks that act as trustees and mortgage loan servicers, if it establishes that the type of procedures used by Deutsche Bank were illegal.

Now, I sincerely hope they are going to be honest in their investigation of the bank and I sincerely hope it is just the first bank they will investigate. 

I will be watching what happens! 

Please Pay Attention - Labs finding People along the Gulf of Mexico has toxic chemicals in their blood from the BP Oil Leak - Seafood VERY Toxic - Do NOT Eat! Videos from News Station

This News Video Speaks for itself!

2nd part of the story - the next night - follow up - the vapors of toxins are inhaled and the seafood is very toxic from the Gulf of Mexico!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Letter to Get out Certified to MERS Banks - Results (payments cut in half) from a Reader who did it and my result from doing it!

I had posted about getting a letter out certified to your MERS bank, mortgage servicer and it being very important that you do.  The post with the letter is linked here.

I got a response back from Litton Loan, in fact they sent me 115 pieces of paper.  What is funny, is lots on who actually owns the mortgage was not quite together though!  They had one sheet saying Fremont is the beneficiary then another said Deutsche bank is.   But I loved the TILA paper they sent did not have my signature on it!  In fact the TILA paper I have, which I did sign at closing has a LOWER interest rate on it, then the one they sent me!  All the paperwork is in the attorneys hands now.

They were calling me, after receiving the letter from me, but I did not answer their calls, as when I did talk to them a couple of weeks later, they wanted to modify my loan and a number of other things.

I can tell you the Letter DOES GET THEIR ATTENTION!  They know you are smart and know what is going on, by sending it to them.  They will possibly jump through hoops to get you happy.  In fact, someone just posted on another topic (about Georgia's Class Action for previous foreclosures), that the letter had an amazing effect on their loan servicer.

This is the exact comment they left:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Georgia Class Action Suit For ALL Homeowners Who H...":

your letter did it,,after 18 mos,of playing tag with them, i sent your letter along with my personal message Monday morning to BOA. I got a call from the negotiator him self Tuesday afternoon !! he ask me what I wanted and i told him he agreed and fed-x it to me---cut my payments in 1/2 interest rate went from 7-1/2% to 2%--1200 a mo to 600 a mo...thanks for all the information--old retired person,,,

I personally, am not interested in negotiating with the bank, what I am interested in doing, is stopping people from being thrown out of their homes and becoming homeless, when the banks are profitting from making people homeless and stealing their property through fraud.  I will say it once more.  The banks have made millions off each 100K loan and they give themselves billions in bonuses for ripping their investors and the people off.  The U.S. govt. has given them trillions for all their fraud, it is time for us the regular people to stand our ground and for us to get bailed out!

I hope everyone sends the letter out and if you want a reduction in payments etc. then I believe you will get it.  If you want to do as I am doing, then great too.  We all have different things we would like to achieve.

I am thrilled for the reader of the blog who commented and got his/her payments reduced in half!  Please let me know if you have also had a great response like that after sending the letter out and if that is what your goal is!

I also encourage everyone to get all the papers, you can still negotiate with them, but get the papers in hand!  Don't just negotiate and not get what they have on your loan!  It is very important, in my opinion, to see what matches and what they leave out!  Just like my TILA they have, is not signed by me and the interest rate is higher.

I have to say, the best feeling I have right now, is that I may have made a difference in someone's life, by giving them information!  It can't get better than that!  Making a Positive difference for others is the best feeling there is!  I sincerely hope we all feel that at times!  I hope we all are shown we DO make a difference and making a positive difference is a glorious feel good feeling.  I am thankful for the reader sharing their experience!


Can You Handle the Truth? China versus the U.S. - Who is the Real Power - Who Will be THE Super Power Soon?

I found this opinion article in China Daily, which I go to everyday.  There is an opinion piece on the website today, which puts lots into perspective of who is really becoming the leader/super power of the world.

The Chinese know they are going to be surpassing the U.S. very soon in becoming THE Super Power of the world.  With the U.S. in different wars and basically bankrupt, education going by the way side, with manufacturing going out the window to other countries, thus the jobless rate is in reality around 22%, and the debt surpassing GDP, is there any doubt who is becoming the strength of the world?

This opinion piece is a China versus the United States, but only read it if you are willing to look at reality without rose colored glasses on, regarding the United States situation.


The United State of America, the only remaining superpower, has declined significantly due to the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as one of the worst financial crises since the Great Depression. It is faced with more challenges in Afghanistan and other parts of the world. Its national debt has reached up to fourteen trillion dollars, equaling the size of its GDP. The US unemployment rate remains high. Many state and local governments are faced with budget shortfalls, and have been forced to cut their spending on education and other benefits to citizens.

China, on the other hand, has become more and more robust - both comprehensively and economically - during the last few decades. Despite the doomsayers' continuous predictions about China's potential downfall, China has stood out as a rare success story in the world.

It has surpassed Japan to become the second-largest economy in the world, and it has surpassed Germany to become the world’s biggest exporter of goods. Last year, China also acquired the honor of producing the world’s fastest computer. More recently, China has changed its typical practices by publicly acknowledging that it has developed a new stealth fighter jet which could supposedly threaten US carriers.
More importantly, Chinese students in Shanghai performed best on an exam administered by the OECD. Education has always been an important indicator about the future direction of a nation, because it is about the training of future generations.

As the most populous nation in the world, China has the manpower. Chinese society is very well-organized. Even though China's social organization is no longer as effective as in its old days, it still enjoys tremendous advantage over that of the United States.

The lack of grassroots coherence in the United States was cruelly revealed when Katrina hit New Orleans. There were no organization and no order when disaster fell on that city. The US Army and National Guards had to move in - with full battleground gear - to maintain order.

China also has the longest recorded history in the world, with a twenty-two-hundred-year tradition of being a unitary state. This tradition and culture of a unitary state (da yi tong—big, united and oneness) is often misunderstood by non-Chinese people. However, it is exceptionally effective and efficient.

China led the world in science and technology until 1500. The Chinese economy was the world’s biggest economy until 1850. China maintained a monopoly on silk, porcelain production, and tea for a very long period of history. In today’s world of innovation and invention, Chinese people are doing well in catching up with the more developed western world.

It is natural for the American people to feel surprised by China’s advances. The US has enjoyed being “number one” in the world for a long time, and the country has reaped many benefits from that position. If they were to lose that position, they would not be able to continue living the lifestyle to which they are accustomed. In this environment, it is not unlikely that some US leaders would advocate using military power to start a war in order to prevent China from catching up.

That was why I, like many other peace-loving people in the world, became very worried when the US, South Korea, and Japan held frequent navy exercises close to China’s sovereign waters. At one point, three US carriers gathered outside Chinese territory waters. I consider it a great diplomatic victory for China as it has successfully defused the military tension in its vicinity.

