Monday, January 9, 2012

Fukushima Residents - Recent Quakes feel like bombs/explosions underground, not normal quakes

I really feel the need to keep Fukushima in the spot light.  I feel people need to understand Fukushima is still a major problem.

Today Fukushima Diary
has information about the quakes that are happening there.  Many have posted they are not normal quakes but the feel more like explosions/bombs going off underground.

Fukushima citizens tweet that recent series of the earthquake feel different from usual ones.
mainakata311 麻意☆福島県民

I think everyone has noticed it if they live in Fukushima since 311, and paid attention to earthquakes. Suddenly, the way of shaking has changed, isn’t it ? feels like something is exploding underground, like a bomb.


I feel that too. It feels as if I was sleeping in the double bunk beds and someone knocked me up from the lower bunk. It comes up from the underground all of a sudden ,like bang. I woke up several times to be surprised at the knocking up shock. My heart beats heard, can’t be reassured for around the clock.


I live in Ibaraki, but my family, and people around me feel the same way too. It’s not a normal earthquake, but a short quake as if something was exploding underground. I haven’t felt that quake for 40 years. It happens everyday.

The only reason to deny the possibility of hydrovolcanic explosion underground is because the radiation level is not spiking up after the earthquake, but I doubt if the steam comes right above the epicenter.
 There have been more quakes there - today the 9th there have been two and others yesterday - you can view them on this site.

13:52 JST 09 Jan 201213:48 JST 09 Jan 2012Fukushima-ken Nakadori    M2.7    1

13:25 JST 09 Jan 201213:20 JST 09 Jan 2012Fukushima-ken Hamadori     M3.5    1
21:32 JST 08 Jan 201221:28 JST 08 Jan 2012Fukushima-ken Oki      M3.7         1

Here is my post about Fukushima and Reactor 4 boiling without water in it on 1/1/12. 

UPDATE 1/9/12 7:23 PM est - Fall out radiation is increasing in the Fukushima area again, as of the 6th of January.  Concrete is falling apart under reactor 4 containment vessel.

Fall-out of Ce134 and 137 spiked up after the new year’s day in Fukushima.
Having the peak on 1/2/2012 and it was in the decreasing trend.
However, it’s starting to increase since 1/6/2012 again.
“Concrete parts under the spent fuel pool are dropping on the ground .”


  1. Is there any correlation between this type of explosive quake and nuclear meltdown? Researched should be conducted to figure out the fact and people should be notified whether they will be safe around Fukushima.

    The Japanese people are not happy.

    Many realize a significant portion of Japanese soil is not suitable for habitation. Just last October a leaked Tepco documented indicated the total amount of plutonium and neptunium emitted from the plant. This stuff sticks around for millions of years...

    If you haven't seen the dispersion maps for plutonium they are published here:

  2. If an explosion happened under the Fukushima nuclear facility as the result of a melt down, it would happen at a depth of no more than 100 feet. This is because the water table is very high there - Fukushima is right on the ocean. So any explosion large enough to be felt as a quake at that depth would blow the Fukushima nuke plant sky high.

    People do not realize here, that Fukushima is a state, not a nuclear plant. The nuclear facility was actually called the Diiachi nuclear facility, located in the Fukushima preficture. (a preficture is a state in Japan). Fukushima also refers to a city, 20 miles from the nuclear facility. So when the Japanese talk about earthquakes under Fukushima, it's the same as saying earthquakes under Arizona (to us). So this article is spurious, NO ONE is actually talking about the nuke plant, and if they are, they don't understand the dynamics. The entire area around the Diiachi nuclear facility is evacuated out miles away, even now. These earth quakes cannot possibly be ORIGINATING under Fukushima Diiachi, anything felt AT ALL a few miles out would launch the nuke plant into orbit.

  3. The reason.... there is a nuclear bomb factory underneath.

  4. people-we have never been here before! This is uncharted territory-a nuke plant is out of control as TEPCO stands by helplessly and many new strange or frightening things may occur-and they keep dumping tons of the stuff into the sea. This could be the Godzilla (Gojira) of the new millenium

  5. How perfect would it be if the melted core mess traveled through the planet and broke through Tel Aviv?
    I would then believe in god.

  6. i kida agree with him sherri.. Israel is a HUGE problem...

    I would feel like it was an act of God to if it melted through to tel aviv...


    BUT, anon seeing Israel is a HELL of a problem, does not mean he supports the wars..

    It means he see's the bigger reason on why we are ALWAYS fighting them..

  7. Anons - I deleted my comment - I was not thinking correctly and was thinking - the one Anon - meant Iran. DUH... get my cities straight! :)

    So.... Iran was not the target of the comment.

