Friday, February 1, 2013

Bill Murphy Interview with me today 2/1/13 about Gold Manipulation, Germany's Gold, Silver shortage, Chinese Yuan and numerous other discussions.

I was honored to interview Bill Murphy the founder of GATA and lemetropolecafe.  We discussed Germany's Gold, China being backed by Gold, the Comex, Jp Morgan and their shorts and the class action suit that was dismissed.   You will need to turn up your speakers as the audio from Bill's side is not very loud, but you will then hear me "loud and clear."

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Part 1 of the interview


Part 2 of the Interview


  1. can't hear him so it's useless

    1. I know that is why I said you need to turn up your speakers loud. He has some really good information so it is worth listening to with the volume turned up.

    2. the reason bill isnt talking loudly is because the london trader is now in rehab and the earpiece to bill doesnt work very well there. the fireworks are coming on july 4th of this year, like bill is saying. go outside to see for yourself.