Satellite Tour of Foreclosures Around the U.S. - this puts it in perspective of how many are homeless through viewing it!

Business Insider, has satellite images up of cities of foreclosure!  Looking at these maps, the foreclosure crisis hits hard.  I feel for all those who are homeless.  As I see it, the banks have kicked people out of their homes through fraud.  When you commit fraud, you have no rights to take people's housing away from them, especially when you have already made millions from that one house, through MBS fraud and through bailouts. 

When you see the map, you will understand there is no way the banks will sell all of them and the maps do not include the notices sent towards the end of 2010.

Will we ever see jail time for the bankers due to the fraud they have committed upon the American people?  NO, I don't harbor any imaginations of justice being served upon the bankers and them having to pay for the fraud.  I only see them getting bonuses and more bailouts and being protected from their fraud. 

Goldman Sachs outright Lied about their back door bailout from AIG - the financial commission has found! Yet, our U.S. Treasury is run by all past Goldman Executives and arranged this right now.

The financial commission has found Goldman Sachs lied about their back door bailout from AIG and where the 2 billion they got from them, went.   Goldman Sachs, when it was revealed, they had also gotten money from AIG, after the government (U.S. taxpayers) bailed AIG out, Goldman said it went to their clients.

Goldman Sachs had gotten money directly in the TARP bailouts of 2008, but it was revealed last year, they had also gotten two billion from AIG during the TARP bailouts also.  Goldman claimed it went to their clients or institutions who invested through them.

Goldman Sachs out right lied, which should be no surprise to anyone.  The money it has been found, went straight into the company's bottom line as profit.  They of course have shown billions in profit since 2008, thus they have given their workers billions in bonuses. 

Everyone in the U.S. government who has anything to do with the government's finances are former Goldman Sachs executives, including the chairman of the Private bank of The Federal Reserve!

Geithner our Treasury secretary a former Goldman Sachs executive and then became the head of the Federal Reserve in New York and is the one who arranged the AIG bailout.  If anyone thinks, he did not know billions would be going to Goldman Sachs while arranging the bailout of AIG, then they are looking through the information with clouded lenses.

Now, what will the government do with the information that Goldman Sachs out right lied about where 2 billion went during the TARP bailout from AIG?  I won't hold my breath, of indictments or jail time for Goldman people.  I have found it is okay in the government's eyes for billions and trillions to be stolen by big corporations, but gosh forbid a regular person steals $10 from one of those corporations or banks, jail time will be years for them.  

Portions from article:

When news first broke in 2009 that Goldman had been an indirect beneficiary of the AIG bailout, collecting the full value of some $14 billion in outstanding insurance polices it held with the firm, the officials who brokered the deal justified these terms as a necessary stabilizer for the broader financial system. As the world's largest insurance company, AIG's inability to cover its outstanding obligations could have threatened the solvency of the institutions holding its policies, asserted the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which oversaw the deal.

Goldman fended off claims that the arrangement amounted to a backdoor bailout by asserting that none of the money from the AIG rescue landed in its own coffers. Rather, those funds went to compensate clients or institutions on the other side of its trades, Goldman said. 

The report reveals another pot of money conveyed to Goldman--the $2.9 billion to cover trades the Wall Street investment house made for itself. That money went straight to the bank's bottom line, according to the report.
Over the last two years, Goldman has reported nearly $22 billion in profits, according to its official earnings statements. During those years, it has paid out $31.6 billion in compensation to its employees. 

According to the lawsuit, Goldman allegedly concealed the fact that it designed the basket of mortgage-linked securities to fail at the behest of another client who netted about $1 billion by betting against them. Goldman sold the same investments to other clients--mostly European banks--without disclosing their provenance, according to the SEC's lawsuit.

The details in the commission's report leave Goldman "naked," she added. "It doesn't have the fig leaf of a systemic risk argument. Normally what happens when you have a sophisticated institution that's doing stupid credit stuff is you let them eat it, but that didn't happen in the bailout."
Are we ever going to see prosecution of outright theft of the American people by the big banks and those who have raped the American people and continue to rape them, by foreclosing on them fraudulently?   OH, btw: Litton Loan Servicing is owned by Goldman Sachs!  So, those with Litton Loan servicing I am asking you to get in touch with me, especially in Tennessee.  Including those who have already been foreclosed on by Litton Loan - PLEASE email me.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

David Morgan & Mike Maloney Saying U.S. Mint may have to Stop Production of Silver Eagles!

David Morgan of Silver-Investor and Mike Maloney of Wealth Cycles, discuss the Metals market. They say the U.S. Mint may have to stop production of the Silver Eagles, due to the Congressional law all the silver has to have been mined in the U.S., for the Eagles. That has been fine in production previously, but now that the Eagles are selling record amounts, over 4 million ounces sold this month (Jan. 2011) alone. They believe the Eagles will not be able to be produced at some point this year.

An extra tid bit, Harvey Organ yesterday had this information in his daily update of the Comex numbers. If this is correct, well it is about time. There has been talk after talk about a Comex default, but it has never happened.

From Harveys update:

There have been rumours that certain hedge funds and sovereign wealth funds are willing to take possession of all gold and silver. In gold it is the February month and in silver it is March. If this is true, the game is over as there will be a default at the comex

which will bring on defaults at the SLV and GLD, and then a default at the Bank of England, and then all the banking system in the USA. I will be watching this closely.

Bank of America Ordered to Stop ALL foreclosures in Nevada a non-judicial state - Attorney seeking Possible Class Action Status

Bank Of America has been ordered to stop all foreclosures in Nevada a non-judicial state.  

The judge ruled they can only foreclose with a judges order, which is only for judicial state foreclosures.  The non-judicial states do not need court orders for foreclosing, the companies can simply foreclose after advertising the foreclosure for 4 weeks.

The non-judicial foreclosure states will have law firms and companies which represent the banks and become the trustees for foreclosing.  In Nevada that firm seems to be ReconTrust, which handles the foreclosures for banks.

By a lawsuit going against ReconTrust who is handling foreclosures in Nevada for banks, hopefully all foreclosures will have to be stopped, not just Bank of America's foreclosures.

It is amazing how people think the foreclosure crisis is behind us and it is all straightened out, because MSM does not mention it anymore.  Yet there is more going on then ever before and more and more rulings FOR THE PEOPLE by judges.  Some judges still rule for the banks, but I would think in appeals, the correct ruling by law will have to be applied and thus it should be for the homeowner.  I linked a New Jersey ruling below, which was for the bank, yet it went against all laws and rights. 