    My Bad and .... and my excuse - it was 6 in the morning when I read it ..... :)

    1. Who is correctly thinking and posts their opinion on the internet? You have this one Anon over here defending Israel and the Jews forgetting:

      100 million Africans died as a result of the Jewish run slave trade. 75 of every 100 slaveowners was a jew. FACT
      60 million Russian Christians wee murdered by the Jewish run Soviet Union
      12 million Germans were murdered by the Jews/Eisenhower after WW2
      The Armenian genocide and continued holocaust of blacks through Jewish dominated abortions and the drug trade

      but ohh they're defending themselves when they use white phosphorus and fully automatic machine guns on Palestinian women and children...

      Well, not like it matters anyway. Hawaiians and the populations of the west coast will most likely die of acute radiation poisoning before cancer has the chance to develop. And if the rods have hit the groundwater, bye bye Japan. This planet is cursed and humanity was a failure...o well

  8. Perhaps, as the sleeping prophet predicted, a portion of Japan is about to sink into the sea. If so, then those along the New Madrid fault line should be prepared for large earthquake activity, for when Japan goes into the sea the middle of the U.S. will crumble.

    1. Japan is "sinking", because land is rising. Just look @ the ring of fire. The land mass, is larger than Russia & China combined.

      And "when undersea land mass rise's, the waters, have to go somewhere." Google; ' the new navy map '. It's true. Even Isreal, will be under water, within 1 year... ( & They know thisssss.)

  9. Sherrie, When I heard this I was sick at heart:
    To me, it sounded like "We give up. Whatever happens we will blame on natural disasters from now on."
    Then, within days, a 7.0 near Tokyo that caused "NO damage." They usually say "only rattle windows and broke a few dishes" or something. To say there was NO damage from a 7.0 sounded like "spin" to me.
    Now this. It would not surprise me to find they are trying to blow the whole mess into the sea. Out of sight, out of mind. Lots of dead people to distract everyone who survives from worrying about what REALLY happened.

  10. Top secret "Project hellhole"

    Blowing huge caverns under the reactors in order to implode them underground "

  11. Even the madman Edward Teller said nuclear reactors should never be built above ground. Everyone involved in nukes knows how crude and unstable these systems are, that any interruption in cooling causes immediate melting of the fuel. Underground reactors can be swiftly entombed and blocked from spewing radioactivity into the environment. Daiichi also can be entombed under a mountain of sand and aggregate with a concrete cap. The plutonium scattered about the site from hydrogen explosion of reactor three should be immediately buried. Reactor cores are probably now corium underneath the containments and will not hydroexplode contacting the water table any more than the corium in the Chernobyl sarcophagus basement, which did not hydroexplode either and reached cold shutdown by vitrification of the melted fuel. What needs to happen is a resolve to shut down and bury the entire site at Daiichi as there is no use for the melted fuel and it should be kept where it is now but buried deeply enough to prevent any more radioactive metal fumes from escaping the site. There is no repository elsewhere anyway and in light of that the entire nuke industry should be immediately shut down and dismantled carefully so we never have to deal with the idiotic mistakes of this crude industry operating without any safety margin.

  12. Jeepers don't you guys ever get tired of demonizing Israel and the Jews. They nearly got wiped off the map in WW2.They have a right to defend themselves and that tiny postage stamp of a country they call home. Like most Western countries they are not breeding like rabbits and they don't have enough people to expand their territory even if they wanted to. They are in self defense survival mode. Decent people should support them.

  13. Aliens in Earth, Reptilian war..

  14. Zionist retards on my right, racists retards on my left, into the valley of death we go.

  15. Why not neutron bomb the facility and evaporate the nuclear material

  16. Tepco should be out of business and their bosses in jail. That they are not speaks volumes about who runs things today. This is the WORST disaster in Human history and it is going on unchecked almost a year later. They have no plan in place to control this and yes it is the "China Syndrome" now. The super hot radioactive fuel rods have burned through containment and are now burning their way down through the earths crust. When water, or flammable material like coal or oil is encountered the super hot mix ignites or vaporizes it, resulting in an explosion. This is what they are experiencing and it will only get worse. The whole world is going to pay for the incompetence that created this mess.

  17. I say kill HAARP..
    no one ever talks about
    haarp and their responsibility in all of this..

  18. It's rather weird, that there are OVER 5,000 suppressed technologies that do everything from give 90%+ over unity output, to cures for EVERY Disease, yet, "we can not have/share them". (CHINA has them now via Obama) I cured my cancer with 1. Seen many that actually work!

    My heart truly goes out to the Japanese people. And I'm talking about "the small people" 1st. Nuclear power, is "just a helluva way to boil water," (& make BIG Cancer profit$ as well.) Google; 'molasses & baking soda cure '. It works!

  19. I remember some of the first HAARP-like technology in Alaska during the mid-seventies---the Icecap Program was active outside of Fairbanks during that time.

    Fukushima is likely the tipping point of no return, then of course, if you want more examples of mankind's madness and misanthropy, look at the Gulf oil spill and all the other wells which are leaking into the oceans. Entire gene pools of sea creatures are being destroyed without thought to consequence. If there were a Devil, it's name is greed.