Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Judge's ruling today 11/26/13, Sandy Hook 911 Calls will be released on December 4th,


Judge Eliot D. Prescott ordered police to release the tapes by 2 p.m. on Dec. 4 unless Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen J. Sedensky III can convince the Appellate Court to reverse the ruling.

It is time for them to be released and interesting enough, the calls in do not say a child was shot per the judge in deciding the ruling.


 "There is no dispute in this case that the audio recordings of the 911 calls made from the Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012, are public records within the FOIA," he wrote.Under Sedensky's effort to use confidential provisions relating to the reporting of child abuse, the judge wrote that under the prosecutor's rationale, all records pertaining to the Sandy Hook shooting would be exempt from public disclosure.
The judge said the calls are harrowing, but they do not identify any children, nor do they describe any injuries to a child.

This will be just in time for the media and the government to spew propaganda and try and get gun control going again at the one year anniversary of Sandy Hook.

People need to understand the only reason we have the story of Sandy Hook is because the media and government told us it happened.  Yet there has not been one shred of evidence or real proof any children were murdered that day.

The fact is there is more evidence that it did not happen then us just being told it did.

Does that sound cold to some people?  That I would say that when they believe 20 children were shot?

Remember this is the same government that lied over and over again about people keeping their health insurance when they knew for years it would actually be cancelled.   Besides all the other lies they have been caught in - Benghazi, IRS, etc.

So are we really just suppose to take their word that people were murdered that day without providing proof?

Remember too some authorities slipped up when they spoke, including the Governor of Connecticut saying that Holder had told him the week before that something as this was going to happen.

The news channels faked police running into the school.  They showed them running into St. Rosa school that day.

Remember there was a drill with this exact scenario going on less than a mile away.

This is besides the fact they didn't allow any EMS into the building too.

The list goes on and on, including my finding and showing in a video how the people recycled into the firehouse that day.

We shall see what the 911 calls say and we will have fun trying to figure out why the police have wanted them to stay unheard from the public.

If everything is as they have said, then what are they hiding?


  1. the sandy hook 911 calls have passed out of beta and are now in their gold version and will be released on Dec. 4 no extra downloadable content. the devs promise to support this release with patches and troubleshooting so if its not right at release time a day 01 patch should fix most inconsistences. this is huge for fan because the devs were going to push back the release date of the software but decided to beat the Christmas holiday to cash in on the true believers right after turkey day.

  2. I find it odd that when it comes to something like the Sandy Hook shooting, your standards of evidence is so high; yet when it comes to bogus medical claims, any podunk study convinces you.Why do you apply your skepticism so unevenly?

    1. If there REALLY was a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and OVOMIT REALLY wanted to push gun registration / confiscation then they would show pics of dead bloody kids, the bloody walls, and the dead shooter. Instead we get talk... no tangible documented evidence, just talk... and now a year later they have 911 tapes? I wonder how long it took them to develop the fake 911 calls?

  3. Why not immediately? Is eh giving them time to erase, edit, loose, hide the recordings?

  4. Have you lost your mind? There were 20 funerals, 20 sets of weeping parents, and scores of people who knew these children. Get a court order to dig them up if you have any doubts. As to the killer, was he or was he not on those anti-depressants that psychiatrists pass out like free candy? But were children & grown-ups murdered? Yes. And you're out of your bloody mind if you maintain otherwise. Are there legit questions about false-flags, and gun-grabbing tactics? Absolutely. But to claim 20 kids vanished without a trace or didn't die at all is insane. Get your brains out of storage and start to focus on the real issues. Sherrie is questioning everything except her own bizarre Certainties -- pardon me, Fantasies.

    1. Oh, yes they were such distressed parents too. Forget their laughing and no tears ever. You need to look a little deeper and see how it was not possible. Get your brains out of sheeple hood and think for yourself instead of having the government and media think for you.

      Happy Thanksgiving!

    2. I'm not certain about anything except that the burden of proof is on those selling the "official version" of these events.

      Until they provide adequate proof, the case is wide open. I think it's 100% certain the the patsy was NOT capable of the purported feat. Given the long history of false flags and decades of media lies, failure to question/acceptance of the official version is a dereliction of duty.

  5. it isn't "20 kids vanished without a trace or didn't die at all" they didn't exist in the first place.