Monday, March 4, 2013

Homeland Security and Military Vehicles - Pictures I Captured while in Kentucky

UPDATE 3/4/13 9:32 Am - I am bringing this up to the top, (I originally wrote and published it, in July of 2012) due to the fact it has been disclosed DHS has purchased 2700 of these for the streets of the U.S.  The picture I got has #1 on it.  So was it the prototype and is being built somewhere in Kentucky?

Edit to add 12:45 pm 3/4/13 :  check back - I am working on an article from a real source of intelligence given to me this morning regarding these vehicles.   It is very explosive and completely bizarre information.   I will link the article here, when I am finished with it. 

Update 7:30 Pm - Here is the article mentioned above:

DHS Armored Vehicles (as pictured below) with Russian Troops that had DHS uniforms on being Stopped from coming into Tennessee from Kentucky.

I was in Kentucky this last week.  While driving up there I came across at least 10 different trucks hauling military vehicles going North.  I even came across them in the small town of Winchester Kentucky, which is where I took the first picture of a Homeland Security armored vehicle.

 A friend who was driving up the other way through Bowling Green on Interstate 65 to Louisville said he saw about 20 trucks with military vehicles that same day going North too.  I was going up Interstate 75 to Lexington Kentucky.

 I then went on a small road to Winchester and passed this Homeland Security truck.  I waited on the side of the road ahead of it to capture the picture.  I was not able to get pictures of all the other military vehicles except for one.  I saw many armored vehicles similar to this Homeland Security vehicle on trucks but they did not say Homeland Security on them. 

Coming back yesterday (Saturday 28th) I saw more going North again.

I know there are military bases around but it sure does seem they are moving a lot of vehicles right now and they were all going North.  I did not see any going South at all.

Anyone else noticing a lot of moving of military vehicles?  Anyone seeing these Homeland Security vehicles on trucks around the country?

Why were they going through the small town of Winchester Kentucky with it? 

Edit - Added 5:15 Pm - I was just looking at my pictures closer. I just noticed two things. One there is no license plates on the trucks. Second.... notice how the DHS armored vehicle has a backwards American Flag in front? Why is the flag backwards?

Update. ChrisinMaryville,  Sent me the answer to my question about the Flag.

Why is the flag displayed in reverse on the hood?

When the flag is stationary, the constellation is in the place of honor in the upper left corner.

However, when the flag is attached to something that moves, the constellation is placed to represent the flag being carried forward, so viewed from the starboard side where the "staff/mast" would be at the front of the vehicle with the constellation in the upper right). It's been this way for a long, long time. At least since immediately prior to WWII.

UPDATE 9/6/12 - Rense has an article and pictures of the same DHS type vehicle I have above.   They show a police one too.  


  1. Lucky they didn't see you taking these pictures, you "terrorist."

  2. Getting ready for martial law......

    This is Ponce.

  3. I live right beside Ft. Knox, KY. You should hear the increase in helicopter training and the heavy weapons ranges on post. Anonymous is right. They are preparing for martial law. The stockade on post has been reinforced and, over the past few years, expanded greatly in preparation for the takeover of America. With the German Air Force out west on their own AFB and large numbers of Russian troops on the ground in America you should be able to figure out that now is the time to make final preparations. What has only been discussed has now arrived. They are ready to take us down.

  4. I've been seeing troop movement down interstate 39 for the past couple of months.

  5. They THINK they are ready!
    We all live in an interesting time.

  6. Great job Sherrie! I guess they can only put you on that list so many times :) I seem unsure as to whether the chess pieces and being put into place or this tax dollar spending is a result of our ever expanding global empire?

  7. That's right, they "think" they are ready!
    Here are some stats & link on how many deer hunting licenses were issued in only 5 states

    (Licensed Resident Deer Hunters)
    Pennsylvania 1,299,372
    Michigan 1,005,000
    Wisconsin 894,543
    New York 812,446
    Texas 645,000

    Four million 656 thousand men with high power, accurate rifles IN JUST THOSE STATES!
    Now imagine adding all the other states.
    Now imagine adding all the gun owners in the rest of the states who don't hunt.
    Now you tell me what army of a million much less some few thousand DHS donut eating, fat bureaucrats are willing or capable of taking on 50+ million armed (and pissed off) Americans.

