Saturday, March 3, 2012

Everybody needs to get everyone they know to at least buy One Ounce of Silver! Have your neighbor/family/friends spend $40 for Silver. Sprott 500 million ounces of Paper Silver dumped this last week.

Those who keep manipulating the metals markets, dumped 500 million ounces of Silver this pass week on the markets.  Eric Sprott revealed that fact on King World News.

Another article on Gata has the fact that China is part of the suppression of metals.  If the hedge funds who invest in the metals don't take physical and are willing to keep a piece of paper saying they have metals then the suppression will go on forever.  It also states if the mining companies don't understand the true value of their products then the manipulation will keep going and going.

I am now asking everyone, to have their neighbors/friends/family buy One Ounce of Silver.  Also do you need to buy a present for someone?  Give them an ounce of Silver!  Don't go and buy some piece of clothing or anything else, buy an ounce of silver and give it to another for their birthday/anniversary etc.  Start giving something that is of complete value.

We the public can get the manipulation to end by educating others and by having people spend $40 only on something that is real and something that will be worth much more in the future.

You can go to Flea markets, look on Craigslist and local ads for silver for sale.  Buy a few ounces, give them away as presents when needed.  Talk to your family and friends and tell them "Buy one ounce of physical Silver."

I went out and talked to my neighbor about it this morning.  They are going to buy some silver now.

Get people to Buy One Ounce of Silver for themselves and buy another to give as a present when needed!
You can buy 1/2 ounces of Silver and smaller for lesser expensive gifts needed - like a kid's birthday from your kid.  

Together We the People can take the physical and then the reality of the amount of metals has to come through when a shortage begins to happen due to people buying One Ounce of Silver.

Let's start Max Keiser's "Buy an Ounce and Crash JP Morgan" once again!

From 2010 - Max Keiser

Another thought besides giving Silver as a gift, give it to your child as allowance. Once a month give them an ounce of silver instead of cash. It will show you Love them, by giving them something that can last and grow for them in value.

Ron Paul got Bernanke to admit Silver and Gold are money. 


  1. This is a GREAT post! I began buying silver, in late Dec., 2010 - after watching the Max Keiser interview with Alex Jones, which you can see the full episode here: (, and, after reading the following article, The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield, which you can read here: ( - Jason Hommel called it "The best article written on silver, in ten years!"

    I later graduated to the idea, of giving silver as a gift, for really, any occasion, but especially birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc., because this is what people do in India, and Asia, generally. If more Americans would adopt this idea, from the East, we could return to a greater degree of self-reliance, which is exactly what we need in this country right now - less reliance on government, and more self-reliance on the part of individuals.

    Kudos to Sherrie for bringing this excellent idea to this website - this is an idea that will REALLY HELP AMERICA!!! IF EVERYONE GETS BEHIND IT, AND FOLLOWS THROUGH WITH IT.

  2. "...need to buy a present for someone?" "Give them an ounce of Silver!"
    That's a great idea, I bet it get them thinking...and realizing.

  3. Just keep in mind that lose lips sink ships. If you have a stash KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!! I have one or two ounces set aside and my husband has to tell everyone grrrr.

  4. I never did agree with the notion that the so-called precious metals are necessary. Still don't.

    Meticulous research shows several flaws; some of which you covered in this particular article. There are more however, as in the basic notion that nobody actually needs precious metals. They have limited usefulness; exchange is difficult; you must time the (manipulated) market correctly to sell profitably; they are purely speculative; confiscation is always possible and many other points.

    The world will NEVER go back to so-called "real money". Electronic debits and credits and fiat money is simply too easy, too profitable and too much of how we actually do business throughout the world. While I do know the theory and the practicality of silver or gold as real money, it will simply never happen again, being impractical. More importantly however, is non-fiat money will never run the industrialized world again, irrespective of what metal might be considered.

    Rather then advocate as so many have done (which has accomplished exactly nothing) "buy silver" (or gold), advocate people pulling their money OUT of the banks.

    If everyone were to "buy silver" it would accomplish exactly nothing.

    So many well-meaning ideas are like this, failing to identify that our actions (and often reactions) are absolutely useless and will accomplish exactly nothing -- and this is definitely one of them.

    What would happen is once again, people would be slightly more jaded when they discover that this didn't work, as so many ideas do, that it did not accomplish anything at all but lighten their wallets a little bit.

