Thursday, June 28, 2012

Supreme Court Ruling For Obama Care - Another Tax on the People and Mandatory Chips in Everyone Upheld!

With the Supreme Court ruling this morning that Obamacare is legal and the mandate will stay, shows the Supreme Court ruled yet again for corporations.

The facts are, they ruled to make people give money to insurance companies and they ruled that the people are going to be Taxed on the mandate.  So we won't just have to give all we make to corporations but of course to the government too.  They seem to be where they don't want the people to have any left over money at all.  They want to keep the people as slaves to their taxation and corporation profits.

What I am concerned about also is the fact that in the Obamacare, every single citizen has to be chipped by March 30 2013.

I also have a question about this.

All those illegal immigrants who are not having to pay mandatory taxes and paying insurance corporations, are they still going to get free medical care?  What will be put in place to make sure they pay?

We have now just gotten another nail in the coffin of the U.S.  and I don't believe there will be millions of Americans willing to go along with this.  Will this be the "straw that breaks the camel's back?"  in the form of people rising up and saying "Hell NO."

Are they going to come to houses with Swat teams if you refuse a chip?  I WILL NEVER GET CHIPPED!  Yet it is mandatory!

Ron Paul's Push to Audit the Fed, is now becoming reality. It passed his committee, enough to pass Congress too.

Ron Paul is Awesome!

He has now achieved something that was near and dear to his heart.  Getting the Federal Reserve audited!

He has now accomplished a Huge part of that.  It passed the Oversight committee on Weds. June 27, 2012.  It also has 257 co sponsors in the House, which is more than enough to get passed and approved there.

What the problem is the Senate though.  Being Democrat controlled they don't want an audit of the Fed.

Ron Paul is living up to his promises unlike any other elected official.  All the others lie about everything and then do as their masters tell them to do.  At least Ron Paul is not controlled as all the others are.

From article:

One of Rep. Ron Paul’s (R-TX) lifelong policy goals is on the brink of becoming a reality.
In a nearly unanimous voice vote on Wednesday, the House Oversight Committee approved a bill that would require the U.S. Federal Reserve to conduct a first-ever complete audit of its books and divulge details about its monetary policy discussions. The bill is expected to be taken up by the full House of Representatives sometime next month.

It says Rand Paul is the one who introduced a bill in the Senate.  Now that is all I need to hear.  It may not go anywhere.   RAND PAUL IS A SELLOUT AND IS NOW CONTROLLED BY THE SAME MASTERS AS THE REST OF THEM! 

If there is one person who absolutely has to lose his next election it is Rand Paul!  That man has got to be kicked out of office now.  He is a traitor and betrayed all the people including his father.

But Ron Paul has gotten the audit the Federal Reserve a huge jump forward.  The pressure needs to be put on the Senate for pushing that bill through!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Millions in Tahrir Square Egypt - Celebrating Official Muslim Brotherhood Win - Live Feed

The Muslim Brotherhood - Morsi - won the Presidency in Egypt.  Millions are in Tahrir Square celebrating.

Live feed from Al Jazeera

What is going to happen now - considering that the military said they will be keeping control and the Supreme Court there dissolved the Parliament 2 weeks ago.

Things are going to get very interesting now.   How will Israel react to this win?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

German Constitutional Court takes Power away from Merkel, says Parliament is Superior.

Wow the courts around the world sure have been busy this week and the past one.  First Egypt's court dissolved the parliament there and then Pakistan's Supreme Court kicked out it's  Prime Minister.

Now the Constitutional Court of Germany has ruled that Merkel has over stepped her bounds and she can not keep giving bail outs of the rest of Europe and not give details to the parliament.   

It says the Parliament is superior  in rulings than Merkel.   It looks like the ruling has possibly put the ESM at risk of being ratified in Germany too.

This is going to throw Europe into chaos, in my opinion.  There will be no more free flowing money from Germany which has been the country that has provided the bailout money.  Considering Spain and Italy are just going into crisis mode and needing money fast, there are going to be some wild rides coming up.

Article - translated to English:
D is eutlich the judgment of the Constitutional Court on the political voice of the Bundestag.  A unanimous slap for the Chancellor , which is known to prefer the quiet reigns, bug-proof closet out.  And like the MPs considered Kopfnicker like that should approve without opposition in the Bundestag and uninformed, what in the Chancellery of her and her main power brokers Ronald Pofalla was once again concocted.

The imperative for future policy operations has consistently expressed the judgment: Saying what's wrong and what is just is, as soon as possible. . And this is especially important for international agreements such as the euro rescue ESM . For its cash, the citizens must pay this year alone, 8.7 billion euros of taxpayers' money.  What could be justified in view of these sums, let Parliament and the people in the dark?

  Anti-democratic arguments

The opponents of transparency has often used anti-democratic arguments First, it is more efficient when political decisions are sometimes waved through in small bodies. Second, it would be even more difficult to achieve international agreement, if any should be informed and the secrecy is no longer guaranteed. But what kind of cynicism!  Only the stupid MPs is a good deputy?  And only the stupid people is a good citizen?
. Since the judgment of our constitutional judge does really well.  The Bundestag may a say again, apply the established democratic rules of our Constitution.. The future it could also again be clear who we need to assign responsibility for various "bailout" that are being set almost every week somewhere.

Only the Parliament, then the Chancellor's Office

. As such, it was high time that the specific form of caricature of government has met with opposition from the Constitutional Court.  The Basic Law does not exist for arbitrary disregard of the political sphere.  A Chancellor would actually follow it more carefully than any other participating political institutions, because it finally puts her oath of office on it. And we do not want to be governed by and on peaks that operate infinitely far away from our daily lives. . Considered democratic, the chancellor's office is subordinate to the parliament clearly.  The Chancellor should also be in support money finally take note of.. We do not want to be governed by Gutsfrauenart. The state authority emanates from the people.  Again remember, Mrs. Merkel?

I do believe things have just gotten more interesting in Europe now.  I don't believe this will go over well with those countries that are needing money desperately.

I found an article out of Australia about it also. 