    We are many, they are few, they fear us.
    If we allow them to instill fear in us, they've already half way won.

    1. There are a whole lot of us in Texas who don't have hunting licences.

    2. That's also true here in the south, especially Florida.
      We must never forget that all these creeps have in Washington is fear over some of us, once we realize how few there are of them, they lose the psychological game.
      It comes down to this; we must NEVER allow ourselves to be disarmed like the Aussies so foolishly did.

    3. Sure, but did you considered what deer hunters will eat?
      If unrest happen food supply will be cut .

    4. Yes, deer hunters eat deer or anything else they can shoot...
      They (DHS) must fear their food supply being cut!
      Stop curling up into a fetal position & recognize the huge numbers of us vs them.
      If more of us understand this, we'll grow a set & they haven't a chance.

    5. They will take your guns first!

    6. Do a web search for "The Tiny Dot" on YouTube by Larken Rose. There is nothing to fear. There was only a small percentage of Amerikan Patriots that stood up to the English king. If everyone either passively resisted, physically resisted or took up arms and aggressively resisted, the govt would be overthrown in a week.

      If the Oathkeepers rise up, it will take an afternoon. If you web search OPPT, you'll find we have already won in the court system.

      Just keep in mind, all of these criminals have a quick exit strategy, where they escape with their loot quickly to avoid the noose. The Banksters have provided them underground bunkers where they will be protected and will operate the country, collect the taxes and defend the banking system but I think they'll run like rats from a burning ship.

    7. They're depending on everyone to turn in their guns when they outlaw them. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

    8. Well as an Oath Keeper I'm sure there are many of us out there that will continue to answer the call. The American people is the largest and well armed Army in the world. It's now or never they're trying to take all our rights are you ready to just roll over and play dead? I'm not, I would like for my children to grow up in the greatest nation in the world! Time for us to secure hteir future!

    9. I agree 100%, It's time to do what the founding fathers Put the 2nd amendment in there for. The Government has gotten to BIG And we as Americans have a duty to fix the problem So that our kids and Grandkids can grow up in the Greatest Country in the World.To Quote a great American. " A Government that does not trust it's Law abiding citizens to keep and bear Arms is itself unworthy on of TRUST!!

    10. Sir I mean no offense but these men aren't fat or donut eating. You can bet they are fit and from age 18-30 and are training far more than we are. It'd be in everyone's best interest to start some hardcore PT and hit up the range a lot more.

  8. The first rig looks like an MRAP -- mine resistant truck. The second seems built on a different frame, an open bed truck with what I take to be a generator on a trailer. I've not kept up with military trucks that much. The route would depend on the source, whether a trans-shipping point or supply depot. But the main route north from Winchester seems headed for Cincinnati, or perhaps eastbound on I-64 toward Charleston, WV. It would be anybody's guess after that.

    1. Hey, the one thing about being headed for Cincinnati is, I was on 75 until I turned off to a two lane road to go to Winchester, south of Lexington. It was a two lane road up until about the last 4 miles. It began two lanes and that is when I passed the DHS vehicle. This intersection was a couple of miles more and I stopped along the road. The road I was on leads to Winchester, which is about 15 miles east of Lexington and off the highway. The place you see is when I had approached the town of Winchester. The DHS vehicle turned left at the light that you can see in the second picture. That road was the 64 bypass leading to Highway 64. Maybe it was going to the highway, but where did it come from. The road was 17 miles from where I got off 75 to Winchester. So... why would it have come on that road from 75, just to get back on to it? So.. where was it off that road?