John Christian Barlow, a lawyer who represents North, said the lawsuit claims ReconTrust doesn’t have the authority to foreclose on homes in Nevada. Bank of America and other banks use ReconTrust to seize homes in Nevada, he said. Barlow said he will seek class-action, or group, status for the lawsuit.

In Tennessee and Arkansas I know it is a law firm named Wilson and Associates who become the trustee and substitute trustee to foreclose on people for the banks.

Every state is different and what is a shame is a judge in New Jersey is allowing foreclosures when the note is not available, which says who is owed the debt.    I certainly hope the people appeal this ruling by that judge.  As that goes against all laws and rules of foreclosures.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bank of America Stops Issuing Default notices to homeowners in Non-Judicial Foreclosure States! I bet they are waiting until July now!

Zerohedge is reporting Bank of America has stopped issuing mortgage default notices in non-judicial states!!

That is huge, that means they are not going forward with foreclosures, if they are not sending out notices of default anymore!

This is for the non-judicial states, which the banks have continued their foreclosures in.  People have to sue the banks to stop foreclosures in non-judicial states, of which there are 33 states that have non-judicial foreclosure proceedings.

I figured out WHY they are not sending out notices now!

People have started fighting their foreclosures in non-judicial states and they have won in many cases, including the Massachusetts Supreme Court case, two weeks ago.

So.... if you are a bank and too many people are getting smart and fighting foreclosures and that is getting more publicity, thus causing more people to fight a foreclosure, what would be your best course of action?

Stop issuing notices of default of course and stop foreclosing at this time, then the bank waits until this July to issue defaults and foreclosure notices!   Once July hits, no one will be able to sue against a foreclosure by the banks!  So they are willing to let people stay in their homes and not start foreclosure proceedings at this time!

I would not be surprised if other banks start following Bank of America's lead, by stopping foreclosures and notices of default in the next few weeks.  

The foreclosure rate will most likely go down drastically until July for the country, but then in July it will shoot to the moon. In July, there will probably be millions of foreclosure notices hit everywhere around the country

So, don't think the banks are being nice now and acknowledging their own fraud by stopping default notices and foreclosures, they are simply waiting until people can not fight a foreclosure, due to the Federal Reserve changing our laws and rights of TILA (Truth in Lending Laws). !

So, those with loans where Bank of America services them, don't get too excited about BOA deciding not to take action against any one at this time.  They are simply willing to wait a few months and let people live in their houses and then they will jump on the people like the sneaky stealing bankrupt everyone they can bank, that they are.

If I was a BOA person, I would be demanding they give me something in writing about their intentions of default of my loan and I would still sue them, before there is not the possibility to do so, come July.

Also, how many people have called Ron Paul about the Federal Reserve changing our TILA laws and rights, who are reading this?  His number is in the other post, I personally have not heard back from anyone there, but I will be calling once more.

Monday, January 24, 2011

California - Possible Class Action Suit against Deutsche Bank and Aurora Loan (MERS)- Please Call the number and join - Class Actions are FREE to all who join!

Possible Class Action Suit beginning against Deutsche Bank and Aurora Loan Services (MERS banks) in California.

PLEASE CALL this number if you have Deutsche Bank or Aurora Loan Services - 714-372-2264!

BTW:  You may not know you have Deutsche Bank, I did not know my loan was Deutsche bank until just recently!  They had purchased Fremont Loan accounts from my understanding.  The court house did not even have it as Deutsche bank for the information on my house!

If you are in California - with a MERS loan - CALL THE NUMBER PROVIDED!


The Law office handling it is:
Lenore Albert Law Offices
Huntington Beach California


Friday, January 21, 2011



Banks are dropping foreclosure proceedings against people, themselves!  MERS banks are walking away from mortgages and foreclosures as THEY DON'T WANT THE FIGHT!

Do you realize it means, those people are getting their homes and they will not be thrown out on the street!


From article:

Banks in recent weeks have been dropping hundreds of their Southwest Florida foreclosure lawsuits instead of facing defendants at trial, according to local attorneys and court records.

Now, everyone needs to be informed of the foreclosure fraud, most people still don't know about MERS foreclosures ARE Fraud!

Please help inform the public and those are risk of being foreclosed on!

Also, I have been calling and leaving messages with Universities, asking them to start class action suits against MERS.  Have you?  Please call law universities in your state and ask them to start class actions, just as the University of Maryland has done.  Let them know the University of Maryland, got 10000 foreclosures thrown out, through their class action.

Buyers Beware - Massachusetts Supreme Court To Rule on Buyer of Fraud Foreclosure - Lower court - NO Right to Keep Illegal Foreclosure by a MERS bank!

All those people who have bought foreclosures and are considering buying a foreclosure will need to watch this ruling carefully.

The Massachusetts Supreme Court had ruled two weeks ago, MERS had no rights to foreclose on property.  

 Now  they are going to rule on another case of a buyers right to the property, that was illegally foreclosed on by a MERS bank.

A lower Massachusetts court had already ruled against the buyer of a foreclosure, saying they had no right to the property, due to being foreclosed on fraudulently by a MERS bank.

That court case is now going to the Supreme Court, as the buyer is trying to keep the property he purchased 3 years ago from the bank.

Imagine if the Supreme Court rules against the buyer, as the lower court has done....... I can see a whole new area of law suits, when buyers start losing their money and property of foreclosures they have purchased.  Besides that, I can't imagine there will be much of a market for foreclosures, as they may become impossible to sell, as no title insurance company will touch them.

Bloomberg is the one even carrying the story, which is amazing they would let people know they may have a huge problem if they have purchased a foreclosure in the past.

This ruling from Massachusetts will be important all around the country.  There are already class actions that have started in a few states for previous foreclosures.  If the Massachusetts Supreme Court rules the buyer of the home has no right to the property fraudulently foreclosed on, we can expect a whole rush of class actions throughout the country against the banks.

Portions of article:

Massachusetts’ highest court will consider whether a home buyer can rightfully own a property if the bank that sold it to him didn’t have the right to foreclose on the original owner.

The state’s Supreme Judicial Court, which agreed last month to take the appeal, already ruled Jan. 7 that banks can’t foreclose on a house if they don’t own the mortgage. The lower- court decision now under review said the buyer of residential property in Haverhill, Massachusetts, never really owned it because U.S. Bancorp foreclosed before it got the mortgage.

In August, Long ruled that Bevilacqua wasn’t the property’s owner and didn’t have standing to inquire about claims. U.S. Bancorp, which sold Bevilacqua the property in 2006, conducted an invalid foreclosure because it didn’t properly own the mortgage at the time, Long said. 

The mortgage transfer to U.S. Bancorp, which oversees the mortgage-backed trust containing the loan, happened after the foreclosure, Long said. All Bevilacqua had was a deed from an invalid foreclosure sale, the judge said. 