Germany's constitutional court has ruled the government failed to inform parliament in good time about negotiations last year on the eurozone bailout fund.
Tuesday's ruling does not halt plans to put the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) in place next month but requires the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel to brief parliamentarians sooner next time.
Both chambers of parliament are scheduled to ratify the ESM treaty and the eurozone fiscal compact on June 29.
The case was a win for the opposition Green Party, which charged that parliament was not quickly shown documents about last year's bailout talks. Green Party whip Volker Beck said the opposition had to turn to Austrian colleagues to find out what was going on.
Under the German constitution, the parliament in Berlin has to be kept informed "comprehensively and at the earliest possible point of time and continuously" about negotiations at European Union (EU) level.
The court ruled that Merkel's government did not brief parliament properly last year on the state of talks over the new eurozone rescue fund, the ESM, or over negotiations on the "Euro-Plus Pact" requiring eurozone nations to coordinate economic policy.
The 500 billion euro ($A624.54 billion) ESM is the permanent successor to the existing bailout fund, the European Financial Stability Facility. Judges said the opposition should have been shown the ESM treaty draft by April 6 last year.
The decision was "another important building block in a series of decision by the Federal Constitutional Court to strengthen parliamentary responsibility in the framework of European integration," presiding judge Andreas Vosskuhle said.
The court has repeatedly slammed the executive in Berlin for not submitting enough to legislators.
"The briefing has to enable the parliament to exercise early and effective influence on the decision-making of the government and must take place in such a way that the parliament does not end up in a rubber-stamp role," Vosskuhle added.
Germany's government and opposition came close last week to reaching a final agreement to jointly ratify the ESM treaty and the fiscal compact, which the government insists on passing as a package. The legislation requires a two-third majority to pass.
As part of the bargain, the Merkel government has now promised to fast-track the introduction of a financial transaction tax in Europe if a minimum of nine member states agree.
Germany's opposition Social Democrats (SPD), who did not participate in the case, welcomed Tuesday's ruling.
Thomas Oppermann of the Social Democrats said: "This is another embarrassment to the government. They have been losing one case after another."

Now, will this cause Germany to be the first country to actually leave the Euro?  Considering it has been said that they have been printing Deutsche Marks and have them in the ready.

Supreme Court of Pakistan kicked out the Prime Minister. 2nd Middle Eastern Supreme Court to control the government. U.S. influencing it all? Hillary gave 1.3 Billion to Egyptian Military.

SUPREME COURT OF PAKISTANThe Supreme Court of Pakistan just got rid of the Prime Minister today.  It seems the Supreme Courts all over the Middle East are taking action and getting rid of their governments.

Here is the article:

ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled Speaker National Assembly Fehmida Mirza’s ruling as void and declared that Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani stood disqualified since April 26.
“Yousuf Raza Gilani is disqualified from membership of parliament from April 26, the date of his conviction. He has also ceased to be the prime minister of Pakistan,” said Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, reading the order.
“The Election Commission shall issue a notice of disqualification and the president is required to take necessary steps to ensure continuation of democratic process,” he added.
A three-member bench, comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja and Justice Khilji Arif Hussain heard a set of constitutional petitions challenging National Assembly Speaker Fehmida Mirza’s ruling over the reference against Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani.
The bench had been hearing a set of petitions filed by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), the Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI), Azhar Chaudhry advocate and others challenging the speaker’s ruling of May 24 over the qualification issue.
Earlier during today’s hearing, Attorney General Irfan Qadir presented in court the National Assembly’s resolution endorsing the speaker’s ruling. The resolution had been moved by the government and was adopted by the NA on June 14.
“We respect the courts, however, state institutions should try to avoid clash amongst themselves,” the attorney general said.
Upon which the chief justice remarked that the judiciary respected the parliament and that there was no clash between the state’s institutions.
Justice Khilji remarked that the court’s duty was to interpret the law and the constitution and to stop all measures which violate these.
Qadir said that if the court issued an order against the speaker’s ruling, the parliament would declare it invalid.The prime minister is not answerable to the courts over the dispensation of his professional duties, the attorney general said.

What I found very interesting about this is the date of June 14th in the article.  That date the National Assembly speaker had tried to keep the Prime Minister in office.

Do you remember that date in reference to what also happened in Pakistan?

The U.S. violated International Law that day - June 14th in Pakistan.  The U.S. put the aircraft carrier in Pakistani waters without permission. 

ONLINE Thursday, 14 Jun 2012 5:40 pm 

KARACHI - After failing to strike a deal on NATO supplies with Pakistan, the United States has moved its nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise into Pakistani territorial waters near Gawadar, according to media reports on Thursday. The ship’s deployment in Pakistan’s territorial waters is a violation of international laws. After the deployment of the aircraft carrier in Pakistani seas, the country’s security agencies are now investigating into the matter, sources said. They added that the movement apparently showed the increasing interest of the US in Balochistan province. “The US has moved its biggest aircraft carrier 65 to 70 nautical miles away from Gawadar in the second week of June,” a news website quoted its sources as saying. The USS Enterprise, which holds a crew of over 4,000, is a veteran of several wars.

So now I have to question, if the U.S. was sending a message to the Pakistani government?  Notice the date it happened was also the 14th of June that sure is a funny coincidence, don't you think?

The Prime Minister of Pakistan - Yousaf Raza Gilani - who was just kicked out by the Supreme Court wanted better relations with the U.S..  So was the U.S. behind the PM and was trying to get a message across that he is to stay, or is it the opposite?

The President of Pakistan plans to announce who the new Prime Minister will be later today/tonight.

Interesting enough the Egyptian Supreme Court dissolved the Parliament of that country on the 14th of June too.  Right before the elections of Egypt and then they gave the Egyptian Military full control and the military is now keeping that control, no matter who the President is. 

Where does the U.S stand on these Supreme Court rulings?   I haven't heard a word of "ourtage" from them about the Egyptian Supreme court ruling.  To me that says they were behind it and support it.  Otherwise we would have been hearing about how a court dissolved a "democratic" government.  To me that says they want the military to keep control of Egypt, they must control all the generals of Egypt. 

I did find where an "expert" says the U.S. has a great relationship with the Egyptian military.

Jon Alterman, director of the Middle East program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank in Washington.

"We have had a long relationship with the Egyptian military and when it comes to existential issues, they will listen politely but they strongly believe that they understand both their population and their national interest better than well-meaning Americans," Alterman added.

Michele Dunne, a Middle East analyst at the Atlantic Council think tank in Washington, argued that the United States has influence on Egypt because of the large U.S. aid flows, notably to the Egyptian military, but has elected not to exercise it.

On March 23, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released $1.3 billion in annual military aid for Egypt despite Cairo's failure to meet pro-democracy goals, saying U.S. national security required the continued military assistance.
The above says it all in where the U.S. stands with the military rule in Egypt.  The U.S. is paying off the military of Egypt.

