Sunday, September 29, 2013

Observation: D.C. began to 'fear' the Unity of the public regarding Syria. Government Shut down 'Game'- Now Hate, Division and Negative Energy between the people once again.

Isn't it funny.   People had united in a way I had not seen before regarding the 'Bomb Syria' situation.  I went to all the various websites from the 'hard left to hard right' and I found people were uniting as never before in the comments.   People were coming together and not 'hating' one another for being Republican or Democrat.   People were committing "All the elected officials are not for the people, no matter the party affiliation, they are all on the same side."   People were waking up to who the D.C. officials really are.

Those in D.C. began to 'fear' the public regarding Syria as the public was standing up in Unity regardless of 'Party Affiliation'   They had to Stop that so the game of 'Government Shutdown over Party affiliation' has come into play.  

Understand, the only way D.C. can do as they want overall, is for the people to hate one another and put a label on each other due to party affiliation.   By people being divided they can do as they please and pass whatever they please and still get elected the next time.

BUT if people are united and begin understanding those in D.C. are one, behind the scenes and that are all controlled puppets in a game they can not do as they please.

I have said over and over again on this blog.  There is NO real difference between the party affiliations in D.C..  It is all a game for the public.  All legislation that takes away our rights or a money give away to the banks and corporation are always passed by both parties.  NDAA, FISA, Patriot Act, Stimulus, TARP, etc.    They are all controlled puppets in a play and are told what part to play in a 'fight' in the public face but behind the scenes they are the same.

Look no further than NSA spying.  Both 'sides' are fine with it and both sides don't have a problem with the constitution being shredded for 'the good of the people and getting terrorist.'

The latest government shutdown is a perfect example of a created crisis for division of the people.

I am now reading throughout the net on all various websites from left to right, absolute Hate being spewed between the people due to their party affiliation.   Of course with McCain saying "Civil War" and the administration calling GOP congress people "terrorists" this is fueling the fire as never before.

It appears in fact the D.C. establishment is going full tilt in creating Hate between the people by inflammatory rhetoric for the public to embrace, through MSM.  

Think about it, what a perfect vehicle to make sure the public hates each other once again and divide as never before.  A government shutdown showdown over Obamacare with one party on one side and the other party on the opposite side.

D.C. can not have the people united at all, they need the energy of Hate to get what they want accomplished for their friends in higher places. 

The problem is the people are buying the whole bullshit play acting, hook line and sinker.

I sincerely wish that people would not buy the story being fed to them by the government and the media and the people would stand together.

Energy is what drives all things and creates all things.  By having the energy of Strong Hate and Division being radiated by the people as a whole, the top feeds off of it and can continue with their lies and deception.   Energy is the creative power of everything in our lives.  What we put our energy into is what manifest and war is able to be created and started due to the hate energy of the people.  

Those who control all aspects of our lives understand this and they lead all of us by a carrot in front of our noises to create what they want as they control where our energy is placed.

Personally I would welcome any government shutdown.  Let the people unite together and change our government to being "For the People and By the People" once again.   I would welcome the people uniting as they did when this "More Perfect Union" was formed in 1776.

We need to NOT Hate one another, we need to ignore the game being played!  We need to put our Energy into Love and Unity for our country and each other.

If we can keep our thoughts and energy into Standing Together, Unity and Love as we did with Syria we can change what is happening in D.C.  


I did not play the game in the last elections either, except for voting for Ron Paul in the primaries.  I am stepping outside of their game and I will not sanction my Freedom being stolen away by voting in those who are controlled to take our Rights and Freedoms away through lies.

I am asking for the people reading this to please not fall for what they are doing in creating extreme hate between the people once again!

The only way to change our world as a whole right now and what they are doing in D.C. is to stay United together.

I invite you to turn your speakers UP VERY LOUD and Listen to this song It is exactly what it is happening and what they are doing in D.C.!  I ask you to listen to the words of this song and THINK!


The above song is now my official 'Theme Song' for this blog!  It says it all in what people need to do..... THINK!  Don't play their games and don't let their games direct your energy into the Hate and Division they need to create to continue what they want to do.

By Uniting together and seeing each other as ourselves and staying with the Energy of Love, Truth and Unity we ALL can be FREE!