NOW ALL WHO HAVE PURCHASED FORECLOSURES - YOU WILL WANT TO WATCH THIS CAREFULLY!  If Mass. Supreme Court rules against the buyer of an illegal foreclosure, you can expect ALL Title insurance companies will stop insuring ALL Foreclosed homes and there will be NO buyers of foreclosed homes!  

I believe a ruling against the buyer by the Supreme court would also slow down foreclosures immensely.  As banks would not be able to get rid of foreclosures, why would they want to foreclose, to only have the liability of upkeep and costs, when title companies and buyers would not want to touch them.

In my opinion this will be a very important ruling.  So Watch it!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Are we being set up for Nibiru? Australian Paper says we may/will get TWO SUNS by 2012 for a while in our sky!

UPDATE 2/15/11 - Nibiru Disclosure?  - CNN - Brown Dwarf Star lurking right outside Pluto's orbit.

Yes, I have done lots of research on Nibiru/Planet X - when I read and hear about things that seem interesting I like to look into why people are talking about it.   Nibiru is one of those subjects I have looked for all I could in the reasoning of people believing in it.

I will say, there is compelling evidence from historical Egyptian Hieroglyphics and how Google Earth and Microsoft sky software has blocked out a certain area in the Universe, which happens to correspond where Nibiru should be coming from.   Besides the information and video leaked out of the South Pole Observatory.

Why did the govt. build that telescope in Antarctica?  There is that question besides multiple other ones.

I have never been absolute in belief one way or another, I have not been able to disprove it, but I have not been able to prove it either.

I have still looked out for evidence of it.

I will say, I do firmly believe our government will do anything to hide Nibiru, if it is real.  If you are not familiar with Nibiru, it is said to be our 13th planet.  It is said to come around every 13000 years and 2012 it is suppose to make it's round.   It is considered the winged planet, which is depicted in many caves and places around the world in ancient drawings.  Also in the 80s very briefly it came out public by the govt. we had another planet and they described Nibiru and said it was on an ecliptic orbit.  Well that got shut down real fast and all information wiped out and they have never said another word about it.  

So, why am I writing about Nibiru, though I am not sure if it is simply a mythical planet, being written about on the internet?

Today I found something, I feel is very strange.  I am wondering if we are being set up for the coming of Nibiru by the governments of the world?

Oh, a former Norwegian government official came out last year and said Nibiru is real and that is why all the governments are doing the doomsday seed vault in the Arctic and they have built underground bunkers and so on, for the "elite" of the world.  He said he felt guilty about all the populace not being told, so he felt he needed to.

So I have given you a very short synopsis of why I have still been on the look out for evidence one way or another about Nibiru. 

Today an Australian newspaper is claiming we may have a second sun in our sky.  They are saying we may have two suns by 2012

Now I find that completely strange!  I also feel if Nibiru is real the governments are trying to set up a reason we will have a second sun.  Their excuse would be a super nova that exploded in Orion's nebula. 

Now, my question is..... will people really believe that? Will they just take the governments word for it?

I would find it exceedingly strange that a super nova way out in the Universe could create a second sun for our galaxy. 

Portion from article:

twin suns are real. And here's the big news - they could be coming to Earth.

Yes, any day now we see a second sun light up the sky, if only for a matter of weeks.

The infamous red super-giant star in Orion’s nebula - Betelgeuse - is predicted to go gangbusters and the impending super-nova may reach Earth before 2012, and when it does, all of our wildest Star Wars dreams will come true.

The second biggest star in the universe is losing mass, a typical indication that a gravitation collapse is occurring.

When that happens, we'll get our second sun, according to Dr Brad Carter, Senior Lecturer of Physics at the University of Southern Queensland.

Does anyone else find this very strange, in how we may get a second sun?  Also, can't blame global warming and glacier melts on carbons, when the second sun appears.  I would say, we will be in for some very hot days.

So..... are we being set up for Nibiru arriving ?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Comet Elenin - Newly Discovered Will Pass By Earth Oct. 2011 within possibly .15 au - Video

It seems a new comet has just been discovered in Dec. 2010.

The name of the comet is Elenin.  It is named after the Russian Astronomer - Leonid Elenin who found it. 

The information is still being discovered on it.  NASA nor anyone else is absolutely sure of it's path.  They say it can change, as they do not know how stable the comet is at this time.

They have released a projected path of the Comet.  That projected path will bring it possibly .15 au close to Earth in Oct. 2011.  Here is the picture of what that closeness means.  Look at Oct. 30th.

We will be passing through the tail of the comet in November.  The amount of ice/debris/ etc in the tail is not yet known.

The amount of light it is emitting

A picture of it from Dec. 10th 2010

They say the extra light in the picture is from the movement of the comet over 4 hours time.

I did a very short video about it today.

Links to information you may find useful in knowing more about the comet

I will say, I will be watching this comet as I believe the Earth will be impacted by it.  In what way, no one knows right now.  Lets also hope, if it goes off track than the projected path it is on right now it goes in the direction away from the Earth.

Monday, January 17, 2011

This is the Answer! Everyone Should Do this! This man Got his Property by Filing a Quiet Title - Please Read his Story and DO IT! You can File for Quiet Title TODAY! Get Your Property -FREE AND CLEAR!

Please read the whole story and see how a man (lawyer in Utah) got his property by filing a Quiet Title!  What a GREAT way of doing this!  NOW the banks have to Sue to try and stake some claim, they have to come up with the paperwork to prove actual ownership of the mortgage by MERS!


Just imagine if everyone does this, there is nothing the MERS banks can do about it!  Of course the banks are calling this a "Travesty of Justice" LOL  I LOVE IT!

This information has to go Viral - PLEASE Pass this information on to EVERYONE With a MERS Mortgage!  


Who’s the beneficiary? » Under the state’s quiet title laws, Keane said he did not have to name MERS or serve it legal papers in the lawsuit because it was not the legal owner of title to the property. Those were title companies. In addition, attorneys contend, MERS cannot be the “beneficiary” or holder of the promissory note because it readily has admitted it has no financial interest in any notes or mortgages.

Normally, a trustee named in a trust deed has a legal duty in Utah to the entity that holds the promissory note and for fair dealing with the homeowner. But in the townhouse case, First American Title filed a response to the quiet title action saying that it had no idea who had the right to collect payments on the promissory note, nor did it admit to knowing any other basic information about the property.

“The fact of the matter is First American Title doesn’t know who the beneficiary of the trust deed is and basically they disavow any interest in it,” Keane said. “It’s an acknowledgement [the recording system on this property is] a fiction, that they don’t have any real interest in it.” 