I would like to know something about that.  How come the U.S. doesn't have enough money to help out the individual states of the U.S., yet they have Billions to throw constantly at Pakistan, Israel, India and a whole list of other countries?

List of countries that get "Foreign Aid" Pay offs from the U.S.

I thought the U.S. only supported "Democratic Countries"  I thought that is why we went into Iraq and Libya.  Will we ever hear a word out of Obama or Hillary about Egypt and now Pakistan?  Hasn't Obama said that here in the U.S., he thinks the Supreme Court is over stepping it bounds?

It seems the U.S. will continue to make the Middle East unstable through every way they can, instead of letting peace reign and letting the people of the respective countries vote and keep the governments they want.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Rand Paul: A typical Politician now! Video of him ignoring questions about his selling out his father and the people that voted for him! Ron Pauls message to his supporters this week.

Rand Paul's Political Career has got to end!  Kentucky needs to kick him out of office.  It is still bewildering that he endorsed Romney.  There was no reason for him to do so, except for his own benefit.

He is acting like typical politician now.  This video proves what an A$$hole he is.  He pretends the guy is not there.  I hope that man realizes the only reason he got in office was due to his father, now he will be kicked out of office in a big way I hope in the next election.  I can only hope that he gets one vote for himself and that will have been his own vote.  I wonder if he has any idea of the anger and how people who really believe in freedoms and liberty feel about him now?

He is the scum of the Earth, because he is a sell out!  He pretended to be one way and is really another. Just like Obama did.  They both lied their A$$es off to get elected.  Once elected they have become and done the opposite of what they said they would.  But Rand Paul also sold out his father.

I have been upset with my mother at times in my life.  But never would I ever sell her out during those times.  For Rand Paul to do that to his own father, besides the millions of people behind his father, shows he is worst than scum!

Ron Paul did release a message to his supporters - it is about persevering through the adversity that has been happening.

Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC talks about the Foreclosure Fraud with Bo Biden and hints he plans on doing lots more regarding the fraud, since he is leaving MSNBC

Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC is a rare breed on MSM. He has always exposed the truth about what is really going on and has called it like it is. He has ranted about how all the elected officials are owned by the banks and corporations previously. He has out right stated that the people will never get legislation for them, as it is always for the banks.

Dylan is leaving MSNBC and he had Bo Biden on about the Foreclosure Fraud that the banks are still committing. He says they have been ramping up the foreclosures starting last month. At the very end, he hints that he will be working on the Fraud intensely once he leaves MSNBC!

Thank you Dylan Ratigan for all you have done and all you have exposed over the last few years about the fraud of the banks and the government! 

Jon Stewart - On JPM and the Senate hearing. The Senators Kissed His Ass! Jon Stewart totally Exposes Sen. Bob Corker from Tennessee!

The elected officials, especially Bob Corker kissed Dimon's ass when he was at the Senate Hearings.

The Daily Show with Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Bank Yankers
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 Remember Dimon wore those "President of the United States" cufflinks during the Senator hearing.  He was sending all the Senators a message saying he is in control of the whole political establishment of the U.S. by doing that.  He obviously is in control of the Senate, the way they kissed his ass. 

Here, in the second video, Jon Stewart shows how the Senators literally Kissed Dimon's Ass during the hearings.

Jon Stewart totally blows Sen. Bob Corker from Tennessee Away - He exposes him at the end for the Fraud that he is!

The Daily Show with Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
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Here is a bonus video - Dylan Ratigan explains it all in one Rant! The whole government is owned by the banks and the banks are stealing everyone's money with all the elected officials allowing it on both sides of the aisle!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Sun Yat- sen (first Communist President of China) and Obama connection. Both got "Birth Certificates out of Hawaii" besides more coincidences.

Someone alerted me to read about Sun Yat-sen - China's first President that took the country to communist rule from the Dynasty.

The man began working on a revolution in China and formed an alliance with communist parties.  He had trouble going in and out of the U.S..  Though he was born on 12 November 1866 in village of Cuiheng China, in 1904 Hawaii issued him a birth certificate, stating he was born there.

The "Live Certificate of Birth" in Hawaii was a full 38 years after he was born!  They gave a 38 year old person a document stating he was born in Hawaii!  They did this due to "witnesses" that stated he was born there!  They did this so he would be a "citizen" of the U.S. and thus did not have problems going in and out of the U.S.!   He had to be able to go back and forth to put together the full revolution and take over the country of China with some help from some inside the U.S.

Here is the information including the Birth Certificate for Sun Yat-sen

It seems Hawaii has a history of Fraud in creating and giving out birth certificates to anyone who asks!

I just found that Hawaii in the 2000's has had an average of 18,000+ babies born there per year over that decade. 

Lets look at some important information about Sun Yat-sen:

Sun Yat-sen was born on 12 November 1866 to a Cantonese Hakka family[7] in the village of Cuiheng, Xiangshan (later Zhongshan county), Guangzhou prefecture, Guangdong province in Qing China.[1] He was the third son born in a family of farmers, and herded cows along with other farming duties at age 6.[1]

Sun enrolled in Oahu College (now Punahou School) for further studies for one semester.

Note: ****Obama went to the same college: 
1979 Graduated from Punahou School
(formerly Oahu College 1859-1934), Hawaii:****

Sun was in exile not only in Japan, but also in Europe, the United States, and Canada. He raised money for his revolutionary party and to support uprisings in China. In 1896 he was detained at the Chinese Legation in London, where the Chinese Imperial secret service planned to kill him. He was released after 12 days through the efforts of James Cantlie, The Times, and the Foreign Office, leaving Sun a hero in Britain.[36] James Cantlie, Sun's former teacher at the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese, maintained a lifelong friendship with Sun and would later write an early biography of Sun.[37]

Heaven and earth society, overseas travel

A "Heaven and Earth Society" sect known as Tiandihui has been around for a long time.[38] The group has also been referred to as the "three cooperating organizations" as well as the triads.[38] Sun Yat-sen mainly used this group to leverage his overseas travels to gain further financial and resource support for his revolution.[38]
According to Lee Yun-ping, chairman of the Chinese historical society, Sun needed a certificate to enter the United States at a time when the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 would have otherwise blocked him.[39] But on Sun's first attempt to enter the US, he was still arrested.[39] He was later bailed out after 17 days.[39] In March 1904, Sun Yat-sen obtained a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth,[40] issued by the Territory of Hawaii, stating he was born on 24 November 1870 in Kula, Maui.[41] Official files of the United States show that Sun had United States nationality, moved to China with his family at age 4, and returned to Hawaii 10 years later.[42]

Forerunner of the revolution

On the mainland, Sun is also seen as a Chinese nationalist and proto-socialist, and is highly regarded as the Forerunner of the Revolution (革命先行者).[65] He is even mentioned by name in the preamble to the Constitution of the People's Republic of China. In recent years, the leadership of the Communist Party of China has increasingly invoked Sun, partly as a way of bolstering Chinese nationalism

  Sun died of liver cancer on 12 March 1925 at the age of 58 at the Rockefeller financed Peking Union Medical College.

