Sunday, January 13, 2013

Petition on to STOP FREE Speech - To BAN ALL Websites that doubt Sandy Hook

I am Shocked there is a petition as there is on the site.  

It is in essence trying to BAN FREE Speech... there would go our 1st Amendment, besides the 2nd amendment trying to be taken away.

Here is what the petition says:

Ban Sandy Hook Hoax websites, channels, and videos.

We urge you to make it an illegal act to use the internet to create, promote, or profit from any content that suggests that the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy was a hoax. This includes any content that suggests that the victims or their families were actors and/or that they are not actually deceased. This was a horrible tragedy. Numerous innocent lives were lost and countless more were forever changed. The survivors have to deal with unimaginable pain and suffering and they should not have to be subjected to such hurtful and harmful accusations, especially on their own memorial pages for their lost loved ones because these bullies are protected by their "Freedom of Speech". These people should be treated and tried as criminals. That is the least we can do to honor these victims.

I can't imagine it would get the signatures needed, but who knows.

I will read what the White House response would be very carefully if it does get the signatures.  Since they said Piers Morgan could say what ever he wanted against our Constitution due to the 1st Amendment, they would have to stand by that with this petition too.

I am amazed that someone even put this type petition up and that 22 people would have signed it... that would take away our Free speech, besides putting on trial those who doubt it as criminals.

People should be questioning the whole Sandy Hook event... there are too many things that do not add up to the official story.  I have written about it a lot myself and have proven contradictions including two rifles being gotten out of the trunk of the vehicle, with pictures of that.

Someone put up a Petition to BAN any questioning of Sandy Hook?


Besides that.. don't forget the "Sandy Hook Promise" Group that is controlling all access to the families and plans on a news conference tomorrow 1/14/13 and is going to take center stage in the "Gun Control" issue. 

UPDATE 1/14/13 - My message to MSM and them calling anyone questioning Sandy Hook "Nuts and Conspiracy Theorist>"


  1. Well? Let's start a petition to investigate the relationship between SSRIs and gun violence. Or, even better: the how the ML-ULTRA program creates robo-assassins using trauma based physical and sexual abuse.

    1. you hit the nail on the head! The granddaughter of one of my dear friends, age 14, killed a 9 year old neighbor girl by stabbing and strangling her. Her reason was because she wanted to feel what it was like to kill someone. She was already emotionally disturbed when the doctors put her on Prozac, a drug that was not approved for use in children. Yes, she did the crime, yes she's responsible, but where were the people who decided to use her as a guinea pig? Sometimes, as horrific as it is, we still have to look at the underlying reasons. She'll be 70 before she qualifies for a parole hearing.

  2. I don't think that there was a hoax here, but the level of control that the government and media is excercising to enforce the official story means that Sandy Hook will be used as the causus belli for something huge, most likely a gun ban.

    The hoax myth is a misdirection to keep conspiracy theorists busy. More than likely, the real conspiracy is that there were multiple shooters, or that the shooter used only pistols or that his mother was an agent of some kind.

    The bottom line is that SOMEONE wants us to keep repeating this myth so it will disgust and turn off the general public. Trying to get it banned only adds fuel to the fire. It's like waving a red flag at conspiracy theorists; they know we can't resist it.

    Don't take the bait. Focus on keeping your guns. The rest is smoke.

  3. lets ban choom actors and israeli double agents from petending to be leaders

  4. Sandy hook hoax.
    What else have they done?
    9/11, US and Israel:

  5. Eric Holder put this petition up on behalf of the DOJ and a very eager President Obama. Problem-Reaction-Solution, all government provided. Just like guns for their Fast and Furious set-up! Lots of Israeli/Pentagon cyber shills will doubtless be "fast and furious" to sign up!

  6. Lets Start a petition for the government to Demand the CCTV from the Sandy Hook School for Dec. 14th 2012, and also the surveilence video from Nancy Lanza's house that same day. The Press is brainless in this story and the average American and people from all over the World are demanding answers to all those questions, with proof.

