Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Germany Printing Deutsche Marks Very Fast has been CONFIRMED! To be able to Leave the Euro!

I have read the rumors for a couple of weeks, now it is CONFIRMED! has confirmed - Germany is printing the Deutsche Mark very fast to be able to leave the Euro! 

They see the writing on the wall.  Once/if Germany leaves the Euro, it will drop like lead in value.  Germany is the glue holding the currency together!  

There is no doubt Germany will leave the Euro very soon, in my opinion.  It is being held up strictly by one rumor of bailout to another.  The rumors have been China will bail them out - China denied that.  Then Russia will bail them out - Russia denied that.  Then Brazil was going to bail them out - Brazil said "No Way!".  I think the only country that has not been rumored to bail out Europe is Zimbabwe!  Today's rumor is the American Public is going to bail them out.  I believe the American Public would say "Go F yourself, we have already bailed out our banks in trillions of dollars for the banks to give themselves billions in bonuses and bankrupt the Middle Class."  

In reality, the Euro is finished there is no way of it surviving with every country needing a bailout there.  Greece is not able to even implement the requirements of them to be continued to have billions of Euros thrown at it in bailouts!

The question is.... How soon will Germany dump the Euro?  Since they have had their printing presses going a couple of weeks now, how ready are they to switch out currencies.   

I would think this will cause Gold and Silver to go up in price, when people with the Euros try to save it anyway they can for the value it is right now.  The smartest thing they could do is buy Gold and Silver immediately, before the Euro plummets. 

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  1. How anon will Germany dump the Euro? Since they accept had their press presses traveling a brace of weeks now, how accessible are they to about-face out currencies.

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