    2. Too many unknowns. It could be the driver stopped somewhere for his own reasons, or it was coming from a contract painting plant, repair or refit plant. It's hard to know where such contractors might be located. There's all kinds of possibilities. I rather think the story here is that DHS has MRAPs.

  9. The powers that be have a plan.
    That plan will come from a direction
    that is beyond our comprehension.
    They would not try it unless they
    had a good chance of it succeeding.
    The powers that be want America
    humiliated and destroyed. The wars
    that we are engaged in are to consume
    our resources, kill those of military age,
    and get the rest of the world so mad at
    us that they will gladly participate in
    an invasion for payback.


      Shooter (4/8) Movie CLIP - Mister Rate's Advice (2007) HD

      July 24, 2012 saw 8 "Army" vehicles, looked like airplane loading and unloading equip. and a generator truck. Unusual to me at Midland-Odessa Airport...San Antonio Air-Force flys touch and go with C-5A's at Midland-Odessa Airport...

    2. And lower our enlistments and encourage dropping out of the military due to 0bama's forcing of gayness down our soldier's throats. All part of the plan.

  10. The fix is in on the election. Voter fraud and hoards of illegal immigrants will be voting for 0bama as they're instructed. The DHS trucks, drones, etc. will be waiting for anyone who takes to the streets out of anger towards another four years of a Dictator wrecking ball on America. FUBO, you ILLEGAL OCCUPANT of our White House!

    1. I think you're right, much of these preps are for the losing crowd after the elections.
      But, it could also be preps for some major econo collapse that they see just around the corner.
      A massive reduction in the value of the dollar would turn a basic retirement or welfare check into a check that will only pay for your electric bill...
      That will set the cities on fire as well.

  11. What trucks didn't have license plates...the semi trucks? They are on the trailers. The "military" vehicles? If it's a new vehicle it won't have a plate until it's put into service. Then, it will not have a "regular" license plate. It will have a Gov't plate which will look different.

    The American flag is backwards on the passenger side because it's as if someone is holding the flag pole and running forward. There are two sides to the flag...

    I wouldn't be too worried about the tan colored trucks so much as I would the DHS truck. Seems everyone even local PD's are getting geared up with these vehicles last few years. All on your dime.

    1. After looking again I guess I don't see any plates on the trailers of those rigs. I'm not sure what to make of that, if anything. I suppose next time you could just follow one into the truck stop and see what all the driver knows... if he'll talk. ;)

    2. About the backwards American Flag: It is also used that way on military uniforms on the right sleeve. I don't believe this is used flying the 'correct' way on the left. I first noticed this from the 'new' military uniforms issued in Iraq and was horrified. It just made me ask what message is being sent??

    3. Why were you horrified? It's to show we are carrying the flag into battle- charging forward. Why they decided to put it that way, I don't know.

      What we really should be seeing is every American citizen flying his/her flag upside down. It would accurately show we as a nation are in distress. Of course we are the only ones who can save ourselves, though. What "they" want is for everyone to feel distress and call on "them" to "help" us. I have a feeling too many people are waking up for that to work though. This is why I think something is coming and we will have to fight the bastards.

  12. I live in Lexington, and log a lot of road miles for work. I have seen these things moving also. I saw an Army cargo truck on the surface streets in Lexington. There was an event on the UK field in front of the football stadium, it appeared there were two soldiers at the entrance, the event was for the local soccer club. Weird stuff, better be getting ready.

    1. Hey, When I went to the Derby this year in Louisville, I noticed there were troops at Churchhill when we were leaving after it was over. They were directing the people and the vehicles. I thought it was odd. YEP, I got a picture too... as I went by them. It is blurry, so I never put it on the blog or even mentioned it.