 What is also another coincidence is that Sun Yat-sen had connections in Malaysia and Indonesia (Obama spent his childhood there)

I find it completely fascinating that there are parallel similarities between Obama and Sun Yat-sen.   It seems Hawaii is the place for those who are communist and will be in power at some point, to be born there for convenience.  But not just that, but taking over a country and promising one thing to the people but then having "absolute" power.

Obama has been taking "Power" upon himself of which our constitution does not allow.  But you see we have the problem that our elected officials are not standing up to Obama's sweeping dictatorship.  It really is so hard to believe the difference between the man that ran for office, talking about reinstating the U.S., back to the freedoms of the people and stopping the consolidation of power of the President, to doing the absolute opposite of his promises and rhetoric.  

What does all of this Prove.... It Proves that Hawaii does issue Fake birth certificates to people, even 38 years after their births!    Why should anyone believe that Obama was really born in Hawaii when there is so much evidence showing that he was not born there.  Why should anyone believe the Hawaiian officials when it is proven they have falsified and created birth certificates out of thin air previously.  Considering that Obama's birth certificate he released has also been proven to be forged and created through a photo shop program.  

It is almost as if Obama was put in place to take down the United States from being a Free country to becoming a controlled communist country.  The U.S. is being taken over from the inside out and the citizens do not even realize it.  They keep believing that all the "police state' actions are for their safety and consolidating the power of the President to do as he wills without over sight from the Legislative branch.

Will people wake up before it is too late?  With the information that Sun Yat-sen was given a birth certificate from Hawaii when he was 38 years old, will that make people think twice about Obama and his birth certificate?

Knowledge and education, through uncovering truth and getting it out what ever way possible to the masses is the way to stop what is going on.  Through truth people can help themselves and others to become awake and aware, we then take the power in our hands to change what is happening before our eyes.  We just all have to open our eyes and help others open their eyes too.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Max Keiser - "Hotspot Greece" - Greek government turned over ALL Assets of Greece to IMF and bound the people as Slaves for the loans/debt. Obama's secret treaty taking away U.S. Sovereignty. We are all being sold as Slaves

Max Keiser went to Greece last year. I believe this is very important to get out to more people. Jim Sinclair has this up on his site to help people understand all that is happening. Max reveals the absolute truth about Greece and their IMF loans. Greece handed over every single asset of the country, including bounding the people of Greece to be slaves to the banks and IMF.

This weekend the Greek elections are happening. But what is even more important that is happening also is the Egyptian election. We already know that both will be most probably fraud. The Egyptian court yesterday dissolved the parliament, which the Muslim Brotherhood had 1/3 of. They have given control back to the military. They are going to make sure the Mubarak man will win and that way everything will continue as it was before.

In the U.S., Obama is also working on the same type deals. Obama has been negotiating a secret treaty that would take away the U.S. Sovereignty. He has been doing it on his own and even those in Congress who are normally part of any treaty being negotiated, did not know about it.

People need to seriously understand, every single man, woman and child are being sold as Slaves to the bankers.  Understand that they are organizing it to where every one of us will be slaving away to pay the banks.   Slavery supposedly ended a long time ago, but that was overt slavery.  What they have done is converted it to hidden slavery, but slavery just the same.  

I sincerely hope the people of Egypt and Greece Rise UP and say NO over and over again to the slavery they have been forced into by fraud of the banks.  Goldman Sachs created the Fraud in Greece and it seems their ultimate goal was to make the Greek people indentured slaves of the IMF and banks.

They are doing the same in all the other countries in Europe and they are doing it here in the U.S.. 

I do not believe they will ultimately win, they may be winning the battles but I don't believe they will win the war!  The people of the world, know when they are being enslaved and they are feeling it more and more.  In fact the governments of the world are not even hiding what they are doing anymore.   The banks are not hiding the facts they control the governments of the World.  

A perfect example is Jamie Dimon testifying to the Senate the other day.  Which everyone of those Senators kissed his Ass!  They are all owned by JPM, they are all bought and sold puppets of the banks. 

Dimon was so blazon that he even pulled a stunt of showing exactly WHO is IN Control! He wore "The President of the United States" cufflinks to the Bull Sh** kiss his ass hearing.  He made it blatantly obvious that he is "The President of the United States" that he controls Obama.  Yes the President cufflinks are available for sale.  BUT is anyone really going to wear those, especially in front of the Senate?
 ONLY someone who is sending a message to everyone is going to wear those for the world to see.    Besides look at his little smirk on his face, before going into the hearing. 

CNBC has a story on it and they are saying Dimon did it to show his "Patriotism" for the U.S.  LOL  Are people really that stupid to believe such a thing?  You have to laugh at that excuse.   There are many more ways of showing Patriotism than wearing "The President of the U.S." cufflinks.    Funny - they didn't include a picture of him in the story. 

Every single elected official is a puppet of the banksters.  I love how Max Keiser always reveals the truth about what is going on.  He explains it in a way everyone can understand it.  Please get the videos he did that are inserted above, out in the public more.  Through knowledge that is explained so well, maybe more will wake up to all of us purposely becoming indentured slaves.  

I want to make an important point.  I read Drudge, BUT I have always noticed they do NOT carry any negative Wall street articles at all.  He puts up inflaming type articles always to divide people.  But notice there is nothing that is negative against Wall Street, he does not reveal the truth of Wall street.  That tells me he too is bought by Wall street.  Start paying attention to what he puts on his site.  Just like the information about all the banks that are on the Fed board, gave themselves 4 Trillion in secret loans,  his not on his site today.  That is big news and should be getting out to the public.  He is part of not revealing what the banks are really doing and having people look the other way. 

It is through the real alternative media, like What Really Happened and other sites, we get the real news.  It is through all of us being diligent in uncovering truth and revealing it, that we will win. 


