Thursday, February 10, 2011

Anderson Cooper is One Upset Person over Mubarak's Speech - Says "HE LIES"

Anderson Cooper has used the word 'LIES" multiple times about Mubarak!  Says Mubarak thinks "HE IS Egypt" and was violent against the people!   WOW - Over and over saying Mubarak is LYING!  He is one Upset and Pissed off person!  I have to say he is right now the one and only MSM personality who is saying the truth!  

Says all the people are cronies under Mubarak and the U.S. administration is just accepting the same old stuff!

Says Mubarak is stepping on the people of Egypt's Blood with his speech! 

I have tried over and over to get the embed code - but something is wrong and it won't let me, so here is the link to watch it.

Some are saying he went over the top with his thoughts - Here is the Link

1 comment:

  1. So, telling the truth is "over the top" now?

    I can hear Woodward and Burnstein facepalming as I type.