Saturday, February 2, 2013

Media, On all out war for us to give up our Freedoms. Mind Control to give up Freedoms and Guns

I am seeing a pattern of the media using the word: Freedom in relation to murders.  They are are on all out war for our mind and how we view Freedoms.  It is a strong campaign  from MSM to the alternative liberal media.   They are very serious about controlling our mind and how we relate having Freedom to allowing murders.  One article I show even has "Mind Control versus Gun Control."  They are twisting it to be "If you believe in Freedom than you have blood on your hands from people being murdered with guns."

We seriously have to understand and stay vigilant against their "mind control" against guns and what they are trying to push to the public at large.

Here is our Constitution

Here is our Bill of Rights

CBS Sunday morning - Professor Video

I have said this over and over and over again.  I sincerely believe a way to show Obama, Feinstein and the media where we stand in our Freedoms is by joining the NRA!  Understand a $25 membership can equal Freedoms for ourselves and our children.  The NRA is the major stumbling block for our 2nd amendment being wiped out in D.C.   I can not stress enough how I believe that joining the NRA in mass (by millions) would shut D.C. up!  We need to stand together and united for this overt war against our Freedoms!  It is now or never.

NRA membership $25 - FREEDOM - PRICELESS! 

Little Steven - I AM A PATRIOT! (Listen to what he says before singing - Timeless!)  

The government and media have equated those who are Patriots to being "Terrorist against the government" now.

I put the video on the blog the other day.  The lyrics are in that post.


  1. Sherrie,

    A 1960's precursor to the Gun Control Act of 1968 had two creators. Senator Thomas J. Dodd...and the NRA.

    Face it Sherrie. The NRA believes that the way to deal with your enemies is to compromise with them. The Gun Owners of America knows that you can never compromise with an enemy that wants to destroy you.

    I know who I support. And more importantly, I know who supports me.

    1. I believe people should join all the gun freedom organizations there are. The reason why I say the NRA over and over again is because they are the ones who the media and government recognize and villainize. They are the ones who are put out in front and are being blamed for our still having our Freedom to guns. Understand we have to send the Strongest message to D.C. and Stand Together for our Freedoms! That is why they are working the "mind control" of our Freedom and equating that with "blood on our hands for keeping our Freedom of guns." We have to send a message in MASS to D.C. and all the gun grabbers. We have to become United as One for our Freedoms! I believe by joining the NRA by the millions would shock those who want to take away our Freedoms! Since the NRA gets the attention of the population we need to double the membership. I also believe the NRA knows this is a fight they can NEVER compromise on! This is a real war against our Freedoms by the government and the media. They are overt and they are working every angle. They are not hiding. We can NOT hide! We need to act as ONE in our Stand!

  2. More and more people are waking up to just how corrupt and complicit the main stream media is. Watch the comments section of the MSM news sites after their ridiculous stories meant to sway public opinion - it isn't working anymore. People are now questioning the motives of the MSM but more importantly, they are questioning the motives of the politicians and their handlers that control them. It is evident that whatever the agenda may be, it isn't meant to make our lives better or safer. It's all about control and we are clearly seeing it today.

  3. "If you believe in Freedom than you have blood on your hands from people being murdered with guns." Obama doesn't believe in freedom and he is ,indirectly, killing people all over the world with guns.
    So, beliving in freedom has nothing to do with it.

    1. Obama is murdering men, women and children with Drones! It isn't even with guns. He has ordered the murder of thousands of innocent people by drones. They are wanting to add guns to the drones flying over the U.S. too. Of course they are saying to "protect us more" by being able to shoot any bad person right away. Will people be gullible enough to think that is a good idea?

  4. The easiest way to stop the MSM from fomenting their propaganda so we have to "stay vigilant against their "mind control" against guns" - Cancel all your cable and satellite. I did probably six years or more ago. It's surprising how many freedom lovers will scream and shout about the MSM, but will never do anything about it. A bit hypocritical in my mind. I hear all the excuses, my wife likes some stupid show like Glee, but we never watch the news. If you pay for cable/satellite, you are financially supporting those that would eliminate our freedoms.

    I'll bet nobody that reads this is willing to stand up against the Zio News and fight back. If you're not willing to do this one simple thing - well I can't say on Sherrie's blog what they are.

  5. I happen to be at a hospital and the other patient had the TV on and I kept thinking the show he had on was about gun control and it sounded to me like propaganda. It kept mentioning, little children, ASSAULT RIFLE KILL, little children, ASSAULT RIFLE KILL, kind of thing over and over with key words like that. So I glanced over and saw it was CNN!!!!

    I don't have a TV at home but I now realize CNN is nothing but a propaganda station.

    And when I see all those pictures of people killed by guns I said, too bad they were unarmed and untrained, they could of had a real fighting chance. To see all those "victims" tells me everyone should be armed if they are qualified. I certainly don't want anyone to be victims anymore.
    But criminals that run the government want you to be a victim. That's why they want you unarmed. Pay no attention to the criminals in office because it is true, if you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have them.