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gensler on CSPAN June 12 2012. Interview - Lots of Truth revealed also evaded a Silver manipulation question.

Gary Gensler - interview on CSPAN - key points from video says "Suppose to" over see the commodities market.  Doesn't say "Does" but "Suppose to."  That is very telling.

Here are some more points he reveals in the interview:

Says there is 15 dollars in derivatives to 1 dollar of real money.

Says "Very limited transparency" of the commodities markets and futures contracts.

System failed in 2008.  

OMG - at the 5 minute mark the CSPAN host gives phone numbers people can call into.  BUT you won't believe they gave different phone numbers based on "your" party affiliation!   One for Democrats, one for Republicans, and one for Independents!  (I can't believe they "divided" people that way).
Phone calls into CSPAN to Gensler started at:  8 minutes into the interview.

The First question asked about the Dodd Frank bill and implementing it.  He talked around it and never answered it, except for Wall Street not wanting it.

They say what "line" people have called in on...

At the 13:40 minute mark - a Caller "zings" Gensler about "credit default swaps" and says what they really are - insurance, but not called that!

Gensler basically admits at the 16 minute mark that Wall Street dictates and rules what the CFTC does!

At the 17 minute mark - "Michael, from the 'Democratic' line calls in"  His question is:   When did the investigation into the Silver manipulation and when will the result of it be revealed?  
Gensler says - He can not speak about any investigation and when it started and any information about the investigation!   

He says there is "self regulatory" of Wall Street at around the 19:50 mark.  He also says the Congress has cut their budget for investigating.  He says they are a small underfunded agency and that the Congress is siding with Wall Street and not the American people.  He said he asked for 380 million and got 180 million from Congress as a budget.

At the 23 minute mark - Gensler tries to compare a homeowner who has too much debt to Wall street and the fall of Lehman Bros and Bear Sterns!  (F You Gensler.  There is NO comparison - since Wall Street is the one who has been stealing all homeowner's money and pensions! )

At 25 minute mark a caller mentions that Gensler came from Goldman Sachs.

He spews all kinds of B.S. from the 26 minute mark to  the 29 minute mark, then the host reads how a Senator has claimed the CFTC covers up fraud of the oil. 

at 30 minute mark another Silver investor calls in and asked Gensler to explain the manipulation of the silver market.  Gensler responds saying "They need to limit concentrated contracts."  He did not elaborate anymore on it.

At the 34:50 mark Gensler says they are part of prohibiting proprietary trading to protect the U.S. people.  They have not enacted the rules of trading, because they have to propose them.  The host asks if Wall Street lobbyist have prevented the rules being put in place.  Gensler admits it is due to Wall street none of the rules are in affect.

He does start spouting numbers of what things have cost the American public including the AIG bailout costing $600 per person.

Here is a link to CSPAN that has what was said at one moment, besides my bullet points about the interview above. 

120+ Dolphins washing up on shore, Dead in Texas, U.S. NOAA declares it "Unusual Mortality Event." Trail of deception and Lies from BP and U.S. Government included.

This is one of those, "You don't think we are that stupid, do you?" articles.   The U.S. NOAA must think people are that stupid to make up the most lame excuse (reminds me of the 'swamp gas' excuses) regarding 120+ dead dolphins so far, washing up on the shores of Texas.  U.S. NOAA are saying they are not related to anything but are simply "Unusual Mortality Event."

I remember last year when hundreds of dolphins washed up on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico states.  Those stories went away fast.

Let's not forget that BP bought the oil experts of the universities and labs that could/would have possibly given us truth about the Gulf and all the Corexit they were and still are dumping in the Gulf.

Here is a video of a dead shark on the beach from May 2012

Now there are dead dolphins that are washing up in Texas.

article from link -

HOUSTON -- The deaths of more than 120 dolphins off the Texas coast has prompted a federal agency to declare the event "unusual" and launch an investigation into whether they were related to a drought-related algae bloom or a more widespread mortality event that has plagued the northern Gulf of Mexico for two years.

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has called the stranding of 123 dolphins on Texas shores from November through March an "unusual mortality event," an official federal listing that allows the agency to access additional funds and set up a team of researchers.

All but four of the dolphins that washed up in Texas were dead, and the few that turned up alive died a short time later, said Blair Mase, the southeast marine mammal stranding network coordinator for NOAA Fisheries. What alarmed scientists though, was the age of the bottle-nosed dolphins that washed up - juveniles rather than the very young or elderly that normally would be found - and the fact that Texas had a years-worth of dead dolphins turn up in a five-month period.

The cause, however, may not be known for months, if at all, Mase said.

"That's what's a little frustrating about this. It's not like you see on TV, on CSI, you don't get the answers quickly," she said. "It can take months and sometimes years."

Further complicating matters are an array of things occurring in the Gulf simultaneously, all of which could cause dolphin mortality, Mase said.

To begin with, the Texas coast was plagued during the fall and early winter by a toxic algae bloom called "red tide" that is caused by drought. This past year, the red tide was more severe and lasted longer than usual because of the historic drought that parched Texas and made the estuaries that flow into the Gulf salty and conducive to the algae bloom. Scientists previously have connected "red tide" to dolphin mortality, Mase said, and the strandings in Texas stopped shortly after the bloom ended.

But some of the dolphins washed up underweight, said Heidi Whitehead, state coordinator for the Galveston-based Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network, a nonprofit organization that is the only authorized stranding network in Texas. Mase said that has not been the pattern for past red tide-related deaths.

Some of the dolphins also were found with discolored teeth and lung infections, prompting researchers to investigate whether they were affected by the same disease found in more than 700 strandings in the northern Gulf, an area stretching from the Texas-Louisiana line east to the Florida Panhandle. Researchers suspect the lung disease may be connected to the millions of gallons of oil that fouled the Gulf in April 2010 after a well blowout on a BP-operated rig, but have yet to make a final determination, Mase said.

Four of the dolphins found in Texas had a grayish, muddy substance in their stomach. It didn't look or smell like oil, but tests are being run to rule out whether it could be hydrocarbons. A similar substance was found in some dolphins elsewhere in the Gulf.

"Just like any investigation you don't want to rule anything out," Mase said. "We do know that there is disease out there ... we know that there have been stresses, some due to the BP oil spill, and that could be a reason ... and there is this harmful algae bloom. It could be that it's all of these."