Garbett Mortgage also told the court it no longer held an interest in the property. Integrated Title never filed a response to the lawsuit but did withdraw as a trustee with the Salt Lake County Recorder’s Office.
“Considering the owner of the property [the title companies who were trustees] failed to dispute the matter, and further considering that the original lender claims no further interest, the court nullified the trust deeds prior to setting any type of trial date,” Keane said.

So in the four months that the process took, the owner was able to gain title and deny the owners of his loan the ability to foreclose on the property for nonpayment. That means the promissory note owned by investors may be worth far less than they paid for it because it is no longer backed by an asset.

Default judgment • Keane said he’s been able to obtain quiet title in the same manner in two other cases. Another attorney, Abraham Bates, said he recently also won a quiet title action in a similar case in Salt Lake County.

In Bates’ case, a couple who owed $417,000 on a house whose value had dropped way below that also sued for quiet title. 

He named the original lender and a title company listed as trustee on the trust deed. Because neither responded to the lawsuit as legally required, the judge granted the couple a default judgment that still must be verified in court, Bates said. 

Bates said under Utah laws, it was not necessary to serve MERS legal papers, as it was not in the Draper townhouse case.

WOWSA WOWSA!! 10000 Foreclosures TOSSED OUT in ONE Ruling in Maryland - Fraud Notary! AWESOME!




I have new HEROES!  The University of Maryland, stopped talking and took action to SUE GMAC and their foreclosures due to Robo Signing Notary!  The judge TOSSED OUT ALL THE FORECLOSURES!

btw: GMAC is a MERS Bank

A Consumer Protection class taught by Peter Holland, took it upon themselves to STOP the FRAUD OF MERS BANKS AND FORECLOSURES AND THEY WON!




Portion of Article:

In a major ruling Friday, a coalition of nonprofit defense lawyers and consumer protection advocates in Maryland successfully got over 10,000 foreclosure cases managed by GMAC Mortgage tossed out, because affidavits in the cases were signed by Jeffrey Stephan, the infamous GMAC “robo-signer” who attested to the authenticity of foreclosure documents without any knowledge about them, as well as signing other false statements.
The University of Maryland Consumer Protection Clinic and Civil Justice, Inc., a nonprofit, filed the class action lawsuit, arguing that any case using Jeffrey Stephan as a signer was illegitimate and must be dismissed. In court Friday, GMAC agreed to dismiss every case in Maryland relying on a Stephan affidavit. They can refile foreclosure actions on the close to 10,000 homes, but only at their own expense, and subject to new Maryland regulations which require mandatory mediation between borrower and lender before moving to foreclosure. Civil Justice and the Consumer Protection Clinic also want any cases with affidavits from Xee Moua of Wells Fargo, who has also admitted to robo-signing, thrown out, but that case has not yet been settled

My Plea for everyone to Call the Universities to Start Class Actions against MERS in all the States!   Also the latest MERS info from last week. (I don't know why my videos never sync correctly when I upload them - so sorry it is out of sync)

EDIT - 1/18/11 - I have left a message for the University of Tennessee Dean of the Law Department, letting him know what the University of Maryland accomplished and asked him to have a professor at the University do the same thing with their students.   *** I ask everyone - it does not hurt to call a University where you are and ask for them to do a suit against MERS      PLEASE CALL - AS YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE, IF/WHEN ANY TAKE IT ON****

WOW - Ted Gunderson - Former HEAD OF FBI - Says Chemtrails Have to Be STOPPED - Calls on Congress to Do So! DISCLOSES CHEMTRAILS ARE REAL! Video! Proof Chemtrails NOT Conspiracy Theory!

Ted Gunderson former Head of the FBI in various cities has put out a video DISCLOSING CHEMTRAILS ARE REAL AND NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY!  He discloses he has seen the planes himself, they are stationed out of Lincoln, Nebraska and Oklahoma! 

He calls on Congress to STOP the Chemtrails, says that is what is killing all the animals and they are poison to all living things!

President of China - Hu Jintao, Says Dollar Domination as International Currency is A thing of the PAST!

For the Chinese President Hu Jintao, to say the dollar domination as the International Currency is a thing of the past, must mean they have everything in place to withdraw from the dollar. 

The Chinese do not disclose information before they have everything in place to do something else.  For the President to say the dollar is the international currency of the past, must mean they have already set up what they need to to drop the dollar.

I don't know if people realize the full implications of his statement, especially as this is upon him visiting the United States.  Saying what he did as he is about to step on U.S. soil, is a stab right into the guts of the U.S..   Visiting dignitaries do not normally say something negative about a country before they visit as that causes problematic discussions.  Especially saying the dollar is at it's end, is almost a declaration of war.

Remember we went into Iraq, for the real reason of Hussein was dropping the dollar to sell oil in Euros, the U.S. had to preserve the dollar as the oil trading currency, besides of course the U.S. wanting to get a hold of the oil there.

Portions from article:

BEIJING—Chinese President Hu Jintao emphasized the need for cooperation with the U.S. in areas from new energy to space ahead of his visit to Washington this week, but he called the present U.S. dollar-dominated currency system a "product of the past" and highlighted moves to turn the yuan into a global currency.

Some of Mr. Hu's most significant comments dealt with the future of the dollar and currency exchange rates.  "The current international currency system is the product of the past," he said, noting the primacy of the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency and its use in international trade and investment.

There is already trade in place between Russia and China using the Yuan, it was firmly established late last year, the two countries dropped the dollar completely  as the trading currency.   India is now trading with Iran in gold for oil, that is just taking place now.  The Asian countries had begun trading in the Yuan last year between each other.  South American countries had begun trading in their various currencies between each other in 2009.   The Chinese had continued to say "They will keep the dollar for trading"  the last 2 years, whenever they were asked about the dollar.  So, for the top person of China is now say "The dollar is at it's end", that means it IS now at it's end.

I expect to hear a whirlwind of information of how multiple countries have already made agreements of trading between them with currencies other than the dollar.

Please understand this is Huge news - this is going to impact all of us in every way!  Inflation has been kept somewhat low (no hyperinflation, as of yet), due to the dollar being the international currency, but as countries drop it..... well it will be free to run up and hyperinflation will be set loose, as the Trillions being created by the Federal Reserve flood the world.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Anger a Worthless emotion that does not get results nor does anyone good. I was engrossed in it the last few days and I am sorry.

I feel the need to post about anger.  I know anger so well, if you look at my last few days of posting, since the information about the Federal Reserve taking our rights away of holding banks accountable for fraud, you will see I have been full of anger.

I am putting this post here and not in my "Positive Vibs" blog, due to the amount of anger I spewed since Thursday.

I had been in a very dark place the last few days, I had been full of anger at all those who have control over the populace and using the control to depress the people.

