Thursday, March 29, 2012

BRICS Nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) signed Local Currency agreement at Summit. They will not trade in U.S. dollars anymore. Agreements around the world between Countries to Drop U.S. dollar for trade (including Australia)

The BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) signed an agreement to not trade in U.S. dollars anymore, but in their own currencies.  They are even working on creating their own bank for trading between each other and to handle the currencies, besides lines of credit in the currencies. BRICS nations account for half of the world's population.

New Delhi: In an initiative to promote trade in local currencies, the BRICS nations today signed two agreements to provide line of credit to the business community and decided to examine the possibility of setting up a development bank on lines of multilateral lending agencies. The agreements were signed by officials of five countries -- Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa -- at the fourth BRICS

"The agreements signed today by development banks of BRICS countries will boost trade by offering credit in our local currency," Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said in a media statement after the meeting. The Master Agreement on Extending Credit Facility in Local Currency and the Multilateral Letter of Credit Confirmation Facility Agreement are being perceived as a step towards replacing the dollar as the main unit of trade between them.
As regards the initiative to set up a BRICS Development Bank on the lines of multilateral lending agency, Singh said the proposal would be examined by the finance ministers.
 "A suggestion has been made to set up a BRICS development bank, we have directed our FM to examine the proposal and report back by next summit," Singh said.
 The initiative to set up a BRICS Development Bank on the lines of the World Bank would allow the member countries to pool resources for infrastructure development and could also be used to lend during the difficult global environment.
Intra-BRICS trade is about USD 230 billion and has the potential of more than doubling to USD 500 billion by 2015....

The countries are the largest developing countries in the world.  The dropping of the U.S. dollar will affect us especially since the U.S. is printing dollars non-stop.

Considering that Saudi Arabia and China have entered into an agreement to build a mega oil refinery worth 8.5 Billion last week, who knows how long the dollar will remain the "Petro dollar".  Iran stopped trading oil for dollars on March 20th.  

India is paying Iran for oil in Gold now.

Media reports suggests that India has agreed to pay the price of crude oil it imports from Iran in gold, which makes it the first country to drop the US dollar for purchasing the Iranian oil.

India, which is highly dependent on imports to meet its crude oil consumption needs, is Iran’s second-largest oil customer after China and purchases around $12 billion worth of Iranian crude every year, about 12 percent of its consumption.

Iran is one of the world’s leading producers of both natural gas and oil; it is OPEC’s second-largest oil producer and exporter after Saudi Arabia and, in 2010, was the world’s third-largest exporter of oil after Saudi Arabia and Russia.
 It has been reported, Iran stopped trading oil in Dollars on March 20th 2012. 

Last week, the Tehran Times noted that the Iranian oil bourse will start trading oil in currencies other than the dollar from March 20.

 Do not forget even Australia (a stanch U.S. ally) has made an agreement with China on March 23 2012, to trade in the Chinese Yuan and not the U.S. dollars for $30 billion over 3 years time. 

Mar. 23 – The central banks of China and Australia signed a currency swap agreement yesterday that will allow RMB200 billion (A$30 billion) worth of local currencies to be exchanged between the two countries over three years.

The purpose of the agreement, according the People’s Bank of China, is to help strengthen financial cooperation between the two sides, boost bilateral trade and investment, and promote regional financial stability.

The agreement reflects the increasing opportunities available to settle trade between the two countries in Chinese renminbi and to make RMB-denominated investments,” the Reserve Bank of Australia said in a press release.

If Americans think they are immune to hyperinflation due to the dollar being the reserve currency of the world, then they have not been paying attention.  The facts are the dollar is being dropped all around the world as the trading currency and countries are trading in local currencies or the Chinese Yuan/renminbi.

Americans have been sheltered from inflation unlike the rest of the world, due to the dollar being the reserve currency.  Americans think the U.S. will remain strong and protected from all the printing the Federal Reserve has been doing and since most only listen to MSM.  Those who have not been paying attention and  only listen to the government and the controlled talking heads on T.V. will not have insulated themselves and protected their dollar value at this time.

The Federal Reserve has gotten away with printing Trillions in new dollars and making secret loans to banks for the last few years, without the U.S. citizens hurting too badly through inflation due to it.  There has been inflation but not the amount that it would have been if the dollar was not the reserve currency of the world during that time.

The propping up of the stock market and the manipulation of metals through throwing newly printed money and what ever it has taken by the Federal Reserve will be uncovered at some point when inflation hits the U.S. that is uncontrolled.  As countries around the world stop using the dollar and the Federal Reserve can't hide all the printing and funneled money to falsely prop up markets and give money to Wall Street to manipulate metals, situations can/will get ugly in the U.S.

When people can't afford a gallon of gas or milk due to the prices, that is when many may wake up from their slumber and not be happy and do desperate things to get what they need.    When that happens the blame will be entirely on the Federal Reserve and the Federal U.S. government for allowing the debasement of the U.S. dollar and non-stop printing.  How long will this take?  I guess it all depends on how fast countries around the world drop the dollar and enact their trade agreements between their own currencies and the Chinese Yuan.

What will preserve the dollar value as it is right now?  Those reading this are among the awake and aware, I really don't have to say what will preserve it, now do I?   If you don't know, just look at what I have posted most about recently............... then take a guess.


