Saturday, December 4, 2010

CPS Investigated a Reader - Because he feeds his children Organic Food - Drinks Non- Fluoridated Water and has a Bug Out Bag! Police were standing by!

A reader of the blog sent me this account of his experience with CPS!

When I read this, I have to wonder..... do the CPS people have the "common sense" to think this is not an allegation that even comes close to be child abuse?!  Can they not think for themselves that, the claims against a person is ridiculous?

The reasons why CPS checked out this person is beyond outrageous - there is no abuse in the questions at all - in fact it was all about non-abuse! 

Here is the Readers story, as he wrote it to me.
Near the end of september 2010,  I had a very frightening experience with the childrens protective service.  It all started with a knock on my door, from a women I'd never seen.

So of course I asked her who she was before I opened the door, she said she was from c.p.s.  I opened the door and she was on her cellular phone.

The next block over I could see a police car doing a left hand turn, as if she were in communication with the officer.  At the time I was already concerned as why she was here at my residence.

First off, I asked her why she was here? She there were allegations of abuse against myself.  I was quite shocked,  being that I never go anywhere, I have no friends,etc...  Literally I have no physical friends where I reside.  I'm a single father of two girls that I homeschool.  I never go anywhere and my curiousity was spiked immediately.  She asked if she could come in, I said certainly come on in.

The lady appeared to be nervous, which now that i think about it is quite odd.  Anyway the questions she asked me were very odd in it self.

She said that there were allegations that I wouldn't give my children tap water.  I responded with pure truth and she was shocked with my response.  I said this"the municipal water supply is fluoridated ,and has traces of s.s.r.i. drugs in it.

First off she hadnt a clue of what an s.s.r.i. was and responded with isnt fluoride good for your childs teeth, I responded with pure facts again, and gave this woman a history lesson in regards to fluoride being used in the nazi death camps,to make the jews more complacent and docile.

She asked where I learned of this, I told her I read all day being that there isnt much work afforded this area.  I've nothing else to do other than to study, and educate my children.

I was still quite frightened by this woman in my house, I mean really think about it.  This woman has the authority to take the only things worth living for away from me.  My girls.  So the allegations continued.

The next one was hilarious, she said I refused to allow my children to receive their vaccination shots and I laughed sorta like you did in your investigation..  I said yes thats true, I refuse to allow my children to be poked with syringes filled with squalene, thimerasol, mercury,etc. I promptly produced my states exemption form. That was the end of that allegation.

It gets better. The next allegation was that I chose to feed my children predominately organic foods.  I said yes this is true.. She asked why.  I gave her a brief history lesson on g.m.o.,high fructose corn syrup and the links to esculation of diabetes in America.

By now it appeared to me this woman was feeling a little more secure in my place of residence.

But the next question blew me outta the water. She said that there was an allegation of me having a bug bag..I almost crapped my pants.. I couldnt believe it.  I knew immediately this allegation was from someone I knew personally.  Not someone online.  Because I've never made a bug out bag video.. and anyway I told the worker that yes, I have a 72 hour bug out bag,  She asked why?  By then I had the lady cozy and quite interested in the things I had been saying.  I simply responded with this answer." dont you think its good to have a 72 hour bag,we reside in a city with over 1600 known gangs,in the event of civil unrest dont you think it would be a good idea to evacuate? do you remember hurricane Katrina? or Haiti?  "

That sealed the deal I believe in her mind, this was a black woman and both Katrina and Haiti devastated the black communities in New Orleans and Haiti.  I believe it was clear in her mind that what I was doing wasn't criminal.

She asked my gals if I hit them, They said "oh yeah my daddy will whoop my backside if I say a nasty word" The woman asked me if this was true" I said yes ,and it is completely legal to spank your child in this state, in fact there are school districts here in my state that allow in in public schools.  She responded that she had heard of that on the news." I immediately responded with more facts.  That those schools had the lowest incidences of violent acts by the youth and the graduation rate was higher and there were less suspensions in those schools".

I think that closed it again. She asked to look in the refrigerator and I said sure and to look at the kids room, I consented.  There were no questions of militia, secretive groups.  Just questions about the things I hold dear.

  My warning to other parents is this, If your gonna be a parent now a days you better be prepared with facts, data to back it and the guts to say the truth,and defend your right to parent in a safe manner, yes but in a manner that is appropriate to you ,the parent.  The case was closed one month later and truely these people are terrorist.  That is the way I feel, they can legally just come into your house investigate ,false allegations and if they aren't open minded to the truth just snatch your loves away..

UPDATE 12/5/10 - Another CPS story from a blogger, on their blog.  

Link to - My own personal CPS Story/accusations - wanting to know if I have stored food, solar panels, where we camp, alternative energy, and I was accused of  Blogging  too much and being a Top Secret Agent against the government - Videos of CPS accusations included.