I am awakening from the negative emotions of anger. It is a very dark emotion, which does not get us any positive results.  If we dwell on anger and let it rule us, then we lose and those in power win.  Anger and fear is what feeds those who would like to control us.  That is why we are bombarded with negative information from various sources.  Fear and anger is how we are led down a path by others, they need that emotion as the overwhelming feeling of people for that is the way they lead us to where they would like to take us.

Where as the emotion of Love and Positive energy is what those in power do not know how to deal with and they are not able to control us when we live in Loving intent.  I fully believe our power and the way to overcome any suppression is through living with the "Christ Consciousness".  The "Christ Consciousness", in my opinion is understanding we are able to create our world and we are able to influence our world through living in Love.  I do believe, if we had the faith the size of a pea, we could/can move a mountain.  To me, Christ told us "We too can do as he does, we simply need the faith and understanding".  To me, that means living in Loving intent and Knowing we are capable of working miracles is through our right frame of mind.   Anger is not the frame of mind which accomplishes anything, it only takes us down.  

I was lost for a few days, I let outside influences control my emotions, I was so down in the rabbit hole I could not see the light.  But I have also decided to claw my way back up, to the light and to positive emotions and outlook, knowing we are guided by a much higher power and we simply need to embrace the light and love around us and in us and let that be our guide and way forward. 

Though I will post about negative events or happenings, it is not my intent to keep people in the negative, it is my intent to give others an understanding.

I sincerely believe by all of us, working through our energies of anger, hate and any negative emotions and turning those emotions in to Loving intent for our Earth and each other we will prevail and we will arise and break the chains of those who wish to keep us enslaved in their matrix of negative emotions.

We all go through many stages in our lives and hopefully we all learn from those stages, where we keep growing in a better understanding of ourselves and the world in which we live.  When we go forward with the intent of Love for ourselves, the Earth and all others, then no outside force can control us.

We will continually make those choices in how we shall lead our lives and we will have situations where we will need to make a choice in which way we shall be led.  We will have the choice of darkness or light, it will be up to our own free will.  My intent is to live in Love and Light, without the fear and anger ruling me.  Will I be perfect at living in the Love and Light emotions?  No, I have no illusions, I will not feel fear or anger at times.  But, as long as I/we don't wrap ourselves fully in the negative, then we will be taking steps forward.  

I do ask, others join me in working on the intent of Love guiding us.  Love for each other, Love for our Earth and Love for Truth.  Through the positive guidance of Love and letting our higher power lead us, we literally can change our world.  We accomplish many things through Love, we accomplish nothing good through fear and anger.

My intent is to accomplish helping others and our Earth by helping myself through understanding Love is the only way forward, Love is what is real, Love is what makes us feel good, Love is what gives us a bright future.  I have so much to work on in understanding Love for myself and for all others, as it is not easy, but when there is intent on the positive to guide us, we will walk in the Light and Love of our higher power.

The angry posts from the last few days, will stay as they are, as they show the darkness I was in and the process which has led me to publish this post of choosing Light and Love, instead of letting the anger and hate take me fully down the rabbit hole.  I do believe the energies of the world are changing, we feel them changing and those in power have brought many things to a climax of everything seeming to fall apart at this moment in time, to keep people in fear and anger.

So, I ask others.... does fear and anger make you feel good?  Do you accomplish anything living with those emotions?  Do those negative emotions get you positive results in your life?  The answer to those questions are... No.  They only take people down.

But, stop and feel Love..... Love for yourself, Love for the Earth, Love for all others..... How does that make you feel?  When you stop and have the intent of Love, no matter what the situation, positive results come through.

Thank you to all who are reading this and please forgive my overwhelming anger which was so obvious in my postings since Thursday.  I am sorry, I may have taken others down a rabbit hole with me in anger and hate through the posts.  I will work on trying to keep my posts in a positive loving light in giving knowledge of information and not doing it through the emotions of anger.    Even though there will be negative events and situations, when we keep our focus on Light, there will be nothing we can not overcome.

I sincerely believe - You and I are One - We each have the abilities to create and shape our world around us.  I do believe in all of our prosperity together in every way!  I believe in YOU - I believe in ME - I believe together we can and will be unstoppable in creating a better future!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Rise and Fall of American Democracy. Robert Kiyosaki hits it exactly

Robert Kiyosaki  wrote a very interesting article last year.  I was not aware of the length of times "Democracies" survived before going into totalitarian states.  

Portion from article:

The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the beginning of history has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

• From bondage to spiritual faith;
• From spiritual faith to great courage;
• From courage to liberty;
• From liberty to abundance;
• From abundance to complacency;
• From complacency to apathy;• From apathy to dependence;
• From dependence back to bondage.

This is the United States history.  If you think about it, we did not quite make the 200 years before those that have had the intent to enslave us and put us in bondage, started.  At the same time they began the dum down of the American people and the drugging up of the American people.  Fluoride came out strong in the 1960s in being put in the drinking water, which most of us know is a complacent drug, which the Nazi's used on the Jewish people in concentration camps.  It is a poison that has been sold to us "as being good for our teeth".  But if anyone who doesn't believe that, takes the time to do a little research, they will find it is all true and it is actually very bad for us, but good for those who are in power.   We also have chemtrails constantly being laid across our skies and we don't know the full mixture of what is in it.  Doubt that?  Well take an air sample and ask the EPA to sample it.... You will get a direct refusal if you ask them to sample it for hard metals.  Many have tried.    Also there are patents and a few elected officials have admitted to the chemtrails.  Lets not forget our food is genetically modified and with the new S510 bill just signed into law - growing our own food is illegal.  Of course it is all in the name of "food safety".  Yeah, Monsanto controlled food "safety".  Who knows what we are actually putting in our body from what Monsanto has done to it.

Nothing I wrote above is "conspiracy" it is actually all fact.  People just need to do a little research to find out, the truths.

More from article:

In looking at American history, we can see Tytler's sequence in action. In 1620, the Pilgrims sailed to America to escape the religious bondage imposed by the Church of England. Their spiritual faith carried them to the new world.

Because of their deep faith, the Pilgrims left England in spite of the high percentage of deaths incurred by earlier American settlements. For example, when Jamestown, Virginia, was founded in 1607, 70 of the 108 settlers died in the first year. The following winter only 60 of 500 new settlers lived. Between 1619 and 1622, the Virginia Company sent 3,600 more settlers to the colony, and over those three years 3,000 would die.
In 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed. From spiritual faith the new Americans were garnering great courage. By crafting the Declaration of Independence, the colonists knew they were essentially declaring war on the most powerful country in the world -- England.

With the onset of the Revolutionary War, the colonists were moving from courage to liberty, following Tytler's sequence. By demanding their independence and being willing to fight for it, a new democracy was born. This new democracy grew rapidly for nearly 200 years.