Researchers have conducted more than 30 necropsies so far on the dead dolphins and collected tissue samples, but Whitehead noted one of the difficulties with these investigations is that many of the mammals wash up in late stages of decomposition, leaving little for the researchers to use in their probe. 

To date, NOAA has declared five "unusual mortality events" in Texas, all involving bottle-nosed dolphins, and has only determined a cause - morbillivirus infection - for an event in 1994. There have been 19 marine mammal events in the entire Gulf of Mexico and 56 in all US waters since 1991.

 So the Federal agency is still making every excuse for the dolphins dying and obviously will never tell the truth about it.

You are going to Love this excuse from a Houston News agency quoting a States Operation manager from Galveston Texas.

Colder water from the winter months contributed to the deaths of more than 25 dolphins that washed ashore on the Texas coast over the last two weeks, a rescue group said. 

Some of the animals were very young with umbilical cords still attached and apparently were either stillborn or separated from other dolphins just after birth, officials said.

At least 17 of the bottlenose dolphins washed ashore along the Galveston County coastline last week, said Heidi Watts, state operations coordinator for the Galveston-based Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network. 

Watts said such strandings are fairly common from January through March, although they tend to peak in February.

Bottlenose dolphins inhabit warm seas throughout the world and generally live 30 to 40 years. The dolphins that washed up on shore probably took ill in reaction to colder water from the winter months, Watts said.
 HHMMM.........;  question about that!  Didn't we have a warmer than normal winter in 2011-2012?  Hasn't that been splashed all over the news and using it as a "Global Warming" claim?  How then did the waters get colder than normal, if the winter was warmer than normal and thus cause all the dolphin deaths?  Can't they get their stories straight?

Oh, they are of course more worried about money and tourism than they are people's lives and health safety.  

Considering it has been 2 years since the BP oil Leak (not spill) and they have been dumping Corexit in it since, there is no doubt it has been taken around the world now in the currents of the ocean. 

Remember in Peru there were 600+ dolphins that died at one time and washed upon the beaches of Peru.   Here is a video of researchers driving the beach and many of the dead dolphins. *Warning* -It is a very saddening video.

BP was never made to reveal what is in the Corexit they constantly dump into the Gulf of Mexico. The EPA allowed them to continue it, even though in the beginning they had reserves about what was contained in the ingredients of Corexit. Lets not forget who owns the Corexit company (Goldman Sachs).

I am not sure when this next video was made, but it was uploaded last month.  It shows a plane spraying Corexit in the water.  The video is more about pointing out an anomaly (reflection?) underwater.  I am using it for the purpose of the spraying of Corexit.

All the above brings me to the question..... Is the mysterious Flesh eating bacteria that has been showing up on the East coast related to the Corexit that has been dumped into the Gulf by BP and Goldman Sachs? The people that have been afflicted the disease.... had they been in the Gulf of Mexico at some point in the last 2 years? Do they eat seafood/shrimp that is from the Gulf?

In April I wrote about how the Gulf of Mexico shrimp are now deformed and they are without eyes. I also wrote how the U.S. Government is refusing to test the seafood.

Al Jazeera is the only news agency that has had anything about it, this year.  Here is their "Inside Story" about what is going on in the Gulf of Mexico.    In it NOAA claims the Gulf is as safe now as it was before the BP leak.

Since then, I have seen my local news agency promote the shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico. Why anyone would still eat any seafood from there, is beyond me. Also why anyone would eat seafood at all anymore, is beyond me. My favorite food was Seafood, but I stopped eating seafood from the Gulf after the BP oil leak and now I have had to stop eating it from the Pacific due to Fukushima. Besides that the U.S. government hid the fact that they found radiated Tuna in June of last year off the West Coast. They have just admitted it last month. So how sick are people going to be from all the poison the government has allowed people to ingest? They know that the seafood is poison.

Oh, what has just been released is the fact BP wants to only pay 15 Billion for the Gulf Kill, compared to the 123 Billion suits and claims against them.  They are of course working with the U.S. government to get to that 15 Billion figure.  Does anyone have any doubt that they will get what they want and BP will never pay the people along the gulf for their lost living   OH, but BP has a video they made saying they had set aside 20 Billion for the gulf.  Which considering they want to only pay 15 Billion in total now, is a complete lie!  Let's watch BP out right LIE themselves:

EVERY ONE OF THESE CLAIMS IN THIS BP VIDEO IS A COMPLETE LIE -This was released in December of 2011.

I would also like all the officials in the U.S. who have been part of the cover up (Obama, Clinton, EPA, NOAA, Congress, Senate, bankers, and BP executives, etc) have a complete seafood dinner together. They should be made to eat Blue Fin Tuna from the Pacific and Shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico during one dinner. It would include, at least one pound of Shrimp and one large Tuna steak, each. Oh, lets include Wild caught Salmon off the coast of Alaska and throw in a King Crab leg off Alaska too.

Added link - Infowars has an article up now that says "The U.S. government is claiming Humans are a National Security Threat to the Oceans and the Planet." 

Funny - the U.S. government is not saying BP and TEPCO AND other Big Corporations including Goldman Sachs are NOT the threat against the Ocean and Earth!  Of course they blame the "people" for the deaths of the environment and oceans.  

Friday, June 8, 2012

3 0f 4 Cancer Doctors would NOT take Chemo themselves, due to destroying the body and low success rate.

I try to get information out  about Natural Cancer cures.  I have tabs above that go to various pages on Natural Cures of Cancer that really work.  Hydrogen Peroxide has proven over and over again to be a real cancer cure, by adding oxygen to the cells and thus killing the cancer.

Also - link to the ebook free on line - shown in the picture.  "Oxygen Therapy.

Turmeric has been proven to stop cancer.

Now an article has come out of a study/questionnaire to doctors who deal with cancer.  They were asked if they would take Chemotherapy if they had cancer.   3 of 4 of the doctors said they would NOT take Chemotherapy due to it destroying the body and the low success rate.  

From article:

Doctors used to think that if they drained a sick person’s blood it would purge the “evil” infection or disease right out of the body, but all that did was make the ill person much weaker, unable to fight off whatever was invading their body, and the patient was then highly likely to lose the battle for life, and in less time.

Research using polls and questionnaires continue to show that 3 of every 4 doctors and scientists would refuse chemotherapy for themselves due to its devastating effects on the entire body and the immune system, and because of its extremely low success rate. On top of that, only 2 to 4% of all cancers even respond to chemotherapy or prove to be “life extending,” yet it is prescribed across the board for just about every kind of cancer.

