Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WTF?! Video - Today Show 12/28/11 - Chuck Todd "Who ever Comes in Second and not named Ron Paul in Iowa is the REAL Winner" MSNBC site - has "Paul Bearers" under Ron Paul's profile to subliminally affect people's thoughts of Paul.

A seriously WTF statement!  I watched some of the Today Show on this morning 12/28/11 when they began talking about the Iowa Caucus.  Chuck Todd was on and Matt Lauer asked him what is Ron Paul's chances after Iowa?

Chuck Todd replied "Ron Paul has no chance and who ever comes in second in Iowa is the REAL Winner.  Ron Paul is not a real candidate, he has no real backing from the GOP, he is a fringe candidate who ever wins second not named Ron Paul is the winner."

I went to MSNBC's site to see if I will be able to get the video of the Today show.  There I found the politics page has a profile for each GOP candidate.

I am appalled at what MSNBC has under Ron Paul's profile.  I took a screen shot of it:  (10:10 AM est - they have changed what I screen captured earlier today with "Paul Bearers".  They have a picture of Newt up on Ron Paul's page now - latest screen shot of Ron Paul's Profile page on MSNBC is at bottom)

For them to have "Paul Bearers" under Ron Paul's picture is outrageous!  This is about the most horrendous thing I have seen from MSM regarding Ron Paul and their smear campaign against him.  They are implying he is too old and will be dead soon, in my opinion!  It is disgusting and shows how bias they are.  Not one MSM site is unbias towards Ron Paul, it is so obvious.  Now they are even trying to subliminally influence people and their thoughts of Ron Paul, as if people are 'carrying' the dead. 

Also notice the background of his picture they have up?  Looks like a Funeral Home look.

All I can say is what is MSM going to use as an excuse when Ron Paul wins New Hampshire and then other primaries?

Oh Wait..... they will keep counting the ballots in secret as they are now going to do in Iowa to commit voting fraud! 

I can tell the establishment, all  you have to do is read the comments throughout the net on all the hit pieces on Ron Paul on MSM and alternative news sites to see he has a major following.  Those who follow him are the ones who are awake and aware of what the government has been doing in stealing everyone's money and liberties.  People are Disgusted with all the D.C. folks they are saying "NO MORE" we are taking our government and country back!

We are not stupid, we will know when the government commits voting fraud!

I believe we need to have another country over see our voting here in the United States, just as the U.S. over sees other countries elections against fraud.

I will get the video of Chuck Todd on the Today Show as soon as it is available and put it in this post.

UPDATE - 8:01 AM Video of Chuck Todd this morning on the Today Show 12/28/11
Watch this video, Matt Lauer says "It is just Ron Paul" and he mentions his name with 'disgust' in his voice, besides Chuck Todd saying anyone who comes in second and not named Ron Paul will be the REAL winner of Iowa. 

At least the word has been getting out about CNN and their unfair biased editing of the Ron Paul interview, where they implied he stormed off camera and ended the interview. Drudge had information about that and now Huffington Post is running an article about it.

UPDATE 12/28/11 10:10 AM EST - Here is what is on Ron Paul's Profile page now on MSNBC - they took the picture of Ron Paul off with "Paul Bearers" under it and have put a picture of Newt up

Update  - I just found this on Huffington Post - What Bullsh**!  It is about Romney and they only mention Paul once in the article.  It says that the GOP Leader was on a morning show saying the winner and the GOP candidate will be quick - implying Romney is going to be the GOP man!

He will be the man ONLY IF there is FRAUD in the voting process! 

UPDATE - This is on What Really Happened - It is a Video from a 2008 Debate that FOX news will not reair!



  1. I seen this on TODAY as well and felt the same anger and frustration!

  2. You people should know that when Ron Paul becomes president, you will all be charged for treason. Keep your lying opinions to yourself. Try being a real journalist and report the truth if you have the balls.

  3. Shadow I assume you are targeting MSM with your comment.

  4. I heard one on NPR the other morning. A political analyst was discussing Paul with a very negative slant and several fairly obvious digs at him. At one point he said, "Paul's supporters like that he is fourth-rate, uh, forthright."

  5. Yes, all of them, actually I hoping when the good doctor is elected and brings home all the troops world wide, he will use them to round up all the criminal politicians, bankers, lawyers, and judges for a public hanging on the white house lawn.

  6. sorry Sherrie, looks like the aren't posting my last commkent - you assume correct

  7. hey Shadow, sometimes comments don't get posted immediately if I am not by the computer. But they do get posted, once I get to them. :)

  8. When is the media going to realize they no longer do the thinking for most of the American people? Yes there are still lots of sheep still out there....that need to wake-up!

  9. I try to boycott the corporations that advertise on these propaganda outlets.

  10. What CNN, MSNBC - and all the other defense and AIPAC controlled outlets - promote are contrary indicators for the American public. If we could vote out some of the seemingly permanent treasonous congressional fixtures and elect Paul, it would portend the end of the tyranny of the American-Israeli PUBLIC Action Committee, a foreign lobby many have tried to bring under control. Clearly AIPAC is winning so far, and both parties are continuing to vie for its money and television support without concern for their 9% approval rating from the people they are supposed to serve.

  11. If the elections and entire system were actually real, Ron could make a difference. But unfortunately it is an illusion created to make people think they have a choice. They do not and neither does Ron Paul. There will be no change. Period. The agenda is underway and will not be stopped. They are going for broke this time. Beware.

  12. There really is nothing to worry about. The truth is the MSM has ran out of tricks to use against the awakening. This effect has alresdy reached a point nearing or at critical mass. They are now throwing whatever can stick at this point with blatant disregard. What I would suggest is that we thank the MSM for assisting us in this awakening by providing us with Flimsy, useless, misinformed rhetoric that's we can easily see through.

  13. Ron's so far out in front, the media seem to have trouble focusing on him...

    Anyway, a positive thought. By Ron's own philosophy, he's not the indispensable core of the "movement". He's just following a definitive procedure printed in plain English and following it to the last letter of intent. It's not a hidden guide held back for the eyes of the Elite only. And there aren't 15 different versions in the public domain with every shade of nuance like any religion. Truth is, anybody and everybody can and should simply push for the simplest idea there is: Follow The Law A Written. The rest is conversation.