Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What are Perpetual Assets? Simple - YOU Control your IRA and 401K money! Even hold Gold and Silver in hand!

Anyone who has been paying attention knows at some point the U.S. government is going to make a grab for the trillions of dollars in IRA's and 401Ks.  All the honest economists have said this and it is simply a matter of time.

The government will do it in the form of saying "We are saving the country by putting your money in bonds."   or "We will manage your money knowing what is 'best for you."

I interviewed Will Lehr from Perpetual Assets on 11/18/13 about what they do and how they create LLCs for people to literally hold and control their own IRAs and 401K money to protect it.

It is very simple, they create an LLC for people, they give you the paperwork to open up a checking account in that LLC name at a bank/credit union, etc.  The money is transferred into it and you are the manager of it.. and can invest it where you want.  Including holding gold, silver and platinum in hand at your house, without paying any taxes or penalties on it as it is still all under your IRA account.  It is so simple and so brilliant!

Thus the government  nor Wall Street can not get a hold of it at all - YOU control your money! You maintain it legally!

Here is just one of many articles about the government working on getting your IRA and 401K plans.

Government coming after IRAs and 401Ks.

Recent evidence suggests government officials continue to eye the multi-trillion dollar private retirement savings market, including IRAs and 401(k) plans, eyeing the opportunity to redistribute private retirement savings to less affluent Americans and to force the retirement savings out of the private market and into government-controlled programs investing in government-issued debt...Since 2010, the U.S. Treasury Department and the Department of Labor have been holding combined hearings on various plans designed to introduce government-mandated retirement plans and investment options, including government annuities invested primarily in U.S. Treasury debt, into the private retirement savings market.
“This hearing was set up to explore why Americans are not saving as much for their retirement as they could,” explained National Seniors Council National Director Robert Crone, describing a recent Treasury-Labor hearing held in the Labor Department’s main auditorium.
Here are just some examples of why you should control your retirement account yourself, besides government confiscation possibilities in the future:

September 2013 from CNN- Fidelity employees sue Fidelity over their 401K plans - due to expenses being charged. 

November 5th 2013 - MassMutual Insurance lawsuit over interior fees of 401K plans.

May 2013 - Morgan Stanley sued over 401K retirement fund fees

lawsuits over exorbitant 401K fees being charged

The above are just some of the cases of the outrageous fees eating up 401K and IRA plans.

What is really disturbing is the amount of times now where veterans are being labeled disabled and not even being allowed to manage their own money and retirement accounts etc. 

A very disturbing case was when Charles Scwab sued a woman when she wanted to manage her own $650,000.  

Charles Schwab took an elderly woman's $650,000 but refused to invest it as she wanted, needlessly sent police to her house, and lost $14,000 for her while refusing to give the money back, the woman claims in court.

That is just one example, besides the fact that Dean Witter/Morgan Stanley invested the $500 I put into a college account for my daughter.  13 years after the account was started there was only $170 left in it.  

Anyone who wants to get their own money/retirement out of the reach of the government and Wall Street, needs to take the time to listen to this interview and go ahead and call Will and find out on a personal basis, why this should be a real consideration.   Take Control and have the Freedom of choice and investment!  Protect Yourself from the government and Wall street!

Oh, Perpetual Assets sells Silver Bullet Silver Shield Coins too!  LOVE THOSE! 


  1. As a younger married couple (24 and 25), my wife and I are facing many of the decisions that you categorize as '30s' in our '20s.' It is difficult, but worth it. We are able to utilize our 20s in such a way that will hopefully set us up for success earlier since we recognize that we are facing 'the big and important' decisions now, and as a team! So a friend told us about http://www.mutualfundstore.com/ but before we jump into anything to crazy what do you think we should do? We currently have advisors elsewhere, but they are kind of jealous they don’t want people to work with other people. However, my friend says the Mutual Fund Store is not like that. So just wondering what you think.

    1. I am not a financial expert. Do research as you have done and do what you believe is the right thing for you and your wife.