  7. Hi Sherrie,
    These whitehouse petitions are a fraud, a distraction, and a waste of time. They should be properly ignored, IMHO, ALL of them. What can possibly be gained; 25k twits and a pathetic response? Anyone with half a brain (and after surgery, I fall into that category), knows that the official Sandy Hook story is a LIE. I don't know the real story, and I doubt anyone who does will talk, but its dirty and diabolical, a propaganda operation. Now, the chorus expresses outrage at anyone who would examine that propaganda operation. Sad.
    Be well Sherrie, and thanks for what you do, Rob

  8. I think I can decide for myself what is true and what is not true. Taking away the Bill of Rights isn't the solution. You can't ban stupidity anymore than you can create a Ministry of Truth. If truth were only in the hands of bureaucrats and government officials, it would truly be a sad world. There is more truth amongst the peasants of this world, than in all the halls of royalty and governments in the history of man combined. For indeed, it is lies that have made men authoritarians, royalty, and lofty positions above others to begin with in the first place. For he who would be deceived let him, for he who would rail against lies high or low, only liars fear him; for truth is the enemy of all authoritarian systems.

  9. Question everything, trust no one. If one expects truth to be defined by a government, media outlet, think tank, professional, etc., than one will be lead astray far and wide, without compass, without any desire to study, but to lead around as a cow with a nose ring. Truth is something that must be sought out as a rare gem, that is buried inside a heap of debris. Never expect it to be delivered to you by the television, subscription magazine laden with glossy advertisments of professional liars; governments, or anyone inclined toward an agenda befitting their profession, status, or financial enrichment. There is more truth in one expanse of desert, than is in all the splendid halls of any government all of the history of man. Try researching things for yourself, rather than some babbling professional mouthpiece for once, you will be surprised how much BS exists, and how little truth is actually offered freely.

  10. I second those that says this is a "hoax", dont fall into this divertion, and this is a new example of Causus driven agenda, to discredit anyone, that is against anything, the MSM tells us to belive.

    The propaganda war is gearing up, and this is just the beginning.
    There are multitutes of sudden "suicides", thats their parralell warning to anyone, they know it and so do we.

    This is also, divertion from the other far more important issues, investige, yes, but collect untill its solid, someone, always know something, always, its just to digg it up, requires patience and persistence.

    Something, I dont know, just a hunch, snapped in the reasent months, and I dont belive in the drivell about Peace in any form, by apointmenst or rearanging/shuffeling staff in the realms of the Peace Lord: Obamalama, the ayatolha of peace and drones, the childslayer.
    Will have his war.
    There will be a fullscale war, what comes firsth is uncertain, domestic(UssA, finn collaps) or foregin(Syria/Iran/africa/a.s.o.).
    Thats the only variable in my eqation.

    And my only advice is: do as the Iceelanders did, and never forgett that You are Millions, and they are few.


    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”
    ― Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

  11. with tens to hundreds of thousands more people dieing from doctors, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, baseball bats, hammers, knives and matches, the only conclusion you can come to is that gun control advocates are either misinformed, don't care about saving lives or they simply want your guns so you can't defend yourself

  12. The film of one of the fathers laughing and joking up to the moment he was on camera was the clincher for me.(He didn't know the cameras were already rolling and that caught him laughing and joking until he got in character as a grieving dad.)

  13. Well, Google showed that a a big charity org United Way had a screen up on their website giving condolences to the families of the Sandy Hook massacre. The odd thing was it was dated 12/11/12, 3 days BEFORE THE MASSACRE. When you go to their website, there it is, and its dated 12/11/12. That is prim a fascia evidence of prior knowledge to a felony crime, or they were in on it.

    With sloppy evidence like that, you have to be a moron to not say something about it, and that is why they are in a panic, because they are blowing it left and right... the Aurora shooting, the 9-11 fiasco, the USS Cole, the Benghazi scam, etc and now the Sandy Hook shooting. They are losing it big time. ITS ABOUT TIME. THE SECOND AMENDMENT WAS FOR THE PURPOSES OF PROTECTING THE FIRST AMENDMENT. THAT IS WRITTEN IN THE FEDERALIST PAPERS BY OUR FOUNDING FATHERS. No GUN CONTROL OF ANY KIND.