Monday, March 18, 2013

Cyprus - It has already been allowed here in U.S. MF Global and a Fed Reserve New Policy - Freezes everyone's accounts if need be. Now desperation is starting, open stealing in full view

I have been astounded about what is happening in Cyprus.   I have been reading everything I can and have gone to Cyprus online news websites and translating them.

What Cyprus proves is.. the Governments and Banks of the world don't give a Sh** about the people.   They are all above the law and lie, steal and cheat everyone out of their money.  They want to make the people poor and dependent upon them.   They will live their high life and spend money as they want and give themselves huge bonuses, because they know if they have to.. they can just simply steal everyone's money out of the bank.

The people of Cyprus are locked out of their accounts and there is no guarantee they will be able to get any money out tomorrow, when the banks are suppose to reopen.   (update - the parliament is now delaying meeting yet another day to vote on the stealing of the money, so the banks will not open tomorrow after all.)

The situation around the world has been bad since 2008 and they have put bandages on it to cover the wounds up.  But those bandages are loosing up and about to fall off and reality of how large the wounds have gotten over the years will be in full view.   The desperation of the banks from their loose monetary policies is becoming so apparent that they are now willing to openly steal from the people.

We had MF Global and PF Global, besides Lehman and Bear Stearns here in the U.S.  The people were blindsided with each one.

People don't realize it, but we have had our Cyprus events here in the U.S. already.   The government and courts were involved with the not so obvious stealing of people's money and metals.

JP Morgan was allowed to steal people's money directly from their accounts at MF Global.  After that the courts sanctioned the stealing by making the bankruptcy as an equities one instead of a commodities one, which would have put the people first in getting their money back instead of banks.

The courts have already ruled that deposits in the banks are not guaranteed to the people.  
Besides that the Federal Reserve has implemented a policy that all money in banks and other investments can be frozen if the need arises.

the Federal Reserve also implemented a new policy for money market funds held by financial institutions. Per the new policy, money market funds, which account for some $2.7 trillion in deposits across the United States, can be frozen in the event of an emergency or financial panic. This means that if and when the system does go into a tailspin, at exactly the time people will want to pull their money out of their bank account, they will be restricted from doing so.

This event in Cyprus may wake some of those who are slumbering up, I am sure in Cyprus it is doing that.

They had promised the people over the last month, they would never take money from people's accounts in the bank.  I have read that over and over again in comments on Cyprus news sites.

 The Eurozone controllers demanded Cyprus steal the people's money directly out of their accounts for the debts of the bank.  The people have worked hard and they already pay outrageous taxes and they have the highest utility charges in the world.  I have been reading how they are charged 500+ Euros per month for very little electricity used.   The IMF and Euro managers have even mentioned possibly doing something like the Cyprus stealing in Italy if necessary.

Are they so seriously deranged, sociopaths and psychopaths  now... they aren't even considering that people will fight back?  Are they so stupid that they don't realize people may get ahead of their legal stealing and take their money out of their accounts?   They want to save banks?  Well if people are smart and waking up they are going to rush to their bank and get all their money out.   I would imagine there will be bank runs in Europe, especially in Greece and Italy.   I can only hope they are smart and bank runs start.  The banks and governments may have just put their nail into their coffins.  They are being shown they can not be trusted for one second.  They will tell you one thing and then turn around and do another.

If anyone of us, stole even a dollar out of someone else's account, we would be charged with a Federal crime.  Yet the privately owned banks can literally steal billions out of people's individual accounts and it is all sanctioned by the governments.

They are Private banks that gambled away money and loss!  It is just as if we had gone to a casino and gambled money ourselves and loss.  We can't expect the government to come and steal from the person sitting next to us to cover our losses.  We have to suffer.   Yet, banks can gamble in derivatives and everything else and the governments will always make sure they recover their losses either by printing or by just saying to the people... "Give the bank your money."

Needless to say Zerohedge is all over the Cyprus stealing and I highly advice people to read what the articles they are putting out about it all.

People need to remember if they believe their money is safe in stocks, that is not true.  I posted a year ago about how stocks are actually owned by the Federal Reserve through a broker.  All stocks are put in one name and it is not the person who purchased them.

Literally the only place money is safe now is, in your own hands or in gold and silver as an investment and insurance against inflation.

I hope people in the U.S. are paying attention.  There has been discussions about using people's retirement money for government bonds here.  So that will be a sanctioned stealing of people's money by saying it is for 'the people's protection.'

If people believe the U.S. will never do as Cyprus is doing, then they have not paid attention.  Cyprus is following the U.S.'s lead in reality.  When the U.S. allowed/sanctioned JP Morgan to steal billions directly out of the people's accounts at MF Global they set the precedent of banks around the world to see it can be done.  In the U.S. the people are so asleep and due to the MSM never saying a word about the stealing most do not even know it occurred.  Corzine is best buddies with Obama, he was never charged and is even allowed to now trade other people's money again.

If you notice the big MSM sites don't even have the Cyprus situation as big news, it is only small blurbs on their pages of distraction news.

Here is my message to all the Banks.

It is time for people to wake up and if they don't do it now, will they do it when all their money is stolen by the government and banks out of their own accounts?   When their retirement money is gone and literally any money saved is stolen for the "good of the country and banking system?"

Is it any wonder DHS is buying 2700 armored vehicles for the U.S and have purchased 2 billion rounds of ammo.  Is this for the day the government allows the banks to keep all deposits, retirement, stocks, safety deposit boxes contents and every other investment the people have for the 'good of the banking system?'

May the bank runs begin and the Fiat money system is crashed around the world!

Update 3/19/13 - New Zealand is putting the plans in place to be able to do as Cyprus, Steal people's money overnight. 


  1. Sherrie,

    It won't be much longer and these things will occur openly here. I told people long ago to take their money out of any Big Banks, and keep it in local banks (or credit unions). But, of course, if one has any extra after the past several years of mass inflation and almost zero interest on savings, ppl should be purchasing metals and various food stuffs. Planting gardens will help. Land (especially farm land) would be another good way to put your money somewhere to avoid them taking it in this outright theft.

    Good luck to you and your readers.

  2. This for me was the event that has finally made me close my trading accounts and liquidate my equities. I have been purchasing P.M. during the last five years as a hedge. Now the cash I have will be converted into P.M. The world has taken a nasty turn and the rule of law is GONE ! Thanks for helping me realize that Iam not the only one who see's this for what it is. God Bless.

  3. It's a catch-22. Are we too trusting? Naive maybe?

    We can't do everything ourselves. We have to entrust some things over to other people or organizations, ie., governments, banks, etc.

    They will TURNCOAT sometimes, it is inevitable. Even the Bible says not to trust a man.

    Liars and murderers rule over us. We are born into trouble.

    It's not hard to see this is planned for America. The billions of hollow-points (to get the point across quickly), the suburban tanks, assault rifle purchases by our own government.

    We voted the bastards in. And when you do that you are giving your stamp of approval to liars and murderers.

    We can forgive ourselves if when we did that we also bought our own coffins at the same time too.

  4. During the 30's depression. Your "greatest" President, FDR has confiscated all the GOLD from the people! To give it to the banksters. Then he send you to war for the banksters! What did you do then? A sweet f**all!
    Today the schwarza mamzer same scum like FDR is going to take your money to give it to the banksters & then send you to war to fight for the banksters!
    What are you going to do???
    I know! You're going to shout loudly "USA" "USA" "USA" !!