  1. And hehehe. whats scears them realy, is the fact, that the oposition is mutch smarter and more knowledgable, and if one is persisten anouf, it comes thure.

    Everything, everything I have writen about thure all this Years, in all terms, is verifyable and is not videly known, some have it thure probably by personal inresses, that goes for me. Nothing more or less, I make nothing by or of it, all free, hehe.
    I recomend people to cklick of the words I use or have used, paste it and do some resucrse your self, recomended and above all, use other Reades than Google/ZioTube.
    Heavely sencured, and that goes to a wide range of issues, even about Rase and religion, they have in ZioTube removed, entire religions out of the pickture, like Mthrandism, the ancient babylonian belife, handled down thrue the Talmud, and pimped by the Vatican/CatolicChurch.
    And so on.

    Even walk into a library, if you have a good one, they can gett you anything, from anywhere, anythime, I love librarys. and have in all humblness read a hole one, almoust, no joke.
    And have forgotten 90%.
    The greates benefitt from growning older, one forgetts things, and nobody ask you to remeber anything anymore, hehe.

    The more you seach, the more you learn, read both sides, and then make up your mind, not to be solid, but to be able to fluctuate in opinion, because we do change when we gett more knowledge, and rises our awareness.
    And both have a nagging drawback, your consciousness rises.
    And when the horror of clearer sight apears, and the presure drags you down, never forgett its just an ilution of mind, never forgett that moust of us are peacefull humans, and this goes to all people.
    Nobody wants to be a criminal, it f... up your mind, I know, I grew up with it.

    The time is to beginn to make alternatives, in all terms, like Science, why isnt it open to all.
    Like physics and cemistry, make some basses that is NOT regulated by the present Inkvisition and their preasts.
    Thats something the Scentific comunety should be more engaged in, to make progress, one needs all the force of humanity, and Geniuses are born every second on this planet, the future should be about giving them all, a chanse to make it, no matter where in this world.
    And the internett is the solution, the best tool ever invented, there is never been this tight before, and people should use it to make this future Ours.
    I know we have a paradigms shift, althoe its slow, but it accumulates, ordinary people like me, should be the process, and breakthues will pay them selfs, benefits us all, like free energy.

    I am not in general a pesimist of nature, but its the price, we pay before the knowledge comes into the comon man, is variable, and like the Syrian, we can only hope that there will be no greater war, and so goes to Iran, both targeted by the Zionists/NeoCONs.

    Alternatives, is the coming arena, and to diversify from the established dogmas and medival consesusses pimped by the presnet "scientific media/comunety".
    Despecable and revealing.

    Angels, do you wana hear how they sound, this is the closest to heavenly I can remeber have heard.


  2. Obama's Head-Chopping Cannibals In Syria & The Evil Siamese Twin Growing On John McCain's Jaw

  3. It took about 5 minutes for the unity of syria to dissolve back into believing of government lies and propoganda here in the UK. For one brief moment people started to wake up, but then the new iphone and gta 5 came out and they all went back to sleep.

    We're screwed.

    I just hope that when the nuke is fired it's a direct hit on my house.

  4. I thought you and the commentators would be interested in this: Glenn Greenwald and Janine Gibson of the Guardian have done an Ask Me Anything on Reddit!

  5. You always write like you are a loser. On the losing team when you should write with AUTHORITY. Because as someone pointed out to me you are being led by the MINORITY.

    The gays, lesbians, progressives, the liberals and the radicals who make up only a small minority. We are the silent majority and we should let are voices be heard and we should nip in the bud all their agendas by calling them, warning them and voting against all their radical agendas.

    We should not remain on the side. We should not be quiet. We should be very vocal and very direct. We are the majority and WE should be leading this country, not the minority.

    You do not want to be led by the minority EVER. As the American people are beginning to find out and paying a dear price for it. My suggestion is to kick them all out now that we know they are the minority in this country. There is a reason why they are the minority. Don't ever forget that.

    Now go out there and kick some a**!

  6. The opposition is named Russia, along with Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and China to a lesser degree. Russian missiles are just too good, and there was no good place to attack from. The Mediterranean and Red Sea didn't work.

    It was still a significant achievement to make the public aware of the stupidity and evil of what the US is up to.