  13. It is good to keep track of this 'Bush cabal agency' in its many forms. Someday, since they refuse to arrest the domestic based foreign entity carrying on attacks against the U.S., they will have to level with us as to their true purpose. They should paint over those 'Homeland Security' signs and put up 'Born to Molest' in their place. Honesty is the basis of a good relationship. Not trust. These examples of genetic slag lie with every breath.
    The police Chief in the Denver suburb covering the true nature of that tragic shooting was top police intelligence officer in NYC on 9-11-2001. He knows the details of the preset demolition and relevant contracts and where these contracts disappeared to. Columbine is a scant 25 miles or so to the southwest of the Auburn neighborhood. Operation Monarch and the TSA bullies in everybody's face. Critically compare the face of James Holmes in still shots and videos before the shooting and in the court hearing video. Two different individuals. The identities of the Holmes family and the on site evidence and setting prove a manifold government deception. We have criminals running the government.

  14. I work in Miami & this am on my way to work (NW 108 ave & NW 25 street) there was a flatbed truck with two of these DHS looking vehicles waiting for some business to open up (I get to work at 6:45)
    There was no wrting on these vehicles, but it was the same style as the DHS vehicle above, but a darker gray color.
    Sorry, no pix...

  15. Replies
    1. Most of those you showed were Bradley fighting vehicles, Them may have been on the way to a repair facility Or they could be going to a staging point .......Be on the lookout

  16. Why are they on the back of trucks? Why aren't they moving on their own? Possibly to draw less attention? For these things can be "convoyed" for effiency.

  17. I have been researching this picture for some time now and have only ever found this one picture (the first one). In each instance it is always "a friend of mine" or some other hearsay source. I have yet to find the person who actually took the photograph.

    I copied a picture of the “special response team” armored vehicle in the first picture as it is the only one of military significance. I loaded it into my Photoshop program and blew it up real big.

    With out a doubt, 100% absolutely positive, I can guarantee you the photo was Photoshopped to remove the “Immigration and Customs Enforcement” and “Police/Rescue” wording from the vehicle.

    Don't ever respond to hearsay. Check it out for yourself. I have been watching for these vehicles or any suspicious vehicle for months and have never seen anything even remotely suspicious!

    Think for yourself, refuse to be manipulated!

    1. LOL How funny. You are saying I photo-shopped this photo. I would not have any clue how to change wording on some photo or even have someone else do that.

      I am laughing so hard right now.

      Guess what.... people who read my blog, have full faith in my integrity and that I post Truth including Picture Truth!

      Oh, there are pictures of this vehicle with the exact wording on it and a video I have found since. Did they photo shop that video and pictures with the men in military uniform chatting about it?

      So... I am happy, you gave me a laugh for the day.

  18. Your a liar then too because that photo was photoshopped. You can see the difference in the pixels when you use the BLUR tool. If you didn't edit it then someone else did. Either way you are a liar.

    1. LOL uuhh..... yeah sure.

      I love these type comments. Those who try hard for their money.
      I have full confidence in my readers abilities to distinguish truth from fiction.

      Have an Awesome Day!

    2. Hey, please see the update I put above 9/6/12 with a link to Rense's site. HHHmmm..... I guess everyone photo shops the words "Special Response Unit" at the same exact spot.

      Now, if you had any integrity after making so many comments calling me a liar besides other things, you will admit you were so totally WRONG on all counts.

      Or are you going to accuse Rense of photo shopping the pictures too?

    3. So what is your point?

      The link you added shows the vehicles with all the correct lettering. Your trying to make it sound like there is some big conspiracy because the one you Photoshopped does not have the "Immigrations and Customs Enforcement" and "Police / Rescue" on them.

      No Patriot American would worry about any efforts to enforce the Immigration Laws. Or Police and Rescue people having a top notch vehicle to work from.

      I think you are just trying to get people upset enough to start some civil unrest so Obama can declare Martial Law and suspend elections indefinitely. Is that your hope? That is the ONLY way Obama will not be kicked out of the White House in November.

      May the Love and Light of our Lord Jesus Christ shine thru that dark cavern you call a brain.

  19. OK, Everyone copy the photo on to your computer, load it into Photoshop and blow it up about 5 or 6 times. Look at the pixel size difference as its gets smaller when blurred. Lets see if you readers can determine who is telling the lie with the evidence you yourself supposedly supplied.