  1. A social worker cannot legally come into your house without a warrant, unless there is an emergency - like your stabbing your kids on the front porch, etc. All homeschoolers should join HSDLA, which has a lot of experience in this area of social worker contact based on anonymous allegations. Please print out the case law found at this link:

    The Fourth Amendment applies to social workers as well as police. Most social workers are as ignorant about the law as everyone else and assume they can do as their supervisors tell them. As an HSDLA member, you have access to an attorney who will explain the law to the social worker on your front porch. In fact, there is precedent where families have sued and won damages from the violation of their Fourth Amendment rights. 99% of social workers back down after the law has been presented because they don't want to get lawyers involved.
    In the event a social worker came to my door, I would kindly ask them to return with a warrant and I have a duty to stand up for the fourth amendment. Allow the worker to see your children, who are hopefully clean and healthy and not in any harm. Now he/she has should have no suspicion of them being in "immediate" danger. This is how HSDLA advises its member families should the social worker ever come to visit. We need to be educated about this, because with Homeland turning everyone into Mrs. Kravitzes, the busybodies will be out in force thinking that it's their time to shine.

  2. My mom is a social worker, and I know that they are required to investigate every complaint that is made, no matter how trivial. They HAVE to ask the questions that are addressed in the complaint.

    My mom has worked in social work her whole life, and I am pretty sure most of the kids she has to place in care are children of drug addicts or abusers, and their lives and well-being are in danger (others are surrendered for who knows what reason). She's gone to homes where the mom dipped the baby's feet in boiling water, where the children have been pimped out in exchange for drugs, where kids are locked in closets and starved...and sometimes these homes are in decent neighborhoods where the families seem nice and normal. My mother is not ignorant of the law, and she has common sense. So do many of her co-workers, though she wonders about some of them (but isn't that true in any profession?).

    Sadly her agency is needed because of people who have no business with kids keep having kids and keep abusing them.

    The woman who visited you was doing her job. If she hadn't been thorough in her questions, and you had turned out to be a kidnapper who was holding child sex slaves in your custody, and she DIDN'T ask, would that scenario go? The majority of social workers aren't out to get normal parents...maybe some of them are, and maybe in some parts of the country, the agencies have workers with more of an agenda, but in my mom's state, they are just trying to get kids out of abusive situations, and they are often scrambling to get enough beds to put kids they do save. (And who often end up going home in the end anyway.)

  3. No one's attacking your mom, but interviewing a child without the parent's knowledge is against federal law. No one is acting like there isn't such a thing as child abuse, has been for thousands of years. What we're doing is pointing out that breaking up families is a classic tool of totalitarian manipulation. How do we go from questions about organic food and tap water to talking about child sex slaves? Paging ACORN. The whole point of this post is that the questions were bizarre and were meant to inquire after the parent's political beliefs, not abuse as you're describing it, Anonymous.

    It's also a fact that state receive $$$ for kids they get into foster care. Texas receives something like $80,000 per child. I know of a loving family who had their child taken away because he has mitochondrial disease and the social workers were accusing the parents of making up a genetic disease. The sad thing is, they had moved to Texas to be near a research hospital working with mito kids, and this same kid was featured by the hospital as an example of a mito patient! It takes special training which CPS does not have to take care of mito kids.

    Please check out my above link in the previous post to see what the federal courts have said the limitations of social worker in private homes are. Again, without a warrant or immediate danger to the child, a social worker cannot enter your home without your consent. (Immediate danger has been narrowly interpreted by our higher courts, so it cannot be used as a blanket reason.)

  4. This is possible only in semi-nazi police state like USA is...

  5. Thanks for this story. My son is 21 and out of the house, no CPS problems there ... but my wife is always on my case about keeping my mouth shut ... I am quite vocal about the police state, the income tax, 9-11 truth, the upcoming collapse of the economy/inevitable hyperinflation, etc. I always tell her that she is paranoid, and, that in sounding off, I find that most people actually agree with my point of view on things. Your story is a wakeup call. In the coming months to years, if we have that long prior to the ship really hitting the sand, it will be increasingly important to maintain certain appearances and not sound off to the wrong people.

    Meanwhile, this story makes my blood boil. Nice job in talking some sense to this woman. If it were me, just the fact that she works for CPS would be 3 strikes against her. This gal reminds me of the wording in the Declaration about "he has created a multitude of new offices and sent out swarms of officers to harass our people and eat out their substance." In the 1770's the tar and feathers would have been broken out.

    One last point ... once you invite a vampire into your house, holding up crosses and garlic wreaths are of no use, and legally speaking, you invited this vampire in via your daughter's birth registration. Check out and view "Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception", which is also viewable on youtube and google video.


