Monday, November 18, 2013

2 New Pictures of Comet ISON 11/18/13 from ISON - One very unusual, it Shows Speed Shock Wave in front of it.

ISON telescope sent me pictures of Comet ISON again this morning - 11/18/13. 

One picture is really cool and unusual, it shows the shock wave of air in front of comet ISON.  It may not be actual air, but you can see the wave patterns in front of the comet.

I emailed him and asked if the picture he sent me yesterday with a perfectly round coma, if he had covered it or if that was the real coma and what he thought the two things in the tail are.  The picture I was inquiring about is at the bottom in a video.

Here is my email to him and his response back to me without being changed:

My email: 

This last picture is amazing! I have to ask two things.
First is the coma covered by you or is it that perfectly round?
Second what do you think are those two objects right after the coma area, starting the tail?
Thank you again for everything!


His response back to me this morning 11/18/13
Picture of comet obtained in ISON-Kislovodsk observatory three hours ago, and parte of the same picture in filters.

1. Is interraction of solar wind and coma - wave because of big speed of comet
2. Yes, is the starting the tail.

I will be away of Moscow in next couple days, possibly without of Internet access.


Here are the pictures he sent me this morning 11/18/13

Here are the two above pictures and summary of this article in a video:

Below are all the various pictures and information ISON telescope network has sent me in the past.

Picture of ISON from ISON - morning of 11/17/13 

Here is the information about the comets passing Mercury

Previous pictures of ISON from ISON - with email I originally sent them.  

Update picture from the 15th from ISON of comet ISON. 

Pictures New Comet (Nevski C/2013 V3) from ISON telescope discovered on November 8th 2013 

Up Close Photo that is in the video below 


  1. There is no "air" in space, as it is a vacuum. I wonder what causes the visible 'shock wave' then

    1. No clue, but you can definitely see the waves in front of the comet.

    2. Maaaan, that is a good question !

    3. LOL No. In fact ISON telescope submitted these on Spaceweather. You can go and see the exact pictures from them on it now. ISON telescope is not like NASA. They don't fake things as NASA does.

  2. When you provide images to the public, they need to be sourced. You are 'reporting' something considered relevant news. Regardless of whether you are a 'news' professional, the responsibility to the truth is on you. That is why previously, I stated where are the NASA photo stamps showing unequivocally that they are in fact OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHS from an official agency. The stamp "ison telescope" is NOT an official agency that stands behind the images. My statement is especially important when further spurious claims follow the images adding to the hoaxery level and making you the poster look, well, unintelligent.

    In so much as the posted images are concerned, the closer the comet comes to the Sun, and Sun's ejection of photons, gama rays, and X-rays, the more the comet's material make-up will interact with the Sun's ejections of materials. The laws of thermodynamics apply.

    1. ISON does stand behind the photos they sent them to me. They have some of them with the name and date etc. some do not. But rest assured these are real photos from ISON. I would not be able to fake photos of ISON besides I don't have a telescope to take photos as these. Some people won't be convinced of anything, if they have their mind made up, even if it is the wrong conclusions. There is no hoax happening here.

      As far as NASA and their official pictures.... which they haven't released any. They are really good at faking things. In fact NASA is pretty much built upon fakery. So using them as something people should hold a standard to.... well that is about the lowest standard someone can refer to.

      I am not an expert but feel very lucky to have ISON sending me the photos they have due to my contacting them.

      Yes there is a shock wave evident at the bow of the coma. That is obvious in the pictures. Do I call it the right thing? Maybe not. But it is there.

  3. those waves might be the ionisation of it hitting solar flare radiation ,since the sun is kicking off at the moment