Polls were taken by accomplished scientists at the McGill Cancer Center from 118 doctors who are all experts on cancer. They asked the doctors to imagine they had cancer and to choose from six different “experimental” therapies. These doctors not only denied chemo choices, but they said they wouldn’t allow their family members to go through the process either! What does that say about their true opinion of this archaic method?
I believe in educating people about Truth!  I ask for you to Please pass this information on to your friends and family who are dealing with cancer.  Please give them the information about Natural cures, especially Turmeric and Hydrogen peroxide.   The reason those cures do not get out in full is because cancer is a Billion + dollar industry. 

Supreme Court of Iceland convicts Two Bankers for the Collapse. Another banker yet to be put on Trial.

Don't cha just Love Iceland!  If only Greece, Spain and the other European countries would take Iceland's lead and put the Bankers on trial and tell the ECB to "F off" like Iceland did. 

The Supreme Court of Iceland convicted two bankers this week with regards to the collapse of Iceland. 

From article:

Managers of Byr Savings Bank Guilty in Exeter Case

The Supreme Court of Iceland convicted former CEO of Byr savings bank Ragnar Z. Guðjónsson and former chairman of the bank’s board Jón Þorsteinn Jónsson for breach of trust in the so-called Exeter case yesterday—thereby reversing an earlier verdict of Reykjavík District Court—and gave both of them a four-and-a-half year non-suspended prison sentence.

These are the longest sentences that have ever been announced because of economic crimes in Iceland, Fréttablaðið reports.
The case of the third defendant, former CEO of MP Bank Styrmir Þór Bragason, was referred back to the district court.
This is the second verdict announced by the Supreme Court in cases filed by the Special Prosecutor’s Office in connection with the 2008 banking collapse.
The first verdict was announced over former undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, Baldur Guðlaugsson, who was sentenced to two years in prison for insider trading.
In both cases the prosecutor’s demands of maximum punishment were agreed to.
The Exeter case involves a more than ISK 1 billion (USD 7.7 million, EUR 6.2 million) loan that Byr granted to Exeter Holding during the banking collapse to buy founders’ capital shares in Byr from select parties, including Jón Þorsteinn and a company owned by Ragnar and MP Bank.
Thus, the total risk of the collapsing value of the founders’ capital shares was shifted to Byr. Ragnar and Jón Þorsteinn are said to have decided to grant the loan to Exeter Holding in violation of the savings bank’s regulations.
Reykjavík District Court had determined that Ragnar had been authorized to violate the regulations and didn’t consider it proven that his intention had been to cause Byr financial damage.
One district court judge submitted a dissenting opinion, concluding that both Jón Þorsteinn and Ragnar should be convicted but Styrmir acquitted. Styrmir was charged with having been party to the others’ violations in addition to money laundering.
Because the district court didn’t take a position on Styrmir’s part in the violations, the Supreme Court decided to refer his case back to Reykjavík District Court.
Prosecutor Björn Þorvaldsson said he had expected the district court’s verdict to be reversed. “It is a very clear and concise verdict and it will likely affect other cases involving similar loans.”
Click here to read more about the Exeter case and here to read about a similar case that is ongoing.


One case linked at the bottom goes to this article about insider trading, in that a banker knew what was coming and sold off his shares months before the collapse:

From Article:
A charge was filed on suspicion of internal trade at Glitnir Bank at Reykjanes District Court on Monday. It is the second case of this kind taken to court by the Special Prosecutor’s Office since the banking collapse in 2008.

According to the charge, Friðfinnur Ragnar Sigurðsson, a former middle-manager at Glitnir, sold his shares in the bank for almost ISK 20.2 million (USD 156,000, EUR 125,000) in March, April and September 2008, in all cases while having access to insider information on the bank’s poor liquidity position, Fréttablaðið reports.
Friðfinnur is said to have had access to the information through his position at the bank, which he mainly obtained through a number of emails from his coworkers where the bank’s liquidity position was discussed.
Friðfinnur maintained his innocence before the court.

The other internal trading case launched by the Special Prosecutor ended with conviction of former undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, Baldur Guðlaugsson, in February. He has now appealed his case to the European Court of Human Rights.

Now - All other countries should be putting the Bankers On Trial for all the Fraud they are committing upon the people of the world.  But I won't hold my breath because the bankers actually rule all the governments of the world, except for Iceland.

What is happening in Indiana? First 7000+ Radiation Readings then military all over where the radiation spiked - Loud Explosions caught on tape

What is happening in Indiana?

Radiation readings yesterday spiked to 7000+ on two separate networks.  The EPA network and the Radiation Network.

Both of those readings were taken off the net very fast.  Radiation Network than released a disclaimer that they had a "problem" with the unit that showed 7000+ readings.

I got the picture from the Reddit site of comments.   Someone was able to capture it before it was taken off the site.

At the link above there is a lot of information about the radiation in Indiana and what seems to be quite a cover up of it.
What is odd, is the amount of black hawk helicopters that were in the area afterwards and the loud explosions in the area.

Prison Planet has an article about the radiation and it is where I got this video of the explosion sounds, someone recorded.

You can hear the booms in the background of that video.

This is one of the pictures on the Prison Planet article.  It shows Black Hawk helicopters and a small plane in Indiana yesterday over the area of the high radiation readings.

 There was a nuclear "event" yesterday in Ohio recorded at a nuclear power station.  The Davis Besse station had a coolant problem. 

The conversation on Reddit is ongoing and there are thousands of replies.

Here is a link to someone twitting the radiation levels.  You can see they are still high as he is twitting them every few minutes.
The last twitter showed 7 times over normal still.

Then a security guard at Lilly manufacturing in Michigan posted that Feds were all over the place.  He proved he was a security guard by uploading a picture. 

People reporting feeling an "Earthquake".

Here is the original start of the conversation on Reddit with many links. 