Then, in 1933, the U.S. was thrown into the Great Depression and elected Franklin Delano Roosevelt as president. Facing total economic collapse, Roosevelt took the U.S. dollar off the gold standard. At the same time, Germany, also in financial crisis, elected Adolf Hitler as its leader. World War II soon followed.
In 1944, with WWII coming to an end, the Bretton Woods Agreement was signed by the world powers and the U.S. dollar, once again backed by gold, became the reserve currency of the world.

In 1971 President Nixon violated the Bretton Woods Agreement by taking the U.S. dollar off the gold standard because America was spending more than it was producing and the U.S. gold reserves were being depleted.

In 1972 Nixon visited China to open the door for trade. What followed was the biggest economic boom in history -- a boom fueled by the U.S. borrowing money through the sale of bonds to China, one of the world's poorest countries at that time. The sale of these bonds financed a growing U.S. trade deficit. China produced low-cost goods, and we paid for them with money borrowed from the Chinese workers.

In 1976 America celebrated its 200th anniversary as a democracy. Rather than produce, we kept borrowing to finance social-welfare programs. Over the next three decades or so, America slid from complacency to apathy.

We have no one else to blame but ourselves.  We have ignored what Washington D.C. was doing, behind our backs.  We accepted what they had to say and the media promoted the bill of goods they were selling us down the road with.  

Yes, I am still very angry over the fact the Federal Reserve is being allowed to take our rights away.  I think I still believed deep down, that somehow our elected officials would eventually come to their senses and stop selling the people down the road as slaves and start acting like we mattered to them.  Upon now knowing we will have no rights against banks come July 2011 and a non government entity that is owned by foreigners who own other central banks in the world are the ones being allowed to make our laws and take our rights!   Our elected officials gave the Federal Reserve that right.  So the article linked and portions enclosed, shows we have already made our way back to bondage.  But this bondage is much worst, as the people are being thrown out on the streets as if they are garbage as our elected officials look the other way.    What is also worst is the people are sitting back, just letting it all happen.   But, much of that fault is due to the fact we are poisoned in what we drink, breathe  and eat and now people walk around "asleep".  People don't want to know the truths and those in power did that on purpose.  

So America, congratulations we have made our way back to the bondage stage.   But what happens when people fully realize that?  OH, Yes...... I remember now.   Hopefully the "Courage" will come back fast! 

See the video in the post right before this one - it applies to this article. 



Friday, January 14, 2011

WOW - Feeding the Homeless is NOT Allowed now - Houston Couple who feed homeless, told to STOP by Police and City Council!

Yet another instance showing how the government is inhuman in so many ways!

A couple in Houston Texas has been feeding the homeless out of the goodness of their hearts for about a year.  They will feed 60 plus homeless a night.  They have help from neighbors and friends to prepare food for the homeless.

But that has all stopped, when the police showed up and told them, they are not allowed to feed the homeless anymore due to an ordinance from the City Council!  Anyone wanting to feed or help another human being in times of need in providing food, has to have a permit!

Yeah, you got that one right!  By trying to help those who are most down and depressed by most probably losing their homes through bank fraud, you can get in trouble and be told to stop!

Where is humanity from those in power now?

Will this insanity from our "leaders" ever end?  Will they ever find Love and Goodness in their hearts for the people?   Will they ever work for the people and not for the banks and corporations?  Will they ever find kindness in their hearts for the people?  

In reading the last few days of postings, you will find I have been very hard on the government, that is due to so many realizations of just how far down the path the government has sold out the American People.  When complete reality hits, anger comes up.   I believe it is the unbelievable amount of sadness I feel for all the people who need to be helped as the government sits on their hands and lets the American people go down the drain through out right fraud and inhuman treatment. 

Portion of article:

Bobby and Amanda Herring spent more than a year providing food to homeless people in downtown Houston every day. They fed them, left behind no trash and doled out warm meals peacefully without a single crime being committed, Bobby Herring said.

That ended two weeks ago when the city shut down their "Feed a Friend" effort for lack of a permit. And city officials say the couple most likely will not be able to obtain one.

Bobby Herring said those rules would preclude them from continuing to feed the 60 to 120 people they assisted nightly for more than a year. The food had been donated from area businesses and prepared in various kitchens by volunteers or by his wife.

On Nov. 8, they were approached by Houston police officers and asked to provide food at another location under an overpass at Commerce and Travis streets adjacent to Buffalo Bayou, he recalled.

They were happy to move to the new location and continued to provide food there until Dec. 30, when a park ranger and two police officers told them they would have to stop until they could obtain a permit.
Because the new area to which they had moved is on city park land, they need permission and permits from both the parks department and health department.

Because city ordinances would prevent them from obtaining the needed permit, Bobby Herring said he is hoping to find a new solution, perhaps working through a church with a permit or finding a downtown location that would allow them to continue to help the homeless.

Amanda Herring said she was frustrated at the city's sudden stance.

"I'm just really sad," she said. "I can't believe for a year we were right out in the open and never had anybody tell us to leave, to stop, to tell us it was wrong. I'm blindsided with it."

The Banks are Literally STEALING Rental Property NOW! Foreclosing on Owners who have NEVER been late or Missed a Payment!

If there has been any doubt in anyone's mind about the banks literally stealing property from owners, there should not be now!

Banks are stealing Rental Property from owners who have never been late or missed a payment before!  The rental properties in fact have been positive income for the owners!  But, the banks want the property so they are foreclosing on them! 

We live in a very unjust country where the banks are running wild and stealing everyone's property, either by fraud or outright theft!  I am so bewildered on how it has gotten this far and how our elected officials have gone so deep down into the rabbit hole for the banks and corporations they do not even see the American people anymore! 

Owners of positive income rental properties have loans which last a few years and then have to get renewed.  Rental property owners are finding the banks are not renewing their loans and are taking over the properties.  In fact the banks are even having the renters send them (the banks) the rent every month, before foreclosing on the owner!

How is it, we keep letting this outrageous stealing from the people and bankrupting everyone (except the bankers and elite of the country) go on?   I will keep asking:  How does our elected officials sit back and watch the disintegration of the country and people?  I am starting to believe all those conspiracy theories of, it being planned and this has been done on purpose. 

Portion from article:

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Imagine never being late or missing a payment, but still losing your home to foreclosure.  It's happening across the nation to owners of rental properties.

An owner of multiple rental properties can't typically get a traditional loan, so he'll get a one-, three- or five-year note that's renewed when it expires.  Several property owners in the Ozarks are getting turned down for renewals even though they've never been late or missed a payment.  The result is they lose their properties to foreclosure and the income that goes with it.

In fact, they've already foreclosed on two properties, including a six-plex, his biggest money maker.  His bank didn't return a reporter's calls but told him why they wouldn't refinance his loans. 