David Morgan of Silver-Investor mentioned the "BUY AN OUNCE GIVE AN OUNCE" movement and this blog on Max Keiser this month.   

I would like to say, I am living by the "Buy and Ounce Give an Ounce".  I purchased a couple of ounces to give to my mother for Mother's day and gave them to her early, while I was with her in Florida this last week.

Now, have you been paying attention?  Have you protected yourself?  Are you trying to help protect others, when they have not paid attention to the real news and information?  The best thing we can do is protect ourselves and those we love, besides trying to help others understand what is really going on.  Do not think the U.S. is going to come out of this in great shape, even though the government and the financial MSM heads are saying that.  They are even calling Bernanke a hero this week for the U.S. avoiding a depression these last few years.  But they are not mentioning the fact the Federal Reserve has printed Trillions as the other countries are dropping the dollar.  In other words, they aren't saying the worst is still ahead of us, when inflation hits that is uncontrolled.

I ask for everyone to please protect themselves.  Look at switching your 401K/IRA and any equities you have into real physical metal accounts, like Sprott's physical accounts or a Silver Saver account (link on side bar), besides others.  But stay away from paper silver and gold like the GLD, SLV or "pool" accounts that large metal companies are offering.  Get physical in all ways.  Ask questions of any traded metals account firm.  Ask if every dollar has a physical ounce towards it?  Ask if you ever want the money converted into physical to be sent to you, if that can be done immediately, without months of waiting?  Ask questions, make sure you are protected in every way,  GET PHYSICAL - THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL - ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION?


Michael Rivero discusses the BRIC nations stopping trading in U.S dollars.


  1. "If you don't hold it, you don't own it"... Ponce

    Get rid of the paper and buy physical.

    Get ready today and you won't be sorry tomorrow.

  2. Buying gold and silver is being encouraged by the elites so they can get their hands on whatever is left of people's savings. When the time comes they know they will not be able to confiscate every single piece of precious metal out there, so, they plan to accept for trade, only gold that has a specific stamp/mark. If yours' does not have this mark, and it won't, it will be unusable, and will thus, be confiscated. Of course, only the elites will have this required mark. Just who do think will be setting up the 'system' to accept gold/silver as currency in the first place? And, who do you think are behind these gold sellers anyway? The NWO Banksters of course.

    1. LOL How funny your comment is! To make people think that buying gold and silver is something to be afraid of and that it is playing into the hands of the elite. The disinfo and complete lies that people put on the internet is amazing. I will tell you, most people reading your comment will laugh. People are not stupid and they know what is truth and not truth. Trying to confuse people must be your job. The thing is, what you said is, the truth is opposite of all of it. The truth is, fiat money plays into the hands of the elite and it is their game. Where as gold and silver is the opposite, it empowers the people.

      Did you really think your comment would get traction here? Did you really think I wouldn't add a reply to your idiotic comment? Haven't you read enough of my articles to know, I reply to comments at times? Did you really think I would let you get by with putting the most ridiculous disinfo comment on and not say anything? Do you really think at all, or do you just get paid for the stupidity you say?

    2. Right, the bankers are trying to trade gold and silver for fiat currency even though they can produce fiat currency by the billions with just a few keystrokes. That's also why central banks are buying gold, I guess so they can exchange it again for paper.

      If the government tries to confiscate gold again I don't think they'll get much. Probably get more lead than gold. It will just create more demand and a big underground gold based economy.

  3. So, commie Dilma Rousseff's 1984 style "hate week" propaganda speach against the "rich West"( )had the desired effect.
    I wonder:
    If "B___" is kicked to the curb and a "P____" and a "K___"(like N Korea)countries join the club, would the BRICs be called "the PRICKs"???

  4. If South Africa is included then it's BRICS not BRIC. The S stands for South Africa.

  5. The agenda of the Rothschild, Morgan, Warburg, et al cabal is world domination through incremental debt enslavement. Since the turn of this century, the internet is exposing many of their memes, tricks, and scams. That is why the US is racing towards total fascist control before the sheeple awake in numbers. The recent Obama E.O. and the NDAA says it all. This CIA manufactured puppet is no defferent from many who preceded him including both Bush's. If you haven't connected the dots yet, you will only have yourself to blame.

  6. Losing the slaves is going to hurt. Just ask queen lizard.

  7. QUICK! attack Iran so world war 3 can start and americans wont have to live as a third world country.

  8. It is a great news for me and I think that this agreement between these countries will surely affect the U.S economy with a great change in its currency value.

  9. I had been following with dismay how western leaders of the US and EU have been attacking Russia over the Ukraine when it was those two who caused the problems. At first I could not understand why they were doing this with the one sided propaganda from the media. Then it clicked; must be BRICS. USA is shitting bricks if you'll pardon the pun. What they don't understand is sanctions are going to accelerate these changes to weaken the Dollar. As the US throw their weight around trying to be boss, other have had enough

  10. i heard that 60% of the world is still using the USD but germany france saudi arabia hong kong korea turkey and prob many other EU states are running to the brics and soon most likely do we have a full list of how many how which countries have already stopped using the american dollar?! this are big countries all pissed off it cannot be much longer till the reset now....

  11. sell your gold and buy silver!!!