Before you label me as a tin-foil hat wearer, consider the following:
Live records for multiple radiation monitoring stations near the border of Indiana and Michigan have shown radiation levels as high as 7,139 counts per minute (CPM). The level varied between 2,000 CPM and 7,000 CPM for several hours early this morning (EST).
Normal radiation levels are between 5 and 60 CPM, and any readings above 100 CPM should be considered unusual and trigger an alert, according to information listed on the RadNet website (at
Digital Journal reported earlier today that near the Indiana & Michigan borders Geiger detectors from the EPA & Black Cat were showing insanely elevated radiation levels. They quickly changed their story fundamentally, but not before I went OCD on it (see also my username). I personally conversed with the NRC today as well as the Hazmat response Captain for the Indiana State Police.
Here is a quick pic, before it was redacted / "corrected". Notice it is NOT the EPA's RadNet open-air detector in Fort Wayne, but another privately run detector near South Bend, owned by Radiation Network:
They then "made a correction" and called it a false alarm, claiming that their "false alarm" was also the same cause for Black Cat... but what about the EPA's federal detectors, the ones that don't use the same information streams as RadiationNetwork? Read on:
EPA's "near-realtime" open-air geiger counter for Ft Wayne Indiana no longer shows live data but cuts off May 19th. This morning, it didn't (hence the basis for this comment), but by using the RADNET query tool, WE CAN STILL PULL THE DATA UP as in this screenshot <- For more cities and a breakdown of the wind spread, check here
Want more? The area of interest isn't very far away from this strange event that just happened the other day where no fault line is present.
More? The DOD owns about 130,000 acres of land in the area.
Also, I remind you that it was the EPA's federal detectors and privately owned / Internet enthusiast detectors FROM TWO DIFFERENT PLACES (BlackCat & the Radiation Network) reporting the same incident.
Tell me Reddit, am I paranoid?
EDIT 14 pwns EDIT 7: Redditor says: Central Ohio here. I work at a large public university (not hard to guess which) next to a small research reactor that's located near the back of campus. There's (normally) a large fleet of hazmat response trucks and trailers parked in the nearby lot. Most of them are NIMS early response vehicles funded by Homeland Security (says so right on them). Haven't seen them move once since I started working a few years ago. Tonight? All gone. edit: will try to get pictures tonight/tomorrow
EDIT 7 comes first: To those who say it was still a malfunction:
You miss a VERY elementary point: one detector was privately ran in South Bend. That one "malfunctioned". But then the data is corroborated by a federally ran detector in Ft Wayne, a good drive away. And then more data as time goes on from other detectors. Like here, where one can see the drifts over Little Rock, AR 12 hours later, which lines up with the wind maps. For those that don't seem to know, that's a long way away from Ft Wayne. And the "average" CPM level in Little Rock has been around 8 CPM for the past 12 months.
and to those that point to the pinhole coolant leak in Dayton:
that pinhole leak couldn't possibly account for the levels seen here, and it was in hot standby mode (hot & pressurized, but no fission) because it was being refueled. And the workers would have triggered alarms if they were contaminated.
EDIT 11 also jumps the line: On a tip, I called the Traverse City Fire Dept and asked them if they noticed anything unusual, muttered that I was with the "nuclear reddit board". They confirmed they had unusually high readings, and that they reported them to the NRC earlier today.
EDIT 1 It's spreading as you would expect
EDIT 2 More "human numbers":
The actual dose from other redditor / semi-pro opinion + myself is speculated to be... RE-EDIT: Guess you'll never know, because armchair-physicists want to argue too wildly for consensus.
EDIT 3: high levels of Radon in the area??
EDIT 4 I heard from a semi-verified source that minot afb in north dakota, one of the largest nuclear bases, is running a nuclear response and containment "training exercise" right now with their b-52s. take this with a grain of salt, I'm not vouching for it EDIT: this redditor verifies
EDIT 5: some redditors keep talking about seeing gov't helicopters: here and here and here <- UPDATE: this one now has video
EDIT 6: Someone posted it to AskScience, but a mod deleted it and removed comments
>>>> EDIT 8: > Twes [+1] 11 minutes ago I mean, it is kind of interesting to speculate about... I will at the very least continue to watch this thread/ news stories. I don't know if someone in the 2000 comments has posted this, but before the spike, radiation levels were around 1 to 2 times normal. After the spike they are staying at a constant 5 to 7 times normal.!/LongmontRadMon
EDIT 9: - Removed for being incorrect -
EDIT 10 Battle Creek, MI helicopters & ac-130: & sauce:!/BeRONSON
EDIT 12: reliable source! says: > Got an email from friend at NMR lab at Eli Lilly in downtown Indianapolis. Said alarms just went off with equipment powered down; Indy HLS fusion teams responding; says NRC R3 not responding tonight.
EDIT 13: this will be where pictures are collected. Got pics? Send to OP. New helicopters (Indianapolis) to get started with, and some Chinooks, 20:30 EST West Branch, MI:
EDIT 14 now up top ^
EDIT 15: first verifiable statement from a redditor / security guard at Lily in Indianapolis >> "There's nothing dangerous going on at Lilly. Nobody is being evacuated and nothings leaking or on fire but a fucking TON of federales keep showing up. Don't know what the alarm was about but theres been a lot of radio traffic" Proof!
EDIT 16: Removed, was irrelevant
EDIT 17 tweeted on the 4th about the mysterious "earthquake" rumbling: >> Shaking felt in our downtown ‪#AnnArbor‬ newsroom. Did anyone else feel the movement? ‪#earthquake‬
EDIT 18: 1:50AM EST: we're now doing it live (FUCK IT! WE'LL DO IT LIVE!!): Way to kill it Reddit! This is why we can't have nice things - 2:18AM EST - 3:45AM EST
EDIT 19 Interesting Twitter account. Claims to be owner of the other Twitter account (in Edit #8)... Verified by the Internet at large:!/joey_stanford
EDIT 20 This was posted up by a Redditor in the comments, purportedly from Florida, based on wind map is possibly connected & is definitely elevated to a mildly disconcerting level:
EDIT 21 Joey Stanford has said video proof is coming! Keep an eye on his twitter page! he is a dev for Canonical, and in charge of the Longmont Rad Monitoring Station in Longmont, Colorado:!/joey_stanford
EDIT 22 3:30 AM, OP doesn't sleep. Apparently neither does GabeN, with his first comment in two months (Hi Gabe! Hope you were up all night working on something that ends in "3")... still got my ear out for real news, stay tuned. editception : looks like I was trolled by a fake GabeN account.

There is lots of circumstantial evidence that something is happening in the Indiana/Michigan area where the high radiation readings showed up and then taken off line.

I hope people up there stay diligent in getting information out about what is happening in the area.   Because we all know the government would never tell the people the truth and it is up to all of us to help each other in providing truth.  If there is a nuclear event that happened, people need to be informed.

I have information about Bentonite Clay protecting people from radiation and getting it out of their system on my Natural Healing and Protection page/tab above.