    I personally will never accept silver or gold for anything, due to its speculative nature and difficulty of exchange. The so-called "value" of precious metals is not at all what the gold pundits try to make you believe.

    There is a Youtube video about a guy trying to sell a 1 ounce gold piece for $50 -- nobody would buy it, because people do not perceive gold as being valuable.

    What everyone misses is the fact that gold is NOT valuable unless you exchange it for something you can actually use. Gold (and silver) have no inherent value, being relatively useless for humans (beyond a few industrial applications and jewelry). It's "value" is actually entirely based upon "perception", which is capricious and easily manipulated (especially by articles like this one).

    I've owned lots of gold and silver, but never did I find it useful. Every try to actually buy something with gold or silver? I have -- nobody will accept this. Nor will I. Not even in 'collapse' will it be accepted here, because it simply has no useful purpose to what people actually NEED. This is a very important point.

    Sometimes buying and selling precious metals is profitable, but note that you must SELL it to actually gain ANY usefulness from the entire effort. Otherwise, it's useless to you. It will always be useless too -- until you actually sell it, then taking the fiat dollars given, go out and buy what you actually needed all along. Doesn't it make more sense to just bypass the ridiculous notion of storing up gold and silver and buying what you need in the first place?

  5. (more)

    All precious metals are now seriously overpriced. The actual cost of their production is far less then it's so called worth. Now is definitely not the time to buy this stuff for any reason.

    You should only be buying what you NEED and can USE these days. This is a far great 'investment', serving dual purposes to you.

    The truth is people like Keiser are being played for fools in the silver market, encouraging the gulliable to buy something that they don't actually need or can actually use directly. I find this reprehensible to be honest, since it serves nobody and accomplishes nothing except make the gold/silver exhange houses richer and does nothing whatsoever to fix our banking or financial problems in this country. Keiser is (allegedly) smarter then this, yet he and his kind (many of them these days, all with their fingers in the precious metals market) are still doing this.

    And why not? They've got their own 'investments' to consider. You buy silver, lots of people buy it, demand goes up, their metals portfolio is now worth a bit or a lot more. Keiser got burned big time recently -- not somebody I'd be listening to if he was that gullible.

    Don't fall for this. Precious metals are only 'precious' according to marketing hype and false demand. Buy instead what you actually NEED to get through the trouble times ahead.

    1. Anon, How is the job at the Fed working out for you? What you wrote sounds just like the puppet Warren Buffet. Metals over priced? uhh... you haven't been paying attention obviously.

      So in your opinion no one should hold metals to hold the value of their money? No one should buy the hype of metals, in your opinion?

      I have published your ridiculous reasoning for people to not hold metals. Because most people who read this blog and who will read your comment are educated, awake and aware people. They will be able to see through your stance immediately.

      Oh, I do have a question.... I have always wondered how much disinfo agents get paid to post things on the net? I would love to know.

  6. You said "No one should buy the hype of metals..."

    I can't believe you would make such a statement. Do you really and honestly believe this? If you do, then you are unbelievably manipulated. You are arguing that people should buy into the hype?


    The value of gold is grossly overinflated (right now). Do some research on gold / silver market manipulation, then come back here and honestly report what you found out.

    Your dumbs ad-homimen attacks are noted (by everyone, including your astute readers), always the easy refuge for a fool instead of dealing with any of the points raised.

    Undoubtedly, people like me actually scare you because we can think for ourselves. Your brightest come-back is that I "work for the Fed".

    Uh, no, I do not. Self employed, debt free, nearly a million in personal assets now, ten years of food supply, acres and acres of land, farm equipment and practical, actually useful resources that will keep me and mind alive in our ongoing collapse / decline, well-read, educated, articulate and hold on ... properly informed.

    Obviously, not a long time reader here, because that last statement would clearly exclude you.

    I gave up believing in the bullshit myths like this particular one (and many others) that you are promoting as "truth". This is more disinformation being spouted off by those who have refused to wake up to reality, and certainly not anywhere close to "truth".

    Gold and silver are now "mythical", inhabiting the region of wishful thinking and fantasy. Beyond the points I already raised in my first (and soon to be last) post, nobody needs the stuff. We will never go back to a gold standard. We will never go back to non-fiat money (which I hope you know what that even means). We will never resort to "lawful money" again in other words, due to market manipulation, influence, the status quo and the ability to control the financial aspects of the entire world.