  6. Sherry, this is a great post and thank you for the link to case law regarding warrantless searches. If we don't know the law or our rights, we can't protect them, ourselve or our loved ones. I know it's cliche', but knowledge really is power, especially when you know how to utilize it.

  7. i read the Sherrie blog also. what i would be even more interested in reading about is what was stated in the "complaint" made by the "neighbor" and then the follow up investigation of that "Informant's Complaint". the case should not have ended at the Fathers doorstep, it should end after the Informant and the Informants information was investigated. if it turns out that the informant had no "real" reason to be contacted then the Father, in this case, should have some recourse against the Informant. In other words the informant "SLANDERED" the ACCUSED, and if there was an actual warrant i would go as far as to charge LIBEL, a stretch i know, but you get my point. this Informant is no less a gossiper than a women telling her hair stylist of all the things going on with her neighbors. If an informant does not have "EVIDENCE" of wrong doing then the accussed party should be off limits to all authorities. .
    so i want to see the Informants name, the Informants accusations, and the Informants EVIDENCE!

  8. She asked if she could come in, I said certainly come on in.

    There's your problem, right there. Why did you even invite her into the house?

  9. this sounds like a bogus story to get people's feathers bout some facts? names...places...dates..etc...

    1. Here's a fact, he has someone who hates him and want his kids taken away. Sounds like his ex-wife made the CPS come over to his house.

  10. Never never never never let them in without a warrant. Bring the child to the door or window so they can physically see the child, then tell them (politely) that they will not be allowed in without a warrant.

    See my family's story here:

  11. the story is not bogus, the person sent it to me, after we had corresponded about my story. The date is there, at the end of Sept. 2010. He does not want to release his name. It is a real story.

    Amanda - WOW - I just read your horror story! How dare them do that! To take you to court, when you had enough evidence of your child's doctor seeing him, is simply disgusting! How is it the govt. thinks they know better from one minute of seeing a child, then a parent who is living and taking care of their child!

    How outrageous the control of our children seems to be in the hands of the govt now.

    I hope your child is doing well now.

  12. Quotation by republicanmother:

    "Most social workers are as ignorant about the law as everyone else..."

    Including yourself. The social worker can enter the persons domain if the dweller allows it, which sounds like what happened here. I truly hope you are not a mother.

  13. Several years ago my aunt moved back to her hometown with her son while her husband was deployed. This angered her in-laws, who she had been staying with and who hated her, so her MIL, out of spite, filed a complaint with social services in the hopes of the boy being removed and placed with her.

    The social worker showed up while they were moving into their new apartment -the moving van was outside and everything. He almost took my cousin away. Why? Not for abuse. Because the fridge wasn't plugged in (it was still on the truck!) and there was no bread or milk in the house. He gave her ONE hour to get the fridge in the house and go get bread and milk, or he would have to remove my cousin on an emergency basis for 'neglect'.

    These people haven't gotten any better.

  14. This sounds like our system of government working exactly as it should. Someone informed CPS of their concerns about the welfare of a child, and CPS investigated. The investigator had a polite conversation with an intelligent and informed father who was able to quickly allay the investigator's concerns, and it all ended there, as it should have.

    It's understandable for any parent in this situation to feel like they were unfairly scrutinized, but step back and look at it from a broader perspective. How often do we hear of children being subject to long-term, ongoing abuse, where there were numerous missed opportunities to intervene, but nothing was done because neighbors didn't speak up or the authorities did not do their job. If the investigation had gone any further or the investigator had acted inappropriately then yes, there would be reason to complain about CPS overstepping their bounds, but there is nothing in this story to indicate the investigator was anything but polite, respectful, and acting completely within the limits of the law.

  15. I must take issue with the Dec. 14 (9:57 AM) posting by "Anonymous". Contrary to what was stated, the children in the news who died after longterm neglect actually died EVEN THOUGH neighbours reported problems to authorities, and EVEN THOUGH social workers repeatedly visited the home. Incompetence among social workers is an epidemic, not only in the U.S., but in the U.K., and other countries. Kids 'fall through the cracks' because so-called professionals don't know how to do their jobs. But these phonies are experts at devising Machiavellian schemes to steal kids and ruin lives. Recent articles from London explain that formal adoptions are rushed through, stealing children from parents, all because under draconian laws, government agencies stand to make substantial fees per child. CPS people do not deserve our trust. Assume the worst. Yes, show the child through the window. Call family. Call a lawyer. Call your doctor. Call your bank manager. Call the media. Do not under any circumstances face such a flunky on your own, or admit them into your home. Ignore the police back-up intimidation. Ignore the blackmail. Lock your doors and windows. In fact, in America today, EVERY PARENT needs to be diligent and contact in advance a local parental rights advocate group. Anybody can be the target. Everybody needs to be prepared.