"I do construction and work has been slow and they said, based on my tax return, they don't feel I have ability to pay my notes even though I've never been late," said Hosey.

He says the properties pay for themselves.

"I just can't believe I'm in this position," he said.

To make matters worse, his tenants are now making payments to the bank, even though Hosey is still responsible for the insurance, utilities and trash pickup.  He says, without the rent payments, he has no way to pay those bills.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


The Federal Reserve plans on making changes to the TILA (Truth in Lending Act) laws, where homeowners will find it impossible to sue Banks and prevent Foreclosures!  This is despite the outcry from consumer groups and even the Senate Finance Committee!

What else did we expect from the M.F.s!?

I would like to know, WHY the govt. - our elected officials even gave control over the banks and the people and their rights to a NON GOVERNMENT Entity - Which is what the Federal Reserve is!  THE FEDERAL RESERVE IS A PRIVATE BANK - NOT A GOVERNMENT ENTITY OF THE UNITED STATES!

First you need to understand that, to understand why they could not give a flying F**k about the people!  So, why would our elected officials who are suppose to watch out over you and me, give them the control over our rights against the banks?!

When will this stop?!

If there was ever a call to action - IT IS NOW!


The Federal Reserve plans on making sure, if anyone wants to sue a bank for FRAUD they have to pay IN FULL the mortgage amount before they can sue!  WTF?????!!!!!!  In other words - if you don't have the full amount of money for your mortgage you CAN NOT SUE!  How the F**K are our elected officials allowing this?!

Oh, The Federal Reserve says it is hurting the economy, by people suing the banks!  What a F**king Unbelievable  statement - in other words the banks can commit FRAUD all they want on people!

You do realize after this takes affect - The Banks will screw EVERYONE left and right - they will not have to be accountable to any loans or Fraud they commit EVER!

Portion of article:

The Federal Reserve is moving ahead with plans to change the right-of-rescission rule as part of the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) despite intense outcry from consumer advocates, civil rights groups,  and top members of the Senate Banking Committee.
Revised TILA will require borrowers to repay a mortgage in full before a loan is rescinded. Consumer groups say the measure is designed to prevent homeowners from using the right-of-rescission protection as a defense against improper foreclosure.
The Fed’s proposal is designed to ward off frivolous lawsuits that will delay foreclosures and have an adverse impact on economic recovery by ensuring “a clearer and more equitable process for resolving rescission claims” that closely mirrors present court requirements. The central bank wants to lift what it views as undue compliance burdens and litigation risk for creditors.
The Truth in Lending Act was passed in 1968, giving homeowners the right to rescind, or cancel illegal loans for up to three years after closing the transaction when borrowers are not provided with requisite disclosures at settlement.
Foreclosure attorneys have used the rescission clause to help homeowners in numerous cases involving predatory lending where faulty and fraudulent disclosures were key pieces of evidence.

It is when I am seeing red - I use foul language and right now - I am seeing red more than ever!  If there was ever a moment in time, where it is proven the banks have control over our government and our lives and it is being shown they are bankrupting all Americans, it is now!

Considering the Federal Reserve will continue to dump money in the laps of banks and the bankers walk away with billions in bonuses every year, but as of yesterday the Federal Reserve has said it will NOT HELP States in bailing them out.   What does that mean?  States may have to stop paying people their pensions!  So in other words the Federal Reserve will NOT HELP you and me in any way shape or form!


What Really Happened inserted this video in regards to this article! I am now inserting it here! Thanks Michael for bringing this video out and to our attention!

I feel we HAVE TO DO SOMETHING! Even though our elected officials have not paid attention to our voices before! WE HAVE TO CALL THEM AND LET THEM KNOW OUR OUTRAGE AT THIS! THEY HAVE TO STOP THE FEDERAL RESERVE FROM TAKING OUR RIGHTS OF SUING THE BANKS DUE TO FRAUD! Every time I think, nothing else will shock me about what outrageous things are going on...... I get shocked over and over again on how our government is allowing Private industry and banks to rule the people and laws!




ANOTHER EDIT - I called Ron Paul's office, the woman who answered said "Ron Paul, is aware of the TILA changes by the Federal Reserve".  I asked what is he doing about it?  She transferred me to a voice mail to leave a message to speak to someone about it.  I left a message basically saying exactly what is above!  IT IS UNACCEPTABLE A PRIVATE BANK CAN CHANGE THE LAWS AND RIGHTS FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!  OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS HAVE TO STOP IT!  I said, I have a blog and posted this phone number for everyone to call and I will look forward to putting what Ron Paul is doing about this situation!   If I hear anything back, I will immediately post it!  

Another Edit - I have called my elected officials and let them know they can not allow a private bank to change our laws and rights.  The people who answer say "they will pass my concern along"!   Guess I won't be holding my breath about it!  

We can not allow our sovereignty to be completely handed over to a foreign entity!  It can not be allowed!  We must stand up against this!  We need to hold our elected officials accountable to giving our rights and laws away to a bank in full public view!  We are no longer a sovereign nation upon allowing the Federal Reserve to control our laws and rights!  This was not the left or right who did it, it was ALL of them who did it!  They are ALL under control of the banks and corporations including foreign ones!  We are no longer a nation of "For the People and By the People"! Only if we stand up and raise our voices so loud that they can not be ignored, will we get our rights and government back!  

EDIT - 1/14/11 - Huffington post has an article about what the Federal Reserve plans on doing:


Unsurprisingly, banks support the move, but consumer advocates say this would essentially make rescission worthless to borrowers.

"The ... proposal would eviscerate the single most effective tool that homeowners have to stop foreclosures and avoid predatory loans," reads a letter penned by Margot Saunders of the National Consumer Law Center and signed by 16 national public interest groups, along with 33 state housing and legal aid groups and 144 individual attorneys. "Passage of the proposed rule will considerably exacerbate foreclosure statistics in this nation."

According to the Center for Responsible Lending, 2.5 million homes were lost to foreclosure between January 2007 and the end of 2009, and another 5.7 million stand in "imminent" danger of foreclosure today.
"I view this as nothing less than a criminal ploy to shove hard working Americans out of their homes and onto the streets," wrote Ann Capotosto in an undated comment letter. "It is immoral and must be stopped."

"Think of mankind for once, please," requested Larissa Cavanaugh in a Dec. 4 letter.

"Have you lost your minds?" inquired Beth Findsen in another letter from Dec. 4. "In the depths of an unprecedented catastrophe for the middle class, related to the predatory loans and their rapacious securitization by the financial industry, resulting in millions of middle class Americans losing all of their wealth and their homes, you want to loosen TILA? Are you tone deaf? Have you lost your humanity entirely?"