    Yes your reputation is key for your line of work isn't it? Voted for Obama, supports Occupy and now has latched on to the Ron Paul cause. How was the Kentucky Derby? You might even be one of those 1%ers we hear so much about. Trouble with the internet posting so many pictures, you are easily dismissed as a fraud when you start lying.

    1. I sincerely hope people do inspect it. Would LOVE for that.

      I am not going to continue responding to obvious Bulls*** comments.

      The normal govt. operative... to turn people so they doubt truth.

      OH... you missed saying something about the MERS and my trying to expose the FRAUD of Wall Street! Absolutely I support Occupy Wall Street, anything that brings the FRAUD to light more! Yep... I have posted many times how I voted for Obama and believed his LIES! As for the Derby..... I had the honor of a good friend inviting me.

      So... now that we have discussed me.... what about you... what agency are you with? DHS? Don't want your vehicles being displayed on the internet?

      Anyway, I won't waste any more energy with your comments.

      I do wish you a GREAT Labor Day Holiday!

  20. The tan colored truck & trailer on the flat bed are what the military call their "family of medium tactical vehicles" of FMTV. It's the current version of the "duece & 1/2" or 2 & 1/2 ton truck made by Oshkosh. It's probably a brand new one on it's way to a base or being transfered from one base to another or was just rehabilitated.

    The DHS one is an MRAP. They are buying these since DHS is taking a more active role in rounding up "high profile" criminals. Basicaly so they don't have another shoot out like they did in California in 1997 or like in Waco, TX etc.

  21. Based on the photos, they're really up for something...

  22. I live in middle Tennessee. I saw 3 military convoys, 1 on Interstate 24, and 2 on Interstate 840, this past Saturday (3/2/2013). I'm not too far from Ft. Campbell. I saw some of these same vehicles on 2 of these convoys. The other convoy looked like they were returning from a delivery of some sort since most of the trucks didn't have trailers. I have the utmost respect for the military, but under this president's regime, I'm a little worried...

  23. I saw a whole bunch of these setup in a parking lot in front of a target. Then on trucks on the highway just like those pictures. Why would they be in winchester virginia?

  24. ..They be few. You be many..They be organised..You aint got any!

  25. Update on military movement. Just came through the I64 corridor this morning early and saw a convoy with several hazmat trailers heading eastbound . All light tan as in dessert

  26. Last time I saw DHS Truck #1 from your photo, it was parked in Georgia. I looked at another enlarged photo of your photo on another website. Says NFTTU/FB under the flag. NFTTU is the DHS National Firearms Tactical Training Unit (Google)...located at Fort Benning, GA. Mapquest route from Winchester, KY to Ft Benning,GA. It's freeway straight south. I'd wager money this is where it was either going or coming from. MRAPs get terrible mpg, so hauling it is likely cheaper and easier on the occupants and parts. The exact numbered truck can easily be found in current photos on the NFTTU public webpage.

    If it was a secret, why did they label where the vehicle is located in such an obvious way?

    If it were anything "secret", why isn't it covered? I've hauled many test vehicles for Ford and Freighliner, they always made me tarp the prototypes (which were already under a mesh covering). Not to protect from elements, but to conceal from public eyes.

    The other tan vehicle (M1078) was nothing more than a 2.5 ton military (new style). Hauled many of them to/from seaports, the factories in TX/WI, and bases all over the US. Easy freight, chain it down and off I go.

  27. Thanks for all the information everything and the thoughtful analysis. Let's not bash and criticize one another. It took humility to ask for opinions and advice. Many advisors make victory sure. Any federally backed army is going to be formidable. We need all the eyes we can get. Thank you.

  28. Sherrie... the #1 on the truck could be the district zone... we are in FLorida and saw one today nov 2013 it had a # 4 and the is the AGENDA 21 zone for FLorida

  29. i will shoot ANY foreign troop that comes to near or around my house no questions asked