  16. The Federal or state governments have no business telling people how to raise their kids,as long as there is no abuse involved. The Federal government has an agenda to break down the American family structure,and to take control of our children's indoctrination and beliefs. If you don't beleive it, go to and see the trailer to the movie. The movie outlines in chilling detail how the socialist left is taking over our country. Americans,wake up and see the truth !

  17. You do not allow CPs in your house without a search warrant.

  18. Re: "The Federal or state govt".....I can't see how "the socialist left is taking over our country"....the above definitely sounds like fascism and not socialism to me...

  19. Like Homeland Security's Janet Napolitano is suggesting today in America, this is also how it began in Nazi Germany. Turn in your neighbor for petty things; then the Gestapo thugs show up at your door. CPS services is a front group for organized child sex slavery in the USA. Children are essentially kidnapped and sold for the highest bid to pedophile foster parents.

  20. Anyone who has a bone to pick with anyone who is a parent can file a false CPS report and use CPS to harass.

  21. Some of these comments provide good advice and reminders about our constitutional rights. As responsible citizens and parents, we should all understand the limits of the government's authority. Beyond that, this story raises two main questions. First, should CPS have investigated this father in the first place?

    In answer to that question, many people would argue that child welfare agencies have an obligation to take any report of abuse seriously. If they do not at least go knock on the door, they are failing to fulfill their responsibility to our society and our children.

    Put yourself in a social worker's shoes for a moment. Presented with a report of abuse, you risk offending an innocent parent by knocking on their door to ask a few questions. But would you rather ignore the complaint and find out later that children actually were being abused in that home? Does someone have to literally see a parent stabbing their children on the front porch in order for a social worker to conduct an investigation?

    "Kitchen-Sense" mentioned cases where children died even after the authorities investigated reports of their being neglected or abused. Rather than proving that these agencies should mind their own business, this only serves to illustrate the tragedy that can occur if child welfare agencies do not do a thorough enough job.

    The second question this story raises is whether the CPS worker acted inappropriately when she visited this family's home. Let's consider what the father himself has told us about his encounter. Nothing indicates he was coerced into letting the worker into his house. According to him, she asked to come in, and he said "certainly."

    Does it really matter that she was talking on her cell phone? Does he know for a fact that she wasn't talking to her husband or daughter? Does he know for certain she was communicating with the police? If so, he does not provide any evidence. The fact that a police car happened to be driving by is really meaningless without some proof of a connection. Did the police car park in front of his house? Was it still around when she left?

    This gentleman does tell us that the woman listened attentively to what he had to say, becoming more at ease as their conversation progressed. He states that, after he answered several of her questions, he believed "it was clear in her mind that what I was doing wasn't criminal." That's the outcome we would hope for, isn't it?

    She concluded the interview by checking the refrigerator and the children's room. She was most likely taught to do this simply as standard procedure, but more importantly, she did it with the father's full consent.

    Our government certainly has many shortcomings, but if you are among those who believe we live in a totalitarian police state, where jackbooted government thugs concoct Machiavellian schemes to destroy families and control our children, using this story to support those beliefs is, at the very least, quite a stretch from the facts as they were presented. This is not a story of the Gestapo kicking someone's door down in the middle of the night. It could simply be a story of a social worker and a father who both fulfilled their duties under the circumstances.

  22. Advocate for children and parents caught in CPSWednesday, December 15, 2010 at 1:20:00 AM EST

    Over 70% of the children removed in this nation by Child Protective Service should not have been. They are removed under false allegations for the federal funding to the states through your Social Security Title IV. CPS is one of the largest BUSINESSES in this nation. Children are being legally trafficked. Children die over 6 times faster in state care than in parental care according to (NCCAN) National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect in Washington, DC. Former Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer was murdered in her bed for what she was about to expose regarding CPS. She believed that CPS needs to be abolished as it is so corrupt and cannot be repaired. See her You Tube videos.

  23. I don't see where that woman had any place knocking on the guy's door as not a single one of those accusations constituted abuse in any form or fashion.

  24. After reading this story, I feel the author is leaving something out, either he's going through a divorce or already completed the divorce and his ex-wife exaggerate the way he treated his kids that CPS had to come out or he may have an enemy out there who wants him to lose his kids. Had the CPS came to the house and saw the kids were drinking dirty brown water, eating junk food, had expired or no food in the fridge, the kids were dirty with bruises and lived in a roach infested home those kids would have been taken away. Truly, the author is leaving something out but one thing is clear, he has someone who hates him and want him to lose his kids.

    1. yes he is leaving alot out to much to put out here as I am now raising his children!!!The home was not being investegated he was for abuse!! Before people put these stories out here they need to understand there is a lot of people who may be able to use the engish language well,It doesnt mean they are telling the truth!