    All the wishful, fantasy thinking in the world is not going to change this fact. Which makes gold and silver nothing but an alternative 'investment', a store of value, a measure of human labor and beyond that, not much else. It is certainly not the best investment these days, not even close. It CAN be an investment, but it will never accomplish what you hoped for as posited in your article.

    But it still has all of it's drawbacks, which are quite significant, which you so ignorantly and stupidly ignored. You probably didn't even bother to watch the video (you should, it's enlightening what the average slob thinks of gold).

    As for being paid to write this, no to that also. I've actually worked with gold sellers before -- they think gold buyers are pretty stupid, putting gold before other more important choices. I do too.

    I'm also very tired of the ridiculous hype and propaganda being promoted (and swallowed up) by gulliable fools who actually should really, really know better.

    The fact that you took a weak defensive position instead of addressing a single point (or just letting it stand) places you squarely in the gulliable fool category.

    I'm actually sorry for you. You ignore sound advice, experience, wisdom, insight and common sense. Unfortunately, you fit right in with many, many other people in this country.

  7. For someone with a blog proclaiming to 'Question(ing) All' you readily grasp the straws of modern day myth as they pertain to the ludicrous idea that gold and silver are our salvation.

    I suggest you question your beliefs regarding gold and silver.

  8. Never said it was our salvation - BUT it is a way to preserve wealth. Don't you know that all govts. are printing their way out of debt? Don't you see the inflation? Don't you know that metals is how people will be able to afford things later?

    I spend hours everyday reading the experts about metals. I research the truth. It is about time everyone stops listening to the media/govt/wall street etc. about metals. They need to think for themselves!

    Ask yourself this... do the above put out information to help you or help them?

  9. I would suspect the metals market is highly manipulated inasmuch as the diamond market is.

    When it comes down to the wire, metals aren't going to put food into your belly - unless we're talking about bullets.

  10. You are so WRONG about it not putting food in your belly! People will be able to get food with metals, compared to paper that won't be worth much. That is the most ridiculous argument because it is so NOT true!

  11. Who said anything about paper? The only thing our paper money is going to be good for is wiping your ass after taking a dump. However, in an actual survival situation, or a collapse situation, what are you really going to have to bargain with?

    Real assets are going to be food, clean water, shelter, security, and means to defend oneself with, in addition to other 'assets' not limited to including the history's oldest profession. Try paying for any of the above with gold or silver in a collapsed country and see how far it really gets you. These things are only as valuable as we perceive them to be - and they are only as valuable as long as they are timely and relevant to the current socio-economic conditions that support them. Meaning, of course, that they are artificially inflated to be perceived as valuable. Take all of that away, and you will see that real value comes in the form of tangible assets that provide actual functional or edible use. Gold and silver aren't especially functional unless you're building computers or fancy yourself a piece of crafted jewelry (maybe you could also get it written in Elvish "One ring to rule them all!" to support fanciful notions that gold and silver will actually buy you jack in a collapsed country.

  12. WOW this article sure has brought out those who seem to parroting Buffet/The Fed/The Central Banks/the media/the government and all those others who are determined to keep people away from metals. Dang... I sure am impressed at how the establishment is coming out here.

  13. ALL people, hard(to create) currency advocates, and paper(easy to create) currency nutjobs, need to read jim rickards "currency wars". 1 commenter said we would "never" go back to "real money", that is a very uneducated statement in my opinion. Silver HAS been money for 1000's of years and is HARD to create. Paper money(unbacked) serves those who print it, has ALWAYS been abused(human nature) and has only been around for a very,very short time of human civilization, and will one day be worth the value of the paper and ink. HISTORY tells us these things.

  14. So let me get this straight, there are some people who posted here, who actually think that if I had food to sell, that I wouldn't sell to the person offering silver over and above the person who is not....?

    For the few weeks/months of any situation where siver becomes a Human trading tool (not government money) yes food and other items would take precedence, then what? When you've eventually run out of food or items to swap/trade and need to visit the local mafia boss for some more, would you rather swap your teenage daughter or wife for some food? Or some silver you've saved for a rainy day? Because that will be the choice.

    As for people saying Gold and Silver have no intrinsic value, you are muppets, take apart the very thing you are typing on and you will find both metals, as well as in your watch, your phone, TV's, missile, weapons, medical supplies, cars, planes, ships, etc etc - My god some of my fellow "human beings" are complete and utter robots who still think they were taught in school (you were trained to pay debts, nothing more, nothing less) I look forward to receiving your daughter and wife into my future cabal... ;) chink chink pass the salt dear... ;)