Saturday, December 3, 2011

OMG Shocking News Coverage! Today's MSM News!

Wow, Here is the MSM News today, Shocking I tell you - just Shocking! 

I am sure you will be as Impressed as I am.

This is to honor them for their coverage of the Senate Treason this past week and how they have covered  it completely.   But This is Their Coverage of the News!   This is why so many (99% of the people) are so well informed about the real news, that affects everyone.

I really Love this video, Shocking MSM coverage all the way! 

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  1. Yes, as I searched for news coverage of the traitorous vote of the destruction of our liberties. All I could find was Wolf Blitzer interviewing Kermit the freaking frog ! The lame stream media is paid off and